Steven Naismith appears to have made his mind up over switch to Ibrox


Following weeks, months, and even years of speculation, Steven Naismith has effectively confirmed he is not interested in returning to Rangers any time soon.

Despite recent reports claiming he was even in ‘advanced talks’ with Rangers officials over a switch back to Govan, the player himself has poured cold water on such rhetoric by admitting his priority is to gain fitness and regain his Norwich City career.

The 30 year old said:

“I have two years left at Norwich. They have said that if there are circumstances where I can move on and it’s right for everybody, it could happen. But a new manager has come in. It’s a clean slate for everyone, so hopefully I can impress the new manager and try to be in his plans.”

This gives a little promise to the idea that he would be open to a move out of the Canaries, but when Naismith adds the following, it as good as douses significant flames:

“I’ve not even thought of Rangers.”

While then backtracking a little by saying:

“I’ll think about Rangers if it was ever an option but I’m not thinking about that at the moment. I’ll come back to Scotland one day. Whether it’s to play golf or play for the local amateur team, I’ll come back.”

Nevertheless the overall scope of these comments does suggest he sees his immediate future at Carrow Road, and senses a chance to stake a claim for a slot with a new manager coming in.

Any idea negotiations with Rangers have begun far less are ‘advanced’ are simply absolutely untrue.


  1. No way Naismith loves his 50k wages to much and much more than a badge and 10k but he got make as much money as he can so maybe when he is well in to his 30s and no one else wants him he can come here ant take home 10k a week my ass he will.

  2. The guy is a cretin, that Interview along with Whittaker when the club was on its knees in 2012 just showed everyone what a little rat he is, full of self indulgence, I didnt blame players for not wanting to go the scottish 3rd division, just dont treat the fans and the club who have made you a decent player like mugs and have a bit of class in your dealings, sadly Steven you showed no regard for anything Rangers and thats why you should be nowhere near our team in the future. We are signing good players just now, not rejects who have been found out in the English championship. WE ARE THE PEOPLE

  3. He had zero loyalty anyways, glad the little Judas is not coming back, good riddance Naisy, you wont be missed

  4. He's made his mind up? Aye right, wee Judas knows he can fuck off,I'd take him back if he gave the club the transfer fee we should have got if he'd have done right like Davis and Edu did

  5. Stuff him, Left us in our hour of need.No transfer fee received after we backed him through 2 career threatening knee injuries.He couldn't hit a barn door anyway and his career expectancy is probably only 33-34 because of the injuries. 9mil to Norwich cost Alex Neil his job imo

  6. I never wanted him back. He turned his back on us when we made him into the player he was. I never wanted King Kenny back either but look how that turned out. Naismith was an arsehole at the time and it looks like he's still an arsehole now.

  7. Disgusted with Naismith….glad he isnt coming back….he ONLY cares about himself.
    thats a good enough reason to leave him elsewhere…

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