“Justice for the Rangers Support”? Forget it!

“Justice for the Rangers Support”? Forget it!

Today former Rangers owner Craig Whyte was found not guilty of acquiring Rangers by fraudulent means. With this verdict, it became apparent that Rangers supporters will never get justice for the nightmare we went through five+ years ago, and continue to go through to this very day.

We will never know the absolute truth about exactly what went on behind closed doors – all we have is rhetoric, claim and counter claim from various parties, with more than a hint of ‘I told you so’ from quite a few high and mighty individuals who never ‘told us’ anything at the time.

What we do not have is hard fact – we have a court case which presented facts and figures, but the real truth underneath will never be revealed. We will never know if Murray really did know Whyte had no money, and was not a viable buyer. We will never know if Whyte took Rangers over with the sole intention of plunging us into administration. We will never know if he and Charles Green really were in cahoots or not (we have all heard the recordings), and we will never know if this nightmare could have been avoided.

All Rangers fans are left with is yet more questions, and a complete lack of closure on Scottish football’s biggest injustice. The man who clearly withheld NI, PAYE and income tax to force about admin has been made a free man and, as far as we know, will face no further action.

He is now free to move on with his life, while Rangers fans live every day with the damage his actions inflicted upon not just our club but our lives. To this day Rangers have nowhere near recovered from what took place in 2012, although hopefully we are on the right path – and whether you pit the blame solely on Murray or solely on Whyte or a bit of both, truthfully we are left with no real clarity, closure, or justice.

Indeed, this court case was supposed to shed light on Whyte, Murray, Green, Wavetower, Ticketus – all we are left with is a free man and a bucketload of questions.

It now seems Rangers fans are never going to get justice for the crimes against them – whether perpetrated by Whyte, Green, Murray or whoever – Rangers fans are effectively being told to just forget it.

We should never forget. Every good thing that now happens is despite the past, not as a result of it; every player we sign is progress but it should never have come to that.

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    • isnt it ironic that Donald FindLay QC an ex rangers vice chairman got this fraudster off the hook and when you look into his dodgy past.The thing to me is what really was the banks roll in all of this as it seems to many that they put MIH under enormous pressure to sell without doing the proper due diligence and if Whyte is innocent then who is guilty surely a fresh investigation is required because this verdict has thrown more questions and no answers and its a very suspicious verdict indeed. Plain and simple did
      1 / Did he have the funds he says he did. ANSWER NO.

      2 / Did he borrow money from Ticketus to buy Rangers. ANSWER YES.

      If this really is the case how can he be innocent and does a Judge have the authority to over rule a jury,s decision.???

  1. We have to move on, as usual. And hope that there is brighter times ahead. On a slight side-note, what about all this Warburton & co legal guff? Does the silence on that front mean that King and the board were right all along? And Johnstone is back too. How are we feeling about that? What about Walker? Maclean? Paterson? Naismith?

    So many fingers, so many pies.

  2. Disgusting news! I thought the verdict wasn't till the morra..As you rightly say it's in the past and we move forward.. That said if I ever saw Green & Whyte on the street I'd make my feelings clear..

  3. As soon as I read when the jury was selected that no Rangers shareholders, past or present, were to be included, I had the feeling that all jurors were being scrutinised to ensure they were not even allowed to be Rangers supporters as they would be assumed to be biased, that of course is only my perception and opinion. We all know of the prejudice of non Rangers supporters and it didn't take long for me, it was a thing that irritated me in the back of my mind since the trial began, that Whyte would be acquitted. Moreover the Judas who defended him, had to have inside information on the governance of Rangers Football Club by association, yet he was allowed to defend the scoundrel. Both of them and possibly David Murray too are again in my opinion perjured individuals.
    Where does that leave us fans, like myself having lost my original Rangers shares, but through thick and thin; and it has been skeletal for us all recently, we have to hope that the appointment today of Alistair Johnston a vehemently anti Whyte purchaser of Rangers, our new manager and backroom staff and a fresh impetus of players in the team can at least help us to reach higher heights next season and get closer to the pinnacle of league champions for the 55th time.
    We will follow follow.

    • why was Findlay not objected to. And I would like to know did ticketus get their three years season ticket money or did it die with administration. I cant help feeling SDM knew all along indeed put Whyte in place to put Rangers into admin. The whole thing stinks.

  4. Anyone looking at this case would see it was based on very narrow parameters. The fact he used money that he did not have to buy us is something that goes on in city take overs all the time. Why HMRC did not make him personally responsible for non payment of tax and NI. Try that as an individual and your feet wouldn't touch the ground.

  5. I wonder if this case had been tried in London by a London Judge & Jury, would the Verdict have been the same. Doubt It!!

    • A very good point indeed, as the headline states 'Did Rangers get justice?' As I said previously all Rangers shareholders were prevented from being a juror; in Scotland, where it was known that every team in the then SPL voted against us remaining in the SPL with exception of Kilmarnock who abstained and further to this every club including Kilmarnock the voted to place us in the 3rd tier, a punishment never ever handed out to any other club and as reported but never confirmed , five directors voted not to allow Rangers to be allowed back into the league structure. So, how on earth could it be possible within Scotland to ever have a jury that was not biased against our club. I and fellow Rangers fans would have welcomed the trial to have been conducted out of Scotland AND if the verdict was the same of 'not guilty' I would have accepted that it had been a fair trial and even as though I wouldn't have been happy with the verdict, I am sure that I would not be as disgusted as I feel now.

