When ‘enough’ is truly enough


During the Dark Days of 2012-2015, Rangers fans grasped perspective when we found ourselves in a very very grim place. Our Club had been on the brink, so we were simply happy to still have a Club, and that was a relevant reassurance during individually troubling times of this period.

Back then, Rangers fans had light at the end of the tunnel, with the knowledge that surely before long we would be back in the SPL where we belong, so even when things off the pitch were concerning and causing mass fan division and in-fighting, we knew one day soon we would be among the big boys again, challenging for the SPL title.

We are now among the big boys, but the difference between today and years gone by is that light which guided our way in the lower divisions is completely absent now. Quite simply, as things stand, few fans have any hope of major investment, competing with Aberdeen never mind Celtic, a squad worthy of the Rangers name or a manager we can trust, not to mention a board we can rely on.

Yesterday’s demolition at the hands of Celtic laid bare just how utterly dreadful at every level this Rangers regime from top to bottom is. The board has no tangible plan, the manager does not understand the league, and the players are the poorest SPL squad we have ever had by a colossal distance.

To call the gulf between ourselves and our former rivals frightening does not do it justice. Sure, they had a head start yesterday when Beerman’s rash challenge caused an early goal, but it only served to accelerate their superiority, rather than exaggerate it. Celtic destroyed Rangers at Ibrox in a way they never have before, with even the 5-1 reverse at Parkhead managing to be marginally better than this atrocity. It is one thing to get gubbed at a superior team’s patch, quite another for them to do it on yours.

This was not quite the gravity of Neil McCann sticking one away to win the title at Parkhead in ’99, in that nothing really rested on the outcome – but the manner of the loss and the gulf in class on our own soil was probably the most appalling 90 minutes in living memory. There have been horrendous losses in Rangers’ history – it goes with the territory of football. But nothing like this – nothing where our traditional rivals have absolutely tonked us and hit us five times where it hurts. In our own house.

The fans headed for the exit yesterday at the third goal. They had seen enough. I am no advocate of bailing early but I had no argument this time. And it is a fair point I saw; this result was a blessing in disguise. Rumours abound that our increasingly-inept board felt £3M including wages would be sufficient this summer. Last year, that is all we spent following the win at Hampden on penalties – and look how that turned out.

Now the board know £3M is miles off enough.

This is not to advocate big spending this summer, but clearly if Rangers fans want a Rangers that is not going to be destroyed by Celtic circa 4 times a year, we will have to spend.

There are fans who understandably say they would rather save money, keep the club financially stable and let whatever be, be. But is that really what they want? Truth is, we need ambition. We cannot turn into Hearts, which right now, we are horribly close to doing. We are Rangers, and while I do not expect multi millions, the Club needs to show the fans that losing heavily to Celtic while barely laying a glove is not the future.

Pedro Caixinha got his team all wrong – fair play to the man, he took absolute responsibility for that and gets my complete respect. Managers who refuse to be accountable for their own mistakes are not for me. The problem is Ped got the team all wrong last time and simply changed a few players this. The tactics were essentially the same and it implied the man simply has not learned a thing. Three Old Firm matches he has watched in person now, and one suspects he is nonethewiser about how to handle them.

Which is not to solely blame Caixinha – there is a school of thought that he was appointed because he is not up to the task – and this forces expectation down, and sees more blame on his and the players’ side than the board. Perhaps nonsense conspiracy, perhaps not.

But from what we have seen, Caixinha is the wrong man at the wrong place at the wrong time – the notion of giving him a chance with a summer budget seems moot – the point of a new manager is to get more out of what you have. To pick the right man who will increase performance. And when we watched that excellent 4-0 against Hamilton, even I let myself be swayed into thinking Ped could do something with this squad. But despite my praise a few entries ago of the number of clean sheets, the overall picture is starting to look bleak now. Maybe he will work wonders with pennies this summer, we shall see.

But that said, you cannot polish a t*rd, as they say, and my word Pedro has a serious one on his hands with this diabolical Rangers squad. It is simply a ragamuffin ragtail crew of journeymen footballers and the odd mercenary here and there which utterly belongs midtable.

