A picture says a thousand words


There is simply not a lot we can say today.

The worst Old Firm loss at Ibrox in Rangers’ long and proud history, the biggest loss at Ibrox possibly to anyone in history, and a Rangers side which is not worthy of the name.

Rangers are currently a complete disaster, bumbling from one shambles to another, and teasing us occasionally with an unpredictably good display before crushing us again with another atrocity of humiliation.

Make no mistake – this was the worst Old Firm result in both score and performance of all time. Sure, the first 20 minutes did show a bit of fight from the home side, but we were already 0-2 down by that point.

The rest? Just not Rangers, and any Bear who saw it as Rangers is looking through different lenses than I.

The headline picture sums us up, and I cannot envisage anything better next season.

Lost for words.


  1. Miller was the only one with any passion today. The rest need to get out of our club now. If we could afford it I'd love for the entires squad to be shown the door… they jist looked like they didn't care at all

  2. Dave KIng should do one and go if not come out in the open and speak loud and clear to us all, we've now had enough!!!

  3. There's no grit and no determination. Celtic were unrelentless. Today for me was enough. It was grim to say the least.

  4. The worse ever but where do we go? these, and I don't like to call them players have a few years left yet, some even got extended even before the untested Premier season, some have one year but we don't have funds to pay, no-one above 3rd tier in England will touch them and severance pay will be high and rumor going around the net is the budget next season is 3M and you would presume that must include payment fees as well as wages,Mediocrity for the for foreseeable future

    • It's grim as fuck looking but just have to suck it up.. Don't mind getting beat aff a better team just as long as they show effort and some class.. Garner fouling players then laughing we don't need that type of shite 😡😡

  5. I have watched Rangers for many years approx. 75 and feel that we need a clear out of about 6 or 7 players and in the next transfer window hope that that manager gets enough money to bring in better players
    As i have said before i believe that he needs to look to Europe to find players that are good enough to play for Rangers
    In any case he can sell or get rid of about 6 or 7 players that were never good enough

  6. We cant blame Ped as its all Warburtons players, we need funding for players in the summer, but this is 100% the worst Rangers team of all time. We got bullied, looked scared and powder !!

    • sorry mate but manager sent them on the park with no plan, so he has to take some blame irrespective of what players actually played..Christ Hamilton and Inverness put up a better display against them than we did

    • DON'T AGREE DAVEY. Cax is the bloody manager and put out a team of fuckin' wimps and smiled after the game. HE IS RESPONSIBLE for no tactics, no hope and no interest whatsoever in the once proud history of Rangers.
      Every player not wanted should NEVER play for Rangers again.The manager HAS TO GO NOW.
      The players do not sweat for this manager. His time is up.
      Lucky to get 10,000 at next home game.
      There has to be a MASSIVE CLEAROUT. Money will not solve this problem. Look at the managers history.

    • Is funny how the manager is to blame. After last week people were complaining about garner starting over dodoo and bates over hill and Halliday on the park. Today he did what most people wanted and it still didn't work with the other players. The problem is the players don't care. They get their pay checks anyway and aren't bothered about winning. We should stop buying dudds from the English leagues and buy good Scottish based players. Most of celtics team were from other Scottish teams that wanted to step up …
      the players weren't even chasing down and tav seems to shout at everyone else when he makes a mistake. I was surprised miller never took him off the park. Coward of a player and thinks he's better than he is

    • yes the manager is to blame,,,he got a pass last week as it was his first 'OF in charge so he had a week to coach and create a plan ..the fact that his team on his terms using his tactics were all missing….YES it was his fault as much as the punters wearing the jersy.

    • Stuart

      I agree with most of what you said there mate bang on. Ped still has to take some of the rap as he is the Manager some strange selections and formations mate the last two games.. Ultimatley the players bar Miller are gash. The boys Beerman & Bates will learn from this. Agree with Tav get him bolted

    • Don't talk pish Stuart – Tavernier is one player who tried throughout and probably saved us from a worse hammering. He must have looked around him and thought "who are this bunch of clowns I'm playing with". Caixhinha needs to sort this bunch out fast or he will be leaving himself soon. Every other SPFL team has a budget a fraction of ours and doesn't get rolled over like this.

