Clarification: latest on Dorrans bid. Accepted or not?

Article by: Ibrox Noise

Confusion last night reigned supreme as the Graham Dorrans saga entered its latest phase of misinformation and contradiction.

This site has been guilty of muddying the waters over the affair too, for which we apologise, but following so many contrasting stories over the bid to sign the Scotland international it is nearly impossible to keep track of what is actually happening.

Yesterday morning a bid of £1.3M plus addons was widely reported as being the clincher and Rangers had sealed their man. A national publication is said to have broken this news exclusively as others followed suit and went with the same story.

However said source then seemingly erased all history of this story from their website, leaving the conclusion that they had gone ahead with false information, causing others to follow suit with a story which had not been confirmed true.

As of present, Rangers do NOT have an offer for the midfielder accepted by the Canaries, and the latest bid of £1.3M plus addons is Rangers’ current offer and your guess is as good as ours folks as to whether it is rejected or not.

Nothing to see here people…


  1. they'd have to nearly double that. Stop answering the phone Norwich. Let the Sweaties kick somebody else's tyres

  2. If this morning's reports are true and after weeks of speculating on the Dorrans saga Rangers have offered little more than £500,000 + a £300,000 offer for Kenny MacLean it is difficult not to include that there is a policy of smoke and mirrors when it comes to Rangers transfer policy. Make a low bid for a player which is destined to fail – but make sure you declare interest in the player in the Press – in the process give the supporters the illusion of trying to bring in players which are known names to supporters. Sure we have brought in new faces – but Alves aside most are unknown – raided from Benfica's B team or from Mexico – who may well turn out to be quality – but it's a massive gamble. If Rangers were really interested in Dorrans would it have made any sense not to get the deal done before the Europa League qualifier. Message to the Board – put up or shut up! Let's hear about targets when you're serious!

  3. According to reports here in Norwich this morning, Rangers have only offered under £500,000 for him! That has been turned down as a joke offer! It's reported that we want much more than that! He isn't a bad player, just not consistently involved or good enough for the Championship!

  4. I thought we got him with a £1.4m bid what is it now.but we still got that money for some one else.

  5. no doubt,this has been weird……..on one hand $1.4 million offered another says just $500,000. i have said this before…this is the one guy, we desperately NEED to sign. Considering the value of players,now a days..the price is LOW..!!

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