I mean, paradoxically, on paper the defence actually is not that bad. Lee Hodson is a fine RB, if perennially rejected or injured, while Danny Wilson and Clint Hill is a much better partnership than 5-1 suggests. And Beerman and Wallace are solid options on the left. It is miles off the standard we need but it is the strongest area we have. It is into midfield and attack that the utter poverty of Rangers’ squad is exposed. There is not a single player beyond the defence who is good enough for a top three Rangers never mind a title pushing one, and I include Kenny Miller in that.

Great honest pro who defies his years but come on, he is nearly 40 and you cannot take a team seriously when they have a 38 year old striker. And that he is our best beyond the defence basically sums Rangers up.

If we have a look at the players in that area individually yesterday, it becomes painful;

  • Jason Holt – has been in great form under Ped but simply out of his depth against Celtic.
  • Josh Windass was a surprising selection and was simply ok, but we need more than that.
  • Emerson Hyndman has been shocking since Pedro came in. He is welcome to return to Bournemouth with my compliments.
  • Martyn Waghorn is a joke. And not a funny one. He is miles off the quality needed and has embarrassed himself in two Old Firm matches in a row.
  • Joe Dodoo cannot play behind the striker – and is beyond ring rusty.

To add insult to injury, showing his utter lack of grasping Rangers and Scottish football, Pedro brought Garner on.

It is all quite abysmal, and shows no sign of improvement. And Rangers fans now find themselves in a repeating cycle where the odd half decent win against a bottom to midtable side is complimented by a draw at Killie or a complete tanking by Celtic.

Fans have lost patience, going by the response to yesterday’s slaughtering. The slack cut to the board and squad is now gone and all the barrels are coming out.

Unless something is done to reverse the bleeding, this trend will continue.

Deeply worrying.


  1. Great article, spot on with everything you said. I sat in my seat in the main stand yesterday and i could have bloody wept. Never been so embarrassed by my team. Actually started feeling sorry for that shower of crap we call our team because they are all so obviously well out of their depth. Lets be brutally honest here if mr king and the board don't come across with 20 mil or above then we are in deep shit for the foreseeable future, and i for one can't see that happening. Worst gers team ever by a country bloody mile.feel so down its unbelievable. WATP

  2. Agree with the comments. It's very very difficult to take but I for one will be in there early renewing my season ticket. For me it's about supporting an institution that I have pledged to do for my whole life…and my father and his father before me. Club needs our support guys…let's all stick behind them…better days will follow although I suspect a few harder ones still to suffer. God bless The Rangers.

  3. To put that much responsibility on the manager is wrong. We could have played 4-5-1 5-4-1 4-3-3 or anything and still got hammered. Pedro can't control the crap he has been handed by Warburton. Go through the team and think about where they have come from… league 1, league 2, free from hearts, reserve and youth systems. Yes Pedro takes a degree of responsibility but not even close to the bulk of it.
    Before anyone screams "Murty" that would not have been the answer, we got lucky at septic park.
    Who would you have brought on Forster? O'halloran? All below average options.
    The squad and investment is the problem not the manager. I will be reserving judgment On Pedro until after the transfer window closes and we are several games into next season. As hard as it is right now we should all do the same.

  4. Silence from the chairman and the board is well noted. They have failed miserably in their judgement and are inadequate for the job in hand.
    Talk about spending millions would be a complete waste of money with the present regime. Rangers need new ownership and will need to go big or not go at all.
    Graeme Souness could turn this whole nightmare into a dream for me, with the stroke of a pen.
    Dream on you say, well it's better than living this nightmare.
    Rangers are a clusterfuck but it will be put right…..eventually.

  5. A good article. A change of Regime is needed with the removal of King who is clearly not interested. While bringing on Garner was a joke, having Halliday anywhere near the team was the biggest mistake for me. He is a coward, no fight and sadly lacking in ability. Yesterday I presume that he was brought on to challenge the supremacy of Brown but he is scared to mix it with that character. Previous players even Bob Malcolm, would have neutralised Brown but not Halliday. Pedro has a massive job to do to rebuild the club but he won't do it with anything less than £30m

    • Sorry Tom but your letting yourself down with that comment, you can't be callin' a Rangers player a coward.

