Rangers’ search for a manager reaches Blue Alert


When Rangers beat Celtic then won promotion in April last season, the future looked bright, assured, and the direction of the Club finally appeared to be going towards success rather than mediocrity. It seemed we had a progressive, forward-thinking manager who had a full summer to iron out the defensive chinks in his armour while signing the right players to shuffle his troops efficiently into the top flight of Scottish football.

Unfortunately, as it turns out, winning promotion on April 23rd was literally the last good thing to happen to Rangers and the performances, results, and general press since that explicit day has been mostly extremely negative. It was even negative the fixture earlier when Rangers were taken apart at Easter Road again in a result most fans dismissed out of hand. Unfortunately that day in Edinburgh was a depressing prophecy of what was to come, and Rangers have toiled miserably now for the best part of a year to produce anything like what we expect of a Rangers team.

And last night’s pathetic ‘display’ in the Highlands was not even a surprise, nor was the result. Rangers going to the worst team in the league and managing to make them look half decent, such is the trend this season. The only positive on the night was that it was not 3-1 thanks to a decent Wes Foderingham penalty save, probably the only player who can hold his head up high after a miserable 90 minutes.

Even the normal two exceptions to the ‘Rangers are rubbish’ cliché, Kenny Miller and Barrie McKay, are starting to look frustrated and beleaguered. Miller spends more time complaining about failures by his team mates these days, and last night that graduated to his current manager, as when making an exchange with Murty about tactics or instruction, Miller shook his head in disbelieving disagreement at what he was being told. This is not to condemn Kenny – he can evidently see what a shambles is forming around him and is powerless to stop it. Unfortunately its added effect is the ex-Wolves striker is now running more and more like a headless chicken, such is the complete incoherence of Rangers’ system.

As for McKay? Just does not look comfortable right now. In his defence he is not hiding, but he looks far from happy with all this.

St Johnstone manager Tommy Wright last night confirmed he is genuinely interested in the Rangers job, stating:

“I don’t think there’s anybody in a job or out of a job that wouldn’t want to take that call. Yeah, I would speak [to Rangers] because it’s a big club but it’s all hypothetical. That call hasn’t happened as from other clubs it hasn’t happened so I’m still happy here.”

Because it is evident from the past three matches that Murty is a reluctant coach who says all the wrong things and clearly has no idea what he is doing. He is out of his depth and is far too scared to try to change the XI from the Warburton era to something different. Rangers need a real manager, and Wright has impressed most neutrals since he made prominence that fateful prophetic night at Ibrox in 2015 when we got our first glimpse of how Warburton’s legacy would struggle in the SPL.

St Johnstone tore Rangers apart that night, and showed how a manager with a modest budget could still get more out of his lot than Rangers could from their more lavishly-acquired squad.

The longer Rangers are managerless, the longer we go without a rudder, the further this collapse will fall – Rangers might not be in the dark days of admin, but most fans still feel their team, from a football point of view, is metaphorically in a similar pit. I know I do, and have never seen a worse Rangers’ SPL squad in my life.

We need someone new, and we need him very, very soon.


  1. Totally agree with the article and in particular Tommy Wright as the best choice for the job, don't get me wrong I'd love a de Boer or Ranieri, but they would need serious money to re-build Rangers and that's before you even consider the wages they would cost, the money to make it happen is just not there, just look at the last 3-4 transfer windows, even when King was behind his manager there was really only loans and free transfers, it's no secret there's no money so what we need is someone who can and has more importantly proved they can be shrewd in the transfer market, get the best out of a limited squad, see when to change a tactic, and have a good knowledge of Scottish football. He's maybe not the Hollywood manager most want but the reality is we should be begging Tommy Wrght to step in.

  2. It should only be a choice between Wright and McLeish for the simple reason they both have experienced what is required to compete in the league.McLeish would be my choice as he is more experienced and knows exactly what is required.De Boer would be a disastrous choice as the style of football he has operated in is nothing like Scottish football so like Warburton it would be another experimental pint.

  3. What a mess, a horrible, horrible mess.

    Murty is not a caretaker manager, he is there to take the blame. Simple as.

    It's difficult to have any confidence that we will make an appointment any time soon – second place has meekly been surrendered (so much for no surrender) and we will be in 4th place soon if this continues.

