Should Warbs get four games to save his job?

Article by: Richard Fillingham

The next four games are imperative for Rangers to finish second in the league and to progress in the Scottish Cup. Ross County and Morton at Ibrox and away to Dundee and Inverness Caledonian are the games that our management team of Warburton and Weir have to get right to save their jobs.

This Saturday’s game against Ross County is the first chance for Warburton to show the board and the fans that he has learned things from the demolition of his team against Hearts. It was the Jam Tarts’ biggest ever win over the ‘Gers since 1956 and that tells you everything that was wrong about that Rangers performance.

The lack of ball-winning tackling in the light blue jerseys was truly shocking and most of the fans were shouting at the players to fight for their jerseys.

None of our players were good enough on the night and Hearts were better than us all over the park, especially in defence and midfield where Kiernan and Halliday had their poorest games in Rangers jerseys.

If Kiernan is not dropped then all the players in the Rangers squad will lose faith in their manager. Why can’t Warburton and Weir not see what all the fans can?

I can tell you what the board and all the fans know now: Kiernan is NOT a top class centre half & Tavernier is a LIABILITY at right back; wandering all over the park leaving spaces behind our back four. Furthermore Halliday is NEVER a defensive midfield player.

Conclusion: play experienced centre half 6’ 3” Philippe Senderos to replace Kiernan and Northern Ireland international right back Lee Hodson instead of Tavernier and new young signing from Raith Rovers 6’ 4” David Bates as a central defensive midfielder playing ahead of the back four in place of Halliday.

My suggested line-up: – 4 – 1 – 3 – 2

Hodson, Senderos, Hill, Wallace,
    Waghorn, Hyndman Halliday
                  Miller, McKay

With this way of playing you need Bates to be aware when either Hodson or Wallace are ahead of him (but never the two at the same time) and it’s his job to be aware of the danger behind either of them. Then you must have Halliday covering for Bates if he is covering for one of the full backs – simple tactic, but they have to concentrate to make sure they do their jobs properly.

Having Senderos and Bates in the team gives the side added height to eliminate easy cross balls from becoming goals. It also makes us more likely to score goals from corners and free kicks which is another good reason for using them.

This approach might just yield better results for our beleaguered management team and get the results over the next clutch of games which could buy them some time.

Do you agree with me, or have I got it all wrong?


  1. Totally agree about Senderos starting but I have never seen Bates so that one I cannot answer that one…..what I will say is the fact that we are here today after soooo many mistakes caused by Keirnan and Tavner and Warbs has continued to play them says to me enough is enough now for Warburton he must b shown the door now never mind another 4 games watching this sh@&£……

    • Why play Waggy, he has been rotten, why not give Dodoo a run in the team and lets see what he can do. We need to start games with a dedicated striker and McKay can be wasted when he is stuck out on the wing.. The goal difference is abysmal, not only does the defence need bolstered but we have a toothless attack. MW should take a chance on the hour mark when he makes his subs, why not take off a defensive player and put on an attack minded player if we need a goal.

    • totally agree mark warburton is not wanted by the majority .we need the board to give us a lift .firstly get rid of that name on our training ground cost nothing .secondly get rid of those stupid screens fill with seats would be magnificent stick the septic support in a corner when they come visiting same as they give us all we need is a manager thats going to fight .rogers has put warburton on the floor the count is at 9 don't think warburton will get up

  2. King isn't going to sack Warburton but his 12 month contract won't be renewed in the summer by my reckoning.
    Playing Barcelona football with Accrington Stanley players is never going to work in this league.
    Warburton was sacked at Brentford for a reason.
    As their central defender said then " we never practiced set pieces or proper defending in training".
    I think a good shout for next manager could be George Burley….. remember the job he was doing with a mediocre Hearts side before the chairman got involved in his team affairs.
    We have no choice but to stick with this rubbish till the summer so please stop moaning, if you don't like what's on display then don't give King your money, we did it before with Ashley so now let's force Kings hand to get his head out his arse and realise that Warburton has to go.

