One more for defence; why Partick Thistle star could be the final piece

One more for defence; why Partick Thistle star could be the final piece
 Article by: Richard Fillingham

Liam Lindsay, the 21-year-old 6’ 3” Partick Thistle centre back is showing great progress playing over 70 games in the SPL and last season he played in 42 games and scored an impressive 7 goals.

After joining the youth system at Partick Thistle in 2011, Lindsay signed his first professional contract with the club on 6 June 2012.

On 31 January 2014, Lindsay signed for Championship club Alloa on loan for the rest of the season to gain more first team experience and featured in 11 matches for the club after returning to Partick Thistle, he signed a new two-year contract with the club in June 2014.

On 29 January 2015, Lindsay signed for Airdrie F C on a loan deal until the end of the 2014–15 season and played in 13 games, scoring 1 goal.

In season 2016-17, the Jags defender was the only player not connected to Celtic or Aberdeen to make the PFA’s premiership team of the year, and that is quite an achievement for a young man playing at centre half. It indicates to me that he has enormous potential and would not be expensive to buy.

He is a very confident young man who has voiced his disappointment at not receiving a cap at any level for Scotland and I like that attitude in a player.

He says,

“I am definitely ambitious and of course you want to play at the highest level that you can to see how you cope with it to test yourself. I’m no different. Thistle have been great with me, especially the gaffer (Alan Archibald) who put me in at a very young age and stuck with me no matter what. I’ve made a few mistakes and emerged from it stronger and that’s all down to him.

I think the goals have probably helped as well to be honest, but it’s definitely a confidence-booster to be linked with Scottish and English clubs.”

The tall centre back is believed to have interested Rangers in recent months, and with the possibility to add to their increasingly impressive defensive options Lindsay could well be a viable and cost-effective signature. Having signed the two highly rated Portuguese centre halves, the ‘Gers could do a lot worse than sign Liam as a back-up defender or even more.

Lindsay is interesting clubs south of the border and Thistle MD Ian Maxwell admits they will have to listen to offers:

“If somebody is going to come and make us an offer for Liam then we have to consider it, we’re not the kind of club that can’t.”

If the Light Blues want to land a promising young Scottish defender who has lots of SPL experience, then there are few better options out there than Lindsay, and at just 21, he could be the long-term centre back the club are looking for – if Caixinha is given the funds to complete the deal.

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  1. While he looks like a promising player, we now have 4 decent CBs.They can't all get game time. There are other area that need strengthened more urgently. In 12 months, yes though.

    • If he doesn't make the first team, we can put him back to Thistle or someone else in the January transfer period on a loan deal until he is good enough.

    • Wilson isn't good enough as a centre half and I'm not sure about the other boy so we do imo require another central defender

  2. Would take him in a heartbeat , however i think Pedro has settled on his four centre backs, I am concerned about the first few weeks however. Wilson is Injured and i am not sure when Alves joins the Squad.

    • Alves will probably be with the squad after the first qualifier, first leg. He will be at the confederations cup until 30 June or 2nd July depending on how Portugal do.

  3. Lindsay would be a good addition to the squad as him Bates and Wilson could be possible pairings too.. Also helps with promoting young Scottish talent at the Club and good for the future.. Lindsay & Walker would be the final additions if Ped adds to what he's brought in all ready I hope.. Giving the team it's Scottish identity could do a lot worse than those two..

    • Aye you're right like…RB is a must unless he uses Bates for that which I doubt but has played that position in the past…

    • Bates at RB is something I mentioned before, but I'd question whether he has the ability to get forward with any real threat.

  4. If we play with 3 terrific centre halves and 2 wing backs, you don't really need a great right back, which we don't have at the moment.

    But I do take your point.

    • Possibly, has Ped played 3 at the back at any of his previous clubs?

      According to this and this about the only thing he really sticks to is 4 at the back, expecting his full backs to get up the pitch.

      No idea how accurate those analysis are btw 🙂

  5. Is he really any good it's one thing being good for Partick thistle and another rangers take moh for example excellent for st Johnston awful for rangers I fear it would again be a waste of money I for one have high hopes for young David bates tall 6'2 quick athletic good in 1 v 1s and good in the air just think he needs more experience and too fill out a bit

    • I'd like to see Lindsay & Bates both being the future CB's for Rangers long term. Alves is a 2yr deal and Cardosa will improve and no doubt be sold on I'd think. Also competiton for places is healthy and another Scottish talent can't be wrong…

  6. Not sure this would give us any more than we already have with Bates, plus agree that at long last CB is no longer our glaring priority. I do think however we need to retain a strong Scottish contingent at the heart of the squad. Excited as I am by some of the recent signings I am more than a little concerned about the number of Mexican and Portuguese players arriving. This can create a clique within the squad which is close to the manager creating disquiet – especially if things start to go wrong. Also questions remain about Caixhina. If tactics and results don't improve especially against Celtic he may well find himself out of a job before Xmas leaving Rangers with a squad that the incoming manager may find a little imbalanced in terms of nationality. Let's get the Dorrans deal over the line as THE priority, and then let's hope Pedro turns his attention to hoovering up one or two more of the best of the SPL – and ps Ped put your arm around wee Barry and make him feel wanted and you will have a home grown player of exceptional talent

    • Having just saw the official site Dexter and Peds comments reading between the lines young Barrie looks screwed.. It's pretty damming of the wide players not working hard enough for the Team.. Now I wonder if Ped found his grass after all 🤔

    • Would be genuinely sad to see Barrie go. Also Garner and Windass if the papers are to be believed. I'm on board with the signings so far, though not 100% convinced by Candeias. Fair enough having new wingers, but you need someone in the box. If I thought Ryan Hardie would be getting a look in, I'd be more sanguine about Garner departing, but the thought of him and Herrera had me mildly excited.

  7. I really don't know what to make of things so far. The transfer activity has been good and, by our standards, there have been some hefty up-front fees paid. That said, I'm a little uneasy about the number of the new boys who seem to have been fairly nomadic with loan deals – being 20 years old and on loan is one thing, but late 20's has me a little nervous. In fact, it sounds a little familiar…..That said, Pedro could simply be a genius with an eye for a player at a good price – after all, he should be familiar with markets in Portugal and Mexico

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