What does the future hold for Joe Dodoo?

What does the future hold for Joe Dodoo?
Article by: Ibrox Noise
This summer already, Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha has signed two out-and-out strikers and two ‘second strikers’ in the shape of Alfredo Morelos, Eduardo Herrera, Dalcio, and Daniel Candeias.

In short, the forward line has been completely revamped, with Joe Garner confirmed as gone some time ago. And while Martyn Waghorn has been linked with both Scunthorpe and Leeds, and appears rather expendable, there remains the nagging question of what role Joe Dodoo has in the new campaign.

It cannot be denied that his maiden season in the SPL did not go to plan. Rarely was the Bread Man interested in selecting him, but when he came on as a sub he usually impressed. But that was as striker.

However, when Caixinha took the reins, he was only ever interested in playing Dodoo out of position on the left. Joe is on record as saying he is happy enough anywhere in the front three, but from what we have seen, he is most definitely best used as a direct striker.

On the left he seems a bit lost, and we have rarely seen him on the right.

So what role does he have now that he has two new signings ahead of him for the striker position and at least two new signings in front of him for the flanks? And that is without even mentioning the glut of forwards like McKay, O’Halloran, Miller, and Waghorn that Rangers already had.

A tentative rumour online today claimed Dodoo has been told he is surplus and is to leave, but this cannot be verified; but it is quite plausible.

It is difficult to know how Dodoo can be used – Caixinha is unlikely to favour him over any of his own signings, and even if he selects him is likely to shove him on the wings where he does less damage.

One cannot help feeling a little sorry for the young Ghanaian-born forward – seems a genuinely nice sort, who has never complained at his rather unfavourable treatment at Ibrox, yet seems destined to either be a fringe player or turfed out entirely, regardless of what he may or may not bring to the team.

What do you guys think? Should Rangers keep him?

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  2. I think we should keep him, he has the potential to be a supersub. He had moderate success at Leicester when he got a game, by all accounts Leicester play similar to how Caixinha has set up his previous teams, strong defense, quick pressing and counter attacking. Plus we only have 4 1st team forwards one of which is coming up for 38. Dodoo has shown good ability we should give him more time

  3. He needs to be lucky, he always seemed to be thrown on when there was a crisis, not when he wanted. I think it is a turning point in his career, hate to use that word, because I grew up believing in players that wanted to win in the blue jersey, is he one of those, to be honest, I don't think he had the temperament last year, but he was surrounded by dross, give him a chance if he wants it, but he needs luck on his side, being a professional footballer

  4. I don't think Garner or Dodoo have had a chance to show their true worth. Self belief is huge when it comes to player performance but if you are played out of a position that is your favourite and then dropped as Warburton did with both players it must show in performance. I think Joe Dodoo could be a real winner at Ibrox. His attitude is commendable given his situation and I would like to see him play up front for a few consecutive games, get his mojo working and playing in a winning team every week. Rangers need an attacking team with four players in the opposition box at times.Tactics last season were not going to deliver goals for us as our final tally shows. I want to see this young player succeed and hope he gets his opportunity to do so. It will then be up to him to take it and kick on.

  5. Feel sorry for the lad. He took a chance on us to forward his career, just as we took a chance on him. He's young and hungry so I'd keep him at least until the winter window. We don't know how long we'll be in Europe so might need him later in the season.

  6. Not really seen enough of him to give an honest opinion, seen wee spells of good football but also looked lost in games at times.

  7. Why don't we put him out on loan to an SPL team until the January transfer period to see how he gets on?, He can't play against Rangers of course.

  8. I think if Dodoo can properly find his feet at rangers he can be a success. He's definitely effective when a game becomes stretched. It's a long season and we don't know what will happen with injuries etc . I'd keep him.

  9. I think we should keep him, if we progress into the group section in Europe we are going to need a large squad of players. Even if we don't , we still need cover for injuries and suspensions and with the new signings, it is obvious some might take longer to settle in than others, so once again the benefit of a larger squad will be best for the duration of the season.
    One thing Dodoo has to do, whether in a wide berth or through the middle, is to make an impact to give the manager something to think about in his team selection.

  10. I would give the young man a chance as once he is surrounded by better quality players i think he will do a job for us as when he did come in as a sub he always gave his all for the jersey and thats what we need is guys who will play for the jersey and he looks a decent player if we play him in his preffered position like just my opinion like

  11. I defo think he should stay as striker not on the left. If he wants first team fitba put him out on loan as Richard said above but if he performs keep him..I would rather he stays as he's a tidy player and needs a proper chance to show what he's got..

  12. He's been told he's leaving. My partner's dad is selling boxer puppies and last week the man himself enquired about one but last he said he can't as he's been told he's leaving and it would be unfair to take a puppy when he didn't know where he was going to be staying

    • That's bad that like the poor lad hasn't been given a fair hand..If it does go I bet he's a bloody success and once again we'll have missed out.. The biggest mistake from Ped yet I think

  13. I think the boy has great feet and a knack for finding the goal when given a chance. Like Rossiter I think pedro should hedge his bets and take the gamble as both are young but very promising players who can easily cut it in Scotland's top flight.Not alot of money spent on either so not much to lose but potentially alot to gain.

  14. Give him another season to make an impact or be moved on. We have made mistakes before letting players go too soon. Doubt he's on a big wage.

  15. Agree with most of you. I'd like to see Dodoo at Ibrox for another season. I've seen enough to know he has the talent, and with better players round about him, we might see a different edge to his game. Only thing I would add to his game is some more aggression against the opposition, apart from that, I like the lad, deserves a chance.

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