    Warburton was a poor manager, but how is this better? Why has it taken the board so long to do nothing? Yes right decision has to be made but decisions have to be decisive. The board are responsible for this mess, 100%.

    King us deliberately running the club at a loss. This may sound ridiculous, but there is a very clear strategy at work. Running us at a loss makes us completely dependant upon him to continue to operate. His 'soft' loans are simply a way to increase equity. The lack of nomad and listing is to prevent any outside investors from buying control.

    I said over a year ago that Kings motivation is highly questionable and it is perfectly reasonable to suggest that he is acting to regain an asset lost during liquidation.

    The board lack the financial strength to run the club and have DECIDED to run us at a loss. The notion we cannot cut costs to break even is utterly ridiculous – look at wasted wages on players (not just one or two) that have made zero impact. The board themselves have admitted they were 'convinced' by Warburton, that is classic blame shifting.

    The players are a mediocre bunch but they should with proper organization be doing far better. They play with fear and give in at the first hurdle- look at our reaction last night to equaliser, we had the momentum but just seemed to hand it back after the penalty.

    God help us at Celtic park, could be a record old firm score.

    Honestly can't see a way out of this mess, we are a ship without a rudder

    • Strangely enough I think there'll be only a goal or two in it at Celtic Park. Bear in mind that's all Celtic have been winning almost all of their games there by such scores.

    • In Celtic's last 5 home games they have scored 15 goals, including 6-0 against ICT and 4-0 against Hearts. They've also not conceded a goal there in nearly 3 months.

      So where do you get the idea that they only score 1 or 2 goals?

  4. I have been a Rangers fan all my life,over 70 years, and agree with Martin O'Neil that it is the worst Rangers team i have ever seen.
    We certainly need a strong manager to dismantle some of Warburtons teachings for instance the goalkeeper throwing the ball out to players covered by the opposition
    In any case a new manager could get rid of about 8 players and start to build from there bringing in better players probably looking at some European countries and Scotland rather than England
    I look forward to the day that those who wear a Rangers jersey play with the desire to win

    • I agree Cammy, the sooner we get players with a real desire to win the better.

      We need top class defenders on the double.

    • You weren't a fan in the early 80's then when we finished 3rd, 3rd, 4th, 4th, 4th and finally, in 1986, 5th. We weren't suffering after liquidation, we weren't suffering a boardroom upheaval but we were suffering under managers the fans initially wanted and the run terminated when we got a manager the fans didn't want.

      Careful what you ask for, in fact be careful about asking at all.

  5. Yet again I agree with vast majority of points raised in this article by the Ibrox noise guys, particularly re- Tommy Wright comments, I have for some time now, offered my opinion on this forum that in the current circumstances at our famous proud club the wisest decision our board could make would be to give the job to this guy as I feel certain that he is easily equipped with the Jock Wallace type approach to kick some of our primadonna, underachieving, overpaid and sometimes simply lazy and disinterested squad up the arse while making it clear where the front door is if they don't get the finger out, I also think that he has probably already considered that too many guys at Ibrox have become jaded and progressed back the way due to the pathetic management messages over the period from The Hat and that as far as these guys are concerned (Tav, Waggy, Harry, etc.) the baws burst and time to move on

    I concede that he is not a massive name in management circles at the moment but proof of the pudding is in the eating in so far as no one could deny this guy has an abundance of character and man management skills, an obvious and talented understanding of the game and can adapt game plan and team tactics as and when required (as shown time after time against us recently ironically) and is nobodies mug, We really could do a lot worse than opting for Tommy,

    I personally don't fancy any others who are currently in the frame for this job as I feel it would end up being the same old same old and the fact that he is also a bluenose has nothing to do with it (I think?)

  6. Absolutely agree. This is torture. Can't blame Murty as he has been put in a terrible position. I think we deserve an open statement from the Board on where we are at. Lack of communications is not helping,

  7. And why not? Tommy Wright would be ideal in many ways. He would have three months to assess personnel. Massive clear out of unwanted players and target the best available players in Scotland for next season.The board have said there is a substantial investment available for next season so yes I would give a big welcome to Tommy.He probably has the best knowledge of every SPL player, team and their tactics than any other manager.That is where our competition is right now. Get him in pronto.

