WATCH: what are Rangers getting in Rashid Sumaila?


With Rangers’ interest in Ghanian international defender Rashid Sumaila about as official as it can get without an announcement from the Club, Ibrox Noise presents a collection of the best of the 24-year old in action for club and country.

In line to be named Al-Gharafi’s Player of the Year, the stopper appears to be reaching the best period of his career with widespread praise of his performances especially in his home country, and the 6-time Black Stars cap will surely be looking for a move worthy of that.

Pedro Caixinha has obviously managed him before at Al-Gharafi and the centre-back is said to have been one of the first names on his list.

Going by these videos, he looks a very decent and assured prospect, managing to impress against the Dutch as well as in Qatar. So judge for yourself whether he seems better than Rob Kiernan.

Although, so am I.


  1. Let's hope he does the business, but I thought a work permit would pose a problem? There's nothing we can do except hope Pedro gets it right, but woe betide him/the board if he gets less than 80% of his signings right. They need to hit the ground running and no time for patience/bedding-in time come October/November. Agree with Mark Hateley; this is the most important transfer window in Rangers' history.

    • If he has recent international caps then it shouldn't be a problem. Plus we're still in the eu at mo so playing in holland will help to

  2. So, it’s official, we’ve lost Billy Gilmour. The biggest sweetener the club could give him was some exciting first-team training sessions with the current crop of first-team..stars. 300k is, according to the club, a “significant sum….a good deal for Rangers” for a 15-year-old player that was chased by most of the top teams in Europe. Sorry lads, is this a joke?

    Meanwhile, over on the other side of the river. How do Celtic treat their wonderkid, Michael Johnston? Training sessions with the big boys? No, they give him a first-team debut. And, in a stroke of (it makes my stomach churn to say it) brilliant PR, Brendan Rodgers takes him and another youngster (Ralston) over to the fans at the end of the game, holding both their hands up in the air as if to say “Here’s our future” and SNAP! The sports photographers take their photo and it ends up – as Celtic had designed it – on the back page of the papers the next day. A few minutes after that game and Johnston is upstairs signing a new contract. That’s how you entice young players to put pen to paper, and how you entice the next generation below him to want to play for the club. It's also how you execute public relations in the proper way.

    While they’re playing clever PR, what are our PR team doing? IMO, doing PR that’s designed to fool rather than designed to maximise our strengths. By that I mean – the photo taken on Saturday of Stewart Robertson, Paul Murray and Pedro having a jolly day out at the rugby. Smiles-all-round for the camera that just so happened to pick them up. I am cynical, but their attendance at the rugby seemed more a ploy to show the fans that everything’s hunky-dory at Ibrox despite a horror week. The reason I think this is because one guy was missing from the photo – John Gilligan. He wasn’t in it because he’d destroy the image that was supposed to be portrayed – one of a happy, open-shirted, chilled-out Rangers hierarchy, enjoying the afternoon sun with no reason to have a care in the world, since everything at Ibrox is under control at the moment.

    And, in my very humble opinion, the woman who does the media interviews at Ibrox should be replaced with someone better. She’s the only in-house football club journalist I’ve seen who asks loaded questions to the club manager and, bizarrely, asks him questions that a tabloid journo would when angling for a scoop. One of the latest examples was when she pressed debutant Myles Beerman on how he found out he was in the team for Saturday (a few weeks ago). Poor Myles was cornered and told the truth…that it was via Twitter. Our journo seemed oblivious to the fact that she’d just caused a back-page story for the next day’s tabloid papers. So oblivious, that she asked the same ‘Twitter’ question of David Bates. FFS people, I honestly believed that with DK and the board we’d have a set of people who truly understood that the level of professionalism at Ibrox had to be lifted big-time. 2+ years later and the same amateurish work is going on at PR & Media level.

    We lost a great talent in Gilmour. But there was no way to stop it, and we got a good deal.


    • Reports today are saying 600k plus add ons, which is a lot of money for a player not under contract, it's only a development fee that has been paid

    • My point was we should be keeping him and that more could have have been done to keep him. If he becomes the next Frank Lampard, 600k plus add-ons might not look so good. 600k buys 1/3 of Joe Garner, so it won't make an iota of difference to our success on the field. Keeping Gilmour might have..

    • We can't afford the wages Chelsea offered though. Maybe £500 a week for a prospect like him but the 15k chealsea are paying we can even pay to 1st team players

  3. Jorg

    You are right on a number of points around how our club is being run and just what an omnishambles we have become thanks to King and the Concerto's….we are amateurish and penny pinching at every turn and no one wants to commit the time of day to us…so its hardly surprising young Gilmour headed down to somewhere he will be treated right, and I don't just mean the nice things in life.