  3. Interesting thought, however, we are getting close to the point where we will be hoping other clubs take points off our nearest challengers and we, presumably, can hoover up maximum points ourselves. It's a big ask IMO.
    I like the idea of galvanising our defence into something it hasn't been all season, ie good a defending, another big ask. I don't believe Warburton is that kind of manager. I think he will be gone, sooner, rather than later, even if he gets a trophy and into Europe.

  4. My choice of manager would be Harry Redknap if he would come in for small pay. Had teams promoted from championship, saved teams from relegation in premiership, had teams in European football.

  5. God only knows what input if any Davie Weir is bringing into this shambles. For a guy who was without doubt a top class centre half watching this crap from the sidelines, he either has no clout or input during team talks. Warburton now looks like a defeated man and his press interviews are getting embarrassing. If no victory tomorrow i fear the grumbles from the stands could become a lot more intense.

  6. Too many times MW has said " we have to learn from our mistakes" . Give me a fuckin break! There are players at Ibrox who should not be there yet we bring in loans. Just get rid of the crap. Young Ryan Hardie scores wherever he goes on loan yet he is out for experience to make him better" . We have a goal difference of 6. WTF? Davie Weir, you were one of the best in your position when you played. What is going on at my team? The league is not built for tiki taka. Sure it looks good but any team can pass the ball back and across the field, but there is no penetration from this Rangers team! I can't remember the last time a winger actually sent in a high cross for a change. MW please adapt to this league. We know you have good ideas, but this is Rangers and I'm not sure you get it.

  7. Agree with dropping Kiernan and Tavanier but we must also drop Halliday and I don't think with Warburton in charge we will have any chance of finishing second.

    • Wont sack him as it will cost, he wont resign either, he'll go in summer,,,unless there is a very very heavy defeat at Celtic in March and he walks

  8. You are out of your mind. Yes play Sanderos. Hodson, Bates and O'Halloran. Get Tavernier,Halliday,Kiernan,Waghorn and especially Warburton back down to England and ALEX RAE in for the next four months.King better be very careful.If there is no change in the manager there will be lots of empty seats and that is an even bigger issue for Rangers. Everyone can see Warburton is delusional and even if we scored six, seven, eight goals it would make NO DIFfERENCE for me. Out. Out. Out.

    • first of all "super Ally" was your hero then it was Craig Whyte then is was Charles Green and now Dave King.
      you`s were the one`s that WANTED that lot in and yet you still turn on everyone of them.
      you chased away the Yank that was offering to put it 20/30 million with your banners saying "yank go home" so who is actually the delusional one`s. here`s a tip look in the mirror!!

    • first of all "Super Ally" was your hero then it was Craig Whyte then it was Charles Green and now for the moment it is Dave King.
      your all say Warburton`s delusional got to ask yourself who`s is actually the delusional people.
      you chase away a Yank that was willing to put 20/30 million in your club but it was all "go home yank". you think Dave King is great yet he wants to part with no money for your club????
      look in the mirror you then may find who is actually delusional!!

  9. Tavernier today quoted "Tynecastle just another learning curve, we are not soft." Obviously he believes Gers fans are. Why doesn't he shut the fuck up and get to fuck out of Ibrox. A walking timebomb on a football pitch.

  10. no he should not get another game he is not what we need i see he's praising celtic .saying we are years behind .thats his excuse coming out now are we also years behind hearts .as i said before if he's doing his job we should not be this far behind we play celtic 4 times a season only twelve points .hes had a good head start financially on the hearts manager also been managing longer in this division look what the new guy did to him .celtic are shopping in the same bargain basement as us don't let that other mob kid us .we need a new manager with a bit hunger also a rangers man players that want to play for our great club half our team are not rangers supporters there are plenty scottish players chocking to play for glasgow rangers couple good games against wee brownies mob every thing will change very quickly

  11. I havn't bought a Rangers DVD from the store since Ashley got involved so I might be way off the mark here. If anyone out there has recently then can you tell me what's in it? I remember goals galore and first class performances, the sort of dross we watch week in week out would not have enough to make a decent CD, never mind a DVD.
    We deserve better than this, even with limited finances.

