Welcome to Rangers, Pedro Caixinha


Well the strangest saga in recent memory at Ibrox is now over – Pedro Caixinha has been confirmed new manager on a three-year deal, and it goes without saying he comes here to fans’ warmest welcomes and best wishes on turning this squad round.

Many fans have doubts about his qualifications for the role, and while retaining that caution, Ibrox Noise urges all supporters to get 100% behind the new man and give him our full backing.

Rangers today confirmed that the deal was rubber-stamped on his arrival, and Caixinha will be at Parkhead tomorrow to taste for himself the vitriol and claustrophobia that is the Old Firm derby, before he takes full charge on Monday with interim boss Graeme Murty returning to the U20s.

The latter did, for a man completely out of his comfort zone, an ultimately honourable job and even got two impressive wins during his brief stint, and our thanks to him for taking such responsibility on the chin.

He will be glad though to return to his day job while the new man takes the reins formally next week.

If Pedro Caixinha was in any doubt of the gravity of the job of managing Rangers, tomorrow’s clash at the East will dispel it.

Welcome to Rangers Pedro, good luck and here is hoping the future is bright.



  1. I am sceptical about his appointment but I am wholeheartedly with you in that we should support him 100%. Disparaging him is not the way to go as most of us fans don't know him. Give the guy a good chance and make our minds up then. After all at one point we did all think that MW could do not wrong so we're not new to being wrong about the best manager for us.

    Also, here's hoping that Murty's last game in charge is a successful one too. Would make for his good ending and give Caixinha a bolstered start.

    • Well said….We will always back the manager and give him our full support an I sincerely wish him all the very best for the future, our future.
      I sincerely hope he has tough skin and can work wonders on a budget that will be awful at best, non existent at worst and my guess is he will be given jack shit to build a team with. This is in no way going to turn my judgement against the new manager, that will be forced by results, style and progress…if he fails in any of these then there will be many more than me ready to haul him to heel…..his comments about the great unwashed means he is already fighting an uphill battle to get fans onside….I wish him well.

      That does not mean we have to stop taking aim where the real problem lies. King has dragged us down to new depths of depravity and gloom….say what you want, facts are facts but with a lying criminal chairman we will always be out of bounds for honest investment, something we desperately need …I have stood by my principal and never been back to Ibrox or renewed my season tickets until I saw the colour of the invisible chairman's cash….perhaps the only way to rid our club of this lowlife is to play him at his own game, this is what I have done and will continue to do until he is gone, I can not see any change until he has been removed….time will tell but 2yrs in I have been proved right at every turn….


    • first thing I would like to say is that you are a shitpot stirrer…you dont actually know what you are talking about but hope that the rest of us will think you do…you say you have not been at Ibrox or renewed your season ticket since two years ago…you are not a rangers fan!!!!you play on Ibrox noises free speech and openness to promote your negativity…well I can tell you now…the gers will prevail no matter…just go away back to the east end because you are either a fanny or one of them…god save the queen from you!

    • Are you saying that those fans who don't have season tickets or get to games are not true Rangers fans? Or just that Gordo isn't a Rangers fan?

    • camelonman

      The great thing about sites like Ibrox Noise is that free speech is allowed and encouraged, that's called democracy and why some sites are nothing more than havens for those with only one opinion and one belief…"my way or the highway"

      Just because I have not renewed my ST and been to Ibrox does not make me any less a Rangers fan than anyone else…you seem to be getting things a little mixed up here… don't you recall it was DK who shouted 'Starve the club of cash' ….I am merely following the 'godfather' of scams method, what's good for the goose is good for the gander is it not?

      Whether you believe and agree with what I say is entirely up to you, these are my opinions and my thoughts on things, again free speech and the right to make your points are what make this site what it is.

      I always support Rangers and have done for almost 60yrs, through some very tough times in the 60's and early 70's but times have changed and things have changed since the days where not being good enough on the field was what we were interested in, the debates now centre round what goes on behind the scenes, but it doesn't mean people with differing opinions and using the only tools at their disposal are any less a Rangers fan than anyone else…we all want what's best for our club but we have different ideas how we should get there….. If DK pumps the millions in he has promised and turns things round… I will be top of the queue for an ST, if he leaves I will be the same, until any of them happen I will keep council and support from the armchair… the 8hr round trip to get to Ibrox is something I would gladly make and its hard not doing so… but unlike DK I stick to my principals and will not fall in and agree with how he is running our club


  2. the fans must take into account there is a new manager but it is still the same players that warburton brought in so give the guy some leeway Graeme Murty has done a good job at short notice unlike the last stand in manager Mc Dowall who looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights he handled the media interviews really well at least our young players are in good hands thank you Graeme

  3. i agree gordo, u may have read my post on king taking back his 20m .I am gutted,4 me wrong time to gamble with so much @ stake.

    • Hi Scooby

      Yes I did read your point about what King is up to and it does make sense and why we are being run down into the ground again and again. There are a couple of thoughts around Dave's £20m …and strong evidence to suggest it was merely a move to ship funds out of SA while SARS were investigating him, something he has not been able to repeat since every Rand is accounted for now and he cant get money out of the country.

      He has lied and cheated his way in the door with his claims, counter claims, untruths and bluster, he has no money and if he did he wouldn't be wasting it on us….no, he is in this to MAKE money and because he has never made an honest buck in his life, by foul means at our expense, I think something is going to happen soon….Big Dave is dug in and hiding in his Transvaal bunker for a reason, his invisibility cloak will hopefully slip soon and people will see through his scams.

      I worry for us tomorrow, cant see us get anything but honestly hope for the best, we need a break, we need to change our luck and anyone in the 'dome' tomorrow will be subject to abuse never yet seen before…courtesy of or criminal chairman….thanks Dave


    • oh and just to make things worse…we have this little matter in court this week


      this one may be the straw that breaks the camel's back


  4. Hope there is an opportunity now for change. We have so much talent available that was cast aside by Warbs.
    All that BS about pathways to the first team…We play appallingly and the same team goes out.
    Time for change.
    Dodoo and Forrester to start today!
    Oh, and a warm welcome to you Pedro!

  5. We win today or in the Scottish and all will be brilliant, aint that right Mr King, who is sitting at home in SA counting the days until he can sell his present and new shares to recoup past losses and at the sametime make the fans think he actually intended investing £1 let alone £30M. Hey but a wee glimmer if our new manager turns out to be brilliant, he will need a lot of luck and belief that promises will be delivered, bit like us fans . ..J

  6. For the first time in a while I thoroughly enjoyed an OF game, we got what we deserved from it and that's always pleasing.

    Hats of to Graeme Murty for engineering a plan and to the players for executing it, they kept us in the game until our chance came…and for once the run of the ball went our way.

    Take a bow guys, today you showed not ony the new manager what you can do….but also many fans, myself included in some instances. that you can stand up and be counted ….next step is to beat them in the cup match, only then can we contemplate competing on a level playingfield ….fantastic momentum builder, onwards and upwards.


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