    Young Billy is moving down to a club who have one of the best youth systems in the whole of the UK, having won the youth cups and leagues numerous times. He will get the best dietitians making sure he eats properly, he will have the very best physio's making sure he keeps his body in tip top, he will have the best youth coaches money can buy, training at a state of the art complex….and he will get a fantastic education as well as mixing with some of the biggest stars of football in England.

    Trade that against what he could have got if he stayed…training at an average facility, with average coaching, dietitions and physio's who are not at the top of their professions and trainng with the Taverniers, Waghorns and Holts of this world, some of the biggest names in ….ummmm nowhere.

    When Auchenhowie first opened, my lad was one of the first S forms in the door, back then Advocat was manager, Jan Derks was head of Youth Development and ummm Bomber Broon was his manager….even in a top notch facility with fantastic Dutch coaches trying to improve our kids….they managed to find a spot for bomber….that about sums it up for me, even when Gazza,Laudrup, Tugay, Alberts, McCoist, Durrant, Kloss and all the other big names at the club then, the lure was powerful and many of that first crop went on to bigger and better things, Hutton, Burke, Adam to name but three from that squad, since then we have not produced that number in total. My lad had a chance to go down South but opted to stay at Rangers… so what I have seen and know, I think Billy Gilmour has made the right decision to give himself the best opportunity to flower, is it the right club? Time will tell, but I think staying with us would not, as some think, improve him…it takes a bit more than getting to train and play with players of our standard.

    Good luck to him, I hope he goes on to bigger and better things, these chances do not come along twice….thankfully we are at least getting something for him, with I hope some follow on's for reaching certain level and standards.

    We are now a club who can not keep any player worthy of a fee…so that will probably mean McKay will be next, sad that apart from McKay, the only other player on our books worth a 6 figure sum is a 15yr old…hang your heads in shame the lot of you….


  4. Interesting points, Gordo, and I'm with you in not blaming Gilmour or his parents at all. His parents won't be daft, and I'm sure they've looked in detail at what his career prospects would be if he stayed at Rangers v joining the Chelsea youth set-up. I'd have liked to have seen him stay until he was 19 or 20, of course, gotten 100+ first-team games under his belt, but he clearly didn't see himself strutting his stuff in the Champions League at Rangers in the next 4 years. And given Dave King's business so far, who can blame the lad. I’m sure he also weighed-up our pitiful track record of bringing youth through. Bates and Beerman have made a showing in the past few weeks, but (as far as I'm aware) it's due to defensive injuries rather than a deliberate 'conveyer belt'-type plan for promoting youth into the first-team. When Warburton took over at Rangers, I was under the impression that a steady flow of youngsters would get a chance at first-team level; but no matter how badly Kiernan and others played, our young guys weren't given a second of first-team action. If Gilmour and his folks thought, “If I won't get steady first-team action at Rangers or at Chelsea in the next 3 years, which academy do I want to be coached/training at?” Then the answer is logical – Chelsea's. It’s our club's inability to entice him to stay (e.g. with the promise of first-team action, but also through plans we have in place to improve the club/playing staff, including academy) that gets me. The mighty Glasgow Rangers. We should have fought tooth and nail to keep him, not through force but through having a clear vision that he'd buy into. The fact that he didn't buy into it really does worry me. Plus I get the feeling that King/Robertson are practically doing cartwheels at the 600k + add-ons we'll receive. King spoke so big a couple of years ago that I didn't see us coming to this.

  5. But let us face up to this we are a selling club every player young or old has a price now back in the day we would have had a team of young lads ready to play in first team andback in the day scottish players where some of the best in the world and yes some where playing for us.

  6. Nobody wants to play at Rangers now cause we are now officially second rate. yes second rate, christ it hurts, never ever thought I would say that, but its true, with what we presently have in player ability (limited), a Rangers board who is hell bent on spending nout and deflects any monetary questions re a transfer 'war chest' and their hopes the season ticket punters will come along and renew as normal for 17/18, also the assigning someone to the position of DOF and their last two managerial appointments, one who destroyed a transfer budget with the signing of crocks, dimwitted (Football wise)players, over priced prima donnas and its my way or the highway Warburton, and secondly Mr Caixinha, who in his short term as our saviour? / leader? / rescuer?? has indicated with his amateurish team announcements (48 hours in advance), tactics? which now appear to be long ball punt, and body language (lets grin when we get humped by celtic and what is happening here!) would appear to be a dud totally out his depth and does nothing to generate confidence in next season squad or lack of. So there it is season has not yet finished and me at 66 years old cant see any light at the end of a long long tunnel irrespective if i have cataracts or not. Please can someone rich buy our club, we are a global concern, we have supporters everywhere, come on be a real saviour……thanks in advance.

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