  6. The game on Sat. was terrible but was to be expected as there is not one player in the team worthy of a Rangers jersey
    The only good that can come of it all is that the manager (provided he gets the money ) can , get rid of about 7to 8 players and in the transfer window build a team strong enough to be considered Rangers
    I would like to think that he is now looking at players he can bring in and his assistant is now checking on players preferably from Europe where it seems they are more technical and if indeed we do play in Europe we will need this

  7. Good piece again but remember the 4 nil Hamilton game was in fact Murtys team. The 6 nil drubbing of Hamilton was in my opinion the best I had seen at Ibrox for some time. So. In my opinion yes a lot of our players can gtf. Please. But a half decent choice of a manager would get a lot more out of these (mercenaries).

  8. Time we buy Scottish players or Scottish proven players. Warbs and his arragance that English football is the best got us into this problem buying low English league players

  9. I think we do need investment that is obvious but this is still the same team that is beating most of the spl including Aberdeen. The only time we have been truly outclassed is by Celtic we were bullied at tynecastle twice but against Celtic it has been different is it possible we just aren't giving Celtic enough credit yes they have better players and a manager that is far to good for our league but the most impressive thing yesterday about them was just how hard they work they close us down all over the park in seconds in packs and never stop moving off it Armstrong and mcgregor were popping up in pockets everywhere I hate to admit it but it was very impressive I hear all Celtic do every day in training is work on shape and nothing else that way any player who comes into the team knows there job and we're to be on the pack it's impressive that a team that probably has most of the ball in there games work every day in training more on there shape without it I know they have better players but there best assest is there manager and I hope I'm wrong but I don't think we have a chance at the title until he leaves that will be celtics biggest loss and our biggest gain I will back Pedro all the way but I do feel cheated by the board it feels like instead of a Scottish nobody they got a foreign nobody because he would get more of a chance

  10. If Caixinha has been recruited to fail then he is making a bloody good job of it so far. Your article is good however as you have rightly stated the manager has just taken full responsibility for the result/performance which as we know is a record defeat at home to Celtic. Surely that should be enough for him (Caixinha) to be moved on. I've seen enough already for me to want him gone.

    • There's no chance. 3 year contract and £600k to bring him here I. The 1st place. It would be a joey Barton cost all over again. All managers need at least 1 window to put there own players on the pitch, then we can judge

  11. There's sadly no chance of Pedro being handed the transfer cash needed to bring us up to standard for next year. I can't think of too many solutions with 3 million to spend (including wages). I imagine it gets you more of what we have, which is pretty poor. With any luck, maybe he'll pull a few a diamonds out of obscurity. One can only hope.

    • Pedro,needs his own players in and needs 30 million in transfer cash and then show 20 players there now the door,no one can beat Selltic just now but no need to get a new manager when it is the players that are pish let Pedro bring in his players then we can judge him.

  12. Problem with bringing players in is getting some out first.
    Apart from those out of contract, we need buyers. For that shower.
    Maybe Birmingham come in for Kranjar. maybe someoen wants Tavernier or Waghorn. But we will struggle to get rid of most of them.

    Ryan Jack out of contract, Dorrans maybe if Norwich release him, could we get Walker from Hearts for £1M? Add Weiss if he is out of contract, you have a bit of steel, some creativity and some people who would fight for the jersey.

    We would still need to find a striker, someone who will get as close to 20 goals a season as possible. I hate to admit it, but I can't think of anyone except Lafferty, so I hope Ped has a better idea.
    Those additions would improve our competitiveness, which would be a start. Could get us 2nd place, cheaply. I would sell McKay to fund this, Garner for whatever we can get, and no reasonable offer refused on the rest.

    We also have Hardie and Thompson at Raith. Bring a couple more kids through, it is our future. Blood them and see who makes it. Young midfield guy, Burt, lets find out if he is good enough.

    Yesterday hurt, no denying it. But we march on

    • Hardie is one I'm looking forward to and crooks if he gets over his broken leg, and the Motherwell striker. He always seams to score against us.

  13. Rangers fans need to become a little more realistic about improving the squad. You only need to look at the recent accounts to understand that there is no money to buy new players. the club has no lending facility. It cannot borrow money on the markets but relies instead on soft loans from Directors. Anyone who understands business will also appreciate that there is little point in lending the club money as there is every chance the club will not be able to repay that money. The club looses money year after year. This is unsustainable.

    The club needs to reset its cost base. it needs to decide whether it can afford Auchenhowie; it needs to shrink its wage bill. That is before any funds are made available for the much needed maintenance of Ibrox which is looking increasingly shabby.

    This all means that the club is going to have to live within its means; the supporters are going to have to learn to curbs their expectations and the management is going to have to stop talking nonsense about having the best team in Scotland. Realism is required.

