A possible starting XI next season – is it good enough?


With Rangers capturing Bruno Alves and closing in on Graham Dorrans and Carlos Pena,, the squad for next season begins to take some sort of shape. While it is still obviously at an embryonic stage, nevertheless we can begin to look at what kind of an XI Rangers fans can expect to see. It is naturally subject to lots of change, but based on what looks possible and what does not, we can start to compile a realistic starting team for next season’s campaign.


It remains Wes – no interest in signing a new keeper as far as we know, and we are led to believe Alnwick will remain his number two.

Back four:

Unless something happens, James Tavernier looks like he will remain at RB. What you think of that is up to you. It could be Lee Hodson but no one at Ibrox seems to favour him much. In the middle it seems to be Bruno Alves and supposedly Fabio Cardoso, but the latter appears closer to West Brom than Ibrox. Problem position this as the preferred partner otherwise, Danny Wilson, is out till August with injury, so unless David Bates is the solution, here lies a bit of an issue. At LB easy enough – Lee Wallace.


Ryan Jack is a shoe in for a major berth in midfield. Pedro made a big deal of securing him – he will not ditch him to the bench. Jordan Rossiter is said to finally be over his injury problems and could be massive for Caixinha – like a new signing. The same applies to Niko Kranjcar. We also have Jamie Walker who has formally asked to leave Hearts, while Graham Dorrans can play anywhere in the middle or final third. Not forgetting Mexico’s Carlos Pena either, which appears to be a deal close to completion.


Nothing much has really happened with regard new striking talent yet – Benfica’s Dalcio has been heavily linked as a loan deal but beyond that, and the strange Naismith story, there has been a lack of quality players touted. For now, beyond the Portuguese lad, it is as we were up front.

So, a possible Ibrox Noise projection of a decent starting XI next season?

Rangers: (4-4-2)

Foderingham; Tavernier, Alves, Cardoso, Wallace; Jack, Rossiter, Pena, Dorrans; Dalcio, Miller


Alnwick, Hodson, Wilson, Holt, Walker, Kranjcar, Dodoo

Early days but is it good enough?


  1. Saw the snippet of Alves first interview. Talks well. Better English than Martyn Waghorn… Big signature. Good times.

  2. Ibrox noise

    I know this has nothing to with the post you have put up but I'm wondering do u have any news on the new kit? Can we buy it?or still a no go until Ashley gets to France

  3. Yes, it is good enough for second place, or wasn't that todays question, did you mean good enough to win the league?. If you match them up pound for pound with the shellic players, then second should be achievable.

    If Tav remains in RB, then we are down 20 goals a season already, we all know that.
    I don't rate Jack, he is no better than Halliday or Holt, same with Walker. Dont get me wrong, I will support all these lads if they do sign or play, but I just dont think they have what it takes to wear the jersey. More quality required.
    I wouldn't rely on Kranchar or Rossiter being fit for the start of the season, they are still struggling with fitness and need to start all over again, so it will take mid season for them to get up to match fitness.
    It could be Garner and Waghorn are going no where and will be our warriors up front, that will have the SPFL defenders quaking in their boots!(NOT), Get rid of the dead wood or we will suffer again next season.

    It's difficult to even guess an 11 at this stage, but we need to get rid of Warbs failures big time so that we can move on. Alves is a quality signing and very much needed centre half, more please.

    • GersJimbo i hope for better but must agree second place could be right but a win or two over Selltic would be nice, so i will keep my feet on the ground for the time being and dream of better days to come.

    • I think Garner deserves another season to be honest, I think the guy has something about him and he showed some quality towards the season end. I feel a few goals on the trot for him and he could fly. Big problem is his bookings though , makes really bad choices but i dont think he is the worst we could have. He needs to play 2 up top though. Agree on Tav but another year older and maybe the experience will stand him in good stead. The question is with some quality signings like Alves , Dorrans and the boy pena looks decent will the rest of the squad raise there game, quite possibly

  4. The VERY weakest link. Tames Tavernier. Opposing teams will double/treble up on him and win.Nightmare.

  5. Completely agree with you re Jack,Kranjcar, Rossiter…the latter two …well who knows…and Jack ain't good enough for us. Would have loved to see us signing young Paterson and personally I'll breath a huge sigh of relief if we get Dorian's over the line.

