Are Rangers signing Vladimir Weiss or not?


Slightly older Bears will remember the Alan Smith and Robbie Fowler ‘sagas’ of the day. Every single transfer window for about a decade, both of these were heavily linked with a ‘sensational’ switch to Ibrox, and every single transfer window one of them was ‘spotted at Ross Hall for his medical’. To say it got a little tedious is an understatement.

Well, it seems Vladimir Weiss is slowly but surely becoming the new Alan Smith or Robbie Fowler, with constant speculation in the press and among fans that Rangers’ ex-winger is in fact returning to Ibrox, speculation which ramped up when his own ex-manager Pedro Caixinha took the reins in Govan.

Weiss himself has certainly played up to the Ibrox galleries, with frequent pro-Rangers tweets since he left and regular attempts at winding up Celtic fans. In fairness to him, he is rather good at the latter.

But it is the teasing of Rangers fans itself which is starting to grate. For all we know, he really IS coming back to Rangers, albeit there would be more than a few tees to cross and i’s to dot before it happened, but the overriding problem is just how much Weiss is starting to frustrate supporters with this ‘will he won’t he’ soap opera.

Recently he tweeted ‘going home’ or something close, making fans think he was finally coming back to Ibrox, but it appears he was just going on holiday. Then he further stirred the hive winding up Celtic fans again with (admittedly accurate) accusations that they are ‘obsessed’ only serving to further muddy the ‘Rangers-returning’ waters. Again.

The bottom line is when Weiss was at Ibrox first time around, one good through ball aside, he was an extremely underwhelming winger. He really did not set anyone’s heather alight – instead false perceptions have been created thanks to his pro-Rangers Twitter stuff and it made him a cult hero who a great number of fans wished back in Glasgow.

That said his performances for his country Slovakia at last summer’s Euros were a stark improvement – a maturer Weiss was in evidence, with better use of the ball, a much more composed understanding of the game, and a much slicker performance.

Not quite Messi, you understand, but more impressive than he had been at Ibrox. So on the football basis alone, based on last summer, he would probably be an asset to Pedro Caixinha.

But we really need an end to this borderline taunting of Rangers fans – join, or do not, Vlad, and stop teasing us with cryptic nonsense that you ‘might’. You will be welcomed back by most fans if you do make the switch, but we only have so much tolerance for BS.


  1. To be fair, he wants to come, but he is not out of contract so it is not up to him.
    I would take him back, no problem, but not if we have to pay, so he needs to get out of his contract first.

  2. He ain't coming.

    The manager doesn't fancy him.

    He feels he's got better targets.

    Simple as that.

    • The issue isn't whether manager rates him, the issue is that we have no money and can't afford him.

      Obviously if King honoured his promises that would change. But only the extremely gullible think that's ever going to happen. There are clowns who think he has already, but they are just clowns.

    • Weiss has a release clause in his contract of 2.7million. According to reports we are paying between 2.8 and 3.5 million for Pena. Is this not spending money? Plus compensation for Alves and Jack being close to 1million, then Dorrans will end up around 1.2, thats almost 6million spent before the window opens, about 2million more than the Tims spent last summer. I would usually agree regarding King but in this transfer window it does seem the manager has a decent amount to spend.

    • @ E-Chef, I must be one of the clowns then. I look at the money that has already been spent and worry where it is coming from, but I can't argue we are not spending.
      As you clearly know more than me, perhaps you could explain. he promised £20M, by my reckoning £18 has already been committed in loans that will be turned into equity when we can get a shareholders majority to do so. We failed by 1% at the last AGM, but McCoist forgot, or chose not no, vote. I predict we will get the required 75% this year. The loans will be turned into equity for the club rather than going to the Fat Boy.
      If you disagree, lets see your facts and conclusions.

    • E-Chef I've yet to read a positive post from you. It's always doom and gloom. Rain on everyone's parade. Dismissing anyone who doesn't share your view as gullible and naive. You sound like you support the other side, there I said it. Even if you don't, you certainly come across as one. Brutal

    • @ e- chef, we are all clowns then aye cheers pal lol. I hope he comes back he did show some promise when with us last, and he is well more experienced now, i think he would be a great buy. I think a big, strong, pacey striker should be on the cards next though.

    • We did not pay any compensation for Jack he was on a free you only pat compensation if thew player is under 24.

    • @ Denis Grant, didn't realise that, plus I have also seen that Alves paid himself out of the contract, not sure on that one though, read elsewhere that we agreed a 'nominal' fee. Thats still around 5million spent before the transfer window opens though once Dorrans signs, which looks a certainty if we go close to 1.5million.

  3. I'd rather concentrate our efforts on keeping McKay. I genuinely can't understand the feelings a lot of rangers fans have towards him. He can frustrating,but he's quite a young wide player so it's no surprise. Personally, I think it's obvious to see that the guy has a lot of talent and potential. Never mind Weiss and keep guys like McKay I say.

    • Alex,

      I would be happy to keep McKay, I think he will continue to improve. But at any price? No. He has already rejected a new contract. I would imagine it included a pay rise. He has not told us how much he wants to sign a new contract, perhaps in case the fans think it is too much, I don't know. I think we should offer him a decent whack, but we should not go overboard, his productivity stats are nothing like as good as Walker's for instance. But I think he has the nous to play as a No10.

      In conclusion, I want him to stay, but if he doesn't sign, he has to go.

  4. Any info on who this Pena is that's supposed to be signing the weekend? According to reports he's costing 3.5million which if he does then shows the intent the board and ped have for next season

    • What it was james is a lot of negative articals and ones about who maybe signing. But here we have a guy signing and for a fee that we haven't seen spent in years… but yet there's not much being said about him, which is a bit weird. But then it won't make any anti board fans happy if they spend that much money, ironically it's what fans were wanting but at the same time they don't want to see the board backing there promises

  5. Maybe in ten years time we'll be speculating as to whether Barry McKay is coming back to the club he loves to finish his career, and whether we can afford him! Weiss or McKay? McKay any day of the week!

  6. I don't know if Pena is good or not. I don't know if we are spending £3.5M or not (I hope not, that is a big gamble on one player, but I will trust the manager and board).E-Chef clearly doesn't think we have that money, I didn't think we did either, but money is being spent.

  7. E-chef just posts anti Rangers guff all the time just like gordon.they should stop obsessing about the Rangers and stay on their own tarrier websites.

  8. I think money is being spent but would be gobsmacked if Pedro spent 3.5m on someone who is a big gamble. I suspect we've paid 1m and then there are add-ons based on appearances in European competition, an add-on if he wins the league and probably a good sell on percentage.

    All of this might be valued by the Mexican media as 3.5m

    In any case, I'm happy with the first three. Another three of the same ilk as well as cutting a few adrift and we are good to go…

  9. We have to sign the best players for as little as possible in free transfer fees involved. If he is available next year for nothing – then sign him next season.

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