How Warburton’s post-match interviews betrayed the truth


Trying to sift through the wreckage of last night’s abomination on the pitch of Tynecastle is a borderline impossible task, so IbroxNoise decided to take a different angle and expose our ‘manager’s’ post-match interviews for the equally dismal performances they were.

When Warburton was appointed back in 2015, he was initially lauded widely for his press conferences and interviews – he spoke intelligently, progressively, and with the kind of forward-thinking fans believed we needed at the time. After four or five conferences, however, yours truly noticed the same rhetoric, phrases, and general angles being used a few times, and while it was not a big issue back then, I suspected strongly that when results started to struggle under this man, his media displays would be one of the first things attacked by the larger support.

Last night, Mark Warburton’s post-match interviews were of a man under pressure, out of his depth, incapable of fixing the mess he has made, and a man who is simply in the wrong job at the wrong time of his career. Never has the groundswell of opposition to his tenure at Ibrox been as strong as this from as big a portion of the fanbase as this.

If we look at his first interview question; BT’s Eilidh Barbour asked him ‘what went wrong?’. Instead of providing a steadfast and reassuring answer, Mark Warburton told the viewers ‘I don’t know, that’s the simple answer’. He then went onto display complete confusion and frustration as he contradicted himself time and again and did anything but convince Rangers fans he knows how to fix the shambles we saw in Edinburgh. No Rangers manager should ever ‘not know’ and this was one of the most depressing comments by a supposedly intelligent man I think I have ever seen in this context.

When further pushed on players looking bewildered, Warburton said ‘their heads dropped’ before quickly correcting himself, but the damage was already done by the Freudian slip. Warburton had admitted his players did not fight for him, the fans, or the club; instead they allowed the occasion to beat them and conceded defeat well before the final whistle blew.

On no level is that ever tolerable – players giving up, and the manager admitting it.

Worse was to come. When asked if he was happy with American on loan midfielder Emerson Hyndman’s display he let the mask slip again. ‘Yes and no’, he said, before quickly correcting himself again and giving a spiel about the pitch and protecting the player. Again, he was vaguely admitting he simply did not know why he was taking the player off.

Even worse was still to follow when Mark Warburton basically proffered the horrid truth about what he has done to Rangers, by discussing the fact that Hyndman and his Spanish colleague Jon Toral’s parent clubs Bournemouth and Arsenal respectively are his borderline priority – how it is Rangers’ responsibility and obligation to these clubs to ensure ‘their assets’ are protected.

For the first time, a Rangers manager is confessing something quite horrible and it took the depressingly anti-Rangers Chris Sutton to articulate it into words; ‘are Rangers a development team now?’ he asked, ‘I mean, that’s what he’s saying isn’t it?’?

The Famous Glasgow Rangers are not anyone else’s testing bed for their players. That is beyond disgraceful. Loans are to give the player playing time, but to benefit the recipient club and the player. The wages are usually offloaded to said club too, and they reap the benefit of the player’s quality, usually due to excessive competition at the parent club. The recipient club is NOT doing Arsenal or Bournemouth a favour and the implication we are an ecologically valid training facility is beyond demeaning and unacceptable.

Mark Warburton quite simply should be thoroughly ashamed of himself. What he has ‘built’, what he has said, and how he has carried himself. The contrast between this and last season has exposed the kind of manager he is, and Rangers’ fortunes this season have revealed he is the wrong man for our club at the wrong time.

We need a safe pair of hands to steady this ship and work with our resources, not someone who will treat Rangers as a laboratory for other clubs.

Worst Rangers result at Tynecastle in over 20 years? Worst SPL Rangers side in our history. 


  1. A name a mate of mines said to me after last nights very poor performance,to replace mark warburton as rangers manager was nigel pearson!I'll tell you its not a bad shout at all!Although imo we should wait and judge everything to where our club is,at the end of the season!

  2. I agree with the article. We can absorb the negative Press if we sack him now and find a motivated replacement. Someone who knows our club and the game in Scotland and has the managerial kudos . . . . . . Anyone know Frank and Ronald de Boers number. Get on the line now Dave King while we have something left to salvage!

