Rangers bid £1M for international forward


Sky Sports have confirmed Rangers have formally bid for Norwich City’s Graham Dorrans this afternoon.

The bid, believed to be just under £1M, falls a touch short of the reported asking price for the attacking midfielder, which the Canaries have reportedly placed at £1.5M, and fans will be hoping the English side either accept the lower bid or Rangers’ board can fund a higher bid should this be rejected.

It was understood Pedro Caixinha would be unveiling Carlos Pena today but as yet that has not transpired, although the Mexican international is most definitely in Glasgow for his medical, and the deal does look imminent before the day is out, but it is the Dorrans issue which is the most intriguing of all.

Do Rangers value him at the same level as his current employers Norwich, or are we set to lose out on the Scottish international?

Watch this space.


  1. Dorrans is one player I'd like to see wearing the blue of Rangers. Fair play in not giving them what they want straight aff, they can always up the bid if needed. Dorrans himself might fight for the move also if he really wants to come to Ibrox. Norwich will be wanting to free up money by getting him aff the wage bill to help fund their transfers also… If not you said in an earlier article that Kenny McLean is a target he might well be the back up if we don't get Dorrans..

  2. I hope we can get the deal done Dorrans still has a lot to give in football the lad has been unlucky with injury and he has loads of experience and is a Bluenose .Hope it happens looking forward to seeing the Mexican Pena …could be Cult status this lad along with Big Bruno Bring it on WATP #fuckyer10inarow

  3. While for obvious reasons Rangers require to be prudent, under the current Board we have a habit of going in with low bids which inevitably get rejected. I sometimes wonder if this is a tactic from the current board to make it look to the fans as if they are trying to sign players. There are times when you just need to get the job done and push it over the line and I think we all agree that Dorrans is one of those and would be a great addition to the current team.

  4. If we do not meet or get near to the £1.5 then there are a few Scottish clubs that will and yes some English as well,i would pay it and be done.

    • Correct get it paid and get him signed….. end off! If we don't get this one over the al b raging tbh

  5. One question: Where's the money coming from? All the current squad are available for sale but none taken. Is it David Murray all over again?

  6. We need to get value for money here.He's no spring chicken and Norwich want him off the payroll so I'm glad we're not diving in here. That's if any of this is true to begin with.

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