Mark Warburton denies he’s resigned


Mark Warburton has this evening denied he has resigned, according to
BBC’s Scotland’s Chris McLaughlin.

Rangers this evening released the following statement:

“RANGERS has accepted the resignations of manager Mark Warburton,
assistant manager David Weir and the Club’s head of recruitment Frank

At a meeting with the management team’s representative earlier this week the
Club were advised that Mr Warburton, Mr Weir and Mr McParland wished to resign
their positions and leave the Club on condition that Rangers agreed to waive its rights to substantial compensation. Rangers’
agreement to waive compensation would assist the management team to join
another club. This compensation amount was agreed when Rangers significantly improved Mr Warburton and Mr Weir’s financial
arrangements before the start of this season.

The Board urgently convened to consider the offer made on behalf of the
management team and its ramifications and agreed to accept it and release the
trio from the burden of compensation, despite the potential financial cost to
the Club. It is important that Rangers has a football management team that
wants to be at the Club and that the Board believes can take the Club forward
to meet our stated ambition to return to being the number one Club in Scotland.
We are clearly short of where we expected to be at this time.

The representative acting for the management team subsequently attempted to
alter the terms of what had been agreed in favour of the management team. A
further Board meeting was held this afternoon to discuss this and it was
decided not to agree to this additional request but to hold with the original

Mr Warburton, Mr Weir, and Mr McParland have therefore been notified in
writing that their notices of termination have been accepted.

The Board is very appreciative of the good work previously done by the
management team but believes it had no alternative. Our Club must come first
and absolute commitment is essential.

On Sunday Under-20s coach Graeme Murty will take interim charge of the team.
We know our support will give him and our team their full backing. We thank our
support for their loyalty and desire to be the best.”

But Warburton says it is not true?!

This one is getting ridiculous.



  1. I don't understand the phrase in RFC statement:

    "The Board is very appreciative of the good work previously done by the management team but believes it had no alternative."

    That's the sort of thing that a board says when someone is sacked…if he hasn't resigned that's one of the clearest constructive dismissals you could see. Surely he will take them to court for full payment of wages?

    • I think this part refers to "and agreed to accept it and release the trio from the burden of compensation" in the previous paragraph. It still stinks and will have Chris Sutton weeing himself along with every other non-Ger in the country. Mess.

  2. Good luck to Graeme Murty and Kenny Miller on Sunday. Farewell to three undignified posers. The blood is stirring once again.

  3. Wat a joke that once was my club Rangers fc. Wheres the chairman? Whos runnin things? Have 3 been sacked or resigned? Clarity was said we would have by king but just words like his 30mill childrens inheritance.

  4. Oh what a horrible mess. Why do we have to make such a mess of things.

    Looks to me like we are trying to avoid paying compensation, looks like they have initially agreed but changed their mind. Our mentioning compensation for us sounds like a public warning.

    Who is the rangers statement from, no names.

    Wording of the statement suggests a board meeting that both sides made it clear they were unhappy. What was agreed better be in writing – our statement suggests otherwise.

    Him going is the right thing, but why can we never do things the right way?

    WE MUST make the right decision here, but I fear we will make a mess of it as usual.

  5. It's cruel to get our hopes up only to find out it's one huge pile of steaming horse shit and he's still in charge.
    It's just bizarre

  6. An absolute joke……as is now the normal for us!!……all this going on and our "chairman" is thousands of miles away??……do the right thing glib and sell your shares in our club to someone who can deliver!!!

  7. If it's true that Warburton offered his resignation and then changed his mind, when he realised he couldn't get another job then he doesn't have a leg to stand on regarding compensation. This is brilliant news, I'm over the moon!By saving money on compensation for W and W, we will have money to compensate a club for their manager.Hopefully we will go for Stuart McCall, a Rangers legend.

  8. The way I see it is they tried to have ther cake n eat it n it fell thro so tried to backtrack n the boards went do one do u think we re mugs use clearly want to b somewhere else so we'll put it out ther for all to see after warbs makes his press conference to make look like a deceitful liar ,it's rediculous sayin I'm linked way the Forrests job, it's rediculous saying frank wants to leave etc LIAR!!!!!!!!

  9. Very poor timing indeed! However, we must re-group, re-asses and remain positive. We obviously need a manager who is vastly experienced enough to handle the pressures of a massive club like ours, not Billy Davies, McInnes, McCall,, etc,, We need someone who has links and taps to big time players who we can afford and will build our team from the back onwards, I have mentioned Jurgen Klinsman in past subjects, but that may be pie in the sky now me thinks. Just dont want a small time manager to take the chair, we have to challenge shelic soon or they will get the 10 in a row. Cool heads and excellent decision making required at Ibrox now!

  10. Probably better this happened now rather than later. No point in stumbling to the end of the season. Hopefully gives someone a chance to come in and try and salvage something this season and get a head start on next season.

    I hope we don't just choose a 'Rangers man' for the sake of just because we tried something different with Warburton and it ultimately didn't work out. I'd rather the best candidate who can put the best team together on the limited budget he'll have and ultimately get results. A 'Rangers man would be an added bonus but nowhere near the most important criteria.

    I think we all enjoyed Warburton's football initially but he wasn't the man to take us forward. Same mistakes and defensive disasters etc. week in week out and it wasn't addressed…. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results” (Einstein was onto something!)

    It'll be nice not to have heart attack every time a team attacks us or has a corner in the future hopefully.

    • Well said mate. That quote sums Warbs up perfectly. Why did he never learn? Oh the irony!
      As ever, looking forward to tomorrow.
      WEIR is the main culprit here imo

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