Manager search; Rangers’ future depends on it


Pretty clearly fans are getting restless. Rangers have gone ‘too’ long without a manager, and it is evident that the longer it remains the case, the more the Club will suffer. Supporters are frustrated understandably with the sheer amount of speculation, rumours, counter-rumours, claims, counter-quotes…

In the past 24 hours Barry Ferguson became assistant coach and U20s chief before being removed from consideration altogether, while Ross Wilson was appointed Director of Football before Rangers ever even made contact with him. If they ever even did.

The point is fans are suffering a colossal amount of BS, and this is a tough time in our history, but it is sadly an utterly necessary one.

Rangers’ board’s ultimately calamitous decision to select Mark Warburton has cost the Club two years; two years of development, of progress, and of credibility have been lost thanks to possibly the most misguidedly arrogant manager Rangers have ever had.

It was a decision based in pure theory, that a promising manager of an English Championship side would be the right material for Rangers, and this site totally endorsed his arrival as well – so we were as guilty of the same mistake in judgement. But from April last year onwards things have spiralled drastically into oblivion, and it is the fallout from that mistake which haunts us.

Which is why it is now utterly critical to take our time and get the right men in to reverse the bleeding – as frustrating as it is to witness a new morning without a manager every single day right now, it is more important for Rangers’ long term future that the people who make the decisions get the time to make the right call. And they need a little space and slack to do that.

Rangers’ are going to take a few bloody noses – I have already written Wednesday night off and I would not be at all shocked if Hamilton can get something at Ibrox as well, but I am willing to sacrifice a little short term success if the board get the decision right this time.

Rangers need steering, but not just by the first captain we find – it has to be the right one. Whether it is Tommy Wright, Alex McLeish, Derek McInnes or Frank De Boer, and whoever the Director of Football ends up being, they have to be the right team for this Club – the right blend of knowledge, ability, experience, and flexibility, who understand what the SPL needs and what Rangers need.

It may take as long as two weeks to find that man, or we may have him sorted in time for the visit of Martin Canning’s men next week, but either way, we need this decision to be the right one.

The board is under severe pressure to make the correct appointment, and if they need a little time to get it spot on, we should give them it.

Rangers’ future depends on it.


  1. While I would love it to be that they are taking time to decide the 'correct' man for the job, my judgements and gut feelings since King walked in the door would have won me far more than I would have lost, had I been a betting man….and I think my gut feeling and my judgement will again be proved to be true….

    I will be in no way surprised if we continue to be manager less for reasons other than 'sourcing' the correct candidate and more to do with the financial holocaust we are in the middle of, with 3 unfair dismissal claims, irrespective what people may think of the job they were doing, to answer and compensate….balance that with how they are going to spin the fact that we have nothing and will have to live on crumbs for the foreseeable future….W&W are already being 'tarred & feathered' at every option, being blamed for everything including the 'black death' …and all over a whopping transfer budget of £2.65m over 18mths…if that's squandering then god knows what manager will come in who can work with those constraints…..I see nothing, hear nothing and envisage nothing that will change my mind…..but that's what you get from King jon ummmm and his collective.

    I sincerely hope I am wrong, but the fact no one has seen or heard from King jon ummm tells you all you need to know, holed up in his bunker oblivious to you, mine and all others fans pains…..


    • I'd love to know how u got to that figure? 2.65 million. My maths add up to more than that in the summer… what about January or the summer before? Or Barton's money…

    • Link doesn't work but easy to breakdown
      Waghorn + tav £400 k
      Ohalliron £400k
      Windas + crooks £400k
      Rossiter £250k
      Doodoo £250k
      Gardner 1.5-1.8m (few different figures kicking aroun)
      Plus Barton and kranjcar got big signing on fees over 200k, and then the money to get rid of Barton was another £200 k

      That's a lot more than 2.65m
      Plus the fact the wage budget is double hearts and Aberdeen combined. And then combined spent £400k or less this season. We should be well ahead of them, when we will prob finish behind them this season

    • Matt Crooks,Accrington, Free,01 Jul, 2016
      Jordan Rossiter,Liverpool, Free 01 Jul, 2016
      Joey Barton,Burnley Free, 01 Jul, 2016
      Josh Windass, Accrington, £60,000, 01 Jul, 2016
      Joe Dodoo,Leicester, £250,00001 Jul, 2016
      Philippe Senderos, Grasshoppers,Unknown 01 Aug, 2016
      Joe Garner, Preston £1,800,000,21 Aug, 2016
      Jak Alnwick,Port Vale, Undisc.30 Jan, 2017
      Wesley Foderingham,Swindon,Signed,03 Jul, 2015
      Andrew Halliday,Bradford Free,18 Jul, 2015
      Martyn Waghorn, Wigan, Free, 20 Jul, 2015
      James Tavernier, Wigan Free20 Jul, 2015
      Jason Holt, Hearts Signed, 22 Jul, 2015
      Harry Forrester, Doncaster Free 02 Jan, 2016
      Maciej Gostomski,Lech Poznan, Signed03 Jan, 2016
      Michael O'Halloran, St Johnstone £500,000,01 Feb, 2016
      Clint Hill,QPR Free,17 Jun, 2016
      Niko Kranjcar, Dynamo Kiev Free 23 Jun, 2016
      Matt Gilks, Burnley Free,24 Jun, 2016, Joey Barton,Burnley
      Free,01 Jul, 2016, Matt Crooks, Accrington Free 01 Jul, 2016
      Kenny Miller, Vancouver W Free 04 Jun, 2014

    • I would want Tommy Wright to be our next manager. He is tactically very good, would definitely 'get it' and would feel liberated rather than constrained by our budget. He would get the best out of players and they would be in no doubt as to what's expected of them.