    • How to pay him off?

      Who, with any dignity, will take over with no spending power?

      Best shout is Tommy Wright imo

  3. I thought at the time they were a wee bit hastey in parting company with Stuart McColl.
    The board have certainly been more lenient with Mr.Warburton.

  4. The comment about Hyndman and Toral was nothing less than shocking. How are Windass, Forrester and Holt supposed to feel about two loanees going straight into the side and then being "protected"? And sending away Matt Crooks?
    It just doesn't make ANY F*CKING SENSE!

  5. your 4th paragraph seems very very familiar, MW has stated this before "i don't know" when asked that same question some time ago, if he didn't know then and still doesn't know several months later surely the board can see this now? are we locked into another poor manager (life we were with McCoist) that we simply cannot afford to cut loose, surely the board would not have fallen into the same mistakes as the Green era? we need a manager with steel and grit who will tear into the player when i performs in this manor, Nigel Pearson probably wouldn't be a bad shout. Davie Weir has been a complete let down, know where to be seen and his defensive capabilities and training methods are obviously not working. MW is not re-building Rangers he is building other clubs players for his mates.

  6. agree with you entirely his comments in the press this morning were schoolboy errors well he is responsible for recruiting the schoolboys and he is the one that decides the tactics the formation and who plays it has been blatantly obvious to us as supporters we need defenders a holding midfielder and a centre forward who give the option of the long ball I would have had toral halliday and kiernan off at half time warburton is at best a mid table english championship manager we are going backwards under his management

  7. I wouldn't be unhappy with Alex Mcleish coming back with Kenny Miller as his assistant. I think Miller will be a great manager himself in the near future and Mcleish is available. It's unbelievable that MW/DW thought Kiernan was a better player than Darren McGregor. Sadly, they probably still think that. !

  8. need someone who knows our club….Billy Davies has always put a steady team on the park and is currently without a club, not saying he is the Messiah but am saying he knows what is required of a Rangers team and what is expected by the fans re displays and results on the park. The board need to act now as season tickets will not sell with this pair in charge next season. Utterly disgusted, if there is a heaven and I again meet my Dad and grandfathers they will never believe me what has happened to our club. In the words of Chris Kamara…Unbelievable!

  9. Nigel Pearson good shout Robert.

    He can't be trusted to get us second place, the guy is clueless a can't even listen to him now he bores the life out me plus the fact he doesnt even know what he's on about half the time,a Rangers manager should be a leader of men, a man to be respected, he reminds me of a old English teacher I had at school who a took the cunt out of every time his back was turned.

  10. The mask certainly slipped last night but it was evident long before his post match interview that Warburton doesn't have a clue. To replace the one guy who was most likely to make something happen on the pitch was simply mind boggling. Hyndman was arguably our best player on the night. Halliday on the other hand was giving his usual "fish out of water" performance but remained on for the whole game – unbelievable!
    To bring on two light weights in Holt and Forrester against such a big unit was frankly like pressing the self destruct button. Kiernan at the back when rattled, as he was last night is a liability. Hill is too slow, Tavernier thinks he is a footballer. The list goes on so to cut a long story short – we are fucked.

  11. Garry rowet would be my shout need someone who can sort the defence out straight away. This is embarrassing the state were in it's the same thing every week we just lose stupid goals Kiernan looses his man goal. Yes I get were in second place bla bla we all knew we weren't going to win the league this year but ain't the point is it. Sick of hearing the same stuff every week we'll learn from it he hasn't learned nothing in the time he's been here genuinely nothing defence is just as shite as last year Halliday ain't a defensive midfielder. Need another striker stuff he should have noticed by now but hasn't. I dread to think how much Celtic are gonna win the league by my guess is at least 40 points probably more tbh. Out of our entire squad we have a. Couple at best you would keep other than that we need a complete facelift of the squad

  12. All these names of new managers, get real. Who would come to us now, no transfer kitty, a bunch of injured supposedly big players on big money and big contracts who we cannot give away. The rest a mediocre at best.

    The first thing managers ask now is how much money can we spend on a playing squad and our answer is nothing, nada, not a f####g penny.

