English trio linked in bidding war for Rangers star


Rangers’ attacking midfielder Josh Windass is a target for three English clubs, reports claim today.

The 23-year old has suffered an indifferent spell at Ibrox, and doubt has remained over whether or not he is part of manager Pedro Caixinha’s plans, but this latest speculation could help make the Portuguese’s mind up over the playmaker.

Fleetwood, MK Dons and Peterborough are all said to be keeping tabs on him, and with three years still to run on his deal Rangers would hope any bids will be reasonably significant for a player they secured via a modest pre-contract compensation fee of around £60,000 – and the EFL League One trio would all be able to afford a decent six figure sum for the ex-Accrington man.

It would spell the end of a weird former saga at Ibrox where ex-manager Mark Warburton spent months chasing he and fellow Stanley target Matt Crooks, only for neither to work out and one being binned away on loan.

Crooks is waiting on Scunthorpe stepping up their interest in him.


  1. There's no rush to bin him…he may come good with better players about him. Can't wait tae see our signings in action…I'm still hopin' McKay stays

    • I agree with you Neil, we can't ditch everyone from the club as we will end up with a totally disjointed bunch of strangers with very little time to gel. Windlass in small flashes has shown he has talent and I am not making excuses for him but all the players who were managed under Warburton were given specific roles to play and those positions sometimes didn't suit. An example was when he played Crooks in a creative midfielder role at Tynecastle, which basically ended up with him being discarded by the club, as he was bought as a holding midfielder or centre back.
      MacKay and Windass, along with Holt are all in their early 20's and properly managed can be useful impact or squad players. Sometimes a club needs journeymen, the players who go about their business doing the unglamorous work on the park but are talented in playing within their personal capabilities; players like Stuart Munro, John Brown, Craig Moore, Nigel Spackman, Alex Rae, Bobby Russell and many others were unsung heroes who all won major honours with
      the club, so Pedro has had time to assess who he feels can offer the club something or not and we have to, at this time, rely on his judgement.

  2. Yes way get rid of him plenty time to hold on to him,what if some of the new signings turn out crap then what?.

  3. Hey i trust in Pedro but it will not be the first time a manager bought
    a pig in a poke so hold on before we clean out let us see who is better than who
    before we empty players who could be better than the ones we going bring in.

  4. I would definitely keep Barry McKay to see if he can play in a much better team than the last one. I
    would also keep Josh Windass and give Matt Crooks (6' 3") central defensive midfield player, another chance to prove his worth. If they are all given a chance and they succeed, Pedro will be able to either keep them or sell them for a much better fee. in the January 2018 transfer window.

  5. I am tired of this keep barry mckay garbage. When will people realise its him forcing himself out the door?

    He was offered a new contract and he declined which means he wants more money…the guy doesnt deserve improved terms based on the season he had and has no right to ask for it.

    The club isnt going to miss out on a fee for him so naturally its a case of sign now or leave so we can get some money for a replacement.

    I dont particularly want him to leave but for him to stay he would have to sign an extension on the same pay rate.

    Lad is a mercenary and playing to the gallery…if he wanted to stay that bad he'd have signed…let him leave and let's see how good he really is…might be playing with Rhys McCabe at Sligo Rovers next!

    • Exactly what I've been saying. He got given an improved contract and said no and that he wants to be the highest paid player at the club (25k) he isn't worth that at all

    • He's got talent no doubting that but as you've stated he should sign the contract or he's sold it's that simple. Kenny Miller didn't knock back his contract when offered but he's proved his worth over the yrs. Peds wanting players that want to play for the Club not just the green….

  6. I'll stick to my guns on this one and say Windass and Crooks deserve a second chance with an injury-free run and a proper plan. Both young, both obviously talented, we don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    • Doug I'd defo give those two a chance.. Crooks & Windass should be given another full season to show themselves and fight for a place in the team…

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