Rangers to make a move for second ex-Hearts captain?


After summer 2015’s securing of ex-Hearts captain Danny Wilson, Rangers have been persistently linked with another.

Christophe Berra was recently released by Ipswich and it has been confirmed by his soon to be ex-manager Mick McCarthy that the ex-Wolves stopper wants to return to Scotland to be closer to his family:

“He is not doing anything devious, he just wants to spend more time with his daughter and anyone with family can respect that. Christophe has been fantastic for us. He has been one of the best defenders in the Championship over the last four years and I didn’t want to lose him, but I understand fully why he wants to go back closer to home and we wish him well.”

Hearts and Rangers have been consistently associated with his signature, and the 32-year old’s experience in both Scottish and English football not to mention his caps for his country have led to a great deal of speculation that Rangers are in pole position to sign him up.

Naturally his is only one of many names linked to Ibrox over the past few weeks, and he might not be the most coveted player ever to be mooted for a switch to Govan but it has ramped up in recent times.

Not sure if it is one we really want, but que sera.


  1. No not anyone we will confuse with Messi but perhaps exactly what Rangers need AT THIS TIME. A midfield consisting of Rossiter / Ryan Jack / Berra would be 1000 times an upgrade on what we have right now. Thats a solid, strong, dependable threesome who wouldn't get bullied off the ball. Right now we need to start winning games and being extremely hard to beat and we can leave the silky champagne football for another day once the core of this team and results are stabilized.

  2. Bluebear, you are aware that Berra is a CentreBack?
    So you are proposing to play one Centreback and two Central Defensive Midfielders?
    I accept that we have suffered from playing this season with a CDM, but does that not seem a little over defensive, to play with three?

  3. If he's any good I'd take him. Only times I've ever seen him he's been mince-like, but granted I haven't seen much of him. Read McCarthy's quote and it raised my eyebrows as I'd never heard of Berra being regarded as one of the best in the Championship. But if he's as good as that, with his experience of the leagues and international caps, he'd be a welcome addition I'm sure.

    • Ibrox Noise. Any news on Kings statement today about using ALL of the season ticket money on transfers? How much This will come to etc? Can he be trusted ???

  4. Totally uninspiring this is going from bad to worse. Who is identifying these players as an improvement. I am sure Pedro has never heard of him. Hopefully just paper talk

  5. Mallan's signed for Barnsley. Gutted. Our scout will notice him when he's worth 4 million at the end of next season. For 200k we could have had a little magician smashing in 10+ goals a season, mostly from 30 yards.

  6. Expecting Wee Cathy Laptop to get the boot very soon. Come on Pedro, go and get us Callum Paterson and Jamie Walker.

  7. Well the writing is truly on the wall in respect of going for the likes of Berra, I have watched him for many years and never, not once, the thought never crossed my mind, that this guy is anywhere near the standard historically demanded to pull on the famous Rangers jersey, he is mediocre at best and if he is not good enough for Ipswich why the bleedin hell are people talking about him coming to Ibrox

    It has got to the stage where I am at a loss re- any, and I mean any, hope for our club in the medium to long term future as it has become abundantly clear to me personally that we are led by a joke of a manager, who appears to be mentally knitting with 1 needle most of the time and as well as being a ringer for, is displaying antics and behaviour like Mr Bean, im sure theirs probably a wee yellow mini parked outside Ibrox these days

    The reason, of course, he is there, is because he was the candidate most likely to give the directors very little hassle as he is well aware he shouldn't be there in the first place and will eat shite before noising up the blazers, unlike the others who were in the frame (MacLeish, Davis, etc.) who would never be looking at nuggets like Berra and would demand more financial support, and this "am awfy poor ye ken" pish doesn't wash either,We are still, by a country mile, the second richest club in the country, The same principal, I suspect, was why the DOF position issue has evaporated, simply because they couldn't find THEIR suitable candidate who was willing to be the buffer zone while not actually being in charge or directing anything

    The most worrying aspect for me is that it has become Chrystal clear that the blazers are power at all cost impostors because NO TRUE RANGERS MAN would sanction the current charity week at the barras approach to recruiting players or hide from the Bears the way this current gang of chancers have, SINCE WHEN HAS SECOND OR THIRD BEST BEEN GOOD ENOUGH FOR GLASGOW RANGERS, EASY, NEVER!!!