  12. King will not sack Warburton one it would cost way to much to replace him but i hope his 12 month contract will not be renewed this summer my biggest fear is we beat Selltic and he gets a new contract,now to get a top manager nowadays 3/4/5 million plus

  13. Time is up ! same as delia no change same old story same failures repeatedly, same mistakes repeatedly, he's got this philosophy n he won't change his mind on it, a team of has beens, n works in progress not one player you can say that he's signed is the finished article. To play n manage Glasgow rangers you to b thick skinned n b a winner I n want to win every game, I see a team full of lower league level in England n wen they've played ther most of the time doesn't really mattered if they win every game n that's the way they are playing, awk it doesn't matter!! Well am telling you it bloody does!! Harry redknap is a really gd shout he would b up ther way them get Rodgers.

  14. Your spot on with the formation, it allows you to play from the back or have the bodies in the middle of the park to win high balls when we need to beat the press.
    Hodgson, senderos, wilson, wallace
    Tav, hyndman , mckay
    Dodoo, miller
    I know we haven't seen jak play for us but watch any highlights you can of him and see how comfortable he is with the ball at his feet, far more assured than foddy, I know he's done well but he's not the commanding goalkeeper we need to play that sweeper style roll and also will be better against set pieces with his height. The defence although not tested fully yet will have height and strength and protect the keeper more as well.
    Crooks has to be recalled from loan, I know he had a bad game against hearts but he's had no game time, the way we're playing it wouldn't be a bad thing to give him a couple of games to shake the cobwebs off the boots get upto speed and in the mean time at least it's a presence in the middle of the field and defending set pieces.
    Tav is a must in an attacking sense without the full responsibility of defending. His set pieces are good, can take on a player and can score as we have all witnessed, play him in this position to get the best out of him.
    Miller for the rest of the season is a must. His link up play and passion can be seen week in week out and that will help us till the end of the season with Gardner coming on last 25 mins, balls into the box he will be dangerous. Dodoo needs to play, the goals he has scored with the little pitch time he has had shows the quality he has and giving half a chance I think will shine. Hyndman is proving to be a gem of a find and can be rotated with toral , windass, halliday or Holt. Halliday or Holt can start against weaker opposition. Forrester for mckay and ohalloran for tav or waggy for miller.
    Attacking options all 90 mins, bodies in the middle of the park, harder to break down and 2 strikers to create more chance as the stats show 2nd in the league with the worat goal difference in the top 4 is ridiculous.
    If Warburton sorts this mess out and brings stability to the team from now to the end of the season i will be more than willing to let him see what he can do next season. I do feel he had the right ideas and if we can get Europe bit of money and a couple of tried and tested players through the door then we will be in a good place come next season…maybe not a title challenge quite yet but a defo improvement on this season and and the added bonus of a few nights on the European scale.

    • Jesus Sean… we'll be out on our backside at the first attempt if Warburton remains in charge. Nope…a likeable good guy but not the man for us: I could go through the team in depth but the frailties are there for all to see. Twenty seven cringe worthy points behind at the beginning of February !! No that gap is just not acceptable. When he looks back he'll realise His blind spot for Kiernan (along with most of his signings ) has cost him his job.

  15. Billy Davies, Stuart McCall, Sir Walter, Big Eck, Butcher, Gough, McInnes, Tommy Wright….

    Any of these guys would see us tougher to beat, better points total and better goal difference. We can't change the players but a new coach will get 20-30% more out of them…

    • Totally agree. Alex Rae's commentary for Rangers TV was exceptional. Terrific insight with what is wrong with our team. Would like to see what Alex, Bomber Brown, Richard Gough and Kenny Miller could do with these players in next 4 months.Bates, Hodson, Dodoo all deserve a real chance. Garner too. Tactics are criminal, square pegs in round holes. Foderingham throwouts to Halliday. Kamikazee stuff. I'm shakin' ma heid just thinking of it again. Pure torture.

  16. Alex Rea you joking me cause talks a good game look the state he left St Mirren, love bomber but he's a dinosaur in football management tearms, what is with fans wanting old players !! Some people just live in the past its 2017 ffs football and football managment has changed rapidly why you think Butcher, big eck,Davies are out of football cause it's left them behind..

    We need a Nigle Pearson or a Micheal Laudrup someone with epl experience, if we can't afford them then Tommy Wright would be the best cheap option.

