The great mystery of Rangers’ star midfielder


“Insert overused clichés about Steven Gerrard and Barry Ferguson here”

Ok, is that out the way? The fact is we all know Jordan Rossiter is a special talent. You do not look at ease in the Europa League and English Premier League for a side the size of Liverpool without being impressive, while excelling for your country and captaining them.

Rossiter outclassed his fellow midfield colleagues earlier this season when paired with the likes of Joey Barton and Niko Kranjcar, making Rangers fans genuinely believe we had acquired one of the all-time modern bargains snapping this kid up from the Scousers for less than half a million squid.

His awareness, physique, strength, agility, composure, workrate, passing and general ability for someone who had not reached his 20th birthday yet were second to none – to look that assured at his age in arguably the most important position on the pitch took some doing but Rossiter coasted it.

Unfortunately, his well-documented injury problems (notably his back) have destroyed his debut season at Ibrox, and given some insight as to why Jurgen Klopp was not overly crushed to see the Liverpool youth product leave. For all his talent, for all his worth, Rossiter simply cannot hold fitness.

Rangers fans were given a little hope earlier this month when the midfield anchor was filmed on the bikes alongside new permanent recruit David Bates on the 14th, but the two were alone and while Rossiter was in good spirits, he appeared no closer to a full return to action while Bates has since been spotted training with the seniors several times.

Team mate Josh Windass posted a quirky photo of the young playmaker but it did not hint at any kind of a timescale for his restoration to Rangers’ plans, and indeed Rangers sent the Englishman south to the best medics at the FA in St George’s Hospital in London, in order to examine him further and try to help resolve the back injuries that are arguably threatening his career as much as his season right now.

This is a player Rangers desperately want fit. If ever any member of the squad suited the ‘Barry Ferguson’ role in the team, it would be Rossiter, but as yet we simply do not know when he is likely to return.

Reportedly it is an injury which spreads – I am no doctor, but it appears it begins in the lower back and then consequently affects hamstrings and calves – and hopefully February’s visit to specialists have found a way to resolve it for him.

The sight of him on the bikes was promising, but until he is equally spotted on the training pitch, we have to curtail our hopes a touch.

Rangers will be a much stronger prospect with him fit.


  1. A bit over hyped. He hasn't done anything in football. Was it not a whole 6 games he played for Liverpool. Looks like a player we need rid of asap. The fact that he's one of the top earners while yet unproven, jist shows that warburton must have been believing his own hype. It's known that signing this player and giving him such high wages upset others in the team considering the lack of football he has ever played in a 1st team. Terrible bit of buissness, he's cost prob about 500k in transfer and wages since he has arrived but hasn't even played 500 mins. And it doesn't look like he will be back any time soon

  2. "Barry Ferguson role"?! This lad has the potential to shadow that waster if he get fit. If the medical staff and the new manager get a good run out with Jordan, he will sell for millions in the future. Barrys role was mostly getting blootered in his local. Hardly a role model!! Jordan need a bit of luck and a good run in training as well as game time,,I have no doubt he will have the quality to impress Pedro.

    • Rossiter did look good but so did Barton do we need players who are injured all the time taking pay from players who would play and are fit no .what we need is players who would play for jersey and deserve to be payed big wages get rid of players who are always getting injuries that includes windlass kenny Miller is fitter than both together

    • I don't see how u can say he has potential. For a player that only started one game for Liverpool. Greg wylde started far more for rangers and scored that wonder goal against Celtic… it's made him the next messi, or so people said and where is he now??

    • Hugh, how can you blame the lad if he is injured? He looked as committed as anyone when he did play. Doesn't matter how much he is on, if he is injured then all we can do is help him get fit as quick as possible, not cast him adrift.

    • BT, totally in agreement. Stuart Bowman, any player who gets even one game for Liverpool, in the EPL, has potential! If Greg Wylde played two or more games for Liverpool, I would have agreed with you also. But like Greg Wylde, I'm sure you will agree, there have been plenty of players recently who got to play many games for Rangers that shouldn't have!!!

    • Anybody who calls barry ferguson a waster obviously would not know a footballer if he fell over the top of him.
      A brilliant midfield player who gave everything for the club,listening to people like you makes me puke,go somewhere else and spout your rubbish preferably some green and white forum where you belong.

    • Olly, your aggressive tone lets you down as well as every other Rangers fan. We are all entitled to our opinion, by all means, justify your favour for Ferguson in a structured and fact based manner. I watched Ferguson give the ball away, pass side to side, very little of a killer pass, never followed his opponent to defend. Over rated. This is a football point of view, not a blue tinted glasses, cant see anything wrong with any player opinion!

      So by all means, give your point of view, but don't let yourself down by being offensive to anyone Olly. Politeness and manners cost nothing. Harmony is the very glue that keeps us Rangers fans bonded and 3 steps ahead from the shellic fans!

  3. Agree with "all" you say Jimbo, Ferguson could use a ball, but he, Boyd, and McGregor ripped the dressing room, and ended the lifespan of one of the most proven, "and" `Qualified coaches in Rangers history, and by crawling to Mr Murray, and saying he is not being nice to us, not even allowing us to eat deep fried bannana supers, or thae Vindaloo curries!!!!, making us go to bed early, `n no go `trawling`?? (No more Fergie!)

  4. Got to say I agree that this boy appears to have it all, good football brain, can hold on to the ball, and has an amazing temperament and confidence in his ability, even with having only seen him on the park a handful of times it is obvious to me this boy is class and if he can beat these injury woes then we would be looking at a mega million player in 3 or 4 years and if he cant manage to stay fit then that would truly be a tragedy for the guy himself, I have not been as impressed with a players individual talents like this since I watched Davy Cooper terrorise a normally very solid and experienced Rangers defence at Kilbowie many many years ago, I was sure that day and I am equally as sure now, all the best young man

  5. Contrary to some opinions of 'get him out the door' I say give him next season. Let us try to get him fit. I can see him working wonders for us if he is fit. When he has played he definitely looks determined. Hopefully he can get himself fit and that his potential materialises

  6. Some really fickle comments here.

    Just remember the player himself will be more frustrated than the lot of you added together.

    • Really ? So a prospect with Almsost no game time should be out 4th highest earner? It appears that only miller, Wallace, Kranjcar are higher paid. And then we wonder why some of the players seem to be out of sorts

  7. Some cracking points about Ferguson and getting rid of LG but that's for another day.,,Rossiter I hope gets fit and showcases what talent he's got at Rangers – to get him on the books at Ibrox obviously they had to make it worth his while wages wise…The boy can't help being injured – what worries me and I hope I'm wrong on this but he could have arthritis of the lower spine ( genetic ). The reason I think it's that is because one of the symptoms is leg pain also ( young athletes under 20 are getting diagnosed with this more now – runners more so ). I found out I've got it at youngish 40s and I was physically fitter than I'd ever been in my life…Anyword from the English FA doctors on his injury or diagnoses?

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