Murty remains as Rangers step up hunt for new duo


Graeme Murty is to remain in charge of Rangers at least until the weekend, according to Sky Sources.

The U20s coach has been thrust into the spotlight since the trio’s departure, and has overseen two senior matches since Rangers began the search for a permanent replacement, but with the latest reports suggesting there is no rush to find a new man, his position will remain for the time being.

The preference is said to be to find a Director of Football first, then secure the right coach under his charge, and interviews are taking place this week to find the right duo with which to go forward.

But as said there is apparently no urgency to pick someone, and Rangers’ board are taking their time regarding the right man for the job; the DoF model and coach is definitely the direction Rangers’ hierarchy want to go in it appears.

We will see how it all develops.


  1. Taking their time is right,,,they have no money to get a gaffer in, We cant get a loan, have no credit facilities and little to offer anyone with a reputation. The club simply must steady the ship, survive and hope to have a decent team in place in the next 4 years under a new board, Forget the obsession with catching Celtic, I honestly fear for the future of Rangers at this point

    • I really hope that for once we make the right decision. Our current situation is the result of so many poor choices.

      We desperately need someone with a long-term view and the board seem to recognize that's not them. Their previous attempt was obviously to place complete faith in Warburton. Now that has been exposed as a poor choice the signs are encouraging that the board recognise the importance of making the right call this time.

      Whilst many fans are panicking about our current form, we simply have to prioritize the long term. This season has been a missed opportunity in many ways, few fans have any confidence of either a 2nd place or cup win with the European place as a prize. I would suggest we aren't ready for European football next season anyway and it may serve as a disruptive disappointment to our vital pre season.

      I agree with much of Mark wottes comments today that we need to start thinking big again to become big again. Too many fans seem to expect us to behave like a small club, I'm not suggesting reckless spending but we need to spend as part of a long-term strategic plan. We desperately need someone with a wide net of European contacts and start scouring the lower leagues across the continent. No more ex Brentford players. No more panic signings. No more acting as a development club.

      Wether the board can finance this is a completely different question. If they can't they must step aside.

    • I take on board what you saying, and with the little information coming out from the board, its no wonder that we can only come this conclusion that we are a relatively poor club by previous Rangers standards.

      However, with Warbs, Weir and McPartland out, means three freed up salaries that can go to a better class of interim manager than Murty. Nothing personal with this guy, its not his fault and doing his best, but his best is no where near good enough to handle the forthcoming pressure cooker of battling for every single point in the run in.

      We were lucky against Morton and steam rollered by dundee. Now we are going away to inverness caley who are the only team who took points off shellic!! It's obvious the team is on a downward spiral! How many points do we need to lose before the board gets a grip and get someone else in asap, and give us half a chance in winning a european spot.

    • Rangers need to rebuild from the ground up with a sound business model. This means forgetting about trophies for several years. Don't forget Celtic were in almost as bad a position before Fergus McCann took over.

  2. Hearts couldn't beat Inverness at Tynecastle last Saturday in an exciting, hard fought 1 1 draw and they outplayed, outhought, outfought and played us off the park in a 4 – 1 loss in the same venue. With Murty managing the team, we will probably struggle with the confidence of our team at an all time low, it will not be easy to gain the necessary 3 points. I honestly cannot predict a good future for Rangers with this incompetent and skint board.

  3. DOF is just another excuse for King if it goes wrong, he will no doubt be investing £12M on the DOF, POINTLESS, we are missing players and manager not another scapegoat which suits the board and King in particular. J

  4. Getagrip

    Your handle is a wake up call for those who think we are in good hands and they are steering us on a course of prosperity and 'good times'. There is NO quick fix and there will be no huge investment from King, people need to realise he is not and will never be an honest man willing to INVEST and attract INVESTMENT in our club. Nothing good will come from following him over the cliff like lemmings.