  17. Warburton has to go now and before we get another real doing from Celtic! 3 reasons 1) he's has three transfer windows to sort out the defence but all he does is bring in the same tippy tappy lightweights all pretty much playing the same position 2) his comments about looking after loan players for their parent club was a disgrace – this is Glasgow Rangers not some development team 3) his recruitment has been a shambles – the problem with leaving Halliday out for example is that we have no other player on our books that can play DM – Crooks might have been a temporary answer but he's farmed out on loan before we've even really seen what he can do- you can only conclude that he must be really dire if he can't get in to this team. I'll say it again bring back Walter for this season and next. This season he will make hard to beat and prevent another thrashing by Celtic. Give him £10million in the summer to bring in say 5 players at £2million each and he will stop Celtic's 10 in a row in its tracks. Guaranteed!
    Also let's cut our losses and clear out the dross – Tavenier, Kieran, Senderos, Halliday, Forrester, Garner, Waghirn, Dodoo – all got to go. Clint Hill has been okay but art his age it's not helping us build – so sorry no new contract. Krancjar finished terminate his contract. Rossitor one more season to see if he can get fit. Windass & O'Halloran let's see what they can do under a different manager. No more loan signings please!

  18. and it should be that as he has failed at 1655 today to get 3 points then it has to be goodbye from him NOW!

  19. What we need is a manager that has played football here some one that can glue together a team of players that can score and win games,it will take a few years to catch selltic but we need to start now.

  20. I agree with almost everything you have said. McParland has to be accountable. I don't agree with Walter coming back in. We had a chance to build a better winning style of football when we went down. Some of Walters tactics were dire to watch. If we had 2 decent centre halves, a decent fm and someone who can score goals it would have been great to see players like Burt and Gilmour develop. Now it seems we have to start over again and get rid of the dross you have mentioned.

  21. If he doesn't go now then its time the board went and they should have left before him , Warburton is a gent and Rangers will forgive him if he walks

    • Several good comments and points here but we need to stop fannying about now. How long are we going to continue to be fleeced, conned and lied to? How much longer do we have to endure that pish and put up with this crap? We are about to be lapped by them….don't people get it here? We are going to finish the league with half the points of our greatest rivals…that's not acceptable, and that's not fckin progress.
      Change must come from the top down….and I mean the very top down. Dave King called for us to starve the club and not buy ST or merchandise…what a great idea that was…. look where that has got us, broke, still racking up debt, no investment other than soft loans, no way of holding IPO or share release as we were lied to about a queue of NOMADS kicking down the door to represent us on the LSE….oh and the only man with REAL money hounded out the door by King and his cronies.
      We now have kids being starved of Rangers merchandise at Xmas and a whole country where it seems Rangers tops are banned or frowned upon…its a disgusting strategy that is crippling the club …and anyone who believes otherwise just need look around when your in town and see how many Rangers fans you see sporting the colours….this Starve the Club has done exactly that and I have yet to see the benefit of any of it …King has no cash to spare… the only investments that have come in are from Douglas Park soft loans…the rest is powder puff and lies.
      I'm not going on a rant, but however bad the team and the management are, they are equally matched and in many cases, let down badly by a dysfunctional board with no plan to invest the sums of money required and no idea how to attract money in ….creek, paddle,shit and up spring to mind….we need to hear why Warbs hasn't bought better players and why our policy and his policy to 'improve young players for parent clubs' is a route we have been driven down, truth be known I think he has been shackled into it.
      I agree there should be changes in players on the park and player's positional set ups and styles, but as mentioned earlier…Warbs knows no other style and Brentford saw through his one dimensional approach to the game… managers need a squad and a team capable of changing games and changing the angles of attack, something our manager seems oblivious to,. but that may well be down to the players available!!!
      So much is so wrong at our club, we have not even had any of our youth team step up into the squad, a criticism often levelled at McCoist, sadly W&W seem to be falling into that trap again…. and giving young talent no chance to flourish and grow…. a very sad inditement but a very true reflection I think.

      The clock is ticking and starting to run out for us….since we sold our souls to the Devil in the form of Murray….we have continued to be deluded and conned, duped and lied to…time to stop this cancer in our club…..get them to fuck.


