Rangers fans’ poll; January’s transfers: are you happy with the deals?


Well January’s window is all complete. Much hype was made about the potential departures of Matt Gilks, Matt Crooks, Barrie McKay and Michael O’Halloran but O’Halloran’s switch to a rival club never materialised and in the end Rangers’ winter departures were the former two plus a glut of youngsters deemed inadequate for the journey ahead.

Mark Warburton managed to hold onto his prize asset in McKay, plus the undeniably useful O’Halloran, while clinching four incoming deals. Entering the Marble Staircase on a temporary basis with loans from Bournemouth and Arsenal respectively were Emerson Hyndman and Jon Toral, while already on-loan youngster David Bates made his stay at Ibrox permanent with an undisclosed fee parting him from Raith Rovers.

The Hat’s final business of the window was to nab Port Vale’s 23 year old goalkeeper Jak Alnwick, a move which did confuse a few in light of the glaring deficiencies in defence and attack which remained entirely unaddressed.

With Rangers’ cautionary upsurge in form doing them well for the trip to Fir Park last weekend, Warburton will hope it continues when he takes his men to Edinburgh for a tricky task against the out of form Hearts whose spell under Ian Cathro has been a complete shambles thus far, but who secured three new signings and will likely start the lot tonight.

That said, we hand it over to you, our dear readers; are you happy with Mark Warburton’s January business, and the state of the squad that will be Rangers’ counsel till the end of the season (potential returns of Kranjcar, Garner and Rossiter notwithstanding), or do you think more needed done to mount a more credible challenge for second place?

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  1. A terrible showing of lack of progress. We have a championship rangers team and little investment has went into progressing the squad! We were told money would be spent to look to the future as this season is "consolidation" but next season is not! Now after the summer we will have a team that is "bonding and taking time to gel" which puts us right back to the same start as this season! investment in this window was needed for players to gel for next season!! That wont happen now and if we don't finish 2nd now questions have to be asked if this board is the correct board for Rangers. And dont let me get the replies "we are second in our first season back"…..a fucking monkey can get us to second in the spfl the other teams other than rangers and celtic are not even in the same level…..they are tiny teams that rangers should be crushing with their budget…..But the simple fact is we are not even putting goals past the bottom teams of the league and beating them with any pass marks! Its obvious to everybody who watches rangers play that investment is needed in our defence kiernan and tav are not premier quality defenders full stop!

  2. The fact that only 22% are very unhappy 9at 6he time of this post, is a sign that MW's efforts after replacing McCoist and his offsider (McCall doesn't count) will always merit a debt of gratitude.
    For the first time in many years Rangers started to play football. The quick passing and off the ball movement was a joy to watch at times. MW had also turned things around in the Championship on a shoestring budget. An absolute necessity.
    The major flaws in the squad, however, were clear to all early on. Despite the attacking prowess of the team as a whole. Tav was a joy to watch in attack. He was awful in defence. Our CBs were slow and awful in the air. We were playing a man as a solitary DM who can't tackle, is too slow, who dwells on the ball and gets caught in possession, hits too many bad passes and is a total lightweight who gets brushed aside with ease.
    Andy Halliday "looked OK", as long as Dominic Ball was there to do the heavy lifting. He lost his place to the slow but more robust Barton this season. both Barton and Halliday were helped for a short time when young Rossiter could play. Now that Halliday is back on his own, he is a total liability.
    The main areas that had to be strengthened were the CB positions (both of them) and we needed to be able to field TWO reasonably quick DMs, who could tackle, pass and win the ball in a tussle.
    For whatever reason, MW has failed to fix any of these glaring weaknesses in THREE transfer window opportunites. Despite spending upward of a couple of million on players, who have been less than impressive, in other areas of the team.
    Either he is related to Kiernan and Halliday, couldn't do what a lot of managers have done with smaller budgets, there are zero reasonable CBs and DMs available for two or three hundred thousand, or MW can't see what everyone else can see.
    We all like him, but this cannot go on for much longer. We really must all hope that Rangers will win the court cases over the kit contracts. Maybe then, if some real money becomes available, MW will listen to common sense and improve the team in those areas.
    Meanwhile we'll get the odd good attacking performance against teams who don't press us a lot. Those who do will have us biting our nails. At least until the end of this season. Beyond then? Who knows?

    • We have not played good football this season, we have played boring toothless style of play that every manager in Scotland has worked out.

    • I have just witnessed Hearts second goal. After the pathetic defending of a high ball, by Kiernan, we lost the first. Now Halliday has been caught out in possession once again. Result, a second goal.
      Now a needless free kick given away by Kiernan. While he's complaining, Hearts take a quick one. Result, a third goal.