    • Tav was trying? He amount of times
      Wilson was at the corner flag covering for him was constant. Tav was usually out of position which was why Sinclair had so much space

    • Taverneir is rank rotten how many times this season have we lost goals cause he was missing as a right back…..he is hopeless and always tries to cover up his faults by shouting at someone else…sell if we can this player is pish!

    • Doesnt matter wit formation/tactics you use with they players your going to get the sane results against the better teams, how is tht the mabagers fault. Yous havent even gave him a transfer window to buy his own players. Support him instead if slating him.

  7. We need a clear out of the dead wood in the squad. Kiernan,Wilson,Tavernier,Hyndman,Garner,Waghorn,McKay and Toral, should all be kicked out for whatever money we can raise from them. We need to free up wages to sign up a spine to our team, that can go toe to toe with those pricks. Two young aggressive centre halves and a ball winning midfielder in the Alex Rae mould are essential for next season. We also need a striker who can stick the ball in the back of the net. We need investment and if King doesn't have the money I'm terrified that we won't be able to stop them getting to nine!

    • O halloran is the worst of the lot, a celtic supporter who should never have been signed in the first place!

    • Hyndman and Toral are only on loan and so will go back to their retrospective clubs. I mostly agree with you but certainly don't with Wilson. When Kiernan was the one fucking up the defence Wilson got the brunt of the abuse. When Kiernan was at fault 90% of the time. When Bates was playing Wilson held his own position while actively mentoring Bates; he was literally telling and showing Bates were to go. I would certainly keep him.

      But for the rest that you mention they should be swiftly shown the door along with a few others. We'll need to take a loss on the £1.8m we shelled out on Garner but getting rid of him will at least free up a wage.

    • Before today I thought the same as you about Wilson, but he was very poor today. He might be ok as a squad player, but we need a better defender than Wilson, if we are to at least win an old firm game next season.

    • What's O'Hallaran being a Celtic supporter got to do with anything?

      Hyndman and Toral are loaners who will be gone anyway. No one will buy the players you listed and the money isn't there to punt them.

    • You mean 15. Minimum. Where is the money to stop them? No money means no buying good players. No money means not attracting a good manager to develop players without money. No money means having to sell anyone half decent for a pittance. Every year they will rake in Champions League money, steal players for nothing and sell them for millions. I can't work out how they can be stopped. It's depressing.

    • Warburton might take some of them off our hands if we agree to waive a transfer fee. The money is going to have to be found to punt them or we are fucked for a long time to come! As for O Halloran he's nowhere near Rangers class and has a very poor attitude. Refusing to play for the reserves is a disgrace, but when we sign a celtic supporter who isn't good enough to play for them, we can expect problems with the players character.

  8. This team, management and KING need to gtf. Broken promisses,lies and of course the lack of information as to what is really going on with this shift less board.
    I will stop there.
    Very upset.

  9. The only positive was that it was just the 5 they scored, should have been much worse, every time they came forward they looked like scoring. Warburtons players but Ped's tactics which were all wrong for the 2nd game in a row. Big clear out needed but guarantee it won't happen, as there's no money to pay them off and most are on extended contracts and nobody is going to bid for anyone. Numb, just numb after watching that!

  10. Pedro was a poor choice of manager there was absolutely no organisation.A system of zonal marking was a disaster. How can Graeme Murty with virtually the same players get a result at theirs its because he knew what is required to compete in Scottish football Pedro has not got a clue I would have each player he intends to bring in to be independly vetted to see if they would add value.

    • Absolutely agree. Murty did a better job. Everyone can see the midfield is the main problem. I know we have no fit defensive midfielder but these days decent coaches can organise a better setup than we had. Too many changes. Bates still deserved a game. Waghorn didn't. This guy has put the first nail in his coffin

  11. Listening to the game at work..Gutted for those Bears who went to go and watch that massacre!

    Warburton & McParaland built that squad and pissed what little transfer money there was up the wall.. Joe Garner is never ever a Rangers player period and a good few more. Those three getting any kind of payoff boils my piss…

    Ped the simple fact is this you've got to do much better than what you've done so far. Not your squad will only wash for so long and some of your set ups and selections have been scary the last two OF games… Outplayed by that lot twice don't they have any fucking PRIDE!

