Pedro: “I don’t care about the McKay ‘problem’ “


Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha has confirmed the world’s worst-kept secret; Barrie McKay is indeed training with the U20s and has admitted his situation is a problem, but not one he cares about.

Caixinha banished the wantaway winger to the youths after McKay reportedly asked to speak to other clubs, and has subsequently confirmed the 22-year old is not in the squad for tomorrow’s Europa League qualifier v Niederkorn.

Rangers’ boss (confusingly) said:

“The list is already out so I think he is not in the squad for tomorrow.”

Despite his name being included on the Europa League squad list, Caixinha may be hinting the winger’s inclusion was an error.

He went onto confirm the situation is as has been reported on this site and others, and further defiantly attested that he does not care about the problem on his hands:

“I don’t care about those problems (impasse with McKay). Those problems are part of our lives, our work and our decisions but I don’t want to talk about it now.”

And then absolutely dispelled all doubt over where McKay is training:

“The under-20s were off so he is not training today. I’m not focusing on that situation.”

If there was any doubt over McKay’s future, this surely ends it. It is just a matter of finding the lad a new club now.


  1. Well i liked him and maybe he should have got more money maybe he will just sit and take his wages but i just hope Pedro etc have got this one right some times it comes back to bit you sometimes.

  2. I repeat that I worry about Caixhina's man management skills – shades of le guen here. I also worry about Caixhina's lack of experience in managing a club the size of Rangers, no track record of success, and no pedigree at a European level. For me Caixhina is a huge gamble therefore I am concerned about him offloading on of our most gifted players.

    • I agree that Caixhinas man management skills appear to be lacking in how he has dealt with MacKay, Forrester, Dodoo, O'Halloran and others in the playing staff and also agree with you Dexter in his abilities as a manager of our club.
      I have said before in this site that Pedro has until the winter break to prove himself and his choice of players to buy.
      One thing we have to consider I see how the biased media report what is announced from Ibrox, we all know the negativity expressed through the TV, radio and paparazzi coverage. Maybe what Pedro says is sometimes misconstrued and taken out of context or even a slight error in Caixhinas delivery using a language that is not his own.

  3. I'm not too disappointed if McKay goes, you can't pick and choose the games you want to play in and McKay at times just looked like he wanted to be somewhere else. Too moody. If he goes he will live to regret it.

    • I often thought his body language in games showed how uninterested at times and at other times his performances were scintillating. The latter however were few far between.

  4. I think Pedro likes his own people around him nothing wrong with that but we are a Scottish club and we do need Scots in our team some times it looks like it is a clear out of the uk players maybe good maybe not.

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