    • If the trial had been in London it would never have made the courts.. This happens in takeovers ALL the time, it stinks but that's the laws of the land when it comes to business

  6. The wrong man was in the dock, that was apparent from very early in the trial. In truth it's been clear for many years who was the main actor in the destruction of Rangers. You know it, many Rangers fans know it, and just about every other Scottish club's fans know and have known it for years.

  7. Not many share holders or fans had any hope that this would be dealt with properly or unbiased ..Look at how we have been treated by SFA and the rest ..there is a deep seated hatred of all that we are .Remember No Surrender WATP

  8. The way things have turned out today, I wouldn't be surprised to hear the permits have been rejected ???

  9. Googly eyed cunt. He's guilty, Murray's culpable, fuck them both. Mon the Teddy Bears, looking forward to this season personally.

  10. Rangers from top to bottom as a club must never relax their guard ever again. Unfortunately, the club and fans in the future must initially expect the worst from any individual or parties that are involved or trying to be involved.

    Today shows that justice will be hard fought if not impossible to obtain. Best to proceed into the future cautiously and hold the well-being and integrity of rangers above all else.

  11. Clear conflict of interest allowing Findlay to defend him but no Gers fans/shareholders allowed on the jury.He's basically been acquitted on the assumption it was going to happen anyway!!No wonder he wasted laughing. I'd never stop jumpin on his rotten skull.

  12. No such thing as a fair trial in Scotland any person in the jury surrounded my persons with negativity n hatred for our club could feed there mind n make there decision for them n we all know the amount of hatred for our club with the amount of clubs n people that voted in away to try n kill us off these people have family n friends who ll feed off there hatred then they'll pass it on n so on. Did anyone really expect another outcome!

    • Q. how are we as fans to determine were the jurys loyalties lie, does the court even know ?. this despite asking the jury did any of them have any affiliation towards rangers. if the answer was no who can say the outcome was'nt inevitible.

  13. Outcome is as expected it is not a crime to deliberately run your company into the ground ! Bt I stated from the beginning we were part of a mass conspiracy involving big players in the sports business ,I always thought Celtic minded individuals were behind this and still do remember blue pitch holdings and margueretta? Always suspected Murray had more to do with it and we all no know Ashley green and whyte conspired , very dirty business indeed and we will probably never know the truth

  14. After a trial lasting weeks, it takes a jury only 2hrs to reach a decision!!! Although hardly surprising given the hatred for us. This verdict was always coming when the charges against the 2 from Duff and Phelps, Green, Ahmed and the rest were dropped. Guess we'll never know what happened

  15. I lost all my Rangers shares and my two bond seats investments and I am disappointed with the Rangers hating jury.

    • Yes Johnston told us who we should trust and we ignored him, jumping on the Whyte, the Green bandwagon. Johnston is now back, although I won't give him my total support I am prepared to listen to him. Johnston will cautiously put his input into the company and give guidance and hopefully bigger and much more financial packages for the Rangers board to scrutinise and maybe accept. I feel Johnston doesn't want anything from Rangers, but wants to be able to allow his business acquaintances the route into our club to get us back where we belong.

  16. This comes from the Scottish governments down because us rangers fans were saying no to independence and this verdict proves that but wit that SNP don't under star is we will be here cause WE ARE THE PEOPLE FUCK YER SNP NO SURRENDER

  17. I don't make many away games now as I'm getting too auld.Savile Row and Firhill is it now.I call on a boycott of every away ground from now on the way we should have long ago.Give the rest of these fucks a taste of it.

    • i agree totally tam, we are either to loyal or forgiving.They are always willing to accept the blue pound just not our club.

  18. The cunt had that much money the bank to his castle, biggest corruption & stitch up ever.The snake denied in interviews regarding selling off season books before admitting it.If i were gers i would demand a supreme court trial without a predjudiced jury. im a stupit cunt and i know he as guilty as sin

    • Yeah need re trial or up to supreme court .jurors were ask 3 questions for a fact are you a season ticket holder are you a shareholder now or before do you know dm i personally know they had more than one celtic season ticket holder in jury fact wbere is the balance there???
      Joke absolute joke

  19. We were never going to get the verdict we wanted but we did get answers to key questions. Most of them thanks to Donald Findlay – as defence barrister he was able to grill David Murray, Smith, McCoist and others and ask all the questions every Rangers fan wanted to know and they had to answer under oath. It could be argued that Findlay was in exactly the place every fan would want to be. He knew Whyte would never be convicted by a Scottish jury but took his chance to uncover as much as he could and make it public.

    We learnt that Murray group were forced to sell by the bank who were worried about the HMRC case. We learnt Murray Group couldn't find a buyer (because of the big tac case) and so were too desperate to sell to Whyte that they didn't do proper checks on him and in some cases turned a blind eye.

    So essentially the nightmare started with HMRC and were it not for them the bank wouldn't have pushed Murray into selling and even if he did want to sell it is unlikely Whyte would have been the only bidder.

    Other, not really related but still intersting things we learnt thanks to Findlay questioning was about McCoists contract where he would get a huge fee if the club didn't appoint him manager (totally bizarre)

    It wasn't the result we wanted but I feel we did get answers and so was a worthwhile exercise.

  20. I wish the club could use the injustce as added motivation to win the ttle. that would sicken the haters and disbelievers. at the very least we would have the bragging rights even in adversity.

  21. bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-40176560

    Here we have an objective, reality based perspective, and Murray's real involvement. My God, how duped by him we were all along…

    • Funny how you complain about 1-2 Celtic fans on jury yet 60-70% of referees have past links to Ibrox, yet you see no problem there .. Can't have it all ways, either the club you support does matter or it doesn't ..

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