    • Don't rate Garner either but when he came on he showed more fight and passion than the rest of them put together, Miller excepted.

  12. This time last year we beat Celtic in the SC semis – resulting in lots of season ticket sales and no major transfer budget from King and Co. Maybe the silver lining is that he will now have to show what money (if any) he has to spend on players. Otherwise Ibrox will be at best half full next season.

  13. Being man enough to accept defeat and praise opponents where it is due is something we have to get used to. Today we were bullied, manipulated, made a fool of and beaten up in every aspect of the game…so hold your hands up, we were gubbed by a vastly superior team today, and have been all season.

    The cold hard facts seem to be kicking people into action/reaction and its not before time. For too long there has been little or no dissent to the omnishambles that is the once great Glasgow Rangers. On the park we are out of our depth when we stand up to be counted, we have been humiliated 5 times this season already….yet another sad record has been smashed today, our worst ever home defeat at Ibrox doesn't tell the whole story…it was way worse than a 5.1 thumping…we were awful.

    Off the field the clusterfuck that is our BoD are about as hot as the team on the park, two cheeks of the same arse, both useless and both doing their level best to humiliate and make us the laughing stock of the football world….and that's the only good job they are doing.

    Get use to it, because this is the new norm, we cant get rid of the deadwood that masquerade as footballers because we cant afford to replace any of them and will only replace them like for like, freebies, journeymen and loaners. We are fucked basically, we have no get out of jail free card here, only thing going to jail may be King.

    Can you blame the manager for being humbled and humiliated twice in a week? …yes you can, he picks the team and sends them out with his instructions. Can you blame the players? Damn right you can and rightly so, they have been found to be wanting in all the big games and have shown their mettle …..or lack of!!! When they cross the line they do so carrying the hopes and aspirations of millions, I think they cant handle that pressure as they are not at a level trained or equipped to do so….they are low league standard players and have shown that all season.

    36 points adrift, our largest ever home defeat, our fans being humiliated and mocked in our own fuckin ground….embarrassing all the way and the pain and fallout for this shambles will start to gather pace I hope….people need to make their disgust known, and come out and pin the blame where it lies, fair and squarely.

    All season some of us have been sayin this was going to happen and that those running our club were not fit for purpose…has that message sunk in yet? Having a parasite fraudster as chairman has never been a very clever idea, the proof of that pudding can now be seen….even Mr Magoo can see that they need to be replaced, they are not fit for purpose and have nothing to offer …. they really are a busted flush and for those who still think King is our man…what you have seen today and all season is as good as it gets….these are the new standards we have set….we knew we were never going to challenge for the league but I'm pretty sure many, like myself, hoped we could at least compete and fight in the 4 OF games, but it really doesn't surprise me any more … our chairman is exactly what we need just now, according to some, well not in my name it isn't….a clusterfuck of an omnishambles …..sad day for fans who have stuck by the team and ponied up when asked…Willie Henderson said we need £50m to get up there….anyone care to argue with that great man today?


    • Great who is going to invest in Rangers please list the names of the investors who are going to invest millions in us. Gutted though we all are I remember when they were getting from us regularly but they turned it round and what we must remember is what goes down comes up and we will be back

    • The interesting thing is that the respective squads have not changed that much since the SC semi-final. Yet the gap has become enormous.

    • The gap was quite large then too. People forget it was a draw with a penalty shootout​ victory, in a one off game and a result that was considered so bad that Deila lost his job. But that was never a measure of where the teams were, the result didn't reflect the gap then, but it does now.

  14. All this crap about the manager not having his players. It was his tactics, not the players. IT IS MY BELIEF THAT THESE PLAYERS ARE NOT THE WORST IN THIS LEAGUE. yet they collapsed and surrendered again as a team. That ladies and gentlemen is the bottom line.
    King needs to step up. With money yes. but the club on all levels is devoid of guts.
    Strange as it is, Jock Wallace has come to mind lately on numerous occasions. The great man must be dizzy turning in his grave.
    I am convinced Jock Wallace would have competed with Celtic having these same players now available to Caxinho.
    I honestly believe that is the difference and that the Board's choice of manager is wrong once again.

