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Pedro Caixinha has today stunned Scottish football by revealing his first XI for tomorrow’s important trip to Rugby Park 36 hours early. To say the least most fans are pretty astonished by this, albeit credit has to be given to the man for willingly giving debuts to young David Bates and Myles Beerman.

It marks a change in direction for Rangers supporters who are well used to the team never being announced before an hour prior to kick off, and tongues are certainly wagging over Ped’s decision to show his hand over a day before the match starts in earnest.

For those who have not seen it, James Tavernier returns at RB, while David Bates and Danny Wilson make up the defensive duo, with Myles Beerman outside them on the left, with midfield seeing a return for Andy Halliday as Jason Holt and Emerson Hyndman continue respectively. Attack sees Joe Garner flanked by Martyn Waghorn and Barrie McKay.

It is bold, it is ballsy, but is it wise? Such an important match and the cards are on the table already. For those wondering, Lee Wallace, Clint Hill, Rob Kiernan and Philippe Senderos are all unavailable through injury, and Lee Hodson misses out through illness. Five first-team regulars totally out for this one.

At this point the site would like to admit it may have been premature regarding certain criticism of the events in the last match, particularly over the subs. We assumed it was simply ‘madness’ but as time has gone on, but now armed with more facts (unavailable at the time) Caixinha’s reasons have emerged and we have to retract aspects of our comments last time. Unlike other sites, when we get things wrong, or are unfair in hindsight, we hold our hands up to that.

That said, one wonders why Senderos was even on the bench if only 20% fit?

Nevertheless readers, what do you all think of this bold move from the manager? Is it indeed bold or is it complete madness? Has Pedro shown a refreshing new method or is he displaying a naivety regarding Rangers/Scottish football?

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  1. Frankly it doesn't matter when he announces the team what matters is what the team does on the park. It is good to see a couple of new faces getting an opportunity to see what they can do.Roll on the game.

  2. Hi Ed, You got 39 comments for your Rangers v Motherwell appraisal and not all of them agreed with you. I know how passionate you are about Rangers, but I love the honesty with which you write. You tell it how you feel as a die-hard blue nose and guess what – I really like that.

    You apologised for getting carried away a bit about your article, but it was a very interesting insight into how a real Rangers fan feels about dropping 2 points at Ibrox to a team we are expected to beat.

  3. I believe it's nieve. Why give the opposition a heads up on the team to b to exploit our weaknesses never mind when we have so many defensive casualties n got young boys in in ther first first team appearance Jst doesn't seem wise.

  4. How often, during the last managers tenure, were opposition managers able to predict how the 'Gers would line up and play. So easy was it, they were able to know, in advance, even when substitutions were likely to be made. Now, it may be unusual, but surely, the point should be that any side wearing the light blue, should be difficult to beat? Never mind the formation, never mind the tactics, If you pull on the jersey you play in the way the manager tells you.
    Meanwhile, the opposition should be worried about how their going to counter us! I agree, it should not matter a damn, if Lee McCulloch, or anyone else knows in advance. We need to beat them all!

  5. So we can expect Bates and Beerman to be noised up and got at from the kick off to the final whistle.And everyone under the sun getting in their faces between now and the game itself. As if the pressure on these kids wasn't enough the Portugese clown has just turned the spotlight into a burning inferno. Lets hope it doesn't cause them a meltdown.Naive and headline grabbing. If we get beat he has shown his excuse. I applaud bringing the young lads in and would like to see Burt and Dodoo get their chance but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.Not impressed at all.

    • Have you lost it? It makes no odds when the team news comes out. How the players play is all that matters. Bates is not young, he is 20 years old with plenty of experience in first teams. Beerman is young, yes but the boy came from Manchester City who were willing to flout the rules to sign him (which they were almost done for!) so I am sure he can also handle himself. You only need to look at Kieran Tierney for inspiration that young players can handle themselves in pressure situations given the chance. Its created a buzz about a game no one would normally have given a toss about and I for one think it is a breath of fresh air!

    • No I have not lost it. If you had read what I said you will have noted that I am all for giving the young lads their chance. To put extra pressure on them and giving Kilmarnock the heads up two days before the game is bloody stupid and unnecessary. You might not give a toss but this is a very important game for Rangers and equally important for the young lads. I wish them well.

  6. I hope Burt is on the bench. We need to show a clear path to the first team for young players, to attract and retain the best.

