Sky Sources: “Rangers HAVE spoken to this manager”


Sky Sources have tonight confirmed that Rangers have now spoken to Alex McLeish regarding the vacant managerial position, and are seeking to speak to Al-Gharafa’s Pedro Caixinha imminently.

With the managerial slot a massive subject of contention in recent weeks since the departure of Mark Warburton, numerous names have been linked, and indeed placed as favourites, with McLeish, Caixinha, Norwich’s Alex Neil and now-available Barry Ferguson all heading the field at various times.

But this development confirms at least two of the names most definitely in the final shortlist, being ex-manager McLeish and Portuguese Caixinha.

Previously it was confirmed there had been no contact with Eck over the job, but that has clearly changed and he is now looking a heavy favourite to be Rangers’ next manager, and given his availability would be the more cost-effective option with the ex-Nacional manager requiring compensation to be freed from his present employment.


  1. Big Eck for me with Barry Ferguson as his assistant. I would hope that they could sort out a Rangers team that would play good attacking football and feature some players that can truly defend and that can also compete and win tackles, especially in midfield & in defence.

    • Ferguson has left Clyde because he tried and failed as a manager, with a team that leaked goals. McLeish has done nothing in the game since being found out down south, out of management for years.

      Take away their rangers connections and look at them again. Would you seriously want them? How are they going to start playing good, attacking football? Surely that's what every manager wants, and tries to achieve. Nobody sets out to play rubbish, terrible football and lose games. They've shown they are bad managers, it's not going to suddenly change and come good.
      Appoint McLeish and it's over.

  2. Don't tell Me it's took all this time for eck , he is rotten in transfer market and his level of success is zero since leaving us. A backwards step in my opinion. As for Barry he would bring some passion but not in the top job for me. I doubt we will be able to pay any compo so expect a cheap option which is deeply worrying . No manager worth his salt will join us without a decent transfer budget/control of all team affairs. Definitely concerned. Btw some spirit tonight to win that game at the death . Watp

    • 100% accurate Martin. Looks like we are shopping in Poundland. Eck is a retrograde step and a last resort for me.

    • Big eck is the best of a bad bunch in my opinion. I would class him as a safe option but sadly not one that is going to reinvent the club on and off the park – which is what we desperately need.

      I agree with above point, if it is McLeish then why has it taken so long. He has been available the whole time.

      Also IF it is McLeish then it suggests to me that there is little or nothing available money wise to improve the team. In that case superman could not do the job.

      It's clear that the dream of deboar and king finally keeping his promises of investment is dead, if it was ever alive in first place.

      I truly despair at this. Looks like another golden opportunity squandered by a board that have less ideas than they have money.

  3. If it's McLeish I would be happy he knows Rangers and the league we operate in and I believe he won more trophies than the sellick manager over the same time period

    • He finished third in the league back then. Warburton was sacked because he was in third in much harder circumstances. McLeish has been sacked from every club he's been at?

  4. Now lookin like portuguese guy now odds on for job. I dont understand why wen we need some1 with knowledge of british football & knows how to win. I hope im wrong but iv no confidence in this guy based on his past record.

  5. I say, particularly after todays win, to see out the season with Murty and Barry in the short term.
    Hearts have lost, as have Aberdeen so a slight upturn in form should secure 3rd and who knows…second.
    I've only had a couple honestly…haha
    I say wait out, a run in the cup, second or third…write the season off and get Frank de Boer in the summer!
    A few more wins should secure Europe.

    • Frank De Boer would be my choice , obviously top quality so maybe out of our reach. What i do want is someone full time now not end of season, We will hopefully have European qualifiers (early July) and having a manager start June doesn't give him enough time to evaluate the squad/get new players in and implement his style of play . If Frank wanted it he would want it now IMO

  6. McLeish doesn't really fit with the comments from Robertson last night. It looks like a definite DoF too: " I am confident the new manager and director of football will drive us towards that future."

    Better display last night from some. Tav still a complete mare for me and Kiernan is clearly having head troubles.

    MacKay and Hyndman were on it, though. Even Toral got into his stride a bit.

  7. McLeish for me too, he will get some badly needed fight and balls into these guys and will not suffer fools gladly. Yeah his eye for a good transfer was never that good, however with a good proven director of football to separate the wheat from the chaff it might help.
    I think we have some decent players in the squad that are being restricted either by playing in wrong position or in lineups that don't suit their styles. A decent manager will put that right and we could see some real stars develop….oh and by the way we need to do whatever we can to keep Hyndman either on a longer term loan or by splashing some serious cash, because this kid is the real deal for me.

  8. Defoe not Pedro, not many bulls left running around the Govan area .Look what happened when we brought in that Fench arse .For me the outstanding candidate is Gary Monk but sorry to say I dont think he will come

  9. The cheapest option will be taken, the thing that's taking all the time is how Traynor disguises this and dresses it up to be something it clearly isn't….bargain basement and Poundland is the norm, if its free, its good for us, if its cheap, its passable…they are as short of cash as they are of idea's….the new norm 🙁


  10. All i will say is i would be happy with most of the candidates with the portugese the exception. It's not what we need after years of ridicule. In my opinion mc Leish & mc Call and or a fergie combination is 4 me the next step to proper stability on the footballig side and bring back the rangers fighting spirit.Alex neil is another who understands the expectations. maybe the board should have invited fans groups representatives to some extent as the payimng punters are just expected to back the boards decision. Get this one wrong and were in touble. I am excited but shittin myself for a let down. f*****g torture this is.watfp.

  11. Just looked up Pedro stats in his last seven games he has only won three drawn one and lost three. This is hardly the stats of a winner

    • And he has been manager since 2015. Lies fifth in the Qatari league and 17 points behind the top two placed teams. SIMILAR STATS WILL BE A DISASTER FOR RANGERS.If this guy gets the job it would seem many others may have turned it down. It's ridiculous to have such foreboding before the guy has even taken his seat but if you look up his history his appointment makes no sense to me whatsoever.

  12. Taking a huge gamble fans will support it and buy there season tickets but if it goes tits up fans myt not b so supportive, yes support club through thick n thin but if the same mistake is made again fans myt feel slapped in the face n think there hard earned cash myt b better spent doon the casino all on black. On the other hand if it works out then it wud have been a shrude move I would take my hat of cos they never went with the fans favourite n bowed down under pressure. But as I said HUGE gamble!! Not at all in favour.

  13. Rangers need to offer Kenny Miller a new contract are we really going to risk losing him even the biggest critics will say we are a poorer side without um King kenny is the man heart and soul goes into gers watp King Kenny till I die