    • Pedro hasn't a clue, get rid immediately. We can't hang on for any promised turnaround, it won't happen. Board are culpible for Pedro's appointment. Why didn't we harness Ashleys wealth?!!!

    • Ken

      We didn't 'harbour' anyone's wealth because it wasn't Dave King's way….his way has been to remove ALL income streams and ALL financial responsibilities and reporting so he can do what he has….delist and make us reliant only on loans….which can only come from he and his fellow concert party.

      He will be crying very soon and looking for sympathy when the CoS upholds and does the TAB ruling…it will be everyone else's fault and he was only doing what's best for the club…I can see it now…


  15. Brendan Rogers has turned Celtic around largely with the same players. Most of whom by the way are Scottish.

    • Of the Celtic match day squad of 18 only 7 were Scottish. 11 are foreign. Don't state rubbish as though it is fact. Also "turned round" Celtic? – they'd already won the league 4 years in a row when he turned up! You are a fucking idiot savant (see what I did there?).

    • True he has.. Celtic were pish last yr and Aberdeen couldn't have had a better chance to lift the title but they bottled it.. Rangers have made that mob look good every time bar the Murty game.. That said it's getting rid of the shite that's at Ibrox bringing in players & wages.. Where are the SCOUTS and who the fuck are they??? Albertz – Newman – VB – Ferguson – De Boer – Laudrup where are all the connections they've got for help? Quick enough to take the money we paid them

    • Idiot savant…touche, but not very original. And don't be pedantic….five of Celtic's starting team today were Scottish, six if you include Forrest. And are you seriously suggesting that Celtic this season are not on a different level to Ronnie Deila's side? If you believe that maybe you'd be interested in this bridge in London I have for sale.

  16. We need investment but not as much as you'd think. That Celtic team cost around £15m to assemble (including their 3 subs)

    It goes to show if we can somehow get £8-10m and spend it wisely we can challenge again.

    • Well the proof that that is nonsense is that 11 Joey Garners would cost £20M. They have attracted players like Dembele (cost £400k but known to be worth £10M even then), Roberts (cost £10M to Man City) on loan, and various good young Scottish players. Why? Trophy chances, Champions League, Wages, etc. etc. We can't offer any of that.

    • your right bt septic players cost pennies down to manager to lift team .big tel butcher would terrify wee brenda .

    • FulhamJohn – I said "spent wisely" so buying 11 x Joe Garners isn't what I was thinking.

      £6M would buy you Berra, Patterson, Hanley (loan), Jack, Dorrans, John McGinn (if Hibs would sell), Whittaker, Osman Sow, Jelavic, Weiss

      Add a couple flair players that Pedro knows from Latin leagues and we'd give them a game…

    • McGinn is too small but most of your other suggestions are decent. If we can get Kenny McLean we will weaken Aberdeen while strengthening our own midfield, he is bigger and stronger than McGinn and has more flair.

  17. We are in an absolute terrible state from top to bottom.we are at rock bottom.I include division 3 because at least we were going somewhere.I really can't see a way out of this and wonder what king is wanting out of this.He is certainly not hurting like us.

  18. Aaaaaaahh! Where do we go from here? What a mess our great club is in on and off the park. Warburton has set us back years with his signings. Who's going to buy these duds? Where is the money coming from to pay them off? Where is the money coming from to buy the quality we clearly need? Just so deflated it's depressing right now but sadly I don't think the (players) care. Thanks Warburton thanks very much!!

