Caixinha hints Rangers’ summer transfer budget


Pedro Caixinha has strongly hinted today what Rangers fans already knew, and that was the shoestring budget he will be forced to work with this summer.

Speaking specifically about ex-Rangers player Vladimir Weiss, Ped confirmed it was a non-starter due to price, and named the sum Rangers cannot aspire to for any new signings this upcoming window.

He said:

“Will Weiss be coming to Rangers? No, I don’t think we can afford to pay them £2.7 million.”

After the dismal failure of Joe Garner last summer, it appears Rangers will have a very trim budget to work with, and no player is likely to cost anywhere near that sum.

This does contradict to an extent Managing Director Stewart Robertson’s claims prior to Caixinha’s appointment that the new manager would be financially supported by the board, with evident cold water now being poured on the notion that serious hard cash will be splashed in an effort to rebuild a beleaguered Rangers squad.

It looks set to be another modest summer window, with mostly Bosmans likely to arrive with maybe one or two close-to million pound players as well, with Cagliari’s Bruno Alves heavily linked and Caixinha’s former charge free agent Rashid Sumalia also mentioned.


  1. Nothin new. He has a list of 11 players or so, no point spending that much on one player ATM, we could get 2/3 Aberdeen players for that price which would strengthen us a lot. We need to be smart with our money this summer, unlike last summer when large amounts were spent on individuals which never made any difference , Barton, kran and rossiter are prob the 3 that comes to mind. At least Gardiner has played more games than those 3 (the clubs biggest earners) combined

  2. Hardly surprising but is it Ibrox Noise.. I'll get roasted for this but I honestly didn't rate the boy when he was first at Ibrox.. Pace a good foot and some skills but couldn't cross the road… Think he's liked more because of his Tweets than anything else…

    Not a great game today but still 3 points and Europe confirmed. Can Ped sort his tactics with the players he brings in time will tell but let's face it can't be worse than what's their at present.. Keep it real

  3. The fans deserve better than the dross were given. At this rate we will never catch Celtic. We should be given answers. Where is Dave King? Worrying times as usual!!

    • I expect the end of the season can't come quick enough for DK and his power at all cost cronies to escape growing criticism but unsurprisingly and going by their usual decision making abilities that approach, I suspect, could not be further from the truth because no matter which dark and remote corner they all individually decide to hide in on this planet they WILL come across angry and frustrated Rangers fans who won't hesitate to get their feelings across

      After the initial crisis in 2012 we all stuck together and opted to believe all the bullshit promises from DK & the blazers, Wild promises re- the big players budget which was to become available which unknown to us also included the cost of everything from keeping the lights on to the cost for a box of tea bags for the office canteen wummin at Ibrox

      If we are more skint than originally reported TELL US but don't treat us like idiots cause there is absolutely no doubt this disrespectful approach WILL come back to haunt you and we all know you guys do not have the BALLS to handle it when it comes, The sooner the better as I am concerned

      We need to get rid of the current closed shop mentality and throw the doors open to investment from just about anywhere (apart fae the fat git) and to achieve this and have any hope of preventing the manky mob from 10 is to do it now


  4. It's this simple. The club cannot and will not progress until proper money is invested. All businesses in all sectors need to invest to grow, we are no different.

    If board think that if we spend the same kind of money as last season is going to change things then they are only demonstrating their ignorance.

    It is true that we could spend better and Warburton diluted the funds on quantity instead of concentrating on quality. However we have been left with a large squad of mediocre players, who man for man are no better than other spl players. As many have highlighted these players will only move on if it us in their financial interest, I don't envisage a cue of interested clubs emerging. Perhaps waghorn, tavineir and Kiernan might find championship level interest but only at the right price.

    What is clear is that we need a core of players who are better than spl level. All to be done on a shoestring.

    I fear the board have not learned or are not willing to learn. Their priority seems to be to maintain control of a club they cannot afford to run.

    Most neutral pundits and ex rangers players have suggested that as much as 50m is required. I cannot envisage even a tenth of that being provided.

