Perfect timing for Ped the Ted


When Rangers ran out comfortable winners on Saturday against Hamilton for Ped the Ted’s debut, few Bears could have been displeased at the performance. It was a great display, a deserved score, and a good day all round. Naturally, more testing challenges await, and many fans have urged against drawing any conclusions from such a start, but equally, those same fans would probably have melted in horror at anything other than a good win.

But they are right. Let us not assume Caixinha is the Special One just yet (despite the tongue in cheek reference in the last entry one or two supporters look comically seriously) and see how the next few matches go.

And to that end, this international break could not have come at a better time for the new manager. If Pedro can manage to get the squad clicking inside four days, without the players truly being 100% at ease with either him or his ideas yet, imagine what a 10 day break with which the boss can spend lots of time on the training field and with the ‘whiteboard’, truly instructing and guiding his new players into his way of thinking can do.

Nearly two weeks to practice, measure, judge, alter, change, tweak, modify, and everything else a manager can do in order to coax his new charges into truly getting his philosophies.

In many ways, the board appointed the Portuguese at exactly the right time. Four days to have a preliminary session with the players, and see how things went against Hamilton, in order to adjust a 10 day session with them to truly prepare them for upcoming challenges.

Fans will naturally, myself and everyone on this website included, of course, be chomping at the bit to see the Light Blues’ in action again – and Motherwell cannot come fast enough. But we would equally be happier seeing the squad and manager get a really healthy chunk of time to implement strategies and ideas together, as well as plain getting to know each other better.

The longer they work on their ideas, the longer they prepare, the more we can trust what they are doing, going by the start they had, and the more chance those training ground routines will work when they next take the field against Stephen Robinson’s men.

For now, things are going ok. It is now four matches unbeaten, including three impressive wins. Here is hoping it continues, and this break should well aid that.


  1. Yes it was just Hamilton. However this is a Hamilton side we struggled against this season. Was this down to the Magicless Hat? Since his departure, performances have improved. All signs were good on Saturday. Long may it continue.

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