  14. Ped needs to be judged when he is able to bring in his own players not on players warbs brought in xmas 2017 is when we should judge ped what position we àre the league after 4 years out of spl we should be concentrating on improving the squad stronger quality it shouldnt be about what we do against celtic only but ànd what needs to done to catch up but i dont tbink kinvg and the 3 bears are going to take us there

  15. I have thought long and hard about what we need to do about our football clubs predicament…there has been many solutions put forward by the bears on this site…but it is becoming very clear that there are 3 individuals that (really dont care or care more about there own bank balance)are more interested in the finances of rangers…I dont know what we could do about these people but they are trying to stangle our free speech by continually stirring up the shitpot…Ask yourself…why do i have a seat at Ibrox?…why do I renew every year?…its because you love THE FAMOUS GLASGOW RANGERS…I have to admit that I dont know a great deal about our current board of directors…but if they are lovers of the gers thats good enough for me…we dont want the rats to take control of our club again…well…do we?

  16. Ibrox Noise can you please write an article stating that we as Rangers fans want Dave King to publicly come out from the dark and speak to us. We want clarity on how much he plans to use for transfers and we want to know what his plans are going forward?! This would be much appreciated. Thanks " IN"

  17. well done Ibrox noise…an article that will promote discussion…but lets hope that you will act on the obvious outcome of this discourse and ban these assholes…Ime very sorry if ive crossed the line and be assured that I will not do such a thing again

  18. Sorry to sound like a broken record – but Pedro is out of his depth and must go now along with whoever made the decision to appoint him. We need to clear out as many of the players as will go in the summer- but in all honesty a good manager can make a difference. Look at Rodgers and what he's achieved at Celtic primarily with Delia's squad. He's only added a couple of players – Sinclair only £1 million more expensive than Garner and Dembele almost 4 times less expensive than Garner. It's about recruiting wisely and Caixinha has shown nothing to suggest that he can be trusted with the limited funds we have. Talk of £30 or £50 million needed is overhyped nonsense. If Rangers can sign 4 or 5 players at around £2 million each to add to the likes of Hodson, Wilson (okay he has a bad game yesterday), Wallace, McKay, Miller – then we can be more competitive- but only with a better standard of manager at the helm.

  19. Warburton has done horrific damage to Rangers, with the long term contracts he gave to sub standard dross. It will cost a lot of money to have a clear out but we haven't any other option. If we can sell McKay and Garner, that would be a start. Tavernier is also a player that we might be able to get a transfer fee for, but beyond that we will probably need to put duds out on loan and pay a proportion of their wages, to cut our wage bill. One way or another, a clear out is a necessity. It will cost a lot more in lost revenue, if we don't clear out some of the dead wood and replace them with leaders. Dave King needs to show leadership and tell us what he plans to do to put things right. Caixinha is a ridiculous choice of manager, but we are stuck with him, so King must give him a chance to bring in decent players with a powerful physical presence. Getting bullied by celtic is unacceptable.

  20. A cool head thinking Dexter. Hard tacking midfielders and ball winners a priority. We could sign Messi but if he doesn't see the ball there is no point. But really of all our needs a new chairman and directors are top of the list. We've been smashed to pieces, physically, mentally, metaphorically every way you look at it. Agreed we don't need mega millions to beat Celtic. We do need cunning, guts and a top class manager. These things are presently not within our club.

    • spot on! walter would sort it out overnight with big alex beside him,that should have been the boards priority to give stability until a long term plan and proper investment was sought. i also beleive the shite direct deal could be costing us up to 15m a season.these situations would probably put them off as they have seen it all before.

  21. Well the events of Saturday have finally forced me to write a paragraph or three for the first time on Ibrox Noise. And thanks to Ibrox Noise for his thoughts and musings over the months and years. Not much to argue against in this posting. Without flogging a dead house that performance was a shambolic disgrace.

    There was a very good analysis by Steven Pressley that firmly and squarely points the finger at the players simply not being good enough to implement the system Pedro used which was sound in its logic. But was Pedro naive in his tactical setup or has he just found out more about the squad in one game which will benefit us in the long run and accelerate squad changes? If he had done a “Walter” and concentrated on defence and we had scraped a draw what would that have told us? That along with the sharing the spoils at Parkhead we’re not far away and signing a player or two and we’re going for our next title win next season. No, what this told us and Pedro too (and this may well have been his intention and wanted to find out in the heat of battle) is that major surgery is required. No 54 shades of grey. This squad just don’t have the necessary ability or consistency to mount a league championship winning campaign.

