Could Rangers make the most sensational signing in history?


When it comes to Hollywood signings down the years in Scottish football, it is Rangers who have always held the aces. While it did not work out, Joey Barton was a colossal capture, a signing which truly sent shockwaves throughout the land. Going back further and who can forget Paul Gascoigne, a signing so astonishing the English press were convinced it was Queen’s Park Rangers and not the Famous he was going to.

Even farther and for the older Bears the likes of Ray Wilkins, Chris Woods and Terry Butcher back in the day due to the Heysel Disaster was quite incredible – it was the equivalent in the modern era of Rangers signing Steven Gerrard, Joe Hart and John Terry.

So Rangers are no stranger to massive signings, even in this post-admin era. But Ibrox Noise had a mischievous idea, one which seems beyond the realm of possibility, but then when deducing that unlikelihood, one remembers Gascoigne, Barton and Laudrup amazingly coming here. Oh, did we forget the de Boer brothers?

In this window Rangers have been linked with Bony, Remy, and recently Batshuayi while in the recent past Robin Van Persie has never been far away.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is different. He is 35. He is a free agent, having been released from Old Trafford. He is technically broken (out for months with injury) and Man Utd clearly decided they did not want a crock on their hands. But Ibra does not have history of injury and will recover likely in time for around September.

If Rangers really want to scare the living daylights out of Celtic, a team boastfully trying to plug Dembele off to Milan for £30M, they could feasibly use their Swedish connections (Jonas Thern, Bjorkland, and Prytz) to make inroads into trying to get Ibrahimovic to play his days out at Ibrox.

Think about the shockwaves that would create. Obviously the lad would not be doing it for money – Rangers cannot quite afford the £350k a week he was on at Utd. But Ibra is a multi multi multi millionaire and can certainly afford to take a big drop – and there is another positive angle.

Man Utd’s Jose Mourinho and Pedro Caixinha are said to be really rather close, and while Jose would not have wanted to release Ibra, he had no real option. Could Pedro exploit that to try and get his friend to have a word in Ibra’s ear? How incredible would that be?

If Rangers want an absolute monster of a striker, Ibra fits that bill. No sale value of course, and it would only be short term in all likelihood, but if a 35-year old Ibra can still own the English Premier League, the damage he could do in the SPL is almost unthinkable.

Sure, it is pie in the sky and there is more chance of Rangers winning next season’s Champions League, but why the hell not? Why not dream ridiculously?

We can go for Ronaldo next…


  1. More concerned about getting Morelos in, cant believe they are not lining up to sign this guy at that age and price with his scoring record. I know it is not the best league in the world but neither is the one he would be hopefully be coming to.
    I really hope to be wrong but I just feel some club will hijack this deal if we can't get it done very soon.

    • His agent confirmed he's had offers from bigger Clubs but wouldn't be guaranteed first team fitba it's that simple.. The boy doesn't want to be a bench warmer or go out on loan to a diddy team.. He knows playing for the Rangers wk in wk out will put him in a bigger shop window that's why they both want Rangers 👍

  2. Yeah pie in the sky, however, the general transfer chat has been good. It looks like we may be picking up quality players at bargain prices, where i see celtic are being linked with players down south. Everyone knows players from england are over priced for what you get. I get the feeling we'll close the gap fairly quickly if this trend continues. One of the biggest criticisms of brendan at liverpool was wasting lots of cash on mediocre players.

  3. I agree with Robert , we need this deal done . Also we have seen in the past what happens with big names big egos. Keane,x2 plus lungren ,Joey Barton.
    Doesn't work so cease with this garbage talk.

  4. It wasn't that long ago we were taking Ibuprofen to take the pain of a rotten Rangers team away and now you are suggesting we take Ibrahimovic instead? Ha ha – see what I did there?

  5. Aye Rangers have had some class acts in the past.. But don't put that dafty Barton on the same page as Gaza and Laudrup… Would be funny as to see that mobs reaction though you could smell the fear 😂😂

  6. Can't see it at all. Timmy would have jump on us anyway with CL qualifiers & lArsson connection. I'm sure Pedro won't be sidetracked by fanciful egotistic signings like that.

  7. It would be good if we could pull this off a few years ago did he not want to sign for Selltic so there could be a chance.

  8. With the common Portuguese link between Pedro and the 'Special One', who knows?
    If, and should I make that a big IF, Ibrahimovic want to play when he is fully recovered from his injury and fit to play, he might want the guarantee of around 75 minutes a week, Rangers could offer him that and maybe for Rangers to rent him a mansion somewhere out of prying eyes and paparazzi it if feasible, although maybe with a less than 0.1 percent chance of happening. Leicester City were said to be 1000 to 1 to win the Premiership, same odds!
    We can wish, haven't we as Rangers fans had enough bad news and forced upon misery, it is good to dream of hope and happiness.

    but zlaton's the man anyways back to the real world……

  10. WTF is this?! Zlatan Ibrahimovic has always hinted at ending his career at Ceptic following in Henrik Larsson's footsteps…no goer from me.

  11. If we can bring in any amount of Foreign players we like then keep them coming and enjoy it.

  12. Obviously a tongue in cheek article but isn't it great that we can have light hearted articles now instead of the doom and gloom and tales of woe about the board and playing staff. Thanks Pedro for bringing some sunshine from Portugal.

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