Ibrox Axe – who is the ‘third’ player?


In recent days we have learned Pedro Caixinha has axed Swiss defender Philippe Senderos and 38-year old veteran Clint Hill from the squad for next season, and will offer neither of them a new deal. However, while Caixinha has himself confirmed this, he did it in a way which raises another pertinent question; who is the third player?

When pressed on the leaks, Caixinha confirmed:

“We don’t comment on speculation. I can confirm I’ve spoken to three players so far and those three players know what is going to happen for next season.”

We know two of them are the aforementioned Hill and Senderos, but who is the third? The three other departures we know of are Hyndman and Toral whose loans expired (albeit Toral remains at Ibrox for now), and young Billy Gilmour, but he is a sale rather than someone being shipped out.

Ergo, it does force the question of what other player has definitely been told he is surplus or can leave? Perhaps it is possible there is a loss in translation, and Caixinha does indeed mean one of Toral, Hyndman and Gilmour, but that does not make entire sense – the way Ped worded it, there is more than strong implication that he informed all three of the players in question that they were to be cut loose from the squad.

For now though that seems to exclude Harry Forrester, Andy Halliday, Rob Kiernan and Michael O’Halloran all of whom reportedly were instructed by Caixinha in for extra training session in order to assess, but Forrester and Kiernan were notably absent from Thursday’s session.

So the truth is we do not really know; but what we do know is there is plenty more activity on the horizon, whether it is in or out.


  1. Could it mabay be the young boy max ashmore i think his name is, i seen hes been told he wont get a new contract. I'm probably wrong but just a guess

  2. Billy Gilmore hasn't exactly been sold. He's not under contract, and has chose money over signing a contract with us. Least it's a non Scottish team he chose or we wouldn't be getting any where near as much money.

    But I'm hoping the 4 in extra training leave. Poor holiday but he just hasn't been at the races this season, after putting brown in his pocket last season I expected so much more

  3. Thought it was Miller myself. He has been told he will be here for another season and Pedro only stated they knew what would be happening next season so didn't explicitly say leaving.

  4. You miss the option that the third man could be Kenny Miller. He has spoken with Kenny and told him he's part of his plans for next season, therefore he can be the third man who knows what's happening next season.

  5. Max Ashmore? I'd say Pedro's playing a dangerous game re the moles he's talking about. IMHO these leaks are not damaging enough (or damaging at all) to the club to merit punitive action. If he felt the leaks would negatively affect our remaining games, why inform Hill, Senderos and the 3rd person exactly now? There was no obligation to inform them this week, as far as I know. It's admirable that Pedro wants certain values upheld at the club, but taking a hard line (on such a soft issue) when you're just in the door is risky. It also sets up a future clash with the media, with Pedro saying he wouldn't deal with the next paper/media that printed leaked info. Sometimes you gotta let shit slide, Pedro.

    • Wouldn't say it's little matters. Contract matters about people not signing etc have been coming out all season. Stuff that should be kept in house and the press have been having a field day wth it at time. Miller spoke about it a few weeks ago to saying there was trouble in the team, might be only private stuff coming out but there seams to be a split in the team and someone is stirring it going to the press

    • You could be right. I just thought that kind of news was everywhere in the tabloids (Ross Barkley not signing his contract at Everton has been in the UK sports media for months). So difficult to keep things in-house these days, and especially if it's a time of relative upheaval at the club (new manager coming in and choosing who he wants/doesn't want). Anyway, you could be right and we'll see how the story develops.

    • We aren't jist any club. When was the last time we heard of such things over at the other side of the city. Anything negative the media jist loves to throw at us. And it doesn't help that someone(s) are running off to the media with details cause they prob aren't getting there way

  6. There will be no other with the players left all on 2/3 year deals they can sit on there ass and take the money we can bring in other players but not so easy to get the dead wood out, Pedro did not get rid of Hill he wanted away as for Senderos he was always dead wood but sat on his ass and took his money,we need to stop buying real old players and buy players in there 20s,and i feel so sad that we let a young lad go Billy Gilmour who has agreed a deal to join Chelsea we need our young players or we have no future.

  7. Kranjcar, hopefully as we can't be carrying players on big wages that are never fit, that's what got its into this situation in the first place

  8. Some of the deadwood will be happy to sit on the sidelines.they will probably never get another contract like the cash they are on again.we will struggle to offload a lot of them I think.warns to blame for the sitch Pedro's in

  9. I looked at the training photos on yesterday's club website, as I do every week and to fan the flames as who the third man might be could be a player he has blatantly refused to start and has limited appearances on the bench is Harry Forrester. This doesn't mean that is who I am saying is the person in question, but is my guess he has no future at Ibrox.
    A few other absentees from the training pics yesterday were 'the ghost' alias Rossiter, Dodoo, Kieran (is he the 3rd man?), Wilson who we know is injured and what I found unusual is that none of the Rangers loan players I.e. Hardy, Kelly, Thompson, etc. were to be seen training.Warburton always included them in the training sessions.
    So for those that remember the Third Man, he is as mysterious as Harry Lime who frequented the sewers of Vienna…..lol, our club has been dragged through those places enough.

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