3 Scots, 3 bids, 3 signings?

3 Scots, 3 bids, 3 signings?
 Article by: Ibrox Noise

This transfer window has been home of a very strange dichotomy as far as Rangers are concerned. On the one hand, we have seen eight players sweep through the front door with near clinical efficiency and with only 24 days on the transfer clock. On the other, there have been two increasingly long-running sagas while another one appears to have joined them in the past 24 hours.

As all fans will know, Rangers are involved in arduous negotiations over Norwich City’s Graham Dorrans. The bid made by the Ibrox men has been regarded as insufficient for the Canaries to accept, with reports Rangers’ submitted fee has topped out at £1.2M while the Championship side want well over two times that.

Meanwhile Pedro Caixinha is experiencing very similar resistance from Hearts, with his £650,000 bid for winger Jamie Walker rejected in lights of reports Hearts want at least seven figures.

And added into the mix was, until last night, the tentative link with Aberdeen’s Kenny McLean – only for interest in the 25-year old to ramp up with the news Rangers are said to have submitted a bid, while the Dons reportedly want similar for McLean that Hearts want for their man.

Rangers fans have quietly wondered if there might be too many ‘foreigners’ on the books now, and while Ibrox Noise is on record as not caring for where a player is born as long as he does the job, we do admit it just ‘feels better’ not to have a team that is completely from other countries, as long as it is good.

And on that front, the three Scots, Dorrans, Walker and McLean, at least two of whom are definitely Rangers fans, would be welcome additions to the Rangers squad, fully understanding the SPL, and what the club means.

But the question is whether the Dorrans and Walker deals are dead in the water on a permanent basis – and whether McLean has been pursued as an alternative for Dorrans or on top of him.

It is possible all three could be on their way to Ibrox, but time will tell how this intriguing little saga plays out.

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  1. I am not convinced by McLean and while I would be delighted to see Aberdeen weakened by him going elsewhere I would rather he signed for Birmingham than we spent £1m+ buying him. We should be capable of signing better and I would expect us to sign better. Dorrans is a different scenario. He is a player that has proved himself at the top level in England and would be a welcome addition to the first eleven. As far as Walker is concerned I am pretty sure that he will end up at Rangers, it is just a matter of when. Either we get him now at the price offered or Hearts have a very unhappy player on their books and we get him for less money at the end of the coming season!

  2. Personally I'd prefer McLean over Dorran. Mostly cause he will cost less, but he's younger and can improve. Dorrans is at his peak now so be good for this season, but isn't as long term as McLean, but good to see rangers looking around at higher levels than English league one

  3. I am delighted at the dealings so far but not surprised with the Scottish dealings ..its the same stone walling and lack of respect we always get shown from these Mickey Mouse set ups, I include the tight fisted Sheep Shaggers in that too ?? Must still be pishing themselves that the Rotten Mob paid 1.3 mill for Johnny the Gypo . Dorrans excluded I would tell them all to Fuck Off …Go for Greg Stewart at Birmingham a Blue Nose and tell Young Walker also a Blue Nose to sign up in December …Onwards and Ever Upwards WATP Loved Kings wee dig at the Sellic …true very true lololo

  4. I'd have a look at Craig Bryson at Derby County if Dorrans is going to cost over the odds. Glossing over the fact he's a Celtic fan, hes a similar type of player to Dorrans and has had a similar career.

  5. Wouldn't offer any more for any of these players just not worth it. Dorrans is wrong side of 30 and we Should just look else where. I would rather have laffery for free.

  6. Missing an issue here. Will some Scottish teams ever sell to Rangers?
    It will be a surprise if either McLean or Walker make it to Ibrox.
    Shades of Scott Allan (whatever happened to him) with Aberdeen and Hearts. They would rather price the player out of the market than sell to Rangers.

    Hearts cynically increasing their home game allocation to Rangers to extract even more money from the very supporters and team they so despise.

    Some past comment on this site that we should let bygones be bygones. Tell that to Scottish football, from the SFA down.

  7. Superb comment Eastranger agree 100% they will not sell to us… its funny if it was the rotten mob they would do the deal easier ..Scott Allan once again you are right Jason Cummings the same ..Fuck them and the bygones pish

  8. Am happy if we can get more Scottish players in i would like any of the three but all would be nice.

  9. just boycott these f*****g grounds,in the same way as SD they'll get it eventually. we'll fill our ground ok will they?

  10. Rangers should not pay a penny more than players are worth and with walker and McLean they word be better served doing s Ryan Jack and coming for free

  11. It is the same old story, Scottish teams won't sell players to Rangers or if Rangers make an offer the clubs attach an inflated price far above what any other team would be expected to pay.
    Look back in recent history as soon as Rangers were seen to be interested in buying a player in Scotland the price hiked up and months or a season later went for less than half the price offered by us.
    On the subject of getting Scottish players into the club I am like others, would like to see more in the squad and Rangers men too, but we have had big influences in English, Italian and Dutch with much success, so let's give Pedro a chance to use his Portuguese and Mexican squad to bring us success and entertainment.

  12. Let's remember the Founders who ended up coming to Glasgow from other parts – they were "Rangers". So let's welcome the new lads and make them fall in love with the shirt. Oh and time to practice our mexican waves.

  13. I'm more than happy to get walker signed on a bosman in January, we wont get Mclean and to fair if i was Aberdeen i wouldn't sell to my 1. nearest competition and 2. our fans most hated team, however us bidding for him should make sure Birmingham or whoever come in for him and weaken them. Dorrans is a strange one, im sure i read that if an English team wanted him it was 3 million and at Dorrans request it was 1.5 million to us, i would just get the deal done. really hope Warbuton comes back in for Tav and Pedro has a real rightback waiting by the phone to join us.

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