This is how much Rangers must spend this summer

Article by: Greg Roots
For various reasons, I have not written for a while and did not plan on writing another article until early May. However, goings-on at Rangers in recent times have made me want to put my thoughts onto ‘paper’ and express how I feel about the current situation at the club.

Firstly, a belated welcome to Pedro Caixinha. He will be the focus of my point, but I have not had the chance yet to use this site as a forum to welcome him to the club.

I had only known of Pedro previously due to him being linked to the assistant’s job at the end of the 14/15 season with a view to taking over under Vítor Pereira, but we lost heavily in the playoffs and the deal fell through. Almost 2 years later, after laterally lingering in 5th place in the Qatari league the dynamic Portuguese gaffer is in the Ibrox hot seat. I must say, his attitude is very exciting and I think in the long run he will be a refreshing change to the stale Warburton’s loaf that sat in the dugout earlier this season.

Exciting football and experimental tactics are one thing, but winning the league is a totally different ball game. New figures have just been released and they suggest that Celtic’s wage budget is approx. £15m a year more than ours. Our real problem does not, in my opinion, lie with the manager just now. It lies within the accounts of the club.

I am not claiming to be raising an innovative point here, everyone knows we lag miles behind Celtic financially. However, I do not think Pero Caixinha is the calibre of manager who can ignore financial constraints and get us back to competing on a shoe string budget. He needs a substantial kitty to get us in the same stratosphere as competing with Celtic.

It is difficult to quantify exactly how much we would need to spend this summer to be on a par with Celtic, but if you consider that their wage budget is £15m greater and they are superior in every starting 11 position (with the addition of a £4m winger) then I would say that £25m upwards needs spent before we are on a par. And even at that, if we spent that to level with them, they’re capable of pushing the boat out and spending to reassert their dominance.

The point to this? Pedro needs massively backed this summer and the backing needs to be even greater thanks to Warburton’s disastrous transfer dealings during his tenure at Ibrox; there is only so much anyone can do with this squad, and serious financial backing is needed to make Rangers credible at the summit of the SPL again.

Here’s hoping Pedro gets that support.

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  1. This is exactly why we needed an old hand with experience of Scottish football at this stage in our recovery rather than another experiment. Quite simply £25m or even £15m isn't going to happen – so start with we needed someone who will make us first and foremost difficult to beat. Pedro may well be an exciting choice in different times but nothing in his CV suggest he has the nous or experience to turn things around on a restricted budget. One final thought if HMRC finally lose the big tax case – should Rangers not have a case to sue for the devastating season mpact on the reputation sand market position of the club?

    • Good points Dexter, I believe we would have a strong case but it will cost a lot of money. Solicitors don't come cheap and there's no guarantee of success. I share your reservation over the new manager but hopefully the local assistant will help him to understand Scottish football quickly.

    • Without a doubt the board have taken a massive gamble with Pedro. He talks well but so did Warburton. The Motherwell game and the media reaction will have been an eye-opener for PC. The board must unreservedly give him the 100% backing he deserves. Interesting times ahead so let us give Pedro our unconditional support.

    • No – because the 'big tax case' as it's known was not the reason Rangers entered Administration and beyond. The 'small tax case' where Craig Whyte withheld tax that was taken off enmployees and used it as working capital, is what did for the club. The Big Case did make it virtually impossible for DM to sell the club to someone other than a scavenger like Craig Whyte, but that's Murray's fault as EBTs were decidedly dodgy. I can't see any result other than a HMRC victory here, as it will set a precedent and allow them to recoup millions from others who used the scheme.

    • I said at the time Tommy Wright was the man,easily checked up.This fud has taken us back the way already.Players generally bust a gut to impress a new boss,I'm seeing no evidence of this at all in fact the opposite.

  2. 15m a year from merchandise would b a starting point,but we know all about that?.SHITE DIRECT.My kids do not ask for gers merchandise anymore, that's the reality of the situation. but the board need to show more in the way of enterprise.

  3. I agree, we are so far behind its bordering on the embarrassing, and so far behind Aberdeen, it is totally embarrassing……10 points behind them and 30+ behind Celtic…you can dress that up any way you want, I prefer the truth, its a fuckin embarrassment.

    I cant believe people still think King, can or ever will invest any money in us…Hot off the press for those who have been asleep the past 3yrs….He has NO money to invest…and even if he did he cant move it out of SA….and that's the truth….he has made us toxic and poisoned us so we can not attract any investment, any IPO or shares issues…so where we are going to get the £20+m we need is a bit of a mystery.

    There never has been or ever will be a war chest for this or any manager, its all lies and bluster but until people understand and appreciate the gravity and serious position we are in with him, the longer it will take to turn round….within two weeks we will see what money he can borrow for his concert party dealings….perhaps this is what we need to be rid of him…..


    • We all agree this season has been a disaster but I don't believe it would take vast sums to really compete next year.Surely we can pick 5 defenders who can defend which would have a huge difference to our points taking the Motherwell game as an example. As for investment is concerned we have one Mr McCoist ensuring the board don't reach the 75% threshold to open the club up to major investment.i don't blame King as I remember what the crew that were there before taking money out of Rangers on an industrial scale.Has he got everything right no but I would rather have a Rangers man in charge rather than the leeches we have had in the recent past.

    • Agree Big Bear at last someone else who does remember those charlatans that nearly destroyed us. Again I say King and Co are doing all the right things ..there is no one else waiting in the wings no one !!!!! Please wise up Rangers fans if we can get the Fat Twat deal fixed then it can get better…but remember we still need the season ticket money badly to exist ..WATP

    • Agree Big Bear at last someone else who does remember those charlatans that nearly destroyed us. Again I say King and Co are doing all the right things ..there is no one else waiting in the wings no one !!!!! Please wise up Rangers fans if we can get the Fat Twat deal fixed then it can get better…but remember we still need the season ticket money badly to exist ..WATP

  4. The fat cockney could wipe the floor with SEPTIC if he was remotely interested in us, unfotunately he's just another scavanger who fed off us. For a so called smart buisnessman he's no that f***** smart or he would sold newcastle and made a club with worldwide acclaim a sucsess in champions league terms with only celtic to beat for the opportuity to enter every season,thus raising his & rangers profile , but r accutley aware how he operates.which s why we the fans must get him out, he would NOT get away with this had it been septic, he would ave been gone long ago. the sfa would have made sure of it in support of mr. sporting integrity.

  5. Agree totally with GordoRFC. You have to be living in cloud cuckoo land to think that 25 million will be invested. King hasn't got it or won't do it. There is no Nomad in place for external investment and merchandising deal is still crap plus court cases coming up.

    Only financial light I see is additional revenue from a European run in Europa Cup. We are going to be in the gutter level when it comes to transfer dealings. And as for a new contract for Miller – 37 – 6 goals this season – no.

  6. the fat knob knew what he was doing,which is why he he would never go near celtic.he exploits the weak for his benefit. do you honestly think lawless would enterain his money?

    • That's usually what good business men do… but you have to remember he's in charge because of the board and that the current board oversaw that business move as part of the last board.

  7. Lets hope Pedro can find some gems on the cheap and Kenny Miller should be given some sort of role in the new setup.

  8. Who are you you Diddy…The unwashed are not that good Brenda can Slaver all the pish he likes …..Look out

  9. I would take a punt at £35 million to bring in players and hope we bring in a gem or two the wages for those new players i have no idea what a real good player would take as his lowest wage,but we need £35 million now or it will go up in tens each season we hold back from huge investment.

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