  7. I think it stinks of unprofessionalism and utter naivety. Like others commenting I don't see why he's gone ahead and announced it so early. It hasn't given us any advantage; probably quite the opposite.

    With Saturdays hectic shambles and now this he's not filling me with a great deal of optimism in his appointment.

  8. At last , now no one will be able to predict how we play as knowing in advance about player availability is always common knowledge with regards to injury . Pedro has shown that we have a plan A,B and C . Wait and see guy's we might just have settled for third place but at least we can never be tagged predictable . Btw the two lads Bates and Beerman are no shrinking violets.

  9. I'm sure that Pedro is certainly not naive. The odds are heavily stacked against us finishing above Aberdeen so maybe he's announced the team now in the hope that the new boys ARE put under extra pressure as they're likely to be in against celtic in the semi. This game will give him a chance to see how they perform.
    I'm looking forward to seeing them.

  10. the first thing I would like to say is I commend you IBROX NOISE for your honesty,integrity,and serious and very strong comments on the position of our very great and loved football club…but I have to say that we will eventually come out of this bad period…oh you say…how would you know?..the reason is obvious…we have the best and I mean best fans in the whole wide world…the money we spend kept us alive in the lower leagues,and will keep RANGERS alive forever…nobody.when you think can really hurt us…we are the people.

    • we also have fantstic connections in football & financial terms that are ot being explored. strengthen the board with people like coll, brian kennedy,w.smith & souness.Also look at the ex players who would be happy to contribute in some capacity from laudraup to albertz in overseas scouting roles, the board need more vision.

    • Jim McColl wants no part of it.He apparently said he was lucky his bid was unsuccessful and scraped by by the skin a his baws.

  11. Sorry, but we were once one of the biggest clubs in Europe and now we are debating if its right for the manager to announce his team, for a very important game, the day before the game? Are you for real? That is no way for a Sunday League team to behave, its no way for a manager of a club with the history we have to behave and its no way for fans to behave….he should be getting a new one ripped for turning us into a fuckin circus….oh wait a minute, that comes from the top down, the nutcases seem to be running the asylum right enough.

    We don't need fuckin stunts and clowns, we need RESULTS and effort….I am all for change, but this isn't change, this is not how to behave and not what is expected of a manager of Cambuslang Rangers, never mind Glasgow Rangers.

    Win, lose or draw….we don't need to attract this type of press and lay ourselves open to even more ridicule….take a step back and think guys….its not very clever.


  12. I don't think it's an issue, even if he hadn't named the squad we would have been told about the injures like normal well before the game. We knew Bates would be able to jump in Danny obv choice and beermans did get the bench against hamilton under murty, we knew Tav was going to be back and really the only changes are Miller has been dropped and halliday starts before toral, hardly something we or any other manager couldn't predit.

    I doubt he will name his squad again, I mean he didn't do it first 2 games but now there is a situation with injuries which is common knowledge meaning he had to speak about it so really I think it was just down to that.

    In terms of the squad and giving the young guys a chance I'm really impressed. I hope Bates grabs it with both hands and steps up, I doubt he will have a lot to do against the lone striker but if he can use his height in a commanding fashion while both in attack and defence I'm sure he will be able to keep kiernan out the squad.

    The remainder of the season is still going to be tight, Aberdeen still play us twice and celtic, it's a long shot but not impossible. We are RANGERS….THE CRY WAS NO SURRENDER. Let's get into this mob the night and kick on for the rest of the season.


  13. Ditto everything big bear said as always will depend on results if we win comfortable he looks a genius if we lose he looks a idiot

  14. Can those who voted yes said that he was right to announce the team so early tell me why he was right to do so? Or is it more a case that you think he wasn't wrong, more than he was actually right?

  15. This group of chancers they don't deserve to be called players are the worst we've ever had at our great club. Total clear out is required.

  16. One word to describe this team POOR!! Could have played till 7:45 tomorrow night n still would have scored. Takin hyndman off surely he wud have been better on the park than Halliday n holt alway capable of scoring a goal n Miller not starting don't understand it. KEEP Miller n Wallace for a GERS base get rid of the rest in summer n start a fresh.they make Conner sammon look gd n that's saying something.

  17. bluebells I understand why he took off the american…he wont be a rangers player next year…agree with you on wallace and kenny…the young laddies done brilliant dont you think? anyway lets keep in our minds that we are the people and we will win in the end.

