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Rangers' transfer roundup latest - all the ins and outs

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Few Bears can remember a transfer window this efficient. We have witnessed eventful windows in the past, such as ‘99s glut of incoming under new manager Dick Advocaat, and 2012’s certainly saw a lot of activity, if not ‘good’ activity, as did last summer, but there has been something clinical about how eight players have been signed up over the course of barely three weeks.

With that all said, Ibrox Noise takes you all through the latest rumours, incoming, outgoing and general gossip about the personnel side of the club as it stands:


With eight players in, the bulk of work here is clearly done. Rangers remain threadbare in fullback, with claims that area is being looked at, and hopefully that comes to pass. But what else is happening?

Jamie Walker:

This one has gone cold. Hearts have not budged from their asking price, with it said to be a million plus, and Rangers have simply refused to up their bid significantly from the last reported value of £650,000. The lad wants to come, and would probably play for free, but until Rangers bid what Hearts allegedly want, it will not happen. Yes, they probably hate us enough to rather lose him for nothing than sell him ‘cut price’ to the BIG BAD RANJURS.

Graham Dorrans:

Information earlier in the window suggested the Canaries had accepted a bid from Rangers, with only a medical to go, but that was clearly false. As were media reports that there was disagreement only on how the fee was to be paid, not what the sum was. None of this has transpired, and the deal looks, for now, dead in the water, unless someone budges. The odd thing is why Rangers are haggling so tightly over these two deals for two lads who are clearly desperate to play for us, but more loosely handed over millions plus for the likes of Cardoso, Pena and Candeias. Maybe Pedro does not value either player the way their clubs do.

Kenny McLean:

News of Rangers’ interest reportedly stepping up broke late last night, with the Dorrans deal hanging in the balance if not a completely busted flush yet. Hence attention has apparently turned to Aberdeen’s 25-year old midfielder, who is currently interesting ‘Arry’s Birmingham as well. The Scotland international is highly regarded in the Scottish game, very much being a ‘Dorrans’ type of player and if Rangers were to end up with him rather than the Norwich star, it would not be the worst outcome.

Vurnon Anita:

This one has surfaced over the past 24 hours with claims Rangers are interested in the midfielder, who is a free agent having been released from Rafael Benitez’ Newcastle. The Dutch 28 year old is the first new name in a while and would be a stunning signing if Rangers can pull it off, and would give the top quality and reliable DM Pedro is crying out for while being able to fit in at full back as well.


The stories are going a little cold on this front. We are three weeks into the window and the only dead wood shifted, excluding out of contracters and loan players, is Joe Garner. Hopefully the bulk of the following still happen.

Lee Hodson:

Said to be interesting Charlton, the right back has never been favoured at Ibrox and likely never will. He will likely leave if a decent bid arrives.

James Tavernier:

Said to be interesting Preston, the right back divides fans significantly, but seems equally to be a first choice as well. His future is questionable but reports were that he would be let go at the right price.

Rob Kiernan:

Linked to PNE along with Tav, Rob has been a disaster of a CB and we would probably drive him to the airport ourselves. We just want rid of him, plain and simple.

Josh Windass:

Hull were said to be lining up a £500K bid, but nothing has yet materialised, and Fleetwood, Peterborough and MK Dons’ interest quietened when word spread that Windass was not interested in EFL League One.

Jordan Rossiter:

A strange one, a claim was made in the press that his future was in doubt despite having a fine pre-season by all accounts; we would rather Pedro kept this lad and built the team around him assuming he can hold fitness. But that fitness remains a key doubt.

Matt Crooks:

Just waiting to gain fitness so he can make the move to Scunthorpe a permanent one, going by reports. Simply never been favoured at Ibrox – no idea why our ex manager signed him.

Martyn Waghorn:

Scunthorpe and Leeds were said to be looking at him – probably would be useful in the lower leagues of English football but the SPL is too tough for him. If Rangers can recoup the modest six figure sum they paid, they are likely to take it.

Michael O’Halloran:

Another one that has gone quiet, had been linked with a switch to Motherwell as a makeweight for Louis Moult, but once that died he was briefly touted with a switch back to Perth. Again, it has gone silent on this one.