  8. The so called media experts are touting all the mediocre names for the post of our next manager "Mcleish, Davies, Mcinnes, Mackay" blah blah f….g Lawell blah blah.
    We SHOULD be looking for the "Best" candidate possible and in my opinion that is DeBOER DeBOER DeBOER.We can afford a manager of this ilk and he will be supported financially.
    He is NOT like MW as he had tremendous success in 4yrs at AJAX with limited funding.He is not a "Rangers man" but knows our club, expectations and traditions very well.
    I think it would be extremely forward thinking to appoint DeBoer and would show our intent of not settling for 2nd,3rd,4th choice.

  9. yes we need someone who has not been influenced by warburtons rigid club 4x3x3 formula there is no structure to the team kenny miller has carte blanche to play all over the pitch he is more effective in a striking roll of last nights starting eleven there was not one of warburtons summer signings only the two january loan players enough said

  10. I personally rate both leeds utd manager garry monk and huddersfield town manager david wagner very highly!So here's my theory fellow bears!It looks like both newcastle utd and brighton will get automatic promotion to the EPL,as they'll finish 1st & 2nd!With both leeds utd & huddersfield likely to finish in the top 6,ie.play off positions,it would mean that both leeds & huddersfield can't go up!So i think rangers should appoint either monk or wagner,whichever doesn't achieve promotion!Both are equally as good IMO!!Thoughts on this theory fellow bears??

    • I would definitely take Garry monk or Garry rowet both good managers I'd be happy with one of those two. De Boer I just can't see it happening tbh

  11. As much as it's getting desperate I wud suggest a wee bit more patience n all will become clear with the board wanting to go down the DOF way it's Jst about getting the right pair that will wrk with each other rather going out n Jst getting a manager this is wer the added time is coming into it. It is shambolic a team full of half hearted sh** bags but can't b rushed Jst allow for a wee bit more time bears.

  12. Tommy Wright wants the job and he knows Scottish football, so let's get him now and stop dithering about!

  13. All our sucess and record breaking has been acheived by scottish managers with advocaat being the exception. tommy wright & mcLeish? We could offer LAMPARD & TERRY a player/coaching role into management that'll sort out the defece and midfeild for starters. show some vision mr King ffs ?

  14. Yet again, small time thinking from the above comments. Tommy Wright?!, I mean, really?! Ronald (mercenary) DeBoer?! Come on people, yes your entitled to your views, but please start setting your sights a damn higher that our club so desparately needs.

    I'm sick to death watching our team struggle when our board sits on their backsides saying nothing. Either come out and say we will not sign an interim manager or we will. But we have to suffer,,and it is suffering as our team go through humiliation on the pitch as we did under McCoist.

    We need a high profile, intelligent, football educated, visionary to raise our club to where we need to be,, Tommy Wright is no where near that! Fed up with all those small time names coming through. Of course the shellic fans want us to sign a small time or inexperienced manager, as it will bring us down even further.

    We are handing shellic 10+ in a row. We are giving them such fun in seeing us playing utter dross on the park. The board really need to step up,,or ship out, because I don't see us getting 3rd place, let alone 2nd.

    But please,, get real and think bigger than suggesting two bob managers to take charge of such a pressure cooker, demanding managers job. I sick of the small time suggestions who would never take us where we belong!

    • Tommy Wright can win the league in the next two years. Given the finance he can do it in one. There is enough players of skill and character playing in the SPL right now to take Rangers to the very top. He knows who they are and will go out and get them. There are others worth considering for sure but given our present situation I think Tommy is more than qualified to be manager of Glasgow Rangers. And your choice would be………?

    • AMcC – You could give Tommy Wright all the money in the world and 20 years, he still wouldn't deliver, he is well over rated and no where the class of manager we need at Ibrox. I've watch St Johnstone, they aren't all that great and certainly not consistant as our team would need to be. But if you manage any other team outwith Rangers and Shellic,, you can get away with getting beat 2-3 time a month, their fans wont expect to win every week,,ours do, and thats why we need a strong, intelligent manager.

      Anyway, before the 3 ruffians decided to jump ship, 90% of people on this site were calling for warbutons head after only 6 months into the premiership, so what makes you think any manager would last a season, let alone 2 seasons?!