    This is why we have MW/DW as our management team now.

    Our board are kidding us on. A big money announcement in April? It will be "sorry spent all your season ticket money on shit, we have none left so give us some more.

    Going for 55 will be rolled out again and a promise of closing the gap if you gives your hard earned again

    It pains me to say and I mean really pains me to say it but Celtic are in a different league to us and I worry, and I mean really worry that Aberdeen and
    Hearts will finish above us this season.

    MW/DW were appointed because any manager with common sense would not come to a club with no money and they had no other options and apparently no common sense.

    I question myself for buying a season ticket this year and without change from the top to bottom I will be keeping my hard earned cash next year.

    King put up or go, MW/DW go, all the hangers on and board go.

    • U board haters are astonishing. Warburton spent 4million in the summer 4 players at £250k each. 1.8 for Gardner, not including the sign on fees for krokshire (pun intended) and barton (supposedly around the £250k each. Then another 200k to pay Barton plus the 500k for ohalliron and Rennes keeper at £250k, oh and that hearts team were assembled for less than £250k in total. Warburton has wasted the money he has been given.

  13. if you don't want to renew your ticket, then don't. You sound like one of them anyway, and probably are.
    Me? I woke up this morning still happy to be a bear, and I will follow in the footsteps of my team until my last breath, whoever the management team or board should be.

  14. We deserve better than what we are served up by MW and DW…. Their system SUCKS…. Their team selection SUCKS……. Their sorry excuses SUCKS…. Fans were arguing and fighting amongst themselves after the game last night… Dave King should step in NOW and rectify his MISTAKE in bringing in MW and DW because it's very obvious they are way out of their comfort zone. The Rangers job is far too BIG for them….

    • King did not hire MW and DW unless he done it through a conference call from South Africa. King and the board have spent money, all these guys saying about no money and what about the £30m, they have spent £13+m on stadium and training facility, spent money on players 18 months ago and again last summer as well as both winter windows, has renewed contracts for some of these joke of a players. Wrong team selection, wrong formation and not able to change it I'm running out of patience with this management team as well come on MW and DW get it together or time to walk guys! What does AH, RK and JT need to do to get dropped?????

  15. We should be looking at what's wrong with the side and in my opinion all players we have flatter to deceieve ,in other words are inconsistent ,they can have a run of convincing displays Bt all will have a 1 in 4 ,off day ,we should be nameing those players and replacing them ,Tavernier ,Kiernan ,hill, we have a few others who are just not good enough bt could be squad players ,Halliday ,holt ,then we have a few who Imo because of the managers philosohy have not been played properly most forward players fall into this category,my first move would to always play a flat back 4 and only play out from the back through a dm or when appropriate.bottom line though is wwarbs will not do

  16. The Famous Glasgow Rangers fantastic fan base are NOW starting to see the light with Warburton and (what does he do) Weir.

    This probably is the worst SPL Rangers team that I have ever seen.

    As you keep saying, "Warburton is the wrong man for our club at the wrong time".

    I would suggest bringing in Alex McLeish this Monday as caretaker manager until the end of the season and keeping Warburton and Weir as the fitness coaches only. This would save paying them off and hopefully they will just resign knowing their time is up at Ibrox.

  17. I've got a source that says the money for the January window went on Warbs time machine, he felt the loss in November wasn't sore enough he had to go back to make it worse…I mean it was total dejavu, the no pride, no passion, no heart, 2 passes at best before loosing the ball and the offside goal lol If I don't laugh I will cry
    I'm really starting to loose patience, I have kept saying 2nd place regardless how we get it means we were better than the rest and it means we will have at least a taste of Europe again and hopefully a decent run in the cup but it's really starting to look bad, it really looked like a group of amature players turned up to play hearts last night.
    I don't mind loosing as long as we go down with a fight, we were played off the park at times on our run to the uefa cup final and still somehow had a spirit that didn't let us give up, NO SURRENDER isn't chanted for no reason it's a philosophy, a way of life for us rangers fans and the team needs to buy into that to stand any chance of moving forward.

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