  19. Like anyone with half a brain couldn't see this coming after half a dozen games under warburton really? Lets get bloody real. We are being taken for mugs.crap namager crap players crap bloody board. Taking the piss out of loyalty from us.I am totally and utterly depressed. WATP

  20. As I wrote previously… I want Dave King to come out and speak up to all of us. We deserve to know what is going on. It was always a massive risk taking on Ped too. It was too much of a risk at this stage in Rangers progression. While Celtic have got a brilliant manager in Rogeres weve got an unknown. We should have went for Mccinnnes 100%

  21. Enough is enough! Pedro has to go. A disaster our choice as Manager and whoever was responsible should walk as well! His tactics are non existent, and it's clear that the players don't have a clue what system they are meant to be playing. Sadly it is obvious that that they already don't believe in him and even at this early stage he's lost the dressing room. Sure the players are not good enough and as many as we can get rid of in the summer the better – but a good manager can take an average team and make them difficult to beat. Does anyone really think that Walter or Big Eck would lose 1-5 to Brenda's lot at Ibrox. If we can't afford anyone else put Murty back in charge- at least he understands what it's all about.
    King also has some questions to answer right now. He needs to come out and be transparent on the plans for essential investment. Director of Football – happening or not? If it's still the plan – get it done. If not then don't put it out there in the first place. What's the plan to set up a scouting structure? It's needed now more than ever and surely there are enough ex players out there across the world who would do their bit if asked.
    Never in 50 years of supporting Rangers have I been as embarrassed as I am today!

    • Agree with the King comments but can't agree to bin Pedro. His tactics were sound but the players aren't good enough to implement them. Do you think Walter could organise a pub team to hold Celtic? Of course not, but Pedro is asked to take cast offs from Wigan, Rotherham, Darlington etc and turn them into intelligent winning footballers. It's impossible.

      Give him next season (both transfer windows with decent funds from somewhere) then we can judge the matador

  22. Fan ownership all the money on playing staff etc sad day today we need to clear out 22 players and bring in better ones we could start with 30 million or it will cost us a 100 million later pissed right off i am.the manager knows he needs to clear them out let him do this

  23. The only person to blame is MR DAVE KING he told us a lot of crap and like the rest before him we believed him. The writing is there for all to see I have witnessed some bad teams but Mr King is as far as I can see stringing the support along we deserve better from the board but they are taking us for fools it is about time the support told King put your money where your mouth is or go back to South Africa. Then we can try and get someone who will support the manager with the funds that is needed but I will not hold my breath on that one.

  24. The bottom line is that Mr King's tenure is surely over, that he should go public and say as much. That offers for the club will be welcomed.
    Mr Caxinha has publicly accepted that the worst home defeat since the 1800's and to our city rivals at that is due to him being unfit for the job.
    Okay Pedro lets see you fall on your sword.
    Anything else is not worth listening too, we've heard it all before.

    • It's on record that he's said that we will step down if anyone is willing to put money in, but no one has. He can be voted off but there's no one to stand against him

    • AMcC

      Saying it's Peds fault and he should fall on his sword what utter shite mate no offence…Warburton never took any criticism did he, least Cax is putting his hands up and saying he got it wrong.. As offers for the Club smell the coffee mate – regardless of King or not no fucker will touch the Club because of the Merchandise deal it's that simple.. King has stated he'd step down as Stuart says just nobody standing up 😏

    • Stuart the most frustrating thing for me is that money has been spent. But we made two of the most lamentable choices of manager with it.
      The Board is a liability and to give Caxinha cash to spend would be insane.
      Things can change very quickly in life. I still think there has to be people big enough to take this on. The clock is surely ticking but it's losing time and the battery is all but out of energy.
      I'm afraid the attendance at the next home game could very well prove it.
      St Johnstone had a good win today, if they get a result next week Europe could depend on our last game at Perth. How ironic if Tommy Wright's team win it.
      Just sayin'

    • The difference at the moment is it is there cash that is being spent. No way of getting Round it, the fans money doesn't cover running costs never mind transfers. We had to give a manger at least one transfer window to begin with. Jist over a week ago everyone was in a good mood after a decent run. Give it till xmas to see how things are going. Even millers interview last night sounded like he's fed up with certain players and ped has said the same and that he knows who's being told to leave. I think there is a few rotten apples in the squad ATM causing trouble

    • Stuart

      NO ONE can put money in…its a CLOSED SHOP …no one will put money into anything that has no Financial Responsibilities as companies do on the LSE…we don't even have recognised fuckin auditors doing our accounts….


