The Mole


“The Mole”. Far from the first time there has been one at Ibrox. Indeed, nearly every major regime bar a few over the past couple of decades has suffered the blight of the blabber, so Pedro Caixinha going through it is nothing new, albeit his hardline stance certainly is. In fact Caixinha’s recent words to the press are the first time a Club official has formally announced a leak from inside the Club, although whether you consider his actions bold and headstrong or another example of Ped’s predilection for saying arguably a little too much publicly to the media is a matter of personal taste.

What we do know is someone or more than one are deliberately feeding the media inside knowledge of players leaving the Club – Clint Hill and Philippe Senderos’ departures were not (and still are not) official but we knew about them days ago.

The question is whose agenda does it suit to leak this information out to the press? Naturally this entry has to be a tad careful about how we compile it; it is not for us to make blind accusations given currently there is no hard evidence linking the leak to any tangible individuals.

Player names have been mentioned in hushed tones, players who might have a grudge for some reason; but it is hard to understand what they would get out of leaking fellow player exits. Indeed, not only would they annoy the manager, but they would make personal enemies of the players departing. And with three fixtures of the season to go, that would make the dressing room a very awkward and hostile place.

If that was the intention, well done – you nailed it. But it is hard to see why a player would. The boardroom could also be the source of leaking these stories, to undermine the manager who it is claimed does not have universal backing among Rangers’ chiefs. Again though, it is hard to see why the suits would uproot the Club’s transfer window by flagging up internal transfer activity and putting it out publicly. What is there to gain on any level?

Again though, all of this is conjecture.

The end result no matter who is responsible is a manager who is absolutely livid and quite rightly so. Whatever you think of Caixinha and his methods, the man deserves a bit of respect – while many feel he is the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time, deliberate espionage of this nature is unacceptable conduct and whoever is giving the media insider information and abundantly at that should be fired or resign, whoever they are.

It is extremely poor conduct and the guilty party or parties are doing this Club a serious harm and significant disservice, and goodness only knows their reasons for it.


  1. Metro headline, Nov 2016 – "Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has found the mole who was leaking team sheets"

    Man Utd Latest, Dec 2013 – "Moyes bans journalist as first step to stop unhealthy Manchester United leaks"

    Daily Mail, 2009 – "Celtic vow to plug leak after spat sours Old Firm build-up"

    That took about 2 mins on the net. There are hundreds more. Leaks are part of football (as Kenny Miller said yesterday). Just because Pedro says it doesn't happen at big clubs doesn't mean it's true. If someone was leaking naked photos of Dave King, I'd be a bit more worried about damage to the club's reputation.

  2. Okay it's not good but the Manager has a lot more to worry about. Let's focus on getting a team on the park fit to wear the jersey. This is an unnecessary distraction …deflecting from what we are all concerned about.

  3. I would assume it's a player. Miller had a going at some of the other players. Maybe we don't trust ped or the board. But miller is one few wouldn't trust. Here seems to have been a split in the squad a while ago, and I think warburton caused this. Hopefully it will stop with a summer clear out

  4. Well the leaks are obviously coming from contacts within to ex staff…(players etc)……our board say eff all as they're struggling to get us back to where we belong…..but want our dosh…..due to King I'm out regarding my ST renewal he's pathetic…., Pedro is a disaster ….believe me……hope I'm wrong!

  5. News or speculation, truth or fiction, you can never be sure until the event actually happens. Equally, people earn the trust of others by being honest, respectful and sharing or looking for the best way to explain their action or indeed listen to all parties when making a decision. Right or wrong the person making the decision should receive plaudits if it appears to work or be derided if it doesn't. So the jury could not and should not judge Ped just yet, not enough info or detail to guess his tactics or management style. Appreciate he will be annoyed or unhappy with how players, the team react and results are the bottom line, not sure he needs to dig another hole with the Mole stories. Anyhow, season tickets, signings and the boards view of progress with our great club, Mr King ………. naw forget it, he is not worth even speculating on, he might be ready with his next yarn, but where is he, what is on his mind, how much is he willing to spend, I heard he has £50M coming our way, matched by 3 other international investors willing to invest the same, in total £200M and that is just for starters as we develop and keep all our young talent, we will be The best team in Europe within 5 years…………J

  6. Blah Blah Blah from Ibrox Noise AGAIN!!, come on guys get with the project here, these pages should be dedicated to the Bears various ideas/conclusions/suggestions on how best to remedy the current and historically lowest credibility status our once internationally famous and respected football club have EVER endured and to blether on about some alleged sweetie wife leaking completely unimportant and worthless rubbish does our cause no good at all

    My dug had a fiver on Senderos going as it was a no brainer cause he is and always has been total crap and a bomb scare in defence and should never have come within a mile of Ibrox in the first place, as for Clint, no sensation here either, he was a decent (at best) performer this season but that wouldn't be difficult with the opposition for his place in the dressing room plus he is 64 years of age!

    For what it is worth I am happy to quickly highlight my feelings on the IMPORTANT and VITAL issues currently facing our club

    1) Will require complete regime change before it gets any better (hopefully before 10) to encourage investment and remove current boards closed door/power at all cost policy

    2) Ped, is NOT the man for the job, naive with Rabbit in the headlights approach, vast majority of Bears KNOW THIS deep down but understandably, given recent events over last few years, NEED to believe he is (Unfortunately he aint)

    3) Keep the fat Cockney git away from all things Rangers AT ALL COSTS

    Above points, I appreciate are my personal feelings on where we are and possible way forward but would welcome and respect comments/replies to say I am talking bollocks as that, at the end of the day, can only be positive and productive instead of forum space taken up with unproductive and unimportant gossip nonsense, but then that is what I presumed this forum was all about, AM I WRONG?

    WA(and always will be)TP

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