      Very unhappy? You don't know the half of it.

  3. I see many fans having a pop at the board this week.
    I am not overwhelmed with this window and I'm not too confident about the near future either, but I struggle to see an alternative to the current board, who were the only viable alternative to the last disastrous bunch of charlatans who nearly run us into the ground again.
    For this reason, i will always be grateful to the current board.
    Would i like alternative investment? Of course I would, why wouldn't I?
    But until someone makes themselves known to be interested, then I realistically applaud our current board with their limited personal wealth.
    If they were batting away oligarchs and Chinese corporations with a stick, then that's when I would take exception.
    Imagine what would have happened if the board never took over?

  4. Clearly MW is severely restricted by lack of funds. Whilst Toral and Hyndman appear promising at this early stage, especially the latter, they are both merely stop-gaps until season end…….what then ? We are no further forward in terms of building a squad although the objective of qualifying for Europe will hopefully have been achieved so securing additional funding next season. All this makes it especially baffling that Warbs would choose to spend £250,000 on a player who we don't need and, barring injury to Fods, isn't likely to play. Whilst we can't and don't expect a manager to justify his every move, it would be good if MW would explain why a back-up keeper is more important than a desperately needed centre half or a fit defensive midfielder.

  5. I am happy, I can see why Warbs has went with the loans, no one knows if we're paying full wages and with the way ex transfers have been made with some up front cash and the rest after appearances etc it's certainly a way we can be saving cash while having players at our dispossal till the end of the season. Anybody with any sense can see we may be rocky at times but we've got enough quality to cement second place 100%. The new boy Emerson looks a real talent and when toral gets his fitness up he will shine also.
    Although we haven't steamrolled anyone I can say I don't have the same fear I had going into games at the start of the season. Give Warbs time, he is still learning but he defo has the right way of thinking when it comes to playing football, we shouted for a long time about the hump up the park tactics and now we have some one willing to try and implement the passing game of football we were crying out to see and what because it's not clicked right away were going to hang the manager out to dry? I really believe Warbs is the man to take us forward, I know he seems stubborn but we have seen he does have the ability to out wit the other mangers, Aberdeen game the hearts game and also an outstanding performance against motherwell with the 10 men although it was only 20 mins it had the makings of a disaster which was well averted. I can see the hunger back in the squad again, and now the task is to cut into that gap between ourselves and celtic and the Scottish cup will probably define our season in terms of success, I mean 2nd in the league and the Scottish cup is hardly a bad start to life back in the top flight.
    Let's get back behind the team and the manager, make the 2nd half of this season a successful one and cheer our team back into Europe…no surrender

  6. I am disappointed. However, I accept the fact that, until funds are made available, our buying power pretty much limits us to the level of defender we already have. If I must point the finger at anyone, then it is firmly at Dave King – if he has the money, show it, if he doesn't then come clean and look for external investment. What happened to the 'short route' back to having our shares re-listed? Also, if the AGM had resulted in a mandate to dilute shares and issue new ones,further funding may by now have been secured.

  7. Instead of letting Gilks go now, he should have been told that he was under contract and would not be released until the summer. We could then have invested the quarter of a million spent on the new keeper on a decent centre half on loan until the end of the season instead. It's yet another example of Warburton being too soft on the players, he isn't a leader. Warburton is too nice to be a successful manager.

  8. guys we will need to wait until end of season now so lets get behind warbs and team we will see what happens also dave king everyone on his back for money we need cash to refurbish ibrox its not all about players who knows whats going on behind scenes but i for one think warburton has had plenty backing warbs will need to beat celtic once this season if not he will be sacked

  9. If only we got told the truth not i have 30 million to buy players etc the truth would have done so we all could join the fight,MW and DW are no good and must go we want a manager that can turn the players on and i do not mean a team of loans if we can only buy players for 250.000 then that would have been ok if i was told the truth never tell lies just the truth no matter how hard it hurts,one thing about McCoist he fought for the fans and club in his playing days and had to keep his mouth shut about how bad things where but he new how to turn players on for the fight Mr King now needs to tell us the truth.

  10. Get warburton out now!! Every goal conceded was mistake. Taking hyndman off !! I've had enuf get rid of him now. Take Halliday off move hyndman n put on windass n forrester on! This guy hinks it's a training match!!

  11. If Warburton has any decency, he'll offer his resignation after tonight's pathetic performance.

  12. Forget the transfers in what about the transfers out starting with the management ?
    When will someone decide enough is enough ?
    The hearts game screamed ENOUGH !

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