Naturally other major signings have been made, such as Man City’s Mark Allen as Rangers’ new Director of Football, while the retail side of the club has been completely fixed. Let us hope what results of the off-work pitch is positively reflected on it.


  1. I wouldn't say hearts hate us. Maybe the fans do and there old board def did. But our boards have worked together in the past to help each other. Like last season with the spfl boards, every club voted for there own but rangers and hearts agreed to vote for each other for the different boards. We voted Ann on to one and they voted for our guy for the other. It seems more of jist we value the player differently and there's still a lot of the window to go, and don't think rangers will panic buy this early, just need time to look around at all the players that can do the job and see what's good value. But loving this summer so far... but time to get more shirts in stock fast 😜

  2. I like him if we can get him then take he gets goals.

  3. Hey rangers fans every where our next move should be for fan ownership just
    think no more huge wages payed out to none playing staff run by fans where
    we buy and sell who we want a huge club like we have it must be some thing
    we could do,one day this will happen i am sure of that.

    1. Huge wages? Think only the manger, coaches and new director of football are paid. Think the board all work for free,

  4. I think we have seen a repeat pattern when it comes to Scottish players, and that is Rangers going in with an initial offer way below the other clubs valuation and then while slowly increasing the bid in increments - but still reaching nowhere near the amount required. We also seem to do much of our bidding publicly. The Rangers of old would have kept it more behind closed doors until the deal is done. I wonder here if we are really serious about securing these players or it ios a bit of a smokescreen that we are trying to sign Scottish players. Like all Gers fans I am delighted by recent events concerning Ashley and with a number of the recent signings, for which King and the Board are to be congratulated - but I would like to see a strong Scottish contingent alongside the foreign legion. Time to get Dorrans deal done and to make that the absolute priority. Walker we can wait it out and sign him in January. A word on Rossiter - I think this has to be the medical teams call. If Rossiter is fit then we would be crazy to sell him having nurtured his recovery. There is a player in t resembles a young Barry Ferguson. If the medics feel he is likely to break down again then better to sell and recoup before that happens and while fit.

  5. Kenny McLean is a 25-year-old, 6’ tall, left-footed midfield player who could be a huge asset in this Rangers engine room beside his former team-mate and captain Ryan Jack, because he can play either central or left-side midfield and is equally as good in each of those positions.

    It would also help to weaken a decent Aberdeen team, so the Pittodrie side will not sell him cheaply to us, even although his contract is up in May 2018.

    We all know that Hearts are holding out for £1m for Jamie Walker who also has only year to go, so that may be a guide to Aberdeen’s minimum demands.

    After being released by Rangers' youth team, McLean joined SPL club St Mirren at only 18 and represented Scotland at the under-19 and under-21 international levels before making his debut for the senior Scotland team in 2016.

    He is a naturally attacking player and when playing in the centre, he makes runs to and beyond the striker, which adds an extra dimension to his team's play.

    Former Scotland international, Gary Teale compared him favourably to Barry Ferguson.

    Kenny has an excellent first touch and is also very composed and assured on the ball. He is also a high energy player with an exceptional work rate and athleticism, which enables him to make continuous attacking runs.

    In only 2-and-a-half-seasons with the Dons he has made 111 appearances and scored 14 goals, and if we can buy Kenny for anything less than £1m, Rangers should sign him, as he will certainly add to the quality of our squad.

  6. Vurnon Anita is a 28-year-old, 5’ 6” full back or defensive midfielder who is also an ex- Dutch International player. For me he’s far too small. I want bigger players at Ibrox to defend the dead ball situations and possibly score goals at the other end.

    He played in Amsterdam with Ajax and made 152 appearances before he was signed to play for the Geordie Magyars - Newcastle United who were playing in the Premier League at the time.

    He played 4 seasons in the Premiership and only last year in the Championship.

    He had 5 successful seasons on Tyneside and amassed 155 games for the first team and I’m sure he would agree that his time in Geordie land were immensely happy.

    I would rather buy somebody taller and better!

  7. Had to laugh at the comment about Waghorn - can't hack the SPL but might be ok in the English lower leagues. Reality check - if the current SPL sides were moved down south, Celtic could probably survive in the Championship. Rangers and Aberdeen could probably survive in League 1 , but the remainder would be split around the fourth and fifth (ie non-league) tiers. Lets not get carried away with the SPL standard shall we?


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