Is it time for change at Murray Park?


When you see all the players that Ally McCoist, Mark Warburton and now Pedro Caixinha is signing, it is easy to see why the club have not been too clever at bringing their young players through from the Rangers youth system.

Let’s all hope that Pedro is a huge success with all his Portuguese and Mexican signings, however Rangers have to address their scouting system urgently for the long-term future of the club.

Would this be a huge part of a new Director of Football’s job? If we ever get one! Ex-Scotland boss, Craig Levein was brought in for Hearts in 2014, by new owner Ann Budge, and has been a success as their Director of Football for the Tynecastle club.

When it comes to a more modern way of signing younger players, is it time for a change in the way that Rangers’ new scouting system should work?

There are two great examples of how to do it almost perfectly. Maybe we should learn from Chelsea and Benfica by the way they look after their good young guys. They scour the whole of Europe for excellent young future stars in the making, all with the right potential and then decide who they want to sign right away and then choose the other ones who they want to keep their eyes on, for future signings.

They place their young promising signed players to other teams that play at a lower level than themselves. This way they can see if the player is improving by gaining first team experience playing against a lower standard of player.

If the players are successful and making good progress, they can place them with a different team and a change of manager, but this time, a one stage higher standard than the last club. This is a system that seems to work for the club and player.

The idea is to keep placing them with loan periods, to give them the vital first team experience before they can eventually place them into their own first team set up.

If they are still not good enough for the Chelsea and Benfica first team, they sell them on for a profit, simply because they got the players early in their careers, and for the right transfer fees.

You can see that none of our current youth products look like getting a look in next season, especially, with this possible starting 11.
Wes Foderingham
Bruno Alves – Fabio Cardoso – Danny Wilson
Daniel Candeias – Ryan Jack – Graham Dorrans – Carlos Pena – Dalcio
Eduardo Herrera & Alfredo Morelos

I don’t think that the extremely boisterous SPL is the best league for new young players to ply their trade, due to the lack of understanding of our dire standard of refereeing. In Champions League football, referees are warned not to let over-robust challenges go unpunished – that should also be applied to our game in Scotland.

But that said, there have been enough success stories to suggest the potential is there, with the likes of Barry Ferguson, Allan McGregor and, to an extent, Barrie McKay. It just needs proper focus.


  1. I don't think u can saw that ped doesn't try youth, he has been blooding some in, but les not forget fans expect success next season, and therefore the kids might not get a chance cause of that. But I do see hardie and that new columbian to be the future up front for us, if they can create a partnership then in a couple of season they will be dead Sets. But I wouldn't put it past ped to be the kind of guy who will drop a player after a bad game for a youngster if there is one good enough

    • Jamie Barjonas looked the part at the end of last season. I think we'll see him feature in some games. Especially with the short break they've had I think Pedro will use some of the youngsters in rotation.

  2. The thing about young players coming through is it is bloody hard because first of all you've got to be good enough ' over the last 25 yrs or so of me being a fan I've seen loads come through but very few to come through become regulars and become successful can only really think of ferguson hutton Adam mcgregor but your mcswegan presley maclean mclean mccormack Burke all went on to have decent careers

    • Durrant and Spencer before then tae mate..Charlie Miller and I'm sure a couple others.. McCormack as you've mentioned has went for some big money moves and banged goals in at most Clubs he's been at down south…

    • True point was that we do produce a lot some will come in play x amount of games mibe not good enough leave some will barely play but go on have decent careers just think you need to be really really good to make it as a youth at our club think if you can get 1 mibe 2 players through a season who're good enough to compete in our squad we're doing well gotta also remember mccoist did blood a lot of young players in div3 just most of them not good enough Perry hegarty mckay mcleod Crawford little Cole Gallagher all featured regularly back then

  3. DOF is definitely needed. Prime example a database could be compiled with Ped and JJ and all the other coaches with the players they know young and mid 20's age group.. Morelos was from JJ and his knowledge of the Finish game and I bet there are more.. Then you've got all the ex Gers players who've got knowledge about up and coming talents in there own Country's surely..
    I'd imagine the Board are waiting until Ped has finished all his wealing & dealing before putting the final piece of the jigsaw in place…

    It's the future for Rangers and hopefully with a Cup this season at least and Europe next it's a good enough carrot for young lads…

  4. Clearly the standard being produced isn't good enough, hence some of the shite we have signed. Yes Pedro tried a couple last year but will he continue that this season? Doubtful IMO.

    For me Murray park has been and will continue to be a very expensive mistake. If we are to allow you players to come through our ranks only to be signed by bigger (financially) clubs then it needs to be run solely as a business, which at the moment would be several million in the red. It would also need to be made clear to all that there will be minimal chance of proceeding to the 1st team squad.

    Am i saying get rid/ sell Murray park… Yes unless we start to use the players we spend thousands to develop, only to then see leave on a free and the better prospects go for less than £1M.

    • Aye understand your point looking at the Gilmore situation.. That said Rangers have put in a sell on clause too which is about the only other thing they could do… We're saw as a back water fitba nation that's why they got him so cheap…Do agree it needs to be run like a business defo

    • How do you work out several million in the red? It cost £14 million to construct, we sold Hutton for £9million and Ferguson for £7.5 million, that is a £2.5 million profit on just two players.

    • Well – because it costs millions every season to maintain Murray Park, its numerous pitches, buildings and other facilities. It is a huge burden for a club with our level of finances, which are far from good for multiple reasons.

  5. Guys most of you, and this article, keep coming back to the real issue….scouting…!!!

    I think we have decent youths coming through but we have no proper scouting network at any level so the good young talent aren't getting picked up and fed into our youth system (whether they are scottish or foreign)

    Top European clubs scout players of all ages groups, hence why Billy Gilmour went to Chelsea, and I would like to see us build a similar structure.

  6. Director of Football going by Twitter & Get The Battle Fever On – Rangers have their man in Mark Allen the head honcho (pardon the pun) from Man City… Not confirmed as yet but that would be the final piece to the overhaul at Rangers..

    Well apart fae a decent RB and Walker 😉

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