Is Pedro Caixinha the right man for Rangers?


On the face of it it is an astonishingly left-field appointment. While not confirmed yet, unless something wildly unpredictable happens, Pedro Caixinha (‘Cash-sheen-ah’) will be the new Rangers head coach under a Director of Football, at this time looking like being newly-available Paul Mitchell.

I will not lie, like 99% of you readers we had never even heard of Caixinha before we learned of Rangers’ interest in him and brought it to you here, and what little we have gleaned of the man so far really fails to truly shed a great deal of light on what style he will bring to Ibrox.

Reports vary from ‘attacking’ to ‘intelligent’ to ‘flexible’ but it appears no one truly has a real idea of what Rangers see in this coach or why he has been plucked from borderline obscurity to be the odds-on favourite for next manager.

And the worry for many fans is Paul Le Guen Mark 2, albeit technically Paul Le Guen Mark 2 was Mark Warburton Mark 1. This would actually be Mark Warburton Mark 1 Paul Le Guen Mark 2.

Still with me?

Mark Warburton himself was widely seen as a left-field appointment by many within Ibrox and much of the fanbase, and while there were short-term positives last season, the long-term cost has been significant. So why are the board so interested in Caixinha? What is it about him that has seen them ditch all the mooted suitors such as McLeish, Wright, McInnes et al and go for a complete outsider?

A man who knows nothing about British football (despite Rangers-obsessed Alan Stubbs claiming otherwise) or Scotland or especially Rangers being brought here to manage a side desperately needing a safe pair of hands?

Neil McCann, one of the best pundits in Scottish football, regardless of his allegiances, had this to say:

“I think they’ll entertain a wide variety of coaches, but I’d be surprised if they go for someone like that (Caixinha). I don’t know too much about him, I have to be honest. Would that be the right guy to come into this club at the minute? Does he know the environment? I imagine, being Portuguese, he’d speak to Pedro Mendes, who spent a lot of time here and might give him the basis. But as Mark Warburton proved, you don’t know it until you’re in it and what pressure this club brings upon your shoulders. What players does he have in mind? Can they play in this environment? If he’s not got the right players in mind to deal with this environment, does the new director of football that Rangers are going after, does he have a style of football or a player in mind that could sort Rangers out? Rangers need to be sorted out at first-team level. I am not sure it would be the right appointment, but if it is him, you have to give him time.”

Hard to argue with much of that.

It is an incredibly odd, risky, and frankly puzzling route the board have gone down here, and few can seem to fathom a reason as to why they went to Qatar to find their man.

Should, as seems to be the current case (it may change tomorrow or indeed the afternoon) Caixinha be announced as Rangers’ new manager he will get everyone of a Rangers’ persuasion’s full support – we want the next coach to succeed, whoever he is, and he gets the full backing.

But we are still allowed to think for ourselves, like McCann has, and have a little caution over this curious path; and simply hope the powers that be have seen something we did not and made a brilliant choice.

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  1. Pedro has been a manager of diddy clubs in Europe.
    Roger Schmidt (also available) was the manager of Bayer Leverkusen, took them to the knock-out stages of the CL this season. Last 2 seasons has finished 3 or 4th.

  2. Pedro record in his last seven games 3 wins a draw and 3 defeats. This is not the results of a winner his overall stats in his management career are 41%.This decision should have been made by football people not accountants we deserve better than this appointment

  3. I hope Murty is in charge of the team on Sunday. He knows the players and should have a good idea how to deploy them. Caixinha would be better in the Director's box. Too many players were sacrificed by Warburton just to implement his doomed strategies. Hopefully Caixinha can put this right and all the players are given an opportunity to play in their most productive roles and we go on a very good run until the end of the season.

  4. i think pedro must have fed the board a lot of BULLSHIT if stubbs recommends him. If murty beats celtic twice i would save the money and give the boy a 10m kitty to sort out the areas that need soted as well as movin a few on.At last a bit of fight despite warbs attemps.Maybe they will fight for him.He seems to kick every ball it's good to see that passion.He might get better the more time he gets to bring his own ideas with better quality additions?

  5. It looks like we are going find out soon,will he be a hit or a miss only time will tell is he a cheap option more than likely i would love to see Rangers men in charge but nowadays it is not like that so we trust in other people to get hold of better managers but hey the first one they got was a Dud so we all shall see.

