So…NOW the SFA need Rangers?!

 Article by: Richard Fillingham

Alan McRae, the Scottish Football Association president has urged Rangers to try hard to end Celtic’s dominance next season, for the good of Scottish football.

What the hell did the SFA think was going to happen in 2012 when Rangers were dumped down to the 3rd Division? The SFA and the Scottish government stood back and did nothing to stop it – not a peep from any of them.

Could you imagine the Spanish league or their government allowing Real Madrid or Barcelona being thrown out of the top league for 4 or 5 years? They wouldn’t be so daft. In fact, when Real were in debt to the tune of nine figures, the Spanish government bent over backwards to help them out.

The SNP who were in power in 2012 did not step in with any suggestions to try and mediate the situation which was developing with the small minded bosses of the SPL. A blind man running for a bus could see that a league without Rangers was eventually going to run into financial trouble and then become excruciatingly boring.

When Donald Trump was going to lose out in his plans to invest millions of pounds building a world class golf complex north of Aberdeen, the SNP stepped in against the Aberdeen Council to INSIST that they supported the deal. WHY? Because Scotland is too small a country to let an incredible opportunity like that be axed by a small minded Aberdeen District Council.

Well done Alex Salmond – but where were you when Rangers needed the same governing body to step in and advise the even more small minded thinking SPL not to be so bloody stupid with dumping the ‘Gers down all the divisions to commit Scottish football suicide! Even then-Prime Minister David Cameron tried to step in and comment on the situation, deeply hoping it could be resolved.

After Celtic cruised to yet another SPL title last season by an unconceivable 30-point margin over Aberdeen and an even more incredible 39-points ahead of our Glasgow giants Rangers – NOW the SFA have something to say?!?! Much too late!

They steamrolled their way through the whole season unbeaten and Scottish chief McRae predicts that another season like that, would ruin the game in Scotland.  Too many Celtic triumphs would be “boring and dreary” for the sake of our game in general, and Rangers have been urged to put up more of a fight, next season, to end the dominance of Celtic.

You must admit that Rangers are doing their best to rectify the situation by signing so many of the best players their budget will allow, but then again, you could say that the Teddy Bears had no other option than to give it a go.

But the SFA should look inwardly rather than towards Ibrox for blaming the country’s game for deteriorating so badly.


  1. This is so true I read what he said the other day and was shocked by it.As much as I was gutted we went down I do feel it was the best thing for us in terms of serving our time. Could you imagine the hate we would get if we never received any form of punishment? I'm also very pleased about Dundee United's situation after they said they didn't need us. Of course we hope to give them a challenge this season and I feel with the signings we can, but surely it can't all be down to us?? How many times have we seen Aberdeen almost pip Celtic just to fall at the final hurdle? I really hope to see other teams in the league be more competitive and hopefully having seen what Celtic are like they will be more sussed out this season.

    • Aberdeen will never ever win a league title in my lifetime unless both Rangers & Celtic get sent to Division 3… They'll never be as successful as they were in the 90s win they run us close a few times.. As for the Arabs ( not racist Dundee United ) fuck them I hope they rot for years! But I do agree with you other teams should step up to the plate and make it more competive. Need more teams like Saint Johnstone

  2. I honestly can't stand this victim myth that some of our fans keep repeating. We were a busted flush, Murray got us into a mess then Whyte came in and made it worse. We heralded both these guys and lapped up the Murray years and the success it brought. We went bust, we outspent every club in Scotland for years and has a lot of success. Do you honestly think when we were liquidated that everyone should just have let us carry on in top league ? We were actually fortunate that we got a licence to start in 3rd division, strictly speaking the company should have had 3 years accounts before the club was allowed to play. Thinks definitely looking better with the players Pedro is signing, so let's focus on that. Let's stop playing the victim card and just get on with the football.

  3. What's done is done it's in the past Rangers have paid their dues to the Scottish game..Funny how Aberdeen have had their best points haul in a season when Rangers are back in the SPL though..