    • If the fans hadn't stopped going to games and had kept on buying the kit, the rats who stripped the club would not have left. They would still be stuffing the season ticket money into their pockets or the newco would have been in administration just like the oldco. Ready for sale to an "approved purchaser", like Green. Ready to start the cycle all over again.
      King and the others have put money into the club to keep it afloat. They have taken nothing out.
      There will be reasons why they cannot put big money in at this time. The rats are still around, they haven't gone away yet. No-one in their right mind would put a wad in, just to see the rats returning to get their filthy hands on it. There are still a lot of legal cases going on. You and I don't know hat the outcomes will be. Slagging the guys who are keeping our heads above water is just stupid.

      By the way. Most of the fans had stopped buying the kit and attending games BEFORE King got involved in that dispute.

    • Spot on William. But as far as our manager is concerned I'm afraid he will fall on the strength of his disastrous signings; who among them have been up to the level of the jersey ? Do you think we would be in such disarray if Stuart McColl had got the nod…? I don't.

  22. Mark W will not stop Celtic if he had £100M, he is useless, Dave K should go at the sametime, empty promises and nothing of note done or said since he promised £30M way back when?
    Our problem is simple to sort, a good manager, some good young players (Scottish) and perhaps 3 or 4 seasoned players and start building, we are dillusioned if we think there is money and off our heads if we think MW is the answer. J

  23. Mark Warburton will not be going anywhere. At least not until this season has ended. Even then, it will depend upon Rangers financial position.
    If Rangers win the "kit contracts" case with Sports Direct the Rangers financial position could change for the better very quickly. If not, then Rangers will just have to get by, as best as we can, for the next 6 years or so.
    As things stand, I don't think we are making the best use of what we have in the squad. Wrong selections and tactics. Right footed players on the left and vice versa. DMs who can't defend and the same applies at right back and the CB positions.
    Forget about finishing second. We should be concentrating, at this point, on putting out a team that has a strong defence. Another pummeling from Celtic, or anyone else, will see a total collapse of morale throughout the club.
    If there is a release clause, then we must get Crooks and Thompson back into the picture.
    We MUST play 4-2-3-1. Your system is too complicated. Too open to being undone through lack of concentration. Especially when players get tired. We need a back four that sits deeper due to our lack of pace when a ball gets played in behind. The full backs must stay back to protect our CBs on the flanks.
    We need TWO DMs sitting in front of them. Both must be capable of breaking forward too, when it's on or is required, if we fall behind.
    A simple switch, with or without one substitution, can turn 4-2-3-1 into a 4-4-2 or even a 4-2-4 (if really desperate) very quickly.
    If Rossiter won't be playing then the best we could put out would be something like this.

    Hodson, Senderos Wilson(Bates?) Wallace:
    Crooks, Thompson:
    McKay Hyndman, Forrester(right footed, decent left):

    Subs Tav, Wilson or Bates, O'Halloran, Windass, Waghorn (on the left or in the middle only) Garner or Miller.

    Not ideal, I know. But they might be able to get us through the season without too much more embarrassment.

    Best comment on this thread was about the nonsense of trying to play "Barcelona football with Accrington Stanley players" in the SPL.

    • Willie, Warburton should be gone already for all of the very good reasons you have highlighted.Your analysis is first class. Just delete the first paragraph.Thompson, Hardie and McGregor are better than many brought in. A quarter million spent on a replecement goalkeeper who hadn't put a foot wrong? WTF.

    • It's a much better line-up, than tippy tappy shite on our budget!I would make one change to your suggestion though. I think Wilson has the potential to be an outstanding left back, he's too short to be a top Rangers centre half, so I would play him at left back. He reminds me of Papac when he struggled at centre half under PLG and Walter turned him into a tremendous full back. I would have Wallace in midfield, instead of Thompson. A captain should be in the spine of the team, where he can easily give instructions to his teammates and I think Wallace would put some bite in there, similar to the job Scott Brown does for them. We shouldn't allow the full backs to cross the half way line at any time and Foderingham should be told to boot the ball up the park at all times, cutting out the rolling the ball out to defenders nonsense! If we start playing this way we might manage to win an old firm game this season, but if we persevere with that dud Warburton we will struggle to finish the season higher than fourth.

