Warburton drops legal action against Rangers: Report.

Warburton drops legal action against Rangers: Report.

With today’s superb news regarding the Rangers Retail deal and the commencement of a new and productive arrangement, Rangers fans would have been forgiven for thinking the good news ended there.

It appears not. Reports circulating over the past couple of hours have indicated that the previously threatened action against Rangers by the ex-manager Mark Warburton in concert with David Weir and Frank McParland has equally been resolved and no further action will be taken.

Dave King said:

“All litigation surrounding the club has been dropped.”

Reading that very closely, it specifically does not isolate the (former) Sports Direct problems emanating out of Govan, hinting extremely strongly that the action the ex-management team were endeavouring to undertake has been completely ditched too and Rangers are finally free of all legal angles undermining movements forward.

Whatever Dave King and his board have done to achieve all this is astonishing, and worth applauding fully – they have had their detractors, including this website, but we will always praise good work and this goes beyond good work.

Now Sports Direct is no longer toxic, and it seems the litigation being pursued by the three of them has been dropped into the bargain.

Rangers can finally get on with getting back where we belong without constant nonsense.

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  1. The only way is up. Warburton & co did the right thing and Ahley knew he had ripped Rangers off.

  2. What a day it has been today to b a Rangers fan……totally over the moon with all aspects of the club at the minute, long may it continue……..WATP🇬🇧

  3. Absolutely delighted about the news today!!! Best news in years. Dave King deserves respect fully now. There was doubts at times (from me included) but I'm seriously happy about what's going on. I hope we can start putting in massive inroads towards smashing shelic. Been a long hard road but this news has changed everything. I'm going to buy Rangers strip for me and my son.

  4. Another few steps on the long staircase, as long as we are moving up the stairs and not down I am happy. Fully expect it to take 10 years before we are the club we used to be used to, but that's ok as long as we make progress each season

  5. It's only the litigation surrounding the SD deal if you listen to it properly… Not one mention of MW DW FM was made in that video realese it's only the Merchandise deal litigation…

    • If you watch King's press conference properly, he is asked specifically about Warburton's case and says there will be no action from them and even if there had been there is no chance it would have been successful.

    • Aye no action taken from Rangers that doesn't mean there wil be no action taken from those lot… Saying that I'd be over the moon if I'm wrong as that would be a good two finger salute to that trio…

  6. What a week . Young Morelos signs, we at last get a director of football, from Man city, no less, the ripoff kit deal sorted, and now the litigation dropped.
    Might need extra staff for the mega store.

  7. Although you say Sports Direct is no longer toxic, it is still important that any supporter who is able should be buying any merchandise direct from the megastore or the club website. From the sales through SD the club gain "equal share of profits", sales directly from the club and we get the "by far the majority of profits". This means significantly more income buying direct from the club and we should still be ensuring that money is going to Rangers over Sports Direct.

  8. Don't wanna piss on a bonfire it's been a great day

    However, you're being disingenuous here.

    I've just watched the King statement and he says

    " In respect of this agreement, all litigation has been terminated. In terms of both parties all litigation has been terminated and we both pay our own costs "

    Seems like you've missed a bit

    • Aye because a deal had been struck by both party's so that's only fair… If it went to Court then whoever lost would have to pay all costs..

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