Rumour: is forgotten man to make shock return against Celtic?


Increasing speculation is doing the rounds with the shock news that forgotten man Andy Halliday could be set to return against Celtic tomorrow.

The 25 year old midfielder has found chances sparing since Pedro Caixinha took charge in Govan, while similarly fighting off a hamstring injury that destroyed his March and early April, but claims are being made that he is set to take his place in midfield tomorrow in a bid to get Ped a win on his Old Firm debut.

It is unknown as yet who he would be replacing, or even if he would be defensive or attack minded in midfield, but it adds to the intrigue which surrounds the build up to this game, with the Wes Foderingham story still milling around as well.

One thing is for sure, it is a heck of a lot less predictable than we are used to recently, and whoever is selected will be expected to give everything, be it Halliday or not.

Naturally, we will find out the truth tomorrow.


  1. Andy you were ok today. Just using this as a quick shout out to all bears, had to forsake my ticket yesterday to a pal as I got bad flu, but after todays score, I am still and always follow follow. RTID. Jim t Belfast

  2. I think everyone is in shock after that performance, though it is hardly unexpected, it was the manner in which we were trounced….that was the most embarrassing first 45min I have witnessed in an old firm game in over 50yrs watching them….an old firm game where they did not commit one foul in 45min, purely because they didnt have to and none of our lot got close enough to warrant a challenge….absolute embarrassment, gutless, clueless and a disgusting showing.

    2nd half was marginally better but until the final 10min and 2.0 down, we decided to try and get a goal, Miller again was the only one who looked capable of scoring…Waghorn & Garner showed, in different ways, just where their standards are, and its not here that's for sure.

    We looked 2nd rate and 2nd class and that's really not because they are a great side, not even a very good side, but they are still miles better than us, but that's what most people seem to have signed up for with the people in charge, so you get whatr you pay for and you make your bed and lie in it!!!

    Here are some predictions, next week we will rollover and not stop them from going undefeated all season, we will end the season at least 35 points behind them…in 3rd place and once again there will be no money to strengthen….and that's just on the football front, who dares to dream the results of up coming court cases, key one the Court of Session ruling on the TAB result…which could be the most serious of all …. nice one Dave, the excitement on the park is pretty dull but with your up coming court cases against …ummm everyone, the entertainment value is maintained.


  3. ye know when ur outsung without a responce then things r bad, ye would've thought we were @ the piggery.(shocking). It wisnae like that in my younger days following the bears.Hope the same dinae happen next week.

  4. On that performance Halliday should never pull on the jersey again! He actually stopped and allowed McGregor to run free of him for the first goal. You can't be faulted for being a limited player – but you can for not giving 100%'in an Old Firm game!

  5. Today was an abomination. No fight, no heart. It was F***ing rank rotten. Caixhina got it wrong, very wrong! We have a week to learn from it otherwise it'll be the same thing next week lads and that I don't think I could stomach that

  6. Am pissed off Halliday was out of his depth but he was the best we had today
    could we give him one more chance like next week maybe not.
    there are more who need to move on i would be happy too pay top wages to five top players than pay 30 has beens five top players and the rest young lads let us do it that way.

    • ped should have played toral instead of AH john, also should have put hodgson in and moved tav in front of week i think he got to start with windass miller & dodoo up top and the three of them should change occasionally to unsettle their centre backs.waggy & garner should left mc kay in behind them rather than out wide with hyndman and holt in there.

  7. Guys, let's be honest, Celtic are miles ahead of us and the only way we are going to close the gap is MONEY and a much higher standard of player. Unfortunately I can't see anything changing soon as Mr King ain't putting any on the table. As for Halliday, Waghorn and Garner, please show them where the exit door is. Enough of this crap.

    • Oh dear I'm as sickened and disgusted I'm still in shock it was the worst yet. Not sure who is worth keeping from all of them . Caixanha look bamboozled ! Garner and Waghorn and Tavernier and Halliday over and out please please for what ever money we can get. Bates Beerman can learn to get better I think … Wilson too slow Its going to be pain on Saturday again unless we just go for it …trouble is they have so much to hurt us if we do . Rangers are in a mess I agree .. but remember withholding the Season Ticket Money will only make it much much worse

  8. if walter were to take the job he would show brenda up and win the title next year,but the current offield problems wuld be even difficult 4 him to deal with the board included.its a mess top to bottom.more court apperances than points on the table. need a board with vision and financial clout to take on ashley and his like.jim mc Coll should be touted by fans.

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