Meet Rangers’ new central defence; 99% done

Meet Rangers’ new central defence; 99% done

It really has not taken Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha long to build a new central defence. Following hot on the heels of Portuguese international Bruno Alves’ switch from Italy to Glasgow, it has been widely reported today that his fellow countryman Fabio Cardoso is also set to seal his switch to Govan, in his case from Vitoria Setubal.

The reason this is of so much importance is Cardoso is a massive missing piece of the Rangers jigsaw which had started to become a growing issue over the last few days – with Danny Wilson out injured till August, and Hill, Philippe Senderos and Rob Kiernan no longer part of Rangers’ plans, it was left to David Bates as Alves’ only potential partner.

Finally Caixinha has nipped that issue in the bud with the acquisition of the 23-year old Cardoso, assuming he passes his medical over the next 24-48 hours, will become Ped’s third official summer recruit, forming the central defence Rangers have been seeking to build.

It really is the perfect blend of players – one older head, experienced, leader, strong, tough, the other being the younger foil, the follower, guided by the wily head, but not so young that they appear a rookie. It is how most great defences are built; Maldini and Nesta, then Nesta and Silva, Terry and Cahill, Godin and Savic; the list goes on.

Of recent seasons Rangers’ defence of Wilson and Kiernan was a disaster – Kiernan’s lack of ability only one part of this; instead the relative youth of both players was cancelling each other out and they just could not play together. Indeed, sources say Kiernan disliked playing with Wilson – one senses they did not get on.

But with Alves and Cardoso Rangers have the right build of defence now. Cardoso has come through all the Portuguese youth ranks for his national side, and like his fellow impending signing Dalcio was a product of the Benfica B system.

With plenty of experience of Portugal’s premier league, Cardoso is no weak signing, and is the perfect age for a foil of Alves’ stature. We naturally hope it works out as well on the pitch as it appears to fit on paper.

Many claimed Caixinha did not understand Rangers or Scottish football, including us, in truth, but the signs from this transfer window in which he is recruiting Rangers fans, Scottish football veterans, and high quality players from overseas does suggest he is either getting to grips with what is needed, or being better advised than he was.

It may be Jonatan Johansson, as his ‘local assistant’, is more than giving a helping hand here, and Rangers are seeing a lot of the right signings happening. Fans are far more optimistic now about chances next season, but then Pedro himself requires to get it right on the tactics board too. If the tail end of last season was a sampler, Pedro is the wrong man.

But with his own men now in place, and a backbone of carefully advised Scottish and Rangers-minded recruits, perhaps he will turn it round and give us something like the Rangers we expect. Going by this transfer window, it is the right direction.

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  1. Totally agree, more quality signings still needed though, scoring goals has not been addressed yet!!

  2. A good few Rangers fans had already written off Pedro, mainly due to the abysmal showing in our 1-5 defeat at Ibrox to our greatest rivals, a lot of fans said there and then he should have been sacked. I personally would not have disagreed with them at the time.
    My one thing I had in mind was to consider in retaining him was that he was left with a shambles. Others say Murty went to Parkhead and got a result by packing the defence and stopping them from playing and rightfully that is what he should have done, however, he had to overcome grinding the rest of the season minus Wallace, Danny Wilson and out of form players; no-one could say players like Waghorn, MacKay, Holt, Tavernier et al were performing to any standard.
    So, we experts who write our opinions and team tactics always say we need to build from the back and get a spine in the team, so Pedro looks like using Foderingham, who looks a very competent keeper still improving, the new central defence, signing Jack and hopefully another two midfielders, Kevin MacDonald has been quoted who I personally like and another either powerful tall target type striker or poacher, or both.
    My only concern is we need a few Rangers men in the squad, not maybe always playing, but in the first team squad to tell the others what it means to be playing for Rangers. Pedro says a lot of what it means to be involved with Rangers and I do for now believe him, he must drill it into his players and should it all come to fruition we will all be happy, but should it not, Pedro will be shown the door come Christmas.

    • Totally relate to your comments Alan. Pedro was brought in before the end of the season at cost to assess and that's what he's done. He was ill advised to experiment against Celtic but that's water under the bridge. I'm impressed with his signings and possible signings and very happily surprised that a sizeable chunk of cash has been made available to him to target quality players. I think Alves will have a positive impact on all the defenders and I'm looking forward to seeing these guys in action. Pedro needs a season at least to prove himself. He is still an unknown to most of us but fingers crossed and with our support he'll prove himself a winner.

  3. I hope now the anti King brigade will shut up it definitely looks like Pedro has the backing of King and the board .Only time will tell if he is the right man for the job .I for one wanted rid ASAP , hopefully he will prove me 100% wrong .

    • Why? King still hasn't delivered any of his promises. These signings are happening inspire of King not because of him. Your entitled to your opinion, but I'm sorry it's simply not based on facts. If you dispute the facts, let's hear why, let's hear where the 20-30million he promised has apparently been spent.

