‘Local assistant’ – could this 39 year old be headed to Ibrox?


New Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha (he actually begins office tomorrow rather than today, contrary to reports) has confirmed in his first interview as Ibrox gaffer that on top of his typical assistant management team that he will endeavour to bring on board within days, his attention has also turned to a ‘local’ appointment.

Often when overseas’ managerial positions are taken, the new chief likes to bring in an ‘ecologically valid’ staff member to aid them ingratiating with the lifestyle, Club, country, and general history, and it would appear Caixinha is no different.

Suggestions of Graeme Murty have been put forward, but then, he himself only signed up at Ibrox in August of last year so some might force a little rethink of that one, while others have posited the more traditional old guard such as Alex McLeish, John Brown, and one of the more likely suggestions, Barry Ferguson.

With Rangers needing someone well-versed in the tradition of Rangers, and able to provide that connection between the new manager’s contemporary ideas and the more historical backstory to the environment he is now in, it is quite important to get the right man to assist Caixinha integrating to Rangers.

Who would you like as ‘localised’ assistant?

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  1. I really hope so. As for Graeme Murty the experience he has gained is priceless and it is the responsibility of the board to ensure that he stays with our youth development until some of our 15's are playing in the first team

  2. I never voted for Ferguson, I went for Alex Rae, but I think Pedro will follow the majority. It's a no-brainer for him. I too, feel Murty is a wee gem, and we should do all we can to keep his influence working for the youngsters.

  3. Ibrox noise : you need to be writing an article about King and the shares. Iv repeatedly wrote that he and the other board members are working together to stop outside investors- they may argue that might be Ashley but there are other people out there.

  4. I said in a post a couple of days back something was in the air and that our Chairman was dug in and hiding in his bunker…the reason now becomes clear as once again his activities have been deemed as, unethical at best, and criminal at worst….we will now either see the colour of his money, of which I haver said for a long time, he has none….or he will go down the road of appeal and appeal at the fan's expense yet again.

    His statement was a joke, he broke the law and it was neither the old board or anyone else that done anything wrong…. if you break the law and play a dangerous game….you pay the price…everyone and anyone who studied the disgraceful shenanigans driving share prices flat, delisting and working with others to further gain control knew it was against the law but is just about King's limit… he is and always will be a liability and everything he touches is tarnished… we have lost name and a brand thanks to him, people in SA and elsewhere have lost their security, pensions and investments….once a low life always a low life.

    How very sad that once again after a great showing on Sunday and the introduction of a new manager…its our criminal chairman yet again making all the headlines….for all the wrong reasons, much will be coming out over the next few days and weeks, not all of it will be to many peoples taste but the law of the land is the law of the land and not up for bending.


    • I don't think its a coincidence that king released his statement hours before the new manager's first press conference.

      Blatant attempt to hide bad news under good news.

      It's an insult to the supporters intelligence.

      It confirms the truth, the chairman can't be trusted.

      Good luck to Pedro, with a board like ours he will need it.

    • Gordo, The Takeover Panel say he has to offer to buy all the shares at 20p each. However, we already know that the Fat Controller fae newcastle won't sell. I don't think anybody else will either, certainly not the fans. It is a procedural matter.
      Incidentally, the shares are valued at 32p. So, if you had some, would you sell them to King at 20p? I didn't think so.

    • Your buying his bluster Scots

      The point is that the board have been found to be breaking the law.

      Once again I will say that this us clear evidence (to anyone willing to accept the truth) that the board have been acting in an improper manner to keep control of an asset that they can't afford.

      King has invested nothing. He should put up the money and let people accept or decline. Or king should stand down along with his cronies.

      It is utterly false to state that investors would not come forward. It is the lie that kings tenure is built upon.

    • Irrespective of what people may feel and think, you can not break laws willy nilly, as and when it suits you, and expect to get away with it…..everyone who followed what went on knew it was wrong, I mean lets face it, his "Starve the club of cash" was plastered across every media outlet …hmm let me see, I wonder if that had anything to do with the share price being driven down and their cabal masquerading as independent bidders being the biggest joke of all….everything he touches turns to shit…and we are simply the latest in a long line.