    I think everyone needs to take a deep breath, keep calm and accept, however much we hate to admit, that no overnight change is going to happen unless a Rangers loving fanatic wins the Euro lottery.

    Quite simply its highly unlikely there is a multi-million pound transfer fee coming our way for the summer ahead. We will have a combination of a few million, at best, from King & Co. We will free up some wages from Hill and Senderos leaving and Toral and Hyndman going back to their respective clubs. And we may well add something to the pot with a few sells such as a Waghorn and a Tavernier or a O'Halloran. We may well have to take anything solid that comes in for McKay.

    Whatever transfer money we have my personal feeling is we have to bite the bullet and look at this as a 12 to 18 month project. There is no use using what funds we have trying to fill all areas of the team. Thats diluting the caliber of the player available. Spreading ourselves to thin.

    Instead I would start at the beginning. Use the vast majority of money available to sort out the defence. Wes is good. But he is not VERY good or anywhere near Woods/Gorman/Klos class. He needs replacing ultimately but our priority for now has to be two international class center halfs and same for a right back. Wallace with Beerman as back up (or vice versa) is sufficient at left back for now. Again this is about maximising what transfer pot we have to get the best available. A striker of quality is needed of course also. Finding a gem like Prso or Jelavić would be perfect but whether we can get someone of that ability for a sensible amount of money is a difficult one. The latter cost us £4 million! Prso was a Free! Can Pedro pull a rabbit out of a hat like that again?

    So by concentrating on defence, for now, we become a very hard team to beat. That means that some of the defeats we have seen this season from the likes of Hearts, Dundee and Inverness will turn into draws and a lot of the draws will become victories and dare I say it a win (or two) against ‘them’ will be celebrated.

    No this will not win us the league for 2017/18 but we are laying the foundations for the following season where we can concentrate on midfield and attack signing players that will win us #55.

    Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was Ibrox. We cannot use limited funds to buy seven or eight players otherwise the likelihood is we are replacing like with like.

    This has to be methodically planned and using the transfer money available in core areas of the team each season along with hopefully youth players coming through we will be in very good shape in a couple of years.

    Sure & Steadfast.

    • There must be 7 ,8 or more managers in the SPL who were not annihilated on their own turf like we were. If we have to come down tiers within the club for change then let's start with a top drawer manager.
      Eveything else is meaningless.

    • Unless Pedro resigns and/or waives a settlement fee if sacked he's not going anywhere anytime soon!

    • As I said in a previous post. We first need a manager who can get the best out of the players at his disposal. This is especially important when your prayers are average at best.
      Can you imagine Saturday's result being the same if we had BR in our dugout? No chance
      So any money spent on Pedros favourites will be wasted as he does not inspire commitment, tactical awareness, winning mentality etc etc…..PLG anyone?

    • LFC Pedro might well. have learned a lot about the players on Saturday but nothing that 40,000 of us fans couldn't have told him without going through total humiliation. On the other hand a good manager recognises his squad limitations and sets his team up accordingly to give the best possible chance of getting a result. Rangers were wide open on Saturday. Leaving Tavenier exposed was always going to be a disaster. Playing Beerman again up against Roberts was actually irresponsible and may well set back a good young prospect's career. The other major worry is that I believe he has already lost the dressing room. The players don't believe in him. Rangers have found their very own Ronny Delia. We need a proven manager to come in and instigate belief in the handful of players that are worth keeping. A good managerial appointment and the signing of 2/3 quaklity players at £2 million a pop will do more to achieve some sort of stability and at least make us competitive over a single game than signing another 9 or 10 bang average journeymen

    • LFC

      Well put and 100% agree.. Build in stages is the only way to go forward, no matter how hard it is for Bears to stomach at the mo. Ped has put 3 bids in all ready let's hope it's for 1 – GK and 2 CB's with experience & youth combined..

      Everybody shouting 55 at the start of the season was deluded end of. Celtic were probably at their worst last season but still won the PL – Aberdeen bottle merchants. BR has transformed that lot and not with 30 million either may I add.