  24. Some fans are that thick they don't realise King, Douglas Park etc are keep the lights on, if it wasn't for there soft loans we would go down the tubes for good this time FACT !!

    He let Warbs sign 11 players in the summer, most were free transfers but all in good money, is that not backing ?

    Warbs out !!

    • "keeping the lights on"….so that's what its come to, lets not look at getting ourselves back where we think we should be…lets be happy at keeping the lights on.

      Ask yourself one thing….Why can we not attract external money into the club, why cant we float on the Stock Market and at least have a chance of raising capital? "Where is your NOMAD Mr King" was a question asked a long time ago and is still unanswered. Where is your £30-50m that was promised to get us back on our feet and back on the road to recovery….ST money and soft loans are fine, if your happy with the state we are in now, fair play, I for one wanted something a bit better and something with a friggin light at the end of the tunnel…..we need investment and we will never get any in our current guise.


    • Toatally agree. They are being stung the most. Time for cool heads. I'd like to see Kenny Miller and Clint Hill take the reins on an interim basis before the Morton game. We are all in this together.Two weeks to the next league game. Smith, McLeish for four months. Why not? Give us time for a reality check and go forward.

  25. Hey Dexter move out of cloud cuckoo land. "Bring back W Smith and give him £10m" -where is the £10m coming from??

    • Constructive comment (not) from the aptly named unknown – who doesn't even have enough confidence in his comment to put his name to it.
      I don't think it should be beyond the means of the current board to provide a £10 million budget to the new manager based on their pre takeover promises. Time for King to back up the rhetoric!

  26. What a horrible mess this is. Sadly the reality is sacking Warburton is justified. He is failing in every department and although he can talk in reality he cannot achieve. There is no development and no progress.

    When you have little money you can't afford to make mistake after mistake in transfer market. When you don't have a lot of quality in the team you need to be tactically strong, we are toothless in attack and soft in defence. McKay aside the route to the first team for our own youngsters has been well and truly blocked by developing other teams players, this is not going to improve our team in long-term. We needed to be smart and improve the team over a number of Windows, we have wasted two Windows this season.

    However he's only part of the problem and getting rid of him comes with no guarantee that things will improve, either short term or long term. I agree with Kiernan Priors comments that King needs to tell us what's happening and invest or step aside. Other parties will come forward, perhaps they can take a better approach to solving the sports direct stand off, which I very much a personal tit for tat between king and Ashley. I also agree that Paul Murray should also talk to the fans, tell us what he sees as the future.

    The survival of the king lead consortium relies completely on strong season ticket money, gate recipts and whatever prize money the club can gain domestic and European. I fear that without action in terms of better communication and upfront investment by the board, that season tickets will be lower than last season- how much depends on performances between now and end of season. We all know someone who has had enough and won't buy next season. There are many come what may diehards but a lot of fans have had enough.

    I do fear that there will be no investment and king will try to repeat last year's empty promises and try to con people. Who's going to fall for the same trick twice.

    The board need to show leadership and either publicly back the manager, or sack him. Which would have cost us very little were it not for the three year deal we gave him at start of season. A move that seemed premature at best, foolish at worst.

    One thing won't happen, Warburton will not resign, far too stubborn.

    • Hi Martin,

      We've been saying all the stuff for months that you're now seeing in the press, as you probably know, and we've been smeared and attacked by our own for it. Now the whole fanbase has caught up, all the press is negative, but I'd be shocked if anyone else is being castigated for it like we were. It's also a shocking time in our history which is flirting with some of the worst days I can remember. So we're taking a little break. Might be back tomorrow, might be back next week. Who knows.

      But thank you for taking an interest 🙂

    • martin what can you say about this shambles only guy i give pass marks is dave king .he said he would invest over a few years he has kept lights on thank furk he did not give warburton 30 million to spend as he is clearly the wrong man .dave king has got a fight on there hands behind the scenes now they have got to deal with warburton and his cronies .ibrox noise has done a fantastic job as they deal with facts as what is going on .

