Are Rangers ready to Progres?

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

If you will forgive the pun, it is a serious question. This site was derided for being a little sceptical following the disappointing draw with Wales’ The New Saints, and yesterday’s follow up 0-0 against St Johnstone has done little to reassure us.

With less than a week to go till the first competitive match under Pedro Caixinha of the new season, eight players have now been officially confirmed as signed up on the dotted line. No one is doing anything other than praising the manager and the board for such swift action in bringing such a significant number in, given how poor the current squad was, but are we actually ready for European action?

There is a feelgood aura in the air, as well there should – the retail side of things has been solved, Ashley is reportedly selling his shares, there is no legal action against the club any more it appears, and Rangers have signed up eight players while getting rid of Joe Garner.

But that has surely to be tempered a little by the disappointing results in pre-season, which do not indicate things are clicking on the pitch. Not yet anyway. Fans say it is all about fitness at this point, and not to read too much into these results. Pretty sure we said the same about last summer when Sean Dyche’s Burnley tonked us at Ibrox.

We had a glut of new players available for yesterday’s clash with Tommy Wright’s men but only three of them actually started the match. Indeed the XI was pretty much as we were, albeit two more signings came on at the 70th minute.

And one really has to suspect the side which takes the field on Thursday will be much the same. Naturally the opponents are statistically speaking the 10th worst team in all European competitions next season. Yes, they are literally 10 from bottom and have only scored once in 12 matches against continental opponents.

Even a Rangers reserves side should pummel them. And so, if all is pure and holy, Rangers should stroll Thursday’s match with room to spare.

But God help us if they do not.

This article is not meant as negative, nor is it trying to be a Fifth Column, it is simply calling a spade a spade and hoping a frankly rubbish pre-season on the pitch is not any indication of what we can expect once the serious action starts.


  1. Someone said the same thing yesterday – when Celtic were beaten by Red Imps away from home in Europe last year, did anyone believe then that they would go on to finish an unbeaten domestic run? No. So I think we need to stop judging this Rangers team on the results of some meaningless pre-season friendlies.

    If the team run out to (what looks like) a sold out Ibrox next Thursday, fielding a team full of new signings and fail to hammer this mob, then start asking questions.

    • Same do not judge with nothing to play for games,there will be no hiding place for any of them soon then if it is not good then we tell them.

  2. I agree with Ed, it was another disappointing result against St Johnstone, in the pre-season games, but it seems to me, that Pedro is looking at the whole squad and seeing who he can possible keep and who he MUST let go. He knows the players' he is signing and what they can do. By playing these games he now knows everybody's talent and if they have it for Rangers.

    • Agree with Ed and yourself whole heartedly. Like us all, we will be shouting, singing and encouraging our team on to victory. All I ask is for the players to give 100% work rate, show they care and fight for our famous blue jersey.

  3. I'm sure we will all be more than ready to howl and wail if things don't pan out, so let's at least be allowed some time for sunshine and optimism before we start the misery again.

  4. Hear hear. Always look on the bright side of life. Our season's starting now and we should hit the ground running when the league starts. Mon the Gers

  5. "Naturally the opponents are statistically speaking the 10th worst team in all European competitions next season. Yes, they are literally 10 from bottom and have only scored once in 12 matches against continental opponents."

    They are still higher in terms of coefficient than we are. I have 100% confidence in Ped, as I did Ally and Warbs, regards signings, so let's keep our chins up and get back to where we belong! With so many new signings, I can't see us not taking the title this season!

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