      Even Celtics Youth Teams are playing similar standards to the first 11 that's a fact. Rangers will catch-up on the Youth front that I'm certain. Murty blooding the U17's in the U23's won't hurt them for their future development at the Club.

      Quality over quantity and educating what he has at his disposal is a must. Rangers can't buy titles anymore simple as that. Hard fucking graft and the will to win can go far Rangers time will come!

    • You're bang on the money lads – sadly we are facing the need for a complete rebuild of our football club, from top to bottom, across every department. Successfull clubs are built up over time, brick by brick; our biggest obstacle right now is we are trying to build on shifting sands. The foundations are undermined by, well you name it – court cases involving Craig Whyte, Ashley, Warburton, the takeover panel. Not to mention the fact that our Chairman is a convicted tax criminal, whose only real contributions are ever more expensive legal problems. The Chairmans role is to provide leadership and steer the ship – ours can't even be bothered to turn up and instead hides out in South africa counting his coins or scratching his balls for all i know. Yes they are better than the preiovus board but that's not really saying much. Try comparing them against the Celtic and its clear that we are outclassed by them and not just on the pitch. This is the real problem as I see it. What we need is for this disfunctional board to step aside for more capable men, with the vision to develop a long-term plan to reestablish Rangers, and the discipline to actually carry it out. If the board don't want to go them its up to the fans to force them out, that's what Celtic's fans had to do. What we need in all honesty is a Fergus McCann type-character. Of course while he was there he was not a popular figure with their fans, but the foundations he lay and the financial discipline he imposed; are the reason they recovered and are such a stable and well run club today. I would accept going back to square one and losing most matches against them for the foreseeable future, IF there is hope that one day we will be able to match them as a club and not just on the pitch. As it stands with the current board the SPL may as well leave the trophy at Celtic Park permanently.

  22. ye wid need an archieologist tae pick through aw the prblems, the different posts tells us wit a mess were in ,5 years a fuckin hell and still suffering at their expense.scottish fitba wanted rangers tae suffer,and by fuck we hivnae half.

    • Aye Scooby yur richt there. But they say Karma's a bitch, she'll come along in her ain good time an' fry the Fuckers in Hell.

  23. Cast your minds back to the Scottish Cup semi final and think about the journey from there to now and try and understand how quickly football changes.

    Our team bossed Celtic and passed them off the pitch, closed them down quickly and showed a greater level of desire all over the pitch.

    Warburtons plan was to take a winning team and build a stronger midfield because he recognised that Holt and Halliday are SPFL players but not SPFL dominant players. They can’t control a game, they can mix it but not control a midfield and unlock the defences of the teams in the league.

    He signed Kranjcar, Rossiter and Barton to play as the primary midfield 3 offering a mix of creativity and ball winning combativeness. This is where the money in the squad currently sits. Holt and Halliday should have been backup, Total and Hydman are the replacements for the failed gamble.

    The big mistake we made was backing this plan, difficult situation for the board but they listened to Warburtons plan which would have been ‘these 3 are this seasons 1st team and Windass, Crooks and Rossiter are the future’. The profile of the players is completely wrong. When you sign a France U21 and give him a platform to score goals, his value goes up in 2 mil increments every goal. Sign a English 28 year old journeyman, even if he does sign goals he’ll never be worth the money you paid for him again, the profile excites no-one.

    Rangers need to invest and invest smart, even if its only at the current level. Sign players with a profile that if they succeed people will be interested in signing those players from us to make the club money.

    Not every player can be a France U21 so in some places we need to sign proven players from the SPFL who have proven they can excel in the league and if that weakens the our rivals at the same time then even better. Signing Kenny McLean for example makes us better, Aberdeen worse and brings a player that will require no time to get up to speed.

    As for tactics at the weekend, the players just aren’t available to change things up, pack the midfield is only possible with players that can do a job in there, he had the option or O’halloran, Forester, McKay, Garner… None of which could ‘pack’ a midfield. We couldn’t even move a defender into midfield because they where all injured. Warburtons left the squad in a complete mess and a wage bill where most of the money is going to:

    – Barton
    – Krancjar
    – Rossiter
    – Senderos
    – Hill
    – Miller

    We are where we are and theres no point in pointing the finger at each other, blaming the board or Pedro. We need to be realistic, the money isn’t there at the moment so every penny needs to be spent properly and the board has made some mistakes but they are a new board and they will learn over time just like the rest of us. Don’t back a managers crazy ideas to sign players like Krancjar and Barton for 20k per week!