    When King took over, the only true statement he has ever made was that it would take 7years to catch up, most people scoffed and didn't believe it would take that long, well when investment in the playing front is around £2.65m over 3 Transfer windows and yet more Court cases and dismissal claims piling up, 7yrs is pretty optimistic when we are running on loans until ST monies start rolling in to offset the cost of said cases and claims…

    We were delisted from the AIM Stock Market and lied to then about NOMAD;s, how we didn't need to be listed and all that other guff and flannel that everyone believed and bought into, when the real truth is, he knew we could NEVER be listed thanks to his criminal background, so he lied to us all, knowingly. He lied that we didn't need Investment, and people believed that too, again lies, one thing we urgently needed was a rights issue to raise some honest clean finances for the club, but his lies and deceit meant we can not attract investment of any source.

    Its not simply about buying players, its about rebuilding the club and investing in things that actually count and are required, anyone else notice how tacky Ibrox now looks and how even the day to day running of the club is on a shoestring and funded by 'soft loans'….not sure if there is any truth in te fact that we had to borrow to pay Morton £150,000 we were due them or not, but in these cases there is no smoke without fire.

    Times are hard, things are getting worse and as stated … our club is slowly sinking with no visible lifejacket on the horizon…worrying times indeed


  5. Kenny Miller should have been appointed as interim coach. He should be still. When the kit cases are settled, we'll no where we stand financially.
    I know a lot of people are getting into a panic about finishing second, or third even, but that's pointless. The squad is a shambles and we should stop worrying about where we finish in the league. What will really collapse club morale and threaten season ticket sales is another crushing defeat. Especially to Celtic.
    So starting NOW we must concentrate in putting out a team that is hard to score against. That means 4-2-3-1.
    Our CBs are all slow. They must be protected on the flanks. The full backs MUST stay at home. They must be protected in front by TWO DMs, NOT ONE, who are fairly quick and can put in a tackle.
    If we can do that we might get through the rest of the season without any more huge embarrassments.
    Who should play though is the hard part. We must select the best of a bad lot. For me, the full backs are easy. Hodson and Wallace. i'll get arguments, I know, but the best of our woeful and slow CBs are Senderos and Wilson. Not surprisingly, the two who have played the least under Mr Mark Warburton.
    Here's why. Senderos is the ONLY one we have who is decent in the air. DEFENSIVELY. Hill threatens at attacking set pieces. He is shaky in defence. Senderos made two stupid errors at Parkhead (when the game was already lost) and became the scapegoat for managerial selection and tactical blunders that should have seen MW sacked on the spot.
    Apart from the sending off Senderos did little wrong in that game. He was not to blame for the Dembele goal in any way. He was trying to rescue us from yet another error by Rob Kiernan. Kiernan cost us the first two goals. Some say the first three.
    Senderos, however, carried the can and has done since. He is a pretty calm character. Unlike Joey Barton, who told warburton the truth. If I was Senderos and was made Warburton's scapegoat I'd have kicked his balls. No I'm not joking. That's what he deserved. The writing was on the wall from that day.
    He played 4-3-3. Two CBs who have to sit deep as they have no recovery pace. No choice. That's the only type MW signs. That left acres between the CBs and midfield. Two full backs playing up the park (exposing the slow CBs on the flanks). A single slow DM, Barton, was left to patrol those acres, and wide areas, against a Celtic side packed with pacy players. No wonder Joey done his nut.
    Anyway, back to the present. As I said, Senderos plays. Wilson is the best CB we have on the deck.So he must play too.
    Then we come to the DM positions. We need two to protect the slow CBs. Warburton and, obviously, Murty learned nothing at Parkhead. We have continued to play ONE solitary player in tht position. In fact it got worse. at least the slow Barton could tackle. Since then we have been playing Andy Halliday there, who is slower, a total lightweight and couldn't tackle fish supper. The people who did that (and continue doing it) belong in a home for the bewildered.
    At the start of the season we had four on the books who could have played DM in a pairing. Rossiter, Barton, Crooks and young Thompson (who could also have given us cover at left back, his secondary position).
    Rossiter looks ok but is always out crocked. Thompson was sent out on loan to Raith. Barton was sacked for telling the truth. That left only Crooks as a recognised player capable of playing DM.
    So the brilliant MW promptly sent him out on loan too. Leaving us with no DMs. None at all. Unless, of course, you're drunk and want to mention the bold Andy Halliday. DM, extraordinaire. LOL I have to laugh or I'll cry.
    So there we have it. I go with a back four of, Hodson Senderos, Wilson, Wallace. The Dms? Who knows? If Rossiter could climb out of bed, or we could recall Crooks and Thompson that would help. Maybe Tav and one or two of the youth players could play. I really don't know.