    • Tommy Wright for me. Tactically very good, would definitely 'get it' and would make sure all our players do too. Also, he would be liberated by our budget rather than constrained. Don't mean he would be the cheap option at all, but a really good chance of being the right man at the right time.

    • What else can we get other than a cheap option?But Wright could thrive with a bigger budget,its a no-brainer for me.I see Warb linked to Arsenal academy role,that is his niche working with pampered young boys in environments where you don't raise your voice or swear and the score doesn't matter.

    • I did. But that list isn't correct. Some of them were technically free but we had to pay development fees. And windas was he same cause he was signed on a free contract. But a lot of the frees still had fees.

    • What is even scarier is that the last player we actually demanded a fee for was…….
      Nikica Jelavic Everton £5,500,000 31 Jan, 2012 ….5yrs and we have not turned one penny over, what does that tell us I wonder 🙁


  2. 100% correct. Better to take our time and get the right people. The gutter press write rubbish. Quality is of essence not immediacy. The board saw the chance to let Warburton go at no cost. Good decision. King was pressurised last summer because in fairness the fans loved Warburton after the championship and victory over Celtic. First game of the season showed Rangers up. Lightweight in midfield , trying to play like Barcelona without having the players. We were all wrong. But get behind the team. Don't be too despondent.

  3. I'm not one to blow my ain trumpet(double jointed back not withstanding)but I pointed out on here as early as November 2015 that W was treating us as some type of academy project to the derision of many.All is forgiven though you know who you all are. It is vital nay,absolutely crucial that we get this right here.My personal choice is Tommy Wright because of what he gets out of ordinary players,something we have in abundance,and his tactical nous,vast knowledge of the Scottish game and he's a Gers man though important its not my main reason.I don't want a DOF as I like managers to run the whole show and these set ups tend to end in tears,undermining etc.I wasn't looking forward to Wednesday but think we'll see a different Gers full of fight/commitment and think we'll win well. I don't know what I base that on its just a feeling.Tommy Wright will be announced on Thursday or Friday without, I hope, at DOF.

    • I'm with you tam no need for dof with the right man in charge i think we have got some useful players to work with think they need to be played in there best positions something warbs could not get right keirnan was made to look bad constantly only because he was always trying to cover tav i think fergie until end of season .then deboer start of next season with wee fergie his right hangman

  4. Written off Wed night and not sure about Sat? Come on we ain t playing Barce and Real, I have confidence we will get 2 victories this week, pessimism can be taken too far.

    • No we aren't playing Barca or Real, you're right. We were only beaten 2-1 by then BOTTOM of the table Caley! It's not pessimism, it's a very harsh reality.

  5. I agree that we do have to patient and allow the board time to make the correct choice of manager/structure. However it would easier to bear if there was a bit more dialogue from the board. It would also be heartening to see a bit more of DK around ibrox. I know he has his critics but I admire him for standing up to Ashley. Can'tbelieve that some bloggers have been suggesting that we'd have been better off with Ashley. (And presumably Green,Lambias,the Easdales etc.). The Newcastle fans would give him back to us in a heartbeat. With all his money and sky money, they were relegated. Celtic have had 5 years of guaranteed success domestically without having to shell out, plus guaranteed European income. If we don't get the right people or person in place this time were going to give them more of a lead.
    The right manager is out there but he'll likely have to take a paycut to join us5. That's why the whole structure has to be correct and appealing. Shit but I'm running out of patience!

  6. Almost immediately after Warburton's departure, Mr Robertson stated that the board were always looking at alternatives, that they were always planning for the unexpected. If this is the case, why do they appear to have their heads up the proverbial? I am very far from convinced.

  7. There is a horrible atmosphere concerning all things Rangers at the moment as there has been for long spells over the last few years. We need some good news from DK but I fear the next manager will indeed be a Tommy Wright type appointment due to money or lack thereof. Everybody that has being linked with the job seems to be a manager with no real proven track record over the last few seasons. As the article suggests this is a crucial time in our history.If the board get it wrong then forget worrying about 10 in a row because Celtic will rack up 15-20 titles and potentially never be dethroned. Oh for a billionaire oil rich Rangers supporting Sheikh!

  8. The board have done alright in my mind to date , apart from Warburton whom they should have sacked after the first 10 games in the SPL /Cups , the mess left by the scum that had ransacked the club Lambas Sommers Easdale , etc. etc. was disgraceful and will take much litigation and time to fix. I give them this time to make the right decision … No not Tommy thank you WATP

  9. Whether we agree with it or not, we are getting a DoF and all the experts say the DoF needs to be on board first so he can sign off on the head coach. Otherwise the board could chose someone the DoF might not like and they could clash.

    Reports suggest DoF signed by end of the week with new interim coach next week.

    All we can do is get behind the current team and then the new management team and help energise them to kick on…

  10. surely the players must get a boost with that result. f**k all this tactical shit,I would be telling them have no fear. just f*****g attack from the off. let teams worry about forwards rather than them trying to exploit our defensive weakneses?