      He has no money to spend even on keeping the lights on so how the hell do you think he was going to grow, build and make the club great again? We are on the Court Rolls more than we are on match of the friggin day now, every week another case, appeal, or legal challenge….this is where all your funds are going , not on managers budgets….Court appearances and legal eagles do not come cheap, but DK thinks nothing of wasting your hard earned fighting to clear HIS name.
      No idea what will happen and I am astounded our new manager hasn't even had his bum on his seat as this fukin mess broke….so now we can clearly see why big Dave couldn't wait and needed a manager in ASAP….this time as camouflage and to deflect from this…well people should look past the lies and spin and find the truth…as wrong as many may think it is….the law is never wrong, how people perceive it is the issue and how some people think they can abuse it with impunity is an even bigger mystery.

      This week we have got a fantastic fighting draw at the 'dome', The Big Tax case is in court on WedThur….we have welcomed a new manager and discovered something many of us already knew, that our chairman once again broke rules and regulations in his drive to make and recoup money….just another week on the watch of DK…..our club once again being ridiculed and disgraced, anyone else tired of this crap yet?


    • Wow u jist don't stop in your anti board motions… so who do u want on the board? Your always saying who u don't want but won't say who u want…

    • Stuart, your being very immature. This isn't about being 'anti board',it is about the lies from king and his behaviour.

      It's as simple as this – King doesn't have the money. He and his cronies are deliberately making it impossible for ANYONE to invest in the club so they can maintain control.

      If the club was run LEGALLY and PROPERLY there would be no shortage of investors coming forward. This is a fact which those who defend King either can't or don't wan the to understand.

      There are hedge funds, institutions and private individuals who would come forward. They may not all be rangers fans, but only an idiot thinks it that is essential.

    • Explain that one?

      If you think gaining investors is the same as what happened either under Murray, Whyte or post administration then you do not have a clue what you are talking about.

      Or being 'f@#$n immature' as you so eloquently put.

      I'm quite happy to debate with anyone, providing they actually understand what they are talking about and can do so in a reasonable manner.

    • The only investor that wanted to invest was chased off by Ashley's board. No one wants the club and that's it. We're not big in the football world anymore. Park and the rest of the board and proven buissness men, and long time season ticket holders. Your not going to get closer to a fan board, and with king again not getting involved with getting a new manager etc shows that's he's letting the rest run the club. Everyone keeps saying king is in it for the money if he was wouldn't he sell up at the 1st person to come knocking on the door??
      The fact that rangers have no money income apart from season tickets will have scared off any financially minded person from wanting to club since it's obvious we don't make enough to even keep the lights on

  5. I hope this is not going go ass up pedro needs some one to look over him not going work look at other teams it always ends bad.

  6. I voted for Bomber, as I think we need his passion for Rangers instilled into the playing squad.

  7. Barry Ferguson?!,,Really?!! He bombed wherever he went, utter useless. I voted other, if we are ambitious, and wanted an assistant who oozes class at the top level, go for Mikel Arteta. He is currently an assistant at Man City. Or Brian Laudrup, someone who knows the modern game?! Big difference than a waste of time from Clyde where he couldnt even get a team going there. Just because Barry wears a Rangers scarf, does not mean he is anywhere near qualified to be a Rangers assistant, which he not! Out of his depth! Remember "Boozegate", hardly an example of excellence to our players, as Jonathan Watson potrays, he's a fud! Murty I'd accept. Just keep Barry away, he is obviously trying to get a job through the media.

  8. Are we feeling any happier about the Board's side of things now that Warburton has signed on at Forest?
    So much to look forward to with a new horizon.

    I was impressed with Pedro's press conference yesterday. The players know now the have until the end of the season to keep their jobs. Hope this brings out the best in them.