  25. vote with ur feet, it's the only way to make change happen.the support r being taken for granted. As for caxhina , this cunt is in the job 2 weeks and tellin everybody he's got the best players in the country? fucking crackpot.I don't know about bullfighter but he must have bullshited that interview. could u imagine smith a succesful rangers manager making stupid comments like that.I've said it so many times, the only man who has the knowhow to stop 7 is walter.I don't know about 9 days off but the majority have been on fuckin leave all year. somecunt should tell them when ur winning trophies u earn the right and ur 10~20k a week. Try working like the fans who work fuckin hard to afford tickets.To many cunts used our RANGERSfor self gain in the last 5 years.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.it's now or never bears,IN KING WERE BUST.

  26. looking at all the posts… us bears would agree that we are not happy about this situation we find ourselves in…but what we all forget is that this thing started in the ally mcoist era and it is escalating…the biggest mistake that was made was back on that fateful day of monday,15th of june 2015…that was the day we rejected a true rangers man STUART MCALL…this man had and still has all the attributes to take us to the level we all want…(1)as an ex player knows rangers and scottish football very well(2)is a skilled football tactician(3)he is, as proved with the scotland squad very skilled in set pieces(4) he is very good at working with a tight budget(which would help rangers a great deal)(5)he is a strong man motivator…most of us went along with the bread man and again with pedro but he should as AMcC said fall on his sword or something and let us out of compensation…he needs to do it now!!…I know that we got tanned back then in the motherwell games but stuart had lifted the team and got us believing… I think he would do it again if we were able to get him back… lets face it fellow bears pedro is way, way out of his depth and has already started drowning…I hope that we dont face deja vu next season

  27. I totally agree with u Ibroxnoise.
    I don't even want to justify how I feel.
    It's so hard to take…


  28. Only positive is that club has came out and condemned the idiots among our support.

    Bad enough on pitch without scum making monkey gestures and fools trying to fight Brown. Get a grip.

  29. Now is the time to get real with Pedro…. How on earth he picked thatteam to face Celtic just beggars belief… Surely this guy can see that Dodoo brings NOTHING to the table…. Waghorn is Too Fat with very little skill…. Hyndman is way out of his depth….Beerman isn't ready…. Wilson is absolutely HOPELESS….Tavernier has been a passenger all season…. Miller is just far too OLD and still misses far too many chances, but I agree he runs his heart out and always gives 100%…. GARNER should have started…. HALLIDAY should have started…. HODSON should have started…. McKay should have started…. What does PEDRO really bring to Rangers??????????

  30. Post any one of my last 10 emails that you have failed to publish, not because of poor language or slating posters, no basically stating what will happen and what at last needs to happen, in short (if you post this one) King will go, unfortunately, at this point in time, liquidation will follow unless we eat humble pie, ask Ashley back and he accepts, other than that there is nothing left for our great club, we have listened and been shafted by a man who only has his own self interests, Mr King, who loved every minute of his own making yesterday and will no doubt start asking for more of our season ticket money as normal, dont waste it, he will be gone very very soon trust what I am saying, well you might never know I did if yet again this post is not published? J

  31. Warburton was a disaster. King was in difficult position after we won league. Warburton was loved by most fans with Davie Weir at side. Warburton screwed him for a better deal. He also recruited a shower of diddies. Frank McFarlane was supposed to be great recruitment guy. But look who we brought in. Joey Barton. With his gambling problems? Did no one check? Waghorn? And bringing in loans. The first two goals yesterday were given away by kids. We have not really competed in midfield for two years. When the teams lined up before the start we looked like boys against men. King can't be blamed for all that. He got rid of Warburton at first chance. This isn't the time to desert club. It has cost King £25m so far. But we must get shares sorted but I suspect legal procedures are delaying things. But even with £50m who would want to come. Recruit in Scotland and hope Pedro will be ok in short term.