    I hope I am wrong but I fear next season will be another horror show. Celtic will spend, decent money on a couple of players, and be even further ahead. Aberdeen will remain strong, hibs will be a strong addition to all and hearts like us are under pressure to improve.

    • Just to clarify, are you suggesting that the board invest money above and beyond what the club brings in? Or the rephrase that, we run at a loss?

      We have been there before. There were no multi millionaires charging to the rescue last time and there won't be next time. We have to spend what we earn – and no more.

      So complain about Warburton's spend last summer. I agree after a spectacular success the first summer he made a dog's breakfast of his buys last summer. And I don't see a queue of buyers for most of our players.

      But please don't try to persuade me that the answer is to spend money we don't have. We have more money than Hearts and Aberdeen put together. So a decent manager should be able to secure second place. Develop young players who are free or cheap, if they don't want to stay, sell them at a healthy profit and re-invest that profit in more cheap, hungry, young players. It is simple, but not easy. Or everybody would be doing it. We need to have faith in the manager, the youth coaches and whatever scouting network we can create.

      I see no suitable buyers offering to buy the board out. Unless you mean that fat cockney b*st*rd Ashley. If he had the best interests of our club at heart, or even his own financial interests, he would offer a shirt deal that would work to the benefit of both. But no, he is content to try and screw us for 96%, leaving the club with 4%.

      Please post here any alternative buyers that you believe the board are refusing to talk to.

    • Post here? Yeah that's right I'll just get out my address book of world financial contacts. See how ridiculous your request is yet?

      Look at any of the major business news stations at a thing called 'the markets'. What I am pointing out is king is preventing our shares from being traded, hence preventing any potential investors from buying shares. Nobody invests in a company they can't buy shares in. Following That?

      Are you remembering that it was only the looming big tax case that scared off two separate american investors during the administration process? Or just forgetting that because it doesn't fit in with the lie that it's King or nobody.

      And yes to answer your question that you answered yourself. We do in the short term have to spend money we don't have – you seem to be ignoring fact that is happening currently, the club has had several small debt for equity (soft) loans to finance the current shambles.

      What needs to happen is significant investment to achieve a result rather than a drip feed of insufficient investment that achieves nothing.

    • There are powerful clubs all over Europe operating with but a tiny fraction of Rangers' gates. Examples include the three clubs from Moscow, FC Copenhagen, Brugge etc. Something wrong somewhere….

  5. The fact that he won't spend just shy of £3m on one player, does not mean he does not have a decent budget.

  6. Live within our means there isnae a Arab or Russian waiting to come by edmiston drive we'll have a massive budget compared to Aberdeen hearts so no reason not to progress and get at least a strong 2nd and take it from there

  7. I think many are missing the point here. Lets put it this way, we need INVESTMENT, first and foremost that's what the club needs….hard cash investment.

    This does not compute to squandering on players we don't need or players on over inflated transfer fees and wages, what it does mean is INVESTMENT in all aspects of the club, to improve us and make us appealing again. Ibrox is in need of a major facelift, that has to come from somewhere, coaching staff, scouting staff Director of Football, all have to be paid from somewhere.

    Its not always about spending more on players, it should be about growing us as a fuckin business again….only then will we be able to attract the people to do the deals to move us forward, you cant blow all your income on players, if you do the club again goes bust….you spend a proportion of your budget to grow and compete, if the reports are correct and the stories emanating are true, our total budget for players will not even buy one Weiss, and if the player pot is so poor….the overall finances must be dire.

    King and his 'compadre's' working in silence, hiding the truth and spinning webs of lies and deceit are doing us no favours, everything about them and how they operate stinks and until they, or at least he, has gone, get used to it as this is how it will be….we have a mountain of court cases coming up, silks don't come cheap either but we seem to have a nice big budget to finance them!!!!

    Things I feel are going to turn very messy, very quickly, very soon….so maybe our dramatic late win against Thistle will be the last highlight for a while, enjoy it, there will be some pretty dark times ahead.


