What can Rangers fans expect tomorrow from Ped the Ted?

Article by: Richard Fillingham

Pedro Caixinha watched from the stands to see exactly what team and tactics Graeme Murty would use at Celtic Park for the old-firm showdown last Sunday. He certainly showed Pedro what can be done with an average standard of first team players using a well-balanced line-up and having a well worked plan A to stick to.

If Pedro places all the right players in their best positions it will be a good start to his Ibrox career, especially if he gets his tactics right, it will all help the chances of his much needed winning start this Saturday.

If all the players are fit to play except Halliday and Kranjcar, it will leave Rangers with a far better bench for Pedro to change from if the team dramatically needs to improve in the last 25 minutes or so, especially later in the game as some of the Hamilton players might tire. I am sure that Pedro will do whatever has to be done to gain the best possible results, starting this week.

Having a quick look back at last Sunday, to assess who could start against Martin Canning’s lot, and I am not blaming Foderingham for Armstrong’s goal, but a better keeper would probably have pushed his shot round the corner, but he did go on to have a couple of good saves although his kicking was awful throughout the match. I expect him to start as first choice keeper.

I was very impressed with Hodson who totally nullified the danger of Sinclair – no easy job! He has never let Rangers down and unfortunately for Lee and Rangers, Warburton always showed favouritism to Tavernier because he signed him from Wigan. It would be a liberty to drop him and he certainly should start.

I thought that Hill was very strong and determined throughout the Celtic match and put in an excellent shift and will always be remembered for his late equaliser. Certain starter.

Danny Wilson has been a disappointing centre half since re-uniting with Rangers via Liverpool reserves and former Hearts captain, personally I would sell him ASAP, to sign a much taller, good tackling centre back.

I would replace Wallace as captain of Rangers for next season, although I realise it would be a difficult decision for Pedro to make. He is far too quiet and is definitely not a leader of men.

In fairness to Warburton, he did bring Hyndman to our midfield and is a big asset to us. He is an accurate striker of the ball and set up the Rangers equaliser.

I like the energy of Holt and he runs his socks off, but he loses the ball far too often for me. I don’t think he’s Rangers class.

I was extremely unhappy with the performance of Barrie Mckay and it had to be against Celtic when he literally did nothing and was a complete passenger. Pedro will be anxious to see him playing much better this week.

I am fed up telling everybody Tavernier is a poor right back – it’s wing back or nothing. He needs a few games in a row to find his feet as a quality wing-back or sell him.

I think that Miller has been a revelation this year and always gives 110%, Pedro would be wise to use him.

Yes, Waghorn did miss two great chances, but he was twice in the right place to miss them. He does get stuck in to the opposition.

Garner, albeit he obviously didn’t play last weekend, always gets stuck in and he usually gets the retaliation in first. He never shirks from a battle with the centre halves and always gives his all. Pedro will be pleased to see he is scoring goals again.

Substitute Windass looked good when he came on and did his chances a power of good to get on the park at some stage this week.

By the time Forrester got his chance it was too late to do much. It probably depends on what he shows Pedro in training this week.

Here’s some points to note for the weekend:

•    Should loan Ranger Toral get a start this week?

•    Should Kiernan keep his place in the team?

•    I would sell O’Halloran back to St Johnstone or anybody. He is fast and brainless and never a quality Rangers player.

•    Will Rossiter get match fit soon, as we need him back to stiffen up the defence.

•    Will Senderos will get a chance to start with Pedro?

•    Will Kranjcar be in Pedro’s long term plans?

•    Will Halliday get a starting place once he is fit again?

•    Would you like to see Jak Alnwick play?

•    If 6’ 4”, 20-year-old David Bates has got any talent should Pedro use him as defensive midfielder?

•    Will Matt Crooks get another chance to come back to Scotland under Pedro?

Let us know your thoughts in the usual place, folks.


