Transfer window: should Rangers fans be worried about this?

Transfer window: should Rangers fans be worried about this?
 Article by: Ibrox Noise

As we have said time and time again, we are truly impressed with how efficient and quick Rangers have been in this summer’s transfer window. Eight players in and possibly more to come is a very decent return so early in the window, and suggests Rangers will have a very different look come the new season.

However, despite all the euphoria and joy over all the inbounds, and the optimism caused by events off the pitch, there is a nagging worry just beginning to plant a seed of doubt.

We cannot fault Pedro for working so hard at getting a pile of players in so swiftly – we applaud that. But we are just starting to be a tad concerned that the work this summer worryingly mirrors the work last summer.

If you all remember, our ex-manager brought in some big names and some guys we had not heard of, in a massive turnover of around a dozen in and a dozen out. That is clearly happening again. In itself it does not mean anything strictly worrying – just because the same pattern is taking place does not mean an automatic concern.

No, our concern is the fact that Caixinha is mirroring Warburton not only in overhauling the squad, but that he, like his predecessor, seems to have a weird fixation on midfielders and wingers, and once again, defence is being rather neglected.

We have signed two defenders this summer, just like last. While hopes are high that Bruno Alves will be a success, he is only one man. His potential partner, Cardoso, is a complete unknown, and we have to purely trust Caixinha’s judgement. Which in itself is fine – that is his job. But the worry is that has been the lot.

Just like Warburton, a real neglect has taken place of central defence, and especially, the full back slots. We really only have, right now, David Bates and Fabio Cardoso. Danny Wilson is injured for a couple of months, and Alves’ availability is anyone’s guess. And call me crazy but a Bates and Cardoso partnership is not exactly the revolution over last season I probably expected.

Meanwhile it is as we were at fullback with only stories and links in the press and our sources rather than any concrete bids.

The bottom line is this – why do our managers neglect defence so much? Pedro has already admitted work is done in central defence – we have four defenders, and he namedropped Bates as being one of them. And nothing yet has materialised for fullback. Why do we fail to do much in defence then wonder why we concede goals?

Naturally it could well turn out that Pedro is the right man to make this group of defenders work like something akin to a Rangers defence, but honestly, it is a tad worrying that we have not really done the work on the ground.

At least, not yet. It could well be another CB or two and FB or two could still come in. There is plenty time left in the window. And it could well be that Bruno is available sooner rather than later and shores up such a dodgy back line.

But if one thing is vital for success in the SPL it is the defence, and right now, I have significant doubts about Rangers’.

Here is hoping I am just wildly wrong.

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  1. I was wondering the same thing. We need a stronger defense, both in fullbacks and centrebacks. Tav is no FB, and while Beerman and Wallace have power going forward, neither can defend very well. Almost all the signings are midfield, which is where we have the most players already. What we DON'T have is a strong front or back.

  2. Pedro was brought in early to assess the team. He identified our weakness and set about sorting them long before the season ended. Apart from Jack & Alves the rest are a unknown quantity, that I agree. You seriously need to stop scaremongering and leave that for the mhanky mob, and stop making comparisons to a football manager (Pedro) and a investment manager. Warburton was way out of his depth,he lacked any sort of tactical nounce and any sort of Plan B. Keep the faith and stop worrying. In Pedro We Trust

  3. We've got a stronger midfielder that will shield the defence more.Alves is never injured so I'll be happy with whoever he has to partner.Some valid concerns there no doubt but more work will be done in areas needing bolstered.Once we start moving the dross back to league 2 in England it will happen.Good times.

  4. Wide areas could be seen as a weak point, but for me he has created a back bone with his signings so far, which was obviously not there last year. Sacrificies will have to be made in this window and maybe just maybe with the better quality of signings in the defensive area, the full backs might not be so exposed next season?

    Agree with what is stated, not sure if the cover for CB is good enough, young Wilson looks comfortable and assured, not convinced with Bates though.

    If the rumour that Anita is a target then we we are definitely in the right market and looking for more quality than previous windows.

    Its still early doors in this window and there is still a marquee signing to look forward too as well!!

    "We welcome the chase"

  5. Our league season is still over a month away, the transfer window doesn't close till sept!!! Okay we have the EL games but the 1st game should be fine and dependant on the 2nd round opponants it may need to bbe done fast. That said, we have a mega squad at the momemt and some are going to habe to be shifted out before we can add more, I would imagine anyway!!! Last year we got Hill and Senderos and big Phil fecked it amd it took Clint a few games to get to the form he ended up with. Cardoso looks a decent CB and reads the game well, Bates isn't that bad, still young and can improve!! Then lets not forget A Wilson he looled good last season when he got his chance for one so young. Alves will guide whoever he plays alongside. Waldo and Hodson would be the prefered choice at FB but thats just me. But with Jack and Peña instead of Halliday and Holt in front of them I think it will be a far more secure than last season. There are still new faces to come that is for sure so lets see what happens!!!!

  6. I have been saying this for weeks is it just a case i new Pedro i will come and help and get £5/6/10k a week for helping him get heads in,i think it will be ok we trust Pedro.

  7. Well ken barbour, the defence Will be far better in the CB area but our FB's both suck and need removed or moved on….. Tav MIGHT do a job ? Wallace is a a poor, poor LB…. he cannot tackle properly and his positional sense is WAAAAAY off.

    RFC Captain, away for the month of Sunday's, what a rank poor player this lad is…. get rid.

  8. ibroxnoise !
    Keep the anticipatory anxiety under control – I am sure that Mr Caxhiana will have noted the appalling defensive frailties of the Gers in recent times, give the man a break and a little time and some more cash from shirt sales. Coming season will see a team with steel and swagger emerge – we will be happy bears!

  9. Pedro has signed the 2 Portuguese centre halves to play throughout the season, Bruno Alves and
    Cardoso and if any of them get injured he will use, Wilson or Bates as cover.

    If he signed another top quality centre half, he might have to drop 1 of his Portuguese centre halves and he obviously brought them to Ibrox to be his starting 11 players and not be sitting on the bench.

    It shows me that Bates is likely to have a future at Rangers with Pedro, maybe even as a right back on occasions, where he has played for Raith Rovers.

    In my honest opinion, I agree with Ed of Ibrox Noise, I want Rangers to sign an outstanding and dominant centre half who can walk into our team. He should be 6' 3 or 4" tall and fabulous in the air, 26 or 27 and another potential captain of Rangers.

    He would cost us anything between £2m – £4m, but could be worth EVERY PENNY, if it's the right player.

    If we can buy one that wants to play for Rangers, then I would play 3 – 2 – 3 – 2 and that would make us so hard to beat, but still a very attacking side, depending on who we are playing against.

    Celtic play with only 1 upfront and the rest of their players coming forward at great pace and it has proved to be very effective. Sinclair and Roberts (their 2 wingers last season), worked their socks off to support the forward at every opportunity, and that made them harder to beat.

    When their opponents had the ball, Sinclair and Roberts dropped into their wide midfield positions and that my friends, is what Rangers have to do this season with our 2 wingers – it is not rocket science – but it definitely works!

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