Rangers are being linked to a lot of Portuguese – here’s the latest!

 Article by: Richard Fillingham

Dálcio Gomes just turned 21 last week and is a 5’ 10”, extremely versatile forward who seemingly can play anywhere up front. He is obviously showing great potential to Rangers’ Ped the Ted and his manager’s agent, Pedro Mendes. As a result, Rangers are keen to bring him to Ibrox on a year long loan from the Benfica B team.

They have obviously convinced the owner of Benfica that they can use the talents of the youngster in as many first team games as possible. If he does the business in the SPL, it will set him up for a higher standard of league in which to play. The SPL is certainly an ideal place to showcase a player’s talent and also to toughen them up for playing in bigger and better teams.

Dálcio is reported to be a star in the making and it is felt in Portugal that a season with a team that will commit to playing him fairly regularly when he is fully fit and playing well would be the best option for the young lad.

Going to another country is not always easy, but with a Portuguese manager and a few other players still to sign from Portugal, it should be enough to help him settle in Scotland. There is also a regular flight to Lisbon from Glasgow via a well-known airline and that should also help him with his new life at Rangers.

On 18 January 2015, Dálcio made his professional debut with Belenenses in a 2 – 0 win in the 2014–15 Primeira Liga match against Gil Vicente. He went on to play 16 games in their first team. Their home games are played in the 19,856 seater
Estádio do Restelo in the Belém parish of Lisbon, so the idea of strutting his stuff at Ibrox to a 52,000 full house should prove to be a huge thrill for him .

In the 2015–16 season he joined defending champions Benfica, but agreed to stay with Belenenses on a one-year loan deal to gain more experience. In January 2016, he returned to Benfica, to join the reserve team in the Segunda Liga.

His international career has also been successful with 8 games and 2 goals for the Portugal U19 in 2015 and 6 games and 1 goal for the Portugal U20 in 2016.

If Pedro gets this one over the line, the Rangers fans are certain to look forward to seeing how the signing works out.


  1. the cardoso one i would like to get done going by reports,if not another with the stature of alves would be great.i keep hearing ruumors of nani joining no pun intended.

  2. I love this the more the better just as long as some are just on £3 or 4 hundred a week i do not care bring them over,is it true that KM AV NK are all on same wage demand of £10/20 thousand a week and the rest of team are on £5k? i do not want to go bust so any new players pay them much less in the hundreds will do.

  3. A word of warning on all the Portuguese coming in. Mo Bangura was a top striker in that league and looked an absolute diddy at Celtic and they couldn't give him away…

    By all means bring likes of Alves and one or two others, but the core should be proven British otherwise it's a gamble we probably can't afford…

  4. Can some one tell how many players have we moved on there was ten maybe more to move out are they going go or sit on there ass.

  5. Fair point. Not a lot happening there, is there?
    At the very least, it sounds like Alves is going in there as Mr Motivator. About bloody time. Must be a cert that Forrester, Kiernan and Senderos are out- not one of those has had a kick under Pedro. Suspect Halliday and O'Halloran will go too.
    He doesn't seem to fancy Hodson either so that's six. I would much prefer to keep McKay, Garner, Windass and Crooks and give them a proper solid go with some backbone in the team. Waghorn… lost his touch, but it might come back. Tavernier- so long as he never gets to go right-back again. Holt I have a lot of time for…

    Like I keep saying, we don't need dozens of signings. Just three or four right ones.

    If we finished at Alves, Jack and two others, I wouldn't be sad. Paterson and Walker would be a nice bonus.

    • I still think that the "fire sale " was just crap journalism to sell papers. The Daily Record was stating the obvious. Kiernan, Forrester and Halliday are not in Pedro's plans, and Waghorn's jackets on a shaky nail along with Garner and Halliday. Tav Holt and Hodson have a chance of staying depending on who else Pedro gets over the line. He won't market too many until he knows for certain who's definitely signing. I think he likes Tav and he's likely to stay. Just my opinion. But I'm liking who he's brought in so far as Alves and Jack make us so much stronger. Things are looking. Watp

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