  6. Another good article for the fans to share their true feelings, although this board doesn't seem to care what the fans think. They do things their way and Warburton was a good example of that.

    How many more mistakes can they make? Personally, I voted a resounding NO!

    Like you, I think it's an incredibly odd and extremely risky, route to go down.

    Le Guen, Warburton and if it is now Pedro Caixinha (‘Cash-sheen-ah’) or Cash wasted as far as I'm concerned – he is NOT the answer.

    • I agree 1000% and sadly you dont have to be Septic Peg to foresee where we are going to be this time next year – In the exact same shit hole we are in just now, cant believe the board are going for this guy, he has absolutely no pedigree in the game, has done he haw, and will probably join the queue on the steps of the High Court behind The Hat by this time next year when he gets the bullet for being just another chancer, sooner or later we are going to have to look at the boards performance in these issues as it appears to me that they don't appear to understand what being a bear is all about any better than Warbs did, I think its fair to say that a large percentage of bears are getting seriously pissed off with the leadership at Ibrox as well as the broken promises, or maybe I am wrong and DK is going to hand multi millions to this nobody, He would be better to take that money to the dugs at Shawfield, I guarantee he would get a better return, THE GUNS ARE STARTING TO TURN GUYS, BETTER GET THE FRIGGING FINGER OUT!

  7. Sorry but i just don't understand this at all, it sounds like the cheap option again. I truly hope i am wrong but its warburton 2 for me. WATP

  8. Canna disagree with this. Was he not initially identified by our initial but now unlikely choice of DoF at Southampton, not the board ? I think they are merely taking his recommendation.
    Btw, pedantic I know, but the proper Portuguese pronunciation is Kai shee nya

  9. I voted undecided only because the board have made there decision n that's that. Jst need to get on with it n see wer it goes but in my opinion I think we could have aimed a lot higher to get a buzz about the place but that's not happening, time will tell.

  10. Think the board are trying to be forward thinking and modern! lets face it the old way is dead! Rangers Men! Long Ball! Defensive!! is that what you want to pay your money to go an see? I understand the need to have Rangers men in and around the club! but its 2017, Fast flowing, high pressing, high tempo is the future of the game! and your not getting that from McLeish, Davis and the likes!!!!!

  11. Clubs finances dictate that a proven top man wont be interested so a major gamble is the only option

  12. No way is this a wise move there is other men who could give us stability at this crucial time. We cannot afford to make such a risk. I am not hopeful for then future…

    Good article, I've been concerned about this happening since I heard of the news.

  13. Stating Pedros recent results says NOTHING about his ability. NOTHING!
    I know nothing about this guy but you can't judge him on a random Saudi or mexican team with no knowledge
    of his team or the opposition.
    Derek Mcinnes with his budget squad is little different to us!
    Even the best managers lose a few games on the trot.
    I do however feel sorry for anyone taking over this squad.
    Better things are on the horizon.
    Rangers for the cup!

  14. One of the common things about all the names mentioned thus far for the vacant managers position is that they are all out of work! This tells me, perhaps that we are not able to poach a manager with a proven success rate, who is still at a club, as it would cost us dearly in compensation and the fact that we are not currently a big draw for a good candidate to risk their reputation on. We have no money and few prospects at the moment so we have to shop for people we can afford and, more importantly, want to come and take a chance on us just as we would be taking a chance on them. I say, if he indeed wants to come, then he's worth a shot! The other are known to us one way or another.

  15. The difference is we are looking for a head coach, not a manager! Everyone else that has been put forward are managers and would want full control that they won't get. We're trying a new set up, so maybe a different style of "manager" will be needed

  16. I cannot figure out why the board want Caixinha. Having looked at his history there is absolutely nothing that would make me think he is the man to take us forward.

    I didn't want an old Rangers boy to take over prior to MW but with hindsight it would have made sense to get someone in to stabilize the team.

    Is there more to the imminent appointment of Caixinha?

    He cant be coming for the money,he has no affiliation with Rangers or Scottish football. He may very well have given an outstanding interview but is still makes no sense to give such a man the job given the state we are in.

    Thinking out the box here but has he maybe been assured that there is a significant amount of money available to buy new players? And thinking even further out the box given his association with the mega rich Qatar football league has a billionaire oil rich backer said to DK take Caixinha and I will bank roll the club? Wishful thinking I know but I cant help but feel there will be some form of investment announcement along with the new appointment.

