Europa League Rangers’ glitch – honest error by Uefa?

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Call us petty, and maybe we are, but nothing gives us more pride than the sight of the Rangers crest. That famous beautiful red lions rampant in the blue football all encased inside a strong circular border with the words “Rangers Football Club” inscribed. And of course ‘READY’. Like above.

So it is a matter of slight curiousity that the logo for Rangers on the Europa League list is…the slightly less lavish one and certainly not the official club crest. See here for offending image:

Is this a glitch? Was this deliberately submitted by the Club? Or have Uefa no idea what the Famous Glasgow Rangers’ crest actually looks like?

All the rest of the crests on this page are the proper ones for the respective clubs, yet Rangers’ is clearly not correct and has not been fixed.

Maybe this is a non-story, but to us the importance of the Famous being back in Europe does make you wonder why this one has slipped through the net.


  1. Whatever your preference, the UEFA badge is the badge on the shirt that the team wears and that the fans wear ON THEIR HEARTS.
    All the best Rangers…

  2. What I'm more concerned with is that Dalcio, Cardoso, Pena & Herrera apparently don't have a good grasp of English. That could cause a whole load of problems.

  3. Who cares We know that the world is full of Non believers.

    Well spotted guys. But means fecking all

    Cmon the Rangeros Banditos

  4. Wouldn't be too fussed. I think sky have used that badge. Remember the board blocked the use of the badge for this season so that sd and puma couldn't make the shirts. Maybe something to do with that??

  5. Gers fan 72. Weirdly people can learn new languages!!!! David Beckham managed to learn spanish!! Think positive not negative!!!

  6. we haven't been allowed to use that badge Since 2016 guys , go to google type in
    Crestfallen: Rangers, Dundee Utd and Hibs face badge ban
    And click on the daily record article

  7. I'm more concerned about our trampy looking training gear.Did you see the washed out jacket Niko was wearing?not to mention the ripped off letters from I'm assuming last seasons gear that Herrera is wearing.It's that other mob that's the tramps,what's going on here?Is it because we're not getting a new home top we've got last seasons training gear?

  8. Lets just enjoy better times. Don't need nonsense for chairman or paranoia about club badges.

    Onwards and upwards. Time for fans to unite and get behind the team.

    • Well said E-Chef lets get these games done and dusted before you start crying over less important crap ,we are still Rangers …..

  9. Things like UEFA printing the wrong badge are out with our control but things like new training gear are within it.It's the little things that set us apart from the rest and make us who we are.Folk may say it's only training gear.Ok then it's only training gear so do it properly.

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