Rumour: latest bid rejected for Dorrans


Claims tonight are being made that Rangers have failed in their latest bid to secure the services of Norwich’s Graham Dorrans.

The Ibrox side are currently embroiled in a mild saga to have a bid accepted for the Scottish international but the latest coming out from England is Rangers’ third bid has followed the rest in being rejected.

The player is well-documented as being keen on a move, but it seems the asking price for Norwich’s midfield stalwart appears to be beyond Rangers’ reach.

Speculation did suggest they value him at nearly £3M while the reported bids fall way short of this, but naturally we cannot know for sure.

Rangers’ top reported bid to date was around £1.2M but this third bid will have gone beyond that. Just not to the value Norwich seek.

The ball is back in Rangers’ court and time will tell if the board value him at the asking price or if the club is set to move on.


  1. Norwich are turning into a joke club….they want these players off their wage structure, the player has expressed a desire and the club has put in a reasonable offer. Whats the issue? Obviously been speaking to hibs regarding how to deal with us

    • the player has not expressed a desire to leave

      rangers are more the joke here putting in tinpot bids and with constant media leaks about how much they want him and how he should join

    • Unknown go and take yer face for shite….
      Rangers ain't being held to ransom from some Mickey Mouse Club…

    • The player has expressed a desire to leave you muppet! Exactly Bawbag73, they are a diddy team and its called negotiating rather than tinpot bids. English clubs have a tendency to inflate their prices……we can see through that and will not cower

  2. Pedro obviously wants him to join very badly. 3 million isn't too much for a guy who has held his own for years at a very good level, although I don't know an awful lot about Dorrans.

    Who would be an alternative if we decide to move on?

    • Aberdeen would never sell to us though, same as hibs look at JC from them couple of year ago they said £2m from us but accepted £1m from Notts Forrest this year despite having longer to run on his contract now 🤔. We need to accept no team in top flight in Scotland will sell to us, we are Rangers and they don't like that we are on our way back 🔴⚪🔵

    • To be fair, Hibs also knocked back 2m from Peterborough last year and have accepted 1m from Forest this year. It's a 1m hit but would they have got promotion without his goals?

  3. Lets get him pay the money we need some Scottish lads in our team great signing this one will be.

  4. They wanted him off the payroll until we show an interest.Fook them time to move on,some things aren't meant to be.

  5. I think he is a big part of the jigsaw but unless we have been misled by the press on the expected value ( i.e. around £1.5m) I would walk away. The pressure is then on them and the player to argue it out.

    We do need more Scots.

  6. Really like Dorrans as a player but 3 million on top of his wages far to much for a player of his age with no sell on value..

    • Totally agree. I'd pay 1.5m for him but no more.

      Any player over 1m really needs to have a sell on value. We could get Kenny McLean AND John McGinn for the 3m quoted for Dorrans…

  7. Baws that paying 3 million get a grip!! That's the sort of attitude that got us in this place in the first place. Dorrans can get payed good money at Norwich and just bide his time – he knows Rangers will test the water again in the Winter Break. Bottom line they want rid and he wants Rangers so we shouldn't be held to ransom..

    Just like the Merchandise Deal it's a waiting game and the Walker situation is no different.. Why pay Hearts a million wait another 6mth and get him signed freedom of contract.. Just my spin on it

  8. Norwich don't need to sell him. Outstanding player who would be worth a lot more than £3m if he wasn't so injury prone. He's 30 I think, prob got 6 years left in a league like SPL

  9. £3 million? Don't be silly. He is 30 and will want a big salary. I think he is good and I would like him at Ibrox, but we can surely find a 21-24 equivalent somewhere for £1 million.
    Move on, let Norwich keep paying his salary, reassess in January. Would rather spend the money on Walker, but don't think we should blink first there eitger. He signs pre-contract Jan 1st, see what they say then

  10. We can sign versatile midfielder Sebastian Larsson the Swedish internationalist on a free transfer from Sunderland instead of paying Norwich £1.5m for Dorrans.

    He was valued in February 2017 at £2.13m and was recently released.

    What do you think?

    • A very good point Richard. I'm sure Seb Larsson would do a very good job for us. Graham Dorrans is an excellent player and a fellow bluenose but spending £1.5m or more on him is not going to guarantee us winning the league this season. I'd love us to win the league this season but I'll be uplifted with a great challenge, consistently great performances and maybe even a cup win. Also, well done Dave King and the board. To come out on top against Ashley has been a superb brave achievement. I'd have loved to have been a fly on the wall behind the scenes.

    • When Ibrox Noise posted an article on Larsson's availability a few days ago I said that he was a far better prospect that Dorrans, and I still stand by that. By all accounts however it is not the overall fee that Norwich are having a problem with, it is the payment terms.

  11. I also meant to say that we shouldn't be held to ransom by Hearts for Jamie Walker. Hibs got £1m for Cummings who had 2 or 3 years left on his contract. Why on earth does Cathro think that he'll get the same for Walker who has in his final year. Be patient Jamie, we'll get you on a pre contract in January and it will be reflected in your wages. Mon the Gers!

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