  1. Hodson is top class. Tavernier and Waghorn dwell on the ball . Caixinha might find them too slow and deliberate. This week and the next 10 days should let him have a good look at all mentioned. Match fitness has to be an issue for some guys and even given a full game would a guy like Joe Dodoo's future rest on one performance. It is a predicament a few others are in but rest assured Pedro will judge who will suit his tactics. And at the end of the day he will make the decisions.

  2. Always entitled to your view but slagging off Lee Wallace and applauding Waghorn…..you are having a laugh! Wallace may be a bit off form this season but he has been a credit to the club throughout the troubled years whilst many (supposed) bigger names turned their back on the club. I for one would have him in my team every week and for me he has earned the right to be captain for years to come. As for Waghorn, flatters to deceive…..gets stuck in? Is that what you want from a striker???? Bit of composure last week and we win the game. Expect him to join the 3 snakes next season.

    • Hi GMan,

      I respect your opinion and that is another thing I like about our IbroxNoise.co.uk. I read everybody's comments and most of them are very good.

      I didn't slag Wallace for being a bad left back, IMO, he is just not a leader of men and you are right he has been off form this season.

      If Ped the Ted is going to become a star manager, he will have to make some difficult decisions.

      If the management team are in at 7am and working for 12 hours a day, then he has every chance of being excellent for us.

      If he can spot a player and bring some of them to Ibrox, we will all be happy Teddy Bears.

    • RICHARD,starting with Foderingham he is ok but…jak alnwick should be given a chance to show what he can do because he is known for his kicking out…Lee hodson is in a position that there is too many players go in front of his selection maybe because of his height…Clint hill even though he is reaching the end of his playing career has been solid and scored again today…Danny wilson is a difficult one to judge,,I think he has the ability but is far too laid back in his attitude,perhaps p.t.t. can get more out of him…Lee wallace I would agree with you we need a more vocal and demonstrative captain,but very good player…Hynman no need to say more except can we possibly sign him permanent…Holt tries very hard but is not quite good enough,wish he was bigger…Barrie Mckay is a great talent but Imo needs constant encouragement,if he gets that from p.t.t. then he will go on and become a Scotland star…Tavernier should be playing at outside right as Alex Scott did, he could almost be as good…King Kenny what do we need to say? an Ibrox legend,always and I mean always gives his very best…Waghorn has only one kicking leg the other is for standing on and ime pretty sure that master miller would have put at least one of those chances away…Joe garner I think should be given a chance to show he really is a goalscorer because the previous manager(I don't even like to type his name)did not cater for his type of play…Windass should improve as hopefully he gets more game time after injuries…Forrester almost the same as Mckay can shine…Two more things Richard,David bates is a big guy they never gave him a contact for nothing,lets see him and lets have Crooks back for next season,he has shown potential at his loan club and he is another big guy.

    • Hi Camelonman,

      Like you, I am desperate to see young Jak Alnwick play to see for myself his full potential, as Foderingham's positional sense can be dodgy. He is not always in the middle of his goals. He should mark the middle of his goal on the six yard line to keep him right. I have seen a lot of keepers doing that same trick through my many years of watching games, so it could help Wes.

      Lee Hodson will be very disappointed with being dropped by the 2nd manager in a row.

      You put it perfectly regarding Lee Wallace, especially when you agreed with me by sating. I would agree with you we need a more vocal and demonstrative captain, but very good player. He has been very average in the SPL. You agree with me about Holt, Tavernier playing as the wing-back and also Miller. I would like to see Garner playing up front right and Waghorn upfront left hand side, because he is so left-footed and more balls would become more natural to his play.

      Please comment more often as you are also a long-time blue nose like me who fully understands the game and everything about Rangers.

  3. Garner will probably start as he grabbed 3 in the second half last time out…
    Hope Pedro drops him for Dodoo though as he is 10 times the player.
    Regardless, looking forward to the game. A new chapter!

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