  6. Its strong enough to challenge Aberdeen but no where near the quality required to get close enough to Celtic. Surely we need a quality striker?

  7. I like Dorrans but if he is costing a £1.5m fee then I would prefer we spent it securing John McGinn, or Kenny McLean. They might not even cost as much and we'd have players with a resale value. We would also be severely weakening two of our rivals.

  8. young barrie mckay has more skill in his pinkie than all the rest you mention yet you still go against popular opinion and want him out…how can that be?…pedro will f-ck it up…because he will never even motivate a fish supper…we need a manager the likes of walter smith…thats the way it is my freinds

    • Let's hope young Barrie gets his finger out when he sees the improvement in his new team mates and adds some consistency to his game… but I'm in agreement with you we need to keep and nourish him.

  9. Hi Camelonman, it is good to see you commenting again as you always talk sense, because you understand the game.

    I think young Barry would excel playing with much better passers in the team. His first touch is usually magnificent and if Ped the Ted can buy better than him, we will be a very good team again.

  10. Mcginn and McLean instead of dorrans ffs what planet are some ppl on a guy who's got 26 Scotland caps and played in the top league in England to those 2 🙈🙈

  11. Walter Smith had a blank cheque book to buy his teams, therefore he should not be compared to any manager after his departure! All managers who preceded Walter had no where near the funds to buy top internationalists! Obviously due to our demise through liquidation.
    Barry has been a "potential" player for a few years now and its not good enough to be as inconsistent as he's been and it's frustrating. I like Barry as a player and have no doubt about his ability, but we need him in at least 34/38 games to be at his best, not when he chooses to turn it on.
    I agree with Richard and hope with better passers and players in the team, he will excel. I want to keep him at Ibrox, as long he starts manning up and get tough on the park in a more consistent winning manner.
    Pedro needs time. I also have raised eyebrows at some of his decision making on the pitch thus far, but they have not been his players. So, benefit of the doubt required.

  12. Well one purchase sounds better than last year, but think about it, so far it is not really any different, hope that we get back towards winning the league and doing well in Europe is all we can say at the moment. One constant, King continues to fail. Give me one thing he has said he would deliver on for us, start with Ashley or merchandising, move to his promised cash, not our season ticket money – his own, give one shred of proof that we are not skint, he is pedalling our future with promises and lies that we continue to believe. As an aside on the football front, a 35 year old internationalist for a 39 year old is great, but we need another 4 new signing across the back, midfield and attack in particular, nothing of any hope yet for me. J

  13. I think jack is a good player but can we make him better i am not sure about that only time will tell if he is better than we have or is he just another one we move on for nothing.

  14. Man people on here knocking Jack and he's not even kicked a baw yet. DM made him captain of Aberdeen at a young age that says something about his qualities. A defensive midfielders job is to do all the dirty work and keep the possession of the ball and start attacks. McCall and before him Munroe where outstanding and often never got the credit they deserved during the golden times.

    Barrie McKay has talent there's no doubt and somebody rightly noted the late great Davie Cooper as an example.. Davie could also be blowing hot & cold in his performances at Rangers too… But there is two big differences – One – Cooper was surrounded by better players who would've died for the team and worked harder to cover for him when having a bad game. Two – we don't have tha type of player anymore so Barrie can't be carried for the full 90 if he's not tracking back or putting a tackle in..

    Peds been noted that he demands his players to graft when not in possession of the ball. Pena hopefully once work permit is sorted will be able to help Jack in tightening the midfield and let McKay or whoever do their stuff on the wings..

    One last thing the Walter Smith glory days over so try looking to the future – let's help Ped the Ted makes history too…

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