    • If there was a billionaire wanting to bankroll the club why would they want caixinha in charge, and not a proven manager (since they could afford it)? That is desperate and hopeful thinking.

  17. Time has come for fans to stand up for the future of the club.

    The board must go, this was their final chance, and they have blown it.

    The mess can be summarised:

    Wilson was offered job of DOF, he had told board he wanted Pedro as his manager. The board have more or less offered the job to Pedro only to find out Wilson is unsure (at best) about taking the role.

    So we either keep waiting or appoint one of other second choice candidates. Do we still look to appoint a manager unsure if man who picked him will join us? If so we risk having to pick a second choice DOF who may not share Pedro's philosophy.

    Or do we end up with second choices in both roles. Or worse do our second choices also reject as it us public who first choices were.

    Complete mess. So much for board getting it right this time .

    • It is a shambles truly is. The Board have been absolutely awful in dealing with this whole situation which they brought on themselves.

  18. So our board think that offering vital manager's role to someone recommended by someone who rejected job offer to be his boss.

    Even though the recommendation had none of the track record we stated we were looking for, nor had the experience we were looking for, nor the rangers connection the fans wanted.

    Makes perfect sense. If your wired to the moon.

    There should be a crowd outside ibrox burning effigies of the shameless liar who is our chairman.

    • E-Chef

      Did we not predict they would go for the cheapest option? Are we surprised they are going for the cheapest option? Do they have any other option other than the cheap option? ….well yeah they could turn round and let Murty take charge to the end of the season, but maybe he has said he wants out of it…hell they may even do that yet!!!

      There is no way we can or will attract a manager worth his salt with the pull to attract players the calibre we need….but we have no cash and whatever they concoct up and spin it will be yet another lie, if indeed they do go down this route, hell it may be the best thing ever, and I hope whoever takes the job makes a fist of it….but do they care? Do they feel and hear your pain? Do they fuk, they don't care what you think and they certainly don't keep you in the loop…transparency my arse, lies, lies and more lies….King has to go, there you go, I have said it…he needs to get run out of our club before we have no club left….2yrs and we are in a worse position than we were before he arrived….wakey wakey…will the penny finally drop with the masses….or do the Dave brigade continue to follow blindly…we have had chance after chance to make things right and make things better, at every juncture they have failed and are conning people…this will be spun as a forward progressive move….when reality and investigation shows its the cheapest option available to them to make it look as if they are actually doing something….there will be little puffs of white smoke emanating all across the city with this own goal….


    • ally,warburton, now caixinha.Dave king and board must take the blame for this choicefor of manager.THE LAST thing rangers needed,this is a disaster for gers.

  19. I tell you we could go through four or five managers before we get a good one I hope this one is a good manager.

  20. Whether you agree with him or not, nobody can argue that the board has chosen a high risk option. High risk either brings large rewards or devastating failure.

    All the other candidates were "safe" options where I doubt they'd have us challenge Celtic but should have kept us solid 2nd…but how long would we accept that for?

    Good luck to the new fella, I just hope the board give him money to spend.

  21. Wilson has said no and not for the first time. Smell of desperation from the board and fans alike. Caixinho is a brave man to come in right now when time is of the essence for him, Dickson,Robertson and King. I hope they will show some real urgency in bringing Mitchell to Ibrox. For me he is far better qualified for DOF than Wilson.But if they fart about they could lose him too.

  22. Seems like everyone is being slaughtered (Board, new man, new DoF) before they've been confirmed or seen.
    There has been no one prestige candidate that everyone has got behind as a fan, has there? Frank De Boer, maybe- what were the chances of him, in reality? Pretty low.
    I personally don't see what difference a new manager is going to make if he comes in super quick, so why not take the time, do the process right.
    If it turns out not to be right, fair enough, but at least let whoever it is have a few games before we hang him out to dry.
    As for the Board- where's the alternative? Mike Ashley? Fuck off.

    There are no white knights charging in with money flying from their fingers. The Board are "Rangers men" are they not or am I off the mark with that?

    Maybe I'm being naive, but anyone who is trying to use Rangers as a cash cow needs their head examined, so I can't imagine these guys get anything out of it but stress.

    It's an almighty burach, but we should be knuckling down, not petting lips.

  23. I wish Pedro Caixinha all the best i just hope he can cut it here in Scotland hey i see how he looks at it a three year deal even if he fails in first six months he has made millions it is a win win win for Pedro.