New deal – all Rangers shirts for new season to retail at half price

 Article by: Greg, for Ibrox Noise

In what will be a monumental deal for the club going forward, Dave King today announced that all previous arrangements with Sports Direct and the club have been terminated and a new deal has been agreed with the retail giants which will see a “significant proportion of all Rangers retail profits” going to the club; a vast improvement on the previous figure of roughly 7 pence in the pound.

The deal will expire at the end of next season, at which point the club is free to negotiate another retail deal or perhaps remain with Mike Ashley’s sports direct.

A superb further caveat of this deal is all existing shirts will be recycled to next season giving fans full volition to purchase, but crucially they will do so at half the normal price for a new home shirt, retailing on the Rangers Megastore at a very handsome £20.

The announcement may not mean that King and Ashley are now best of friends, but as the South African based businessman said himself, it represents a ‘thawing’ of a previous frosty relationship.

King also described how the deal will give Rangers “flexibility moving forward”, as no revenue figures deriving from the sale of merchandise had been included in any budget under the current regime. In other words, this deal will provide a significant cash boost to the club as it looks to get back to winning ways and securing a 55th top flight league title.

In what has been a hugely positive summer for the club, this is probably the pinnacle. Fans will no doubt flock to the megastore in their droves, and I for one will be buying anything with a Rangers badge on it.


  1. An almighty day for sure. I've always said that the bored were good buissness men and today has just proven it. So much for the rummors that rangers were about to be taken to the cleaners by sd and the bread man… our haters will hopefully remember the summer when rangers came bk with a vengeance

    • I totally agree with you Stuart. Too many Rangers fans have been bickering about Dave King and the board. I said a few weeks ago bringing Alistair Johnston back on the board would improve our global image and now we have some settlement on the sales of Rangers strips and other sports items it will be seen globally again.
      Rangers have been squeezed from all sides in restricting our business deals and sponsorships reducing the money the club has had as capital for expenditure on players, staff and upkeep of Ibrox and Auchenhowie, with this new deal let us hope all constraints are now removed.
      We have seen many doubters about King, I for one am happy with his management of the club and doggedness and determination to prevent our club being kept down, whether by Sports Direct, SFA, influences from Lawwell, influences from directors of other clubs like Thompson at Dundee United, directors at Hibs, Raith Rovers, etc. and of course the Scottish media, especially the BBC, King has had to bide his time and guarantee every forward step in our long recovery. We have to think how quick he removed Warburton and his staff on his failure to attain his original plan. Pedro will have to be on his toes and at least show progress by the winter break or I suspect King may be swinging his axe.
      Let us get behind the team, we have a few stumbles on our way, but we have to see potential and if we do then it is onward and upwards to get to the top. I look forwards soon to hear the Struth quote 'We welcome the chase'.

  2. all those Dave king doubters wiping that eggy mess off ther agenda ridden faces. IN KING WE TRUST!!
    Thanks for giving me the best feeling I've had about our club in the past 5/6 years and to the 3 bears n Murry. WATP!!!!

  3. I think it's important to stress that Rangers get more money when you buy a strip from the Rangers Megastore or the Rangers Website compared to any other shop.

    Smart Bears will buy the strip from Rangers.

    • Always buy direct from the club, SD are also selling the shirt for £20, but Rangers get an 'equal share' of profits from Sports Direct sales, but sales through the megastore or club website we get 'by far the majority of profits'.

  4. Here here ibrox noise!!I actually got the home top at the start of the season, but won't divulge where,but i can say hand on heart that no money went to mike ashley's sports direct,put it that way!!I will however be purchasing a new home top now,whether its the same or not,knowing that my club is making the majority of the money from our kit sales,at last!!Its only a 1 year deal now and i still think without a shred of doubt that we won't have puma as our kit manufacturers after our deal is up after this season!I hope we go back to nike as our new kit makers for the start of next season!For the record i also don't think sports direct will be our retail partner after this season,when the 1 year deal will be up for negotiation again!!

    • Let's hope Dave King goes to work and gets the Rangers shops open again for 1 years time then Rangers will be in control of their own retail again. In king we trust🔴⚪🔵

  5. This will propel Rangers back to the forefront of Scottish football.. Within a season or two we will be challenging the bigger EPL Clubs in commercial deals regards tops sold… We were bigger than Man Utd at one point on that front – Rangers brand will be going global once again….

    How can any Bear be negative about this deal and this wk full stop??

  6. Dont want to put a downer on a great day but what is the deal with Ashley. DK said he couldnt comment atm when asked if this deal had any impact on how many shares Ashley has or can acquire in future & expect an annoucement soon. Is the poss of Ashley investing the price for rippin up previous deal. U for 1 do not want him near our club.