    • Totally agree with this. There must be some DMs in the youngsters- get Crooks back. Is Burt a DM? Release Halliday from his torment.
      To those slagging the Board- they went pretty visionary with the W&W appointment, you have to say. And then they stuck by them for as long as they could, hoping for long term improvement, which as we all know, didn't come. Financially, they clearly couldn't just sling them out the door, so I think they've grabbed at the slimmest of straws to get shot of them, the repercussions of which remain to be seen. I hardly think they can be blamed for bringing them in in the first place, though. Few disagreed at that point.

  6. There just be someone who would like to invest and match Mr King, you know the person who has the same £30M, well actually it is now just £12M, there must be someone who would enjoy going to court with Mr King to sort out the retail mess, of course Mr Ashley is aj absolute fraudsrer who was investing money, providing players and shamelessly was wrong because Mr King said so. There must be someone who the stockmarket will trust to allow us to float and raise money froom the only way left open, unless of course Mr King has decided to invest even more of his millions or is it billions, except the SA authorities are not happy for any funds to leave their country, there must be someone who would be willing to meet the press daily, because that is what Rangers fans want and in a way demand because we do pay our way with season ticket sales, hey but it is hard to book flights from SA on a regular basis is it not Mr King, well it costs you money. Just give up and do us all a favour Mr King, hey perhaps Mr Ashley might even have second thoughts and help the directors who are living, supporting and investing in Rangers just like you Mr King. J

  7. The truth looks more like we do not have the money just now for a top manager so cheap is best,but lets face it what manager is going come in short term?.

  8. 4-5-1
    This is the answer for the rest of the season.
    We need Europe for the money and to push this club forward.
    The 4 defenders stay back.THEY STAY BACK.
    Rob goes on holiday and is replaced by Danny with a rocket up his ar$e.
    Oh, and get Dodoo playing again! Different class in the Thistle match. Clinical.
    But I guess it'll be same old,… same old…! No forward thinking… etc
    WAKE UP!

  9. I really wish the proper Rangers Fans would stop assuming that the board of doing nothing please !! They are working hard to sort Ashley and get us in a place where other money can come in …Listening to that scumbag Llambas should be enough to get everyone annoyed him and the other Charletons nearly ruined us again WATP

    • Whatever the opinion of llambas or king , his quesition is highly relevant.

      Rather than get annoyed you should perhaps ask the same question.

    • ….and I suppose you decide what a proper supporter is.

      Could be said that holding a failing board to account is being a 'proper' fan. Especially considering our current shambles of a disaster.

      Reality is that failure to hold previous boards to account is the root of our problems today.

      You may believe King, that's up to you. That doesn't make you more of a fan.

  10. BillB, appreciate where your heart is, but with King at the helm we are going nowhere, he has delivered nothing since taking over and is leading us all up the garden path. We will never be great again if he remains, doing absolutely nothing apart from false promises at every turn. J

  11. Am way you BIIB we got a lucky escape way that other lot of crooks, a think the problem is wen people hear things often enuf in the papers,social media or whatever they start to believe it n start doubting themselves without any concrete evidence being branded. In king and co I trust!! WATP!!

  12. Wait till u hear facts from the horses mouth not Chinese whispers which grow more legs n arms as it goes from person to person.

  13. BillB… the biggest charlatan and convicted criminal is still in place, until he is out the door we will never attract what we are crying out for….honest investment, as for Ashley, King has neither the cash, the case or the guts to 'sort him out' as you put it …time to do a bit of honest reading and discover who the real scumbag is I think….


  14. I just wish someone on the Board would be honest and tell us what's happening.
    I'd still take King over Whyte, Green and Ashley any day of the fricking week.

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