      King points to ibrox which is in a poor state and no obvious signs of any significant money has been spent. Then there's the fictitious idea that somehow the money was spent at training ground where nobody can see it. Then there is the ridiculous suggestion that Warburton burned through the cash, simply not true. I was one of the most consistent critics of Warburton and even I will admit he was not backed in the transfer market and done his shopping in bargin basement. On top of this the accounts published show no investment, just soft loans being used to maintain control and buying club on cheap in a closed market.

      Let's not get carried away here. So far we have signed two players one on a free the other a defender in twilight if his career for a nominal fee. Whilst I welcome both players, this is hardly splashing the cash.

      In terms of Pedro, most sensible fans will give him time to prove himself with his own team. I would suggest no firm judgement can be made until around Christmas. We need to see what he can do with his own team and deserves that chance.

    • Negativity, Negativity Negativity. Lighten up. Prior to King it was all talk and moans about the board and we couldn't wait to get the back pages writing about Rangers playing football. I for one would rather have King than Ashley and his lapdogs. Now we have a near normal close season and we're talking football and transfers. We should be keeping it that way.

    • What do you mean that these signings are happening in spite of King not because of him. How can you justify a statement like that. It doesn't make any sense. King and the rest of the board have put significant sums of their own money into the club just to keep it afloat knowing that they'll get very little, if any of it back. These players that Warburton brought in might have only cost 2-3 million up front but the money had to come from somewhere and they were all on grossly inflated salaries which basically the club couldn't sustain. We're still financially buggered yet by all accounts we're about to spend £1.5million to sign Herrera, 2.2 for Pena and £1.3million for Cardoso. And although the outlay for Alves might be only 500k his and Jacks wages bring the packages for them up to millions no doubt.
      For a club with our current financial limitations these signings alone would take a massive cash input into the club and there's clearly more to come.
      You don't have to like Dave King but compared to a fat cockney b****** and his scumbag minions the guy deserves a bit of respect.

  4. Over the moon with signings but we need to start shipping out last seasons least 10 of them should be outta there but I reckon some will cling on because they will never get a better contract in they're career's ever again.let's hope Dave finds a way.Barton style if need be

    • There still has been no offers despite the fire sale and despite a number of players being told to find a move as they are not wanted. Hate to say it but Boyd hit nail on head, several of these players are an a career high wage and will be very reluctant to move.

    • One thing Rangers and Pedro need to do is make sure we don't give away any players, as who knows how they might turn out in the future. Any player we sell has to be sold to give benefit to Rangers. Too many players leave us and end up with relatively successful careers, so we need to make sure sell on clauses are attached to all players leaving.Another way to make sure we offload players to make sure we don't suffer additional financial millstones round the club is to offer any club wanting our players is to pay the differential between new and old contracts so we might have some wages to pay but not all and we remove unhappy, potentially bad influences on the training pitch and within the club.

  5. We needed 2 good centre halves and a strength in our midfield + a right good centre forward.

    So far so good Pedro.

  6. I want Pedro gone ASAP. Mainly due to the two atrocious performances against Celtic. I cannot forgive him for allowing Celtic to rout us in the manner they did at Ibrox. However like plenty of other posters I hope he proves me 100% wrong. PS Good work Ibrox noise keeping us updated.

    • That was down to inferior players either unable or unwilling to adjust to a complex system and nothing more.

  7. He is either getting to grips, is better advised or the writer was simply wrong . We all knew last summer the defence was not up to the job and warburton did not seriously try to sort that. Midfield never produced with key payers injured or out of favour /dismissed Pedro had nothing to work with.
    That said only time will tell if he is any better.
    Remember from nowhere to third with Aberdeen reportedly having a fabulous season while we had a disaster according to the press does not really hold water.

  8. King is doing a fine job getting us back where we belong.quietly slowly but surely getting there.2 or 3 more quality players plus rossiter and niko will give the manky mob a wee fright.watp

  9. Only time will tell if this is going be right or wrong i get a good feeling in my gut it is what we need,but god help us if this goes ass,i put £100 on us i say bring it on let the fight begin.

  10. Possible team so far fod tav Alves cardoso wallace rossiter jack dorrans pena niko herrera.looks good 2 me.

  11. We don't know a lot about these players. At least I certainly don't.
    Lack of pace was one of the things that really hurt us last season. Let's hope that is high on Pedro's priorities, for the season ahead.
    Dave King and the board have kept a dignified posture despite the scurrilous comments of too many last season. A lot of Bears too.
    It was made clear that Rangers cannot say too much until ALL these court cases have been dealt with.
    The result of the "kit cases" could be massive, if Rangers win them. No telling what a new and above board deal would do to Rangers coffers.
    If we lose then the board have already demonstrated the quiet resolve that would be required until the present "deals" have run their course.
    Putting large sums of money directly into the club could act as a lure, before we are certain that the "rats" cannot come back in the back door.
    We still don't know who a lot of the shareholders really are or what their intentions might be. A successful new share issue should settle that issue once and for all. Here's hoping it will get passed in due course.
    I for one am grateful that our club has been saved by the fans and the decent men now in charge.
    If the standard of play can see us put up a right challenge this year, brilliant. If not, we look for improvement. Whatever happens. We will always get behind our club.

    C'mon the Gers.

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