    • Spot on. And King said as much when Warburton left- they had trusted the manager, shelled out the cash he wanted and it all went tits up when they finally said "no" to what he wanted in January.

      Also to Raynger's post below- totally agree. Miller upsets the balance of any team because he doesn't stay in one bloody place; tries to do the job of the people around him because he doesn't trust them (which, to be fair in some cases is right enough). The last post I made here criticising Miller didn't get published, though. He's the one shining light in the dross for most people, which is understandable. Hyndman has gone totally off the boil- he has no physical presence at all. Waghorn shot of confidence… we're basically not very good. Had me wishing this morning that Barry had got the JJ job- he'd have ignored the order from Pedro to not go into the dressing-room and probably have set it on fire…

  24. It is humbling to add my thoughts after Saturdays Disaster … I stood in the SE Enclosure and wanted to cry it was sore !!! We have to get our Season Books as we have no money ..Pedro has to get his chance but he will have to look far and wide to find some players that will at least do what they are told on the field …I would move on most for what ever cost , it will be painful but it has to be done . Agree that Warburton was backed at least a little and he bought pish !!!

  25. If the extent of the management's vision for next season is to offer Kenny Miller another 12 month deal then we are in for another season of misery.
    OK he may have scored a few goals but that is down to the standard (outside of Septic) of Scottish football and the level of competition in the Rangers squad. The guy cannot pass a ball to save his life and the fact that he has been the stand-out performer in the Rangers team on numerous occasions speaks volumes. Waghorn is a waste of space and Garner is a disaster waiting to happen. The only player in the squad worth getting excited about has been injured for most of the season. It's difficult to take when the level of our great clubs ambition is now to try and be the second best club in Scotland.

  26. Yes realism is required but lets stop bringing in too many loan players and stop bringing in to many players over 30/31/32/33/34/plus let us bring on the young lads and buy good young lads in blood them and i bet they would play a %100 for the club we need young blood but we need our own young lads first.

  27. Agree with the article and most points made in the comments. Can't add much more except that those wanting to see Pedro disappearing into the sunset might not have overly long to wait. Looking at his track record he has had 11 management posts or assistant manager posts since 2003. Mostly with teams I for one haven't heard of. It makes you wonder why that record impressed our Board. It may be that Pedro is one of these people who excell in interviews but can't actually do the job. He talks of developing the youths and bringing them through but he's never been at a club long enough to actually see that operation through. But our board have spent about half a million to prise him from Al – gharafa when he wouldn't have been there much longer anyway. (That club has had 25 managers since 2000). Confused?. I am.

    • 25 managers in 17 years. The way we are goin' we will beat that. It's the only f'kn league we're gonnae top."He talks of developing the youths and bringing them through but he's never been at a club long enough to actually see that operation through." If I may say so Alec, that is a low blow, at one of his clubs he was asked to go after 3 days, another in only 5 days. another in—wait for it— in Madeira he gained 7th place and won 10 games out of 21. Admittedly his other efforts as manager haven't been as good as in Madeira. But honestly, how can you expect a manager to prove his worth in such a short time and obviously in Madeira with shite players?
      On the last point he has jumped out of the fryin' pan and into Hell with the furnace turned up to maximum.
      Being confused is part and parcel of being a Gers supporter these days ma' man.
      Ma mate reckons we should jump back intae administration. Only way to stop the indignity of losing by double figures to the smellies.
      To be honest I think Cax is woeful, even worse than the Loaf who is getting relegated to English Div 3.[I hope]
      As fellow Bears we should no longer be confused. DISGUSTED is the word you are looking for.
      Have a nice day.

  28. The solution is far simpler than many make out.

    The current board need to step down with immediate effect. An extraordinary general shareholder meeting needs called.

    The simple truth must be told. Under current structure the club is non sustainable for two reasons. Lack of income and lack of investment in playing squad meaning we do not have a team anywhere close to good enough.

    Shareholders need given a choice, we either continue as is and the club will make no progress, on or off the pitch. Eventually the soft loans will result in a debt that will lead to a second administration, possibly a second liquidation due to already existing conflicts between parties.

    But there is a second option and one that gives hope. Shareholders need to accept the above and vote for a major new share issue open to new investors. This vital source of revenue is currently being blocked. A new board needs voted in, properly vetted and properly regulated.