    • I am proud to be part of the Ibrox Noise team and the best editor in the business and I have been heavily critical of the management team when it has been called for. Why have a lot of our own fans been so mad at us for pointing out all the deficiencies in the games, mainly caused by Warburton who keeps making the same mistakes and what is David Weir doing to help him? The Ed and I are die-hard Rangers supporters and it would delight us to always write good and positive things to say, but if Rangers supply us with anything good to write about, we certainly will write it.

    • I for one find this site to offer a refreshing dose of reality.

      The ridiculous, petty and vindictive responses by those who can't handle a bit of criticism, no matter how justified, is pathetic.

      Keep up the good work !

  27. Ibrox Noise you's tell it like it is and I take my hat to yous for that, non of this looking through blue tinted glasses stuff.

    Keep up the good work !!

  28. Three players to make Rangers champions!

    In season 2013-14, with Ally McCoist and his Rangers team were facing the likes of Arbroath and East Fife in League One, there was a complete lack of opposition to Celtic in the Premier league.

    Celtic dropped a lot of silly points and still won the title by a new Scottish record margin of 29 points over second placed Motherwell. The whole of Scottish football agreed it would be different when Rangers got back into the Premier league. The ‘Gers return would bring back the excitement, the competition to the league with a nail-biting finish.

    What has actually happened this season is: – Instead of Celtic cantering to the league title like a racehorse, they are now galloping away like a thoroughbred.

    Three players to make Rangers champions!

    Rangers should have signed 32-year-old, Craig Samson from Kilmarnock last year. He is a Scottish goalkeeper, who is currently playing for Motherwell and is a former Scotland U 21 Internationalist, having made six appearances between 2004 and 2005.

    Rangers should also snatch English U 21’s Internationalist, 23-year-old Moses Odubajo from Hull City. He can play right back or right winger and would be such an asset to us. He is also an ex-Brentford player who played 45 games before Hull took him to the Premier league.

    The third top player we should sign is 31-year-old winger from Manchester City, Jesús Navas. The Spanish Internationalist played for Seville for 10 years between 2003-10 and played in 285 games for the Spanish team before Manchester City brought him to England.

    So far he has played 113 matches and Manchester City will not want too much money for his services.

    My point is: – With Samson, Moses and Jesus in the same team how can we not win the league? (ha ha, got you)

  29. I think people should stop calling for Kings money. He made a deal with the South African tax authorities, and as I've been saying for months, it most likely means his money cannot leave the country.

    The fact the club are relying upon soft loans from OTHER board members to remain afloat strengthens my beliefs that this is the case.

    Of course it's only a hypothesis, but a decent one.

    How do you fix the mess? A clean out from the bottom up that will take at least five years to go through. Sacking Warburton would cost money, then you could technically instill David Weir as manager for awhile, but then would he want it if he knows the gravity of the job ahead?

    You'd then have to take a chance on a manager without a club because compensation fees would further set back player development.

    Even if the Sports Direct deal was scrapped the next person offering to take on the deal can still dictate the terms as there's no infrastructure in shape to flog our stuff.

    It's a long and very rocky road, which begs the question, how long until another promise is broken and Ibrox is used as collateral?

    • The purpose of the loans and his refusal to operate business within it means is simple to explain.

      In essence it allows him to gain further control and shares at a below market rate. It appears his primary motivation is to regain a lost asset, ie shares
      Lost by liquidation.

      By continuing to run club at a loss under his control we are completely dependant upon him.

  30. Let me recap a bit here and see if anyone else is wondering why we are still in such a dire financial situation. Dave King started a vendetta and a movement to remove the Rangers board members and grab the club, end of, that was his motive. He drove the share prices down with calls of boycotts, bad press, claims of wrong doing and generally making the board non-functional….all the good things done when a hostile takeover in any business is ongoing. I shall state here right away, I am no lover of the old board but they were at least answerable to the AIM through their financial responsibilities. The call at the time was…"where is your NOMAD Dave King" from the old board…(Nominated Advisor, required for any company floated on the Stock Market)…. "I will have NOMAD within the first month of taking over" was his reply…LIE. He knew damn well being a businessman of 'questionable' practices that we as a club/business with him in charge would NEVER be able to secure the services of a Nominated Advisor….the one we had stated its intention to withdraw its services as soon as he was elected…the only one true to their word on that one was our NOMAD, who walked as soon as he was elected. This then barred us from trading on the Stock Market and we were given the mandatory time to procure the services of one within the allowed timeframe…again our 'Invisible Chairman' was found wanting and NO NOMAD would look near him as his criminal record was such that we were now toxic and untouchable.