    The reason Scottish fitba is so dire because there to many Professional Clubs in such a small Country. Yes the mighty Gers being back in help give it the edge with the OF games but that's it..Aberdeen only had increased attendances when playing either half of the OF..Other Clubs hate the OF but yet they rely on them as their fans only come out and support for the big games..

    The powers that be in the SFA aren't fit for purpose as they couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery.. Should only be one governing body not the SPL & SFA..
    Been saying this for almost a decade now and I'm sure I'm not alone with my opinion regards the amount of Proffesional Clubs.. I do agree with wee Chesney we're saturated with football now and Sky has helped kill it..

    Sorry for the moan lads….

  4. In 2012 The SFA carried out a united and small minded, public, wreckless, vengeful, unprofessional and wholly co-ordinated campaign, for reasons I as a bluenose still cant fathom, to kill the Rangers stone dead and the measure of contempt shown towards us during that period by them was astonishing to say the least and showed them up to be the amateurs we always knew they were, although previous to this episode the SFAs number one rule was always to camouflage their ineptitude and multi balls ups by bumping their gums with a lot of pish on the telly and expensive PR

    But it appears that the opportunity and desire to slay the mighty Rangers was such that the publicly visible extent of the bitterness they felt dictated that they momentarily dropped the phoney PR mask and went in for the kill– THEY ULTIMATELY FAILED– and their actions have left a serious and completely negative legacy in respect of Scottish football progression for many years to come as I strongly suspect that a very large contingent (if not all) of the Rangers family only too aware of where we stand with both the SFA and the majority of other clubs

    Again, I cant figure out the reasoning behind such, lets be honest, HATRED, unless success has become a crime all of a sudden, and as a result, like majority of Bears I couldn't, and never will, give a monkeys funkies about either the Scottish international team set up (serial losers) or vast majority of other SPFL teams (serial maggots) and will ensure that every footballing penny I spend goes to The Rangers

    Personally, and I appreciate that this is possibly a wee bit strong, I would include a clause in every new Scottish Ibrox signing that they CAN NOT turn out for the national team because at the end of the day the truth is they are not wanted anyway

    Am I bitter about the atrocious treatment of our club? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT and will be equally as bitter till the day I push up the daises

    Got to comment on the different perception I now have re- Scotland teams since I genuinely stopped giving a monkeys about its fortunes and that is basically that without the personal historical connection and passion you realise that the national team are actually a national embarrassment and complete crap with absolutely no indication of any improvement any time soon

    I would suggest that the Blazers at the SFA concentrate on their youth policies and shit team going forward and should be held accountable for the consistent and repeated failures over the last 20+ years cause if you or me produced the quality of product that they do we would be onto our P45 by lunch time on the first day, but then again IF I CARED LESS I WOULDNY CARE AT ALL


    • Big Tam your not bitter much are you… That's a bit too far saying Rangers boys can't play for Scotland that's full on toys oot the pram lmao… You thought of Anger Management classes mate 😉

    • Fair do,s Richard/Bawbag 73, on reflection it is daft and over the top but this subject tends to hit a raw nerve but strangely I feel a hell of a lot better getting it off my chest, apologise for the rant though


    • Big Tam 73
      Never ever apologies for speaking your mind. It's something you feel passionate about that's all..What happened to Rangers still sticks in my throat but it's more Whyte Green & Ashley that boils my blood… Onwards & Upwards

  5. Well said who did the rest of the league expect to benefit with demoting Rangers other than Celtic,lawell and the rest must have pissed there self laughing and rubbing there hands with glee at the stupidity of spl

  6. SFA Couldn't run a pish up in a brewery and yes it does stand for Sweet F All that's what they do for Scottish football .
    But they must get all the perks and their blazers to strut around in .