    • He also said in his press conference that he did not expect any investment from Ashley and did not expect him to acquire any more shares. All Ashley has left is the 9% or so he already owns. If Rangers want to we can walk away from SD at the end of next season and go with another retail partner, which although I don't like SD, this would be a bad move, they are by far the largest sports retailer in the UK and are fast becoming the largest in Europe and have just opened stores in America. I don't think Ashley was as influential in this deal compared to other shareholders, he isn't having a good time with SD shareholders over the last year and I think this was more down to pressure from them and PUMA to get this resolved.

    • DK had said Ashley will not be putting anymore money into Rangers after this agreement was made… He still has his original shares but that would be it…

    • Gary, due to recent bad press on working conditions and maybe these boycotts etc. JD sports has overtaken SD as the UKs top retailer.

    • According the Daily Mail (so take the news with a pinch of salt), Ashley is to sell his shares in the club as part of this new deal.

    • Behemoth fair point on the working conditions as SD have had major publicity over that…
      That said in case you didn't know Mike Ashley owns JD Sports lock stock and barrel… I stopped buying my trainers out of there because of that also…

    • Sports Direct own 4.6% of JD Sports shares. I didnt know that till I had a look. Id rather deal with them than sports direct thats for sure.

  7. Top already ordered. Good news. Very honest of DK to say that there was no way Ashley was going to walk away with nothing, so they had to deal SD in somehow. Despicable he may be and his retail practices poor, but they sell a hell of a lot of gear.

    If Dorrans, Walker and the Mexican bandidos sign by Friday, this will conclude an fabulous week.

    Looking forward to at least making Scott Sinclair regret his boasting….

  8. Im wondering if the cash free loans for players is actually going to be paid back when the shirts sell in the next month. I wouldn't expect all that new cash as additional spending in the squad…

    • Naw not happening… If anything it could be turned into shares if that's the case once agreed after an AGM or whatever… I wonder when Desmond gets his money back from Celtic?

    • I was just reading between the lines with how king worded it. Normally they call it "Investment" this time its "Loans" im not criticising, dont expect a bottomless pit of cash but they seem to have spent way more than Warburton ever had. Makes me wonder if they knew the deal was coming and its more an advancement on merchandise.

  9. I am predicting a huge queue at the Rangers Megastore, from fairly early on Thursday 29 June at Ibrox to buy everything with Rangers on it. – Keep the tills rolling in the profits for Ra angers to buy better players in the future to catch up with Celtic. WATP.

    • Aye Richard back tae getting tops and mugs and whatever for Christmas, Birthdays & Fathers Day what a belter…..

      All those sad fuckers like that mob that comment on everything Rangers in the rags – Tommy Trinder and the like will be spewing… Can't wait we welcome the chase

  10. This is exactly what King promised and I for one believed him and the board throughout . You need to take you hat off to all the dealings that have gone down since we took our club back from the Bastards that would have ruined us and our great club . I do note too that those who would preach Nasty on this site about King and the Board have gone silent ????? Go we need you not !!!!Onwards Fellow Bears …55 56 57 …. They will know we are back again very soon . WATP

  11. I'm getting carried away with this, i've waited for this boys have missed out so it's time to make it up to them. ps. i would like to see he club bring out a home top next year wth 1873 incorparated into it as a wee reminder that despite how hard they tried we will remain the the ONLY SHOW IN TOWN.

  12. In response to bawbag73, I have read that Ashley and Sports Direct only own 6% of JD Sports, at present.

    • Thanks for the heads up Andrew…
      I am man enough to admit I was wrong with my info as I'd read an article in a paper last yr saying he owned it..

  13. what makes you think they are free to negotiate with others after this season.. can't believe Ashley has turned into a man of good causes, which means they renegotiate with him. The timing of this deal also makes you think the deal is in SD interest as there was 2 court cases looming that could have made a massive hole in any short term plans if Gers lost. If SD had lost it would make very little difference to them so why not let the court decide..
    But more importantly for this season they have deal for % of net profits rather than standing 50p for every £10.. when i checked up SD net margin is 7.2% thats a lot of merch to even make the 50p/ £10 ..
    The fact they are talking & working out a deal IS good news but major money DOES NOT come from merch deals, its a step in the right direction but not the major jump that some are talking of, its enough to run the club for 1 month maybe 2 if there has been major cuts since the last Audited Accounts.
    But all future deals will slowly improve if King can keep you out of court & start giving companies positive exposure.

    • You lot are obsessed honest tae fuck… You will never see me on a Celtic forum or social media platform and commenting on all things Celtic… Keep your concerns for your own Club thank yo..Now go and jog on

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