    "We don't need to be on the Stock Market" was his next statement when no NOMAD could be found and we were unceremoniously De-Listed from the AIM and with it went any chance of share flotations and, or, external investment, which was so badly needed…LIE again Mr King, we were crying out for investment.

    Since our De-Listing we have been barely able to keep the lights on at Ibrox with the only investment forthcoming from fans Season Books, which is what is keeping the club afloat, but only just. We have been completely duped, lied to and once again treated like a piece of shit on the sole of a shoe. We have a generation of kids who did not get the sheer pride and enjoyment this Christmas of opening up and finding a Rangers Strip in their stockings….our Chairman has deemed that it is NOT in the best interests of the club to see 100,000's of fans proudly wearing the Rangers strip….and for what reason? Whether SD sell or do not sell they are covered, so there was no financial gain not letting outlets sell them, all it has done is deprive kids and many adults from proudly showing our colours….the Brand that is Rangers is now so far down the pecking order we will probably struggle to attract decent sponsors and kit manufacturers.

    We have been completely poisoned by the Chairman's lies, and I honestly feel until he is out the door, what you have now is what we will have to adapt to and put up with, this is the new norm….27 points behind before even the Valentines cards are delivered tells you everything that is bad and broken….I said before Christmas we will have no signings of note this window or in fact any window until people realise football is a business and as such needs hard cash to grow and prosper, you need to speculate to accumulate is a very true saying when it comes to football….anyone else ever wondered why people with REAL money like Sarver were hounded and chased out of town? Think about it, no new money of any source coming into the club means we will struggle every season….the all too horrible thought of them winning 10 in a row should be more than enough to get people worried…..but unless we act now….they will stride to that unchallenged….perish the thought but get used to it, it is a very real and present danger for us.


    • Your right that King made the Ashley situation worse and club has paid the price.

      I said prior to his takeover that King is not a saviour, he is just the latest charlton to control out great club.

      One can put forward a strong argument that King has simply acted to regain an asset lost during liquidation.

      The claims he has honoured his investment are wishful thinking and have no basis in reality. The loans he has provided in return for shares are simply a way of ensuring club is dependent upon him, that he is very difficult to remove and that He gains larger percentage of the company at knock down price.

  31. News Flash! Beijing Renhe’s, 31-year-old Croatian striker, Nikica Jelavić could be available to Rangers for free.

    Jelavic’s transfer to China is reputed to be coming to an end after contractual issues in Beijing. According to reports in his Croatian homeland, there is a suggestion his deal could be terminated by mutual consent, which will make him free to find another team.

    The good news is, the Chinese transfer window is different to the one in Europe, therefore, he is able to return to the continent immediately, from Beijing Renhe who play in the Chinese League One.

    Several reports suggest that HNK Rijeka, who are based in the pretty town on the southern coast of Croatia, are confident of signing the ex-Rangers man. They play in the Stadion Rujevica that holds a maximum of 6,134 people.

    On 20 August 2010, Jelavić completed a £4 million move to Rangers on a four-year-deal. He won the Scottish Premier League and the Scottish League Cup in his first season and spent two terrific years at Ibrox, where he was a firm fan favourite.

    He scored 36 goals in 56 games, before heading down south to Everton on 31 January 2012, to sign a four-and-a-half-year contract for a fee of £5.5m.

    On 15 January 2014, Jelavić signed for Hull City for a £6.5m fee on a three-and-a-half-year deal, which happily gave Rangers an additional £300,000 on the clever sell-on clause in his Ibrox contract.

    On 1 September 2015, Jelavić signed a two-year contract with West Ham after a bid of £2.8m was accepted by Hull. This move saw Jelavic, reunited with Slaven Bilic, who was his Croatian manager from 2006 until 2012.

    On 15 February 2016, Jelavić transferred to China League One side Beijing Renhe, but unfortunately, he hasn’t settled in Beijing and this led to him leaving China.

    Do you want Rangers to bring him back for nothing?

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