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After tonightโ€™s colossal atrocity at Tynecastle, IbroxNoise would like to offer our readers a sounding off board to vent. Consider it cathartic, allow the spleen to be fully expressed in a thorough venting. User ID will be off for this article to allow every Bear to comment although moderation remains on.

Consider this a trial run at a forum, in light of how we are all feeling following one of the worst nights I can remember as a Rangers fan. I have no words for it, and I suspect few of you do too, but let it all out friends because that is why we have our site โ€“ our opinions as well as those of our readers.

Therefore consider this as a place to express your thoughts, because I am very sure you have more than one or two. It is rare we are lost for words like this so I hope you guys have a few.

Rant away…


  1. The performance was a disgrace the gulf in class between Celtic and the rest of the league is unbelievable, where's the investment from Dave king? While he hides in south Africa, these are many of the reasons I support Celtic, that and I can't stick sevco, get it right up yeez. ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€

  2. I am only 28 and have supported rangers from the second I could say blue. Last night was hands down the most gutless display from a rangers team I have ever seen. I have been a massive defender of Warbs this full time and rightly so after last season, the wages may have been higher but bar what 500 thousand in total, he put together a team of 11 players and implemented a style of play which was a joy to watch…all emotions aside everyone can agree but after the start of the season and now this at a time where there was nothing but speeches about kicking on and closing the gap and cementing 2nd place this is NOT good enough for a rangers team, I've seen rangers be beat heavily before but there was always fight to try and get something out of the game even a bit pride at worst but last night the team didn't look like they can spell the word.
    The reality is that bringing in a new manager right now will do more bad than good so I'm going to keep supporting and pushing the team till the end of the season, we all know what we're like as fans one minute raging the next we go on a good run beat a good couple of teams and we will be signing their praises again…you never know 2nd isn't unlikely and if he delivers that and the Scottish cup we can hardly say it was a bad season. Give the man till then and if things are the same or worse we can condemn him to the hills till then let's get behind the team, look at the hearts fans last night…8 games without a win, shouting for the managers head after a few games and then bang a great display and their signing his name,were better than that were f**king RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB like a said let's get behind them!!!!!!! WATP…NO SURRENDER

  3. I have been going on for ages about Warburton not having a clue re defence he is tactically clueless
    I am sick and tired of him going to England for players that he knows—they have all been useless
    Sack Warburton as soon as possible—-he is set on a way of playing which is not working and is obstinate regards change—-and when he goes take Kiernan–Tavernier–Halliday with him as he seems to prefer them

  4. If Warburton plays Kiernan, Foderingham, Tavernier, Halliday, and Waghorn against Ross Co this weekend it is surely clear that he has lost the plot. Its time for him and Weir to call it a day. The new goalie needs to kick the ball up the field at all times. Players need to stay in position. Tavernier is not a defender. Same for Kiernan and Wilson. Time to try different players in all areas. If they can't beat Celtic, Aberdeen, and Hearts away they'll be lucky to finish 4th. Forget the Scottish Cup. As I've said before there is no passion to play for Rangers. Most are fighting to retain their position or to even get an opportunity to play at all. ( feel for Hodson, Doodoo, Forrester). We have been pleading for a decent defense since the Cup Final last year and he buys a goalkeeper instead of centre halves. Last night was a debacle.

  5. How are we supposed to win games when we are playing with 8 men every game?. No need to tell you who the 3 tits are.

  6. Warburton must go he is out of his depth and hasn't a clue tactically and picks a team on what they do in training and not how they play on the park,I also think we have the players to move forward its just that our manager keeps picking the same rubbish,Tavanier Halliday Keirnan should not be on the team sheet.

  7. I like the idea of Sir Walter coming in but why should that pressure fall on his shoulders, after all the greatness he has brought to us? It's simply not fair on him, he has done more than most. I'd give Tommy Wright a shot. His St. J team have nearly the same league record as us at present on a majorly smaller budget. He's obviously a far better man manager than Warbs, time would only tell if he was anywhere near as good at it as Walter. He can't be any worse than Warbs IMO.

    • It would be impossible for anyone to be worse than Warbs! He is rivalling PLG as the worst manager in our illustrious history. I'm coming round to the idea of Tommy Wright as our manager, as we need somebody who has experience of Scottish football and understands that at Rangers winning isn't just everything, it's the only thing! Stuart McCall, Robbie Neilson or Wright are my preferred options for manager, with McCall my top pick because he's a Rangers legend. WARBURTON MUST GO NOW!

  8. When you think of where our club could be, we are the biggest,best club in Europe. Being unfairly treated just cause we didn't want to pay our taxes. We shouldn't have had to pay tax anyway, does the queen (god save her) need to pay tax. No it's all a conspiracy, they're out to stop us being the cream of the Scottish crop. I spoke to some brothers at the lodge, and they all agree …we are the people. Everybody else is just jealous and cheat us at every opportunity, these referees are all part of it, secret tims, saluting the Pope from there secret enclaves!

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