    • Part of the problem with the player budget may be FFP … Can't spend to much as debt ( which may be transfered to shares) will rise & SFA will find it almost impossible to issue the OK , for the season after.. Catch 22

    • Celtic are 40 million in debt in soft loans and rapidly increasing but £5+ million a year. Go back and study ur own accounts mr bhoy instead of being an expert in rangers accounting affairs

    • Gordo

      While I thought King was a safer bet than Ashley and the rest of that mob but what you're saying is true…The structure of the Club is in bits – Ibrox going by reports is in need of investment. Scouting is desperately needing an overhaul for one of the largest Clubs going it's shite!! Head of Football has went right out the window now by the lack of action… Lawyers fees with the upcoming cases Club v Ashley Merchandise deal King v Takeover Panel – will that be Kings money to pay for that or the fans ST money??

      Still don't want Ashley anywhere near the Club. Whatever happened tae Souness and his mate Brian Kennedy and all the others?

    • I hear the point and agree investment would be great. But I don't see it coming from anyone.

      Investment means putting money in with the hope of getting more back in a few years. You are highly unlikely to get money back on a football team, especially a Scottish one.

      The current board need to do more to raise our own funds from scouting (and selling), youth development (and selling) and merchandising/commercial sponsorship. All of these have big challenges for the board and I sincerely hope they are working overtime to resolve them all ASAP

  8. At last a sensible post GordonRFC. There are solutions, one or two not great, but unless Mr K goes, ach I forget, that will happen very very soon, then while it might seem that the wheels have come off, it will save our club. Happy to provide solutions, no need to say much more on King, the wheels are well in truly in motion. J

  9. The young home grown lads we have blood them and bring them on big money gets paid for good young players and i am sure we have got a hand full just now,bring them in too the fold now.

  10. How long will it take for us to become the force we where i think it could take us 7 to 10 years so i am going enjoy our trip to the top and watch our club grow again time it needs so time will be given by me i hope to see a team of home grown lads come from this that can take on the best,let us enjoy this time ahead.

  11. Don't need to pay a lot in transfer fees to build a decent spine to the team :-

    Allan McGregor (free)
    Christophe Berra (free)
    Grant Hanley (loan)
    Callum Patterson (nominal dev fee)
    Steven Whittaker (free)
    Ryan Jack (free)
    Stevie Mallan (couple hundred grand)
    Steven Naismith (possible free)
    Liam Boyce (couple hundred grand)
    Kyle Lafferty (free, if we want him, I'm torn on that one)

    Add few Latin boys Pedro knows and we are moving the right way (maybe not challenging for titles but much closer and comfortable 2nd to build for the season after next)

  12. Rangers are now two years behind schedule in our way back from the disaster that Whyte and Green left us financially. This is compounded by the debacle left from two previous managerial appointments in McCoist and Warburton. We lost out in two occasions in not getting promotion from the Championship first time and the disaster in the playoff that year, which was set back no.1. The next phase was to get a team in the Premiership to get us into second place, as even the Rangers fan with the greatest hope had to realise we were never ever going to challenge to win it, but, we should certainly have been a good second.
    So where we are is not so far away from where we might have expected, as far as the league position might have we expected, however I am not saying this is satisfactory as the football we have played over the season has been abysmal to say the least.
    I agree with a few fellow Rangers fans that we could cherry-pick a few Aberdeen players, resign a few ex players like Naismith, Lafferty, John Fleck; we all know how controversial this might be, players like Dorian's and one player I personally have liked Liam Lindsay at Patrick are food for thought.
    I just hope our new manager, who has set one record I never thought I'd ever see in my 50 plus years as a fan would ever experience, has guidance that to even get close to our main rivals and overtake Aberdeen he doesn't end up importing a whole squad of foreign players who don't understand the league and our famous team.
    Warburton failed miserably at Tyncastle because he ignored that going to certain grounds, no matter the form a team is in that you have to adapt and this was proven when Murty took us to Parkhead and we ended up with the only decent result all season against them.
    Rangers should ensure we select players to work in the league we are in, adaptable players fit to be combative in the Premiership, not flamboyant players unable to take the rigours of our league.

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