  32. I jumped on this site last night to vent my frustration but decided to give it a day to assess.
    The harsh reality is we were doomed from the get go regardless of manager. The current squad is nowhere near good enough nd it wouldn't matter if u had Alex Ferguson as manager…You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink nd that what's going on with the team. There guff, yes there has been glimpses nd moments that make you think wait a minute but it's just false hope.
    Ped is taking a lot of flack for testing and trying things with players that are english league 2 material with no way of improving, meaning there never going to uderstand the enhanced systems, the demanding routines less days off but this SHOULD be the pressure there under and they can't cut it. Hardly Peds fault I mean if he stuck with the 433 that warbs played we would be going crazy the man cant win or do anything this season.
    I've decided to see how preseason goes and if there is a proper clear out nd a few decent signings made (bear in mind ped is well connected in that department) then I will give him another chance if not and any other sh*t is spouted by the board I'm afraid to say that the saying we don't do walking away will be the last thing on my mind as my new saying is I don't do throwing money away which is exactly what buying a season ticket for ibrox is right now.
    Just to put into prespective how bad this is, my mates were sitting yesterday not looking at rangers on there coupons but all looking at 4-0 5-0 celtic. These are guys that av had season tickets every year for the past twenty years at least…This is just not the rangers I grew up loving to watch, and no I don't think we should be up winnin everything right away but right now it doesn't seem like there is a plan to get to that point. This is the lowest I've felt as a bear in my whole life other than when I was at the uefa cup final what i would give to feel that kind of let down again after all this. Please rangers sort this mess out before we loose what has been built over all these years.

  33. Fat Boy must be laughing into his brown ale this morning and half expecting a chap at the door or phone call from Ibrox begging for assistance & that is simply because we are well and truly F–K-D & whether we choose to constantly put the blame on the many culpable and appropriately ify characters involved in this CARNAGE, from and including David Murray all the way through to DK it wont change a bleeding thing – WE ARE WHERE WE ARE

    Facts & Common sense tells us all that the DK era, in spite of all that bollocks about loving Rangers and charging into Ibrox on his white horse with a bag with £30m, has at the end of the day turned out to be disingenuous at the very best or plain old fashioned dishonest at worse (hell of a lot of that quality around Ibrox recently)

    So where do we go from here? well we can only do things that we currently have control over and are able to do I.E.

    1) Get rid of Ped asap – He is clueless & looks and acts like Mr Bean on a bad day

    2) Organise a DFS type summer sale and get shot of EVERY player associated with Warbs

    3) Bring on the young boys, fact is they cant be any worse than current imposters

    4) Write off ambitions (apart from relegation) for next season to allow boys to settle in

    5) Replace Mr Bean with a Blue Nose Manager to re-introduce passion & pride

    6) Think hard to decide if you want to renew your season ticket and prop up a failing management regime – 1 man – 1 vote and respect each man's ultimate decision

    7) Bombard current board with demands 24/7 till they take their fingers out their fat arses or do the decent thing or pass responsibilities on to someone who is not a crook, slave master or mentally demented like White & truly gives a f–k,

    8) Learn to eat shite, on a weekly basis, until (or not) this happens,

    I am sure all agree that THE most important thing is WE ARE STILL HERE & it is only a matter of time, possibly a long time, before we are back where we belong and we need to be pro-active and consistently pressurise those in power at Ibrox to demand & ensure that happens, cause this far it appears we have been led down the garden path by successive gangs of chancers and to be fair to fat boy, at least he has never hidden the fact that he is a manipulating chancer & as such must be avoided AT ALL COSTS


  34. At the very least the alarm bells MUST be ringing over Caixinha. I wouldn't trust him to spend our money if we had any! McMurty is the only manager this season to get any sort of result against Celtic. He has earned my trust more than Caixinha.

  35. People need to realise King is the problem and sadly we were better off under Ashley. At least Ashley had a plan to spend to get us back to champions league (for that he wanted our merchandise money).

    King started a war, without even speaking to Ashley and the club has suffered. We currently have a board in total control, however they can't afford to run the club.

    The biggest lie is that there are no other investors – look at the share issue when we were in lower leagues. Of king stopped blocking external investors then another share issue could raise the money we need. The board has blocked this to maintain control.

    I despise Ashley, he is not a nice person. King is the real problem.

    • King hasn't blocked investors. The board had a resolution at the last two AGMs to allow a new share issue so fresh investors could come in. The shareholders failed to support it (narrowly)

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