Confirmed: Rangers’ duo departure


In the worst-kept secret known to man, Rangers stars Emerson Hyndman and Jon Toral have been confirmed as returning to their parent clubs this summer.

With Pedro Caixinha delivering his now-famous list of desired transfer targets, neither midfielder is thought to be on it and both players are now set to depart permanently following the final post-split fixture against St Johnstone on Sunday 21st.

Hyndman’s manager Eddie Howe verified:

“You don’t invest in young players to then move them on very quickly. That defeats the object of our model.”

Of course the small matter of Hyndman’s current injury ruling him out for the final four fixtures means he will not actually play for Rangers again, but que sera.

As for his Spanish colleague Toral, the Arsenal youngster (can we really call a 22-year old that?) has confirmed his return to England although ‘another loan’ does not absolutely rule Rangers out, but nevertheless it probably does:

“I have another season left at Arsenal so I will go back and it will depend on where they see me, in terms of whether they see me ready for the first team or if they see me doing better with another loan.”

Expect yet more departures from Ibrox over the coming months.


    • He is talented but very light weight in my opinion. Was very weak in both games against Celtic. Needs to develop physically and can't see him making much of an impact in epl next season.

      Good luck to him.

      Toral will end up free transfed by arsenal. He is a championship level player.

  1. Reporter at the Pedro presser yesterday –

    “Are Rangers in a position to buy a player for…..(drum roll)……ONE………MILLION……….POUNDS??”

    Did the reporter arrive at the presser via a time capsule from 1979? Are we supposed to cream our pants at the end of his question, thinking Lionel Messi might sign for Rangers? I’d like to have seen Pedro’s face if the guy had said 5 million or 3 million a player. He was hardly going to faint or lose control of all bodily functions at 1 million. Bloody media is a joke.

    • Aye very good lol… Talking of jokes Warbs spent near 2 million on that waster Garner.. Will be interesting to see how much of a pot DK is giving Ped to piss in though 🤔

  2. I would say a very valid question and, and caveat it with, if the fee would have to be paid in notes….. as we have no banking facility!!! While the question may have been loaded…the question really is a legit one, if we do get clobbered for 'King's Concerto' when the CoS dishes out the punishment…£1m may be way above anything we can dream of or afford….watch this space, just because its quiet, it doesn't mean shit aint 'appenin or is about to 'appen….


  3. Not to alarm anyone, but we'll be starting from scratch next year. We should aim for the same finish as roughly this year and build steadily. The cash to enable immediate big time changes at Ibrox doesn't currently exist. We're humped . Pedro is working in tandem with the board to put a good spin on things but it's not very rosy unless the board are about to pull a fast one on us all😂

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