    • How does Warburton getting a new job change the fact the board have acted illegally?

      How does it justify all if the lies and empty promises?

    • I was referring to the Board's statement on the Warburton situation, which they got lambasted for.

      Nothing to do with justifying anything. Just a bit tired of the continued Board bashing when I want to have some enthusiasm about a new hope.

    • So, you think that people who are smart enough to see that the board are running club into ground, should just shut up and let them ruin the club?

      If you do not want to see the truth it us up to you, but grow up- it's very childish to describe valid criticism as 'board bashing'.

      I want probably the same thing as you – a healthy and successful club. That will NEVER happen under the current board- I'm so sure of that I would bet my life on it.

    • I've not seen anything that definitively can be called the truth. I've seen twats like Whyte, Green, Lambas, Ashley…. we've had our share over the years. If there were super-investors out there, where the hell were they when the club was right in the shit. Right at the bottom, the laughing stock of Scotland? I'm not defending the Board- I know nothing about their financial impecunities. I just don't see how Park, King, Murray, Robertson et al can all be crooks wanting to see Rangers run into the ground- what would possibly be the point in it?

      I'm not going to argue- I agree that there should always be valid scrutiny of the people running the club, of course. I just feel that even when we have something to look forward to, something to pin some hope on again, there are still posts wanting to deflect that hope into the doom and gloom of the "End" coming at the hands of Monster King.

      I'd prefer at least a few weeks of blissful ignorance before we're back to the navel-gazing teeth-gnashing stage. Sorry.

    • Warburton had prob broke his own contract being at another club interviewing while on pay saying he was visiting a player, I've got a feeling a counter suit may follow against him now that he's signed for that club. And don't forget the score line that night after he had been in London all day

  9. Barry would be ideal … give him a chance to really get the Rangers Feel . However Once again some of our so called Rangers fans use this excellent blog to vent the usual rubbish about the King set up and the board ….Do they really want to return to the Sommers Llambas Easdale Green and the rest of the that thieving scum. Please lets just wait and see what happens visa vi the contracts etc. its not as easy as everyone thinks …patience please

    • "Barry would be ideal" … did you see where Clyde were when he 'left' ? 40th out of 42 teams in Scotland.
      Forget 'loyalty' to an ex-player, it's nonsense like that which has got Rangers into the current state, the 'old boy' network.
      Be professional : what is his CV like as a coach. Is it good enough.

      as to Somers, Llambias, Easdale, Green, etc. No, they weren't perfect, not by a long shot. But they've never been censured by the Stock Exchange takeover panel. They've never been convicted of tax offences. None of them.
      You want spivs, look no further than the current boardroom. A bunch of liars

    • Wow. The previous board were no good since. The Easdales have a criminal record longer than your arm, and have since been fined and convicted for stuff since leaving rangers. And Ashley and his cronies have all been pulled in front of parlement etc, and the last I was aware are being investigated for crashing company's on the stock market jist to buy the shares at a lower price etc… they were even worse

    • Goodness me…some of you guys have short memories. I maybe being naive but there could be a reason for King keeping a low profile… court cases etc. I personally would like to see some of the transparency he promised but to call our current board spivs and liars beggars belief with what we had prior. If your looking for a villain in all this then look no further than Ashley… he's the one taking any money due us out of the club. McCists action or inaction at the voting was tantamount to treason as we could have kept that lot out of the equation period, his lamentable excuses said all we needed to know. If you wants to accuse anyone of being a spiv then look no further than McCoist.

  10. To Rob P

    Check this out please:
    wednesday lotto
    "Barry wouldn't be ideal" you can read it in article above. Exchange take over and over this subject. Thanks a lot!

  11. Stay away Barry. You are not even close to being ready. Timing is the key here as you are still the apprentice. Get some ammunition behind you and work on the continent. Coming in too early would be the death knell. Let all the stuff behind the scenes sort it self out. This is also a message to other young managers out there who might aspire to be the next RANGERS manager.

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