  18. wow i tell you all is this the short term replacement new Manager starts in Aug he was wrong again,better than that he will do well to keep his job if he dont win Scottish cup tie and then Scottish cup and beat Selltic in the last game now that is some task MW the second.

  19. The question you have to ask is what did Rangers gain by announcing the team early? Absolutely nothing – while Kilmarnock could only gain from knowing our team so far in advance. In a game that was a must win and with a group of players that need every advantage they can get to beat anyone in the league – this was a poor decision that showed a lack of judgement and inexperience at the top level. Sure it is too early to judge Pedro – and we need a total clear out in the summer – but we can't afford to make mistakes purchasing players this time around. The finances are bad enough without buying a new team every season. My fear is that Pedro doesn't know enough about Scottish football to know what is needed. The whole idea of a local coach is dragging on. Why? He's apparently interviewed all the likely candidates – why the delay? I can see why Pedro is trying to give everyone in the squad a chance to see what they can do – but never mind second place -St Johnstone are breathing down our necks for third place (if we lose to Aberdeen and they beat Inverness the pressure will be on). At this time we need consistency and confidence the rough out the team. Two heavy defeats to Celtic and missing out on third place and European football – and Pedro's reign may be very short lived indeed!

    • he'll b gone by christmas, and im the biggest bluenose u'll meet but im also a realist , this is going to end up another le guen sceario as they just don't understand managing a club like ours, you have to feel it.

  20. Has to be said the replacements stepped up to the mark when called. A shaky start granted for both and then they settled Rangers again should've won with that many efforts at goal and corners. A few I think want Ped to fail so they can be proved right and that's just bollocks. A few shrewd dealings in the summer get rid of deadweight and look to use the development team. I'd have McKay and Trav away the day plus Halliday obv Senderos Kierman Hill.. Keep Miller to help with coaching and backup player..Just my opinion

  21. If it was Dick Advocaat doing it with the team he had then it would be fair enough as he had a team people would fear.

    Pedro gained no advantage doing this and simply gave encouragement to Killie.

    He needs to stop talking so much, especially about other teams, and focus on getting the basics right instead of trying to show people how clever he is

  22. agree with you BT…pedro made a faux pas but ime sure he will improve his performance as time goes on…as long as we dont lose our european slot that is a must…(thanks for your quick response editor IBROX NOISE fully understand your position)

  23. Spot on BT .. Pedro needs to button it …its important he gets the team he wants for next season , so he should keep his council and wait and decide who he keeps .

    • That's counsel,pal LOL.I remember wee Lemmon was fond of that saying for a while.I'll stick my neck out right now and say this guy is not for us,he's took us backwards already.Players are supposed to burst a gut to impress a new manager but I'm seeing no evidence of this.We will finish behind St Johnston at this rate and we should have gotten Tommy Wright in the first place as manager,I've said it all along.

  24. Poor performance. Little or no football played. So disappointed.
    I feel for the fans who pay money to see this dross.
    Sometimes I feel like I've dodged a bullet because I can't get to any games anymore.
    I think Pedro will get it right but be fair to the guy!
    He's inherited a bunch of randoms close to the end of a season!
    Settle down. Play fair!

  25. Very worrying performance, forget 2nd and the cup the real priority is holding off st Johnston for 3rd.

    Aberdeen will give us a painful lesson if we perform at the same level.

    Only positives were solid performances from Bates and Beerman.

    Ps – were is this "iniment" director of football? More to the point were is the plan?

  26. I tell you what I'm deflated by the state of our team right now. I really hope investment comes. It's going to take a lot of money to get us fighting at the top. Im also being honest here and knowing I may get some flack, but I don't think Pedro is the right man for us going forward. Too much of a risk. I would have liked to see a good Scottish manager come in and do a job.

  27. Just watched the Sheepsheggars fall apart in the last 15 mins, cause they were knackered,, That's the most solid defensive display I've seen since Uncle Walter against the beggars, well done Bates, Beerman, Wilson and Tav, absorbing all the pressure and fecked them in the counter, it was classic Gers today,, We need to give Pedro time to get his own players in,, but today was the biggest win against those feckers since 2007,,Dodoo needs a run in this team, he showed his class today, more than Garner and Waghorn put together,, a killer pass,,and a killer goal,, however, consistency is the key,, no use winning today and drop points against Partick next week,, but hopefully we can take a lot from todays game. A good day today,, but need to bury Partick next week!!! Cmon!!!

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