      I have suggested Jurgen Klinsman in previous subjects, or someone in the same stature as him. German football is the most consistent and, in my opinion, the best. They are organised, skillful, athletic, powerful and tough, all the ingredients that scottish football needs. Get someone who can deliver structure as well as strength. Our players are so lightweight a good wind would bring them down.

  15. Remember all the hype about Warbs. When most of you wants him to be sacked, you forget about the consequences. With him we'll take the second in bad style, but today we've lost everything for this season.

  16. One thing is certain, while Mr King is at the helm we will do nothing, speaks only wth false promises. Think big I hear a few of us say, we had a chance with Ashley, he at least delivered on promises, now we are a bit like the team, clueless to what is happening on and off the pitch, a new manager might stop the slide for a month, a year on the pitch but it will not get us back to where we want to be, we are handing the playing side to the other side of the city, face it, we are years away now from competing with them, one off games yes, but until Mr King goes we have no chance, our hope is in stability, younger players who will develop and once and for all removing the shackles put round us by Murray, Whyte, Green and now King, might just take a second liquidation and a realisation that we are where we are and we have strength in our people, that is all at the moment, King has to go, he is in this for himself, he has his own agenda, not for Rangers benefit. J

  17. Two parts to the same argument. Either one affects the other. Firstly, the financial stranglehold Ashley has us in means we can't make decent money from merchandising for the foreseeable future. King himself acknowledged such and aimed his strategy at European football next season as a possible revenue stream, if we got a good run! Don't even mention the legal costs to date and the one's yet to come.
    Everyone agrees, the present squad just doesn't cut it and any manager would expect to be able to pick and choose his own playing staff. Getting rid of the deadwood is not going to be easy. Who would want to buy them? when it's obvious why we want rid of them. That could cost us dearly in compensation fees and then there's signing-on fees for those new players the new manager wants to bring in.
    Without new investment we are not going to see any real improvement in the short term. However, and here's the second part. McCoist's teams had the opportunity to play against every team in the senior leagues in Scotland for a few seasons didn't he? Why then did we not, as a club go shopping for the best available young talent who caused us problems during that time. I remember some of those games were a sweat until the final whistle. Some said these guys couldn't cut it the top flight well pardon me! do we agree that this present lot Warburton brought together are a waste of money and can't cut it in the PL?
    For me, the rot started back then. We could have a team of young players at the peak of their ability to pick from and give any present opposition team a run for their money. But we are where we are.
    For me now, I am resigned to agree that one manager who has consistently gave us matchday problems and continues to defy the odds with his team is Tommy Wright. He knows the present Rangers squad and he knows the Scottish game. Lets forget about the big margue managers and appoint Tommy at least to the end of the next season, with a manageable budget he would make us competitive which is one thing we are not at present. The rest will take care of itself in time.

  18. Tommy Wright,is the man for the job look what he done with St Johnstone he could win the league what he will do is stop 10 in a row.

    Let us get hold of Tommy Wright.

  19. People need to realise our problems are much deeper than just getting a new manager. If the new man doesn't get serious financial backing then he will inherent a squad jam packed with mediocrity and no way to fix it.

  20. Nothing will be able to bridge the gap to Celtic except a takeover, handing the keys to Ashley or a meltdown at the tattie field. When King took over Celtic were catchable.. not now! King must realise this and be looking to offload the task to someone with deeper pockets (or at I hope he is). If not we will have to content ourselves with battling with the rest for second place with the gap to the top widening each and every year

    • Ashley! Really? Are you serious? I accept if a new investor comes in it is likely to mean a re-badging exercise as happened elsewhere. Judging by the last overtures Ashley made about selling the Rangers brand and the fans reaction it would not sell season tickets which is the golden goose of football, at least in Scotland.
      Unless we fans were prepared to sell that brand for an undetermined prize and at what cost to our club outward investors can keep away. Big spenders are not supporters. Look at Leicester?

  21. Lets get real if Tommy Wright was good enough he would have got St Johnston up Challenging we need a De Boers type Manager that can compete at all levels to get us back where we belong.

  22. Hope this news about Barry Feguson being next manager of Rangers is not true. He's is not good enough yet.

    • Agreed. I fear he'd be another Coisty and may damage his legacy. He might come good as a manager but have seen no evidence so far…

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