    Mr Bean WILL be gone by Xmas, I have no doubts about that, but Ibrox will still be left with the infestation of very dangerous amateurs in the board room who could reduce our club to a level from which there is no return

    I appreciate that a whole lot of my fellow bears (50%?) will totally disagree with these views but all I ask is that you consider them again this time next year, unfortunately I think you will find that you will most probably have had a change of heart

    We are limited in options re- how to force change but the oldest sanction is still the most powerful — VOTE WITH YOUR FEET AND DIRECT DEBIT, then we will see change

    We WILL be back, its just a question of when and looks like "when" is up to US


    • To be honest, Tam, I think you're right about Berra. He wouldn't stop Dembele, Sinclair or Roberts (the criteria we should have for any new defender).

      I can just picture the wee yellow mini parked outside the main entrance at Ibrox. Wheels clamped, traffic cone on the roof. And a little brown teddy (the new DoF?) is sitting in the passenger seat with his seatbelt on. It's 6 am, and Mr Bean is upstairs in the Trophy Room marvelling at all the silver. He pulls out the Cup Winners Cup and, standing in front of a mirror, holds the cup aloft and starts jumping up and down as if he's just won it. Giggling madly, his arms begin to tire and his legs start to wobble…he loses his balance, falls backwards and crashes through the nearest glass cabinet…then the next one…then the next….

      Anyway, I'd say Pedro is here until October at least, so let's hope he can get a good number of high-quality signings in. The clock is ticking, so we should hear some announcements in the next few days hopefully?

    • Jorg you should write short comedy sketches for a living lol..

      Touching on the stopping Dembele Sinclair and Roberts that's the thing hardly any defence in the SPL has mate… Berra might just be a decent back up for Alves and good competiton for Wilson and Bates.. Don't get me wrong if I had the choice I'd go for Lindsay at PT rather than Berra lads

    • LOL, you're the only one who thinks that mate haha, thanks though. Good point on SPL defences, and yeah a bit of experience at the back wouldn't go amiss at all. I dunno, I'm just not not wholly convinced by Alves or Berra. Hope I'm wrong though and probably am!

  8. Thought he was set for going back to Hearts going by reports? Berra has been linked with the Gers a few times during his time. Was a good partnership with big Elvis before he went to Wolves as the Gers wanted him then. He held his own down South with Wolves in the PL. Was reports the Gers wanted him before he went to Ipswich. Has plenty of experience while he may not be the quickest he's been solid at any Club he's been at. Could do a lot worse like Kiernan for instance

  9. Berra is not any better than we have?where ever Berra he has played even for Scotland i never thought he was any good average at best but hey if we want like for like then you got one here all right.

  10. Colleague of mine down south is an Ipswich season ticket holder and he rates Berra as best CB in the league two years running.

    He may not be a world beater but is he better than the CB's at Aberdeen or Hearts? Absolutely. Is he better than our current CB's? Absolutely. Is he on par or better than Celtic CB's? Time will tell…

    I'd say him plus Alves (and maybe Grant Hanley on loan) and we have the important CB position well covered…

  11. The drums are banging as Vladimir Weiss for a possible return – what's the views on that one?

    He's got good feet no denying that and a half decent shot on him but he couldn't cross the road.. So frustrating watching him play during his spell at Rangers and cut inside all the time rather that whip the ball in for strikers..He's more famous for his Tweets against the Celtic than his ability.. I'd rather see Jamie Walker fae Hearts if truth be told… Going to seek cover before I get shot for this lol…

    • I'd take Weiss but I wouldn't blow the budget on him. I've heard it would cost nearly £3m transfer fee which is probably half the budget. If he was half a million or there abouts fair enough.

      Otherwise, I'd prefer to see Pedro get some Latin flair in the wide areas with a young, tricky speed merchant from Mexico or Portugal who can prove himself in the UK

  12. I'd take Weiss too if he's available for a low price, lads. Walker would be my first choice as well and, who knows, maybe it's possible Hearts would be willing to deal with only a year left on his contract

    • Jorg

      Was a bit on Walker in the Sun today saying he's not had any offers from any Clubs yet.. Then he said Hearts haven't come forward with any news on a extension, but is looking forward to next season.. Be a good buy Walker as he will get better too

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