    Following this the new regime must not make the same mistakes. The club needs proper structures in place and a management with long term strategic thinking.

    I could do this. Why can't they.

    The fears that there is no other investors is the lie that keeps the current board in power. There are plenty of investors, they just might not be 'rangers men'- they don't need to be.

    • I really wasn't having a go at Pedro so much as our board for recruiting someone with such an uninspiring cv. Fair play to him if he can get the manager's position at a club like ours. However, there must be a reason he hasn't been long enough in any club to develop a youth progression, and he surely didn't get the Rangers position because he won 10 games in Madeira and finished 7th. The money spent to bring him here would have been better spent in the transfer kitty. However I really hope he succeeds. And I am DISGUSTED, and confused.

    • To be honest, the manager is the least of our problems. Although I agree early signs are not good at all. Need to hope he can prove critics wrong.

      Hope that 'wrong man at wrong time' isn't how it turns out. That was my quote about warburton.

  29. Problem is that they are trying to dislodge the fat controller, Ashley. They need to get enough votes at an AGM to allow them to turn their loans into shares, which will dilute his shareholding.
    Missed the last time by under 1%, partly because McCoist forgot to vote or decided not to. His shares would have got it passed.
    Only once that is done can they have a new share issue

    • the vote at last AGM was a ploy by King. The resolution was for a closed share issue to existing shareholders, with ashley barred from the share issue.

      Im glad it failed, and the board publicly leaked the mccoist thing to make him the scapegoat. Mccoist has made many mistakes, not voting for the resolution was not one of them.

      King and the current board are toxic and must go for any hope of progress.

    • E-Chef If it was a ploy by King which I doubt, it was a stupid one I believe that AMC did in fact not even attempt to vote either way , he and King have History . He will always be remembered as a great rangers player , but the rest … disgraceful . The share issue was closed for that reason you are correct to keep Ashley and his allies at bay so they could turn the soft loans into stock and have the new share issue….you know the outcome . There is no easy fix here we need people of Rangers in the Board we have that now , we need a break through with Ashley, to get some income in and perhaps attract the new investment ..Lets stand together and try to make that happen . Who else would you rather owned the club ????

    • Anyone except king. In all honesty the club would be better off under Ashley.

      Sorry you either can't or don't want to understand.

      Coisty was a terrible manager but for board to try and scapegoat him is cowardly and pathetic.

      King and the board have placed keeping control and fighting Ashley above the interests of the club. They have no respect for the law, or the club's fans.

      I'm sorry you cant see this.

    • The club would be better off under Ashley…!! Your having a laugh… can you elaborate?

  30. There is a growing train of thought that Caixinha was put in place by the board to deflect away from their (the boards) dithering and complete lack of ambition. It would make some sense as to why he got the job as I to am still baffled,confused and disgusted with what is going on.

  31. First mistake Pedro made was telling the players summer holidays were reduced to nine days from three weeks ( although he did add another 4 days after the reaction), although that is a good decision to prepare for EU football early on, it doesn't help build a fighting spirit before big game. Why that statement couldn't have waited till this week I do not know, cause for me those players had decided Pedro is not for them already… Us fans think players at our clubs should be willing to do anything for the shirt but none of us would like those changes at our work..

  32. Aye and I wonder were those rumours come from??? More conspiracy theories than 9-11 gen up.. As for Ashley if that Cockey Jabba the Hutt gains control you can forget about Ibrox being called Ibrox.. He's detested at NUFC he might have the odd fan but the majority can't stand the man…

    I'd rather Rangers be called Red Bull Rangers and not Sports Direct F.C – those that support well that's their call as it's a free world.. Those are the ones that call other Rangers fans the thickest in the world for not agreeing with them don't figure eh.. Just sayin

  33. So Narsa is in Vegas!(Sodom & Gomorrah). you can't write this stuff! Plenty money to go around to have a convention there when the True Bears are suffering in Glasgow. Gimme a break. I'm against not turning up at games as it helps no one but to all who are thinking of going to Vegas, think again as you will only get lip service as per usual. It's time to stop catering to this board! Answers needed! Answers required!

    • Ur saying king used rangers money to go to vegas? Now ur having a laugh. As far as the accounts show the board are losing money. Ticket sales don't make anywhere near what the players wages are never mind the rest

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