  7. Great writing guys agree 100 % with most comments apart from the 'victim card blog ' We were treated disgracefully and I along with most will never forget it .I don't go to Scotland games I don't support any SFA development bluffs ..Project Brave was already in place about 20 years ago …Reserve football no development slash …So F**k Off All SFA !!! We will do better this year because of US not because they want… twats

  8. Well SFA if we do not end Selltic run then Pedro will be gone another manager sacked for sure.

  9. Lets be perfectly honest right now. If it had been celtic that were demoted, we Rangers fans, as a group, would have relished in it. We would have loved every minute of their torment, lets not pretend we otherwise.

    • You're correct ibroxbilly. We would have found it very funny.
      I wonder though how many of the clubs in the lower divisions were saved from extinction by the input of cash from our travelling supporters. ? But it won't have changed their attitude towards us. As for the SFA, are they suggesting that we should overspend or find other tax loopholes to make them feel better about their product?. They're wanting a more competitive league to get a better tv deal in the future but it would make no difference as they'll just accept whatever sky feel like giving them. No matter, what's done is done and I can't wait for the football to start again. I'm definitely warming to Pedro. Looking forward to seeing the new guys in action. Does anyone know what's happening with work permits? I thought we had them for Pena and Herrera, but no signatures yet. Watp.

  10. I love how they are saying this except they still bow down to every other club before listening to anyone from rangers. If you don't like Celtic have the monopoly then clear out your own house before asking others to clean up the resulting mess,
    I'm still trying to work out how brown got out of that red card, and I'm still sure the new Ladbroke deal the day before had a big say in it, especially when Desmond if the largest private shareholder at Ladbrokes

  11. Totally agree way with 1st comment can't stand this victim mentality it was murray who fucked it up then fucked it up even more by giving club to whyte knowing full well what he was doing not the sfa not Scotland not the other clubs and btw did our fans not vote unanimously to go down to 3rd division instead of spl end of day we paid the price spent 4 years in wilderness now we're back in spl let's get on with it and stop blaming everybody else

    • Even though at the time UEFA, FIFA and the British government all said it was wrong? Scottish football was mocked around the world for what they did to our club. Nothin about a victim mentality, a lot of it was down right rule bending and breaking

    • They were wrong the sfa to put an illegal transfer ban on us and maybe other stuff but my hatred goes mostly towards Murray and whyte

  12. The sfa gave Rangers a license in 2012 to play in Europe when because of the wee tax case should of stopped them getting a licence. The SFA & SPL bent over backwards to keep Rangers in the SPL. It was the football fans from every other club who voted no to it by threatening to not buy season tickets.
    Remember the only team to vote the new Rangers into the SPL were the old Rangers. It's everyones fault but "sir" David Murrays & the samples of a board at Rangers. The same board really that the new Rangers have just now, king, Murray and the newly appointed alister johnston. Who at the trial of Craig whyte was shown to a dilussional fool.

    City til I die

  13. You honestly think we were to big to get thrown out of SPL for what happened?? We had to expect some sort of punishment lads, granted the bottom tier was extreme punishment..
    That said Rangers and the fantastic supporters saved some smaller Clubs – Stranraer voted against Rangers but rubbed their mits when the Bears went to town..

    Bottom line it's over we move on – does mean your forget though.. Nobody can say Rangers got let off easy like others before us and after…

    By the way that Mob are bricking it now they're even making it up Alves was on 54 grand a wk…

  14. like it or not,celtic need rangers,,,and rangers need celtic..Scottish football,and the governing bodies need both clubs to be in top tier..we got in a mess,done our time,now lets get on and back the gers,,the new board said they would fix the clubs finances first then fix the team,,far as i can see thats what they have done.if we dont win the top prize this year it will be next….there will be no 10 in a row…i have shed the odd tear or two over the last few years but at last,maybe,,just maybe..we can smile again..

  15. I blame white for it all, for 4 season rangers were turning over s progfit and paying off there debts, then he comes in and 6months later we haven't paid any taxes or vat and no debts incurred in that time were paid… and players were being sold for less that was owed on them… all sounds fishy still

    • Aye I'm with you on that Murray played a little part but 90 % was Whyte and his actions.. As for that Green he's on the same level of hatred I've got for Whyte.,,

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