Here’s how Rangers can still finish comfortably in second


Much has been said about Rangers’ atrocious last few transfer windows, and how the outgoing regime made such a hash of recruiting. And there is a great deal of truth in that. For the likes of Billy King, Maciej Gostomski and Joe Garner to fail to really add a lot to Rangers’ existing ranks rather highlights the malaise of the squad Mark Warburton ultimately compiled.

However, let us try to overlook the struggles we are enduring right now and take a more upbeat stance on the personnel we have at our disposal, and how them realising their potential is the clear difference between second and third (or worse).

Whoever comes in as interim manager or permanent, or whether Murty is given the temporary job till June, they have at their command a clutch of players who, given the right environment and support, along with tactics and formation, are really far from the decrepit shambles they appear to be.

For a start, Wes Foderingham, for his faults, and there are many, has undeniably been much better this season than last. Now-departed Matt Gilks pushed the ex-Swindon man to a higher level and his shot stopping and command of his box are far superior. He still makes errors, as we saw appallingly against Morton, but nevertheless he is not the worst goalkeeper I have seen between the Ibrox sticks.

In defence there is real chance for a sustained run by the strongest players we have there – Lee Hodson has been criminally wasted up till now, and absolutely deserves to see out the season. He is a Norn Iron international and very experienced for his age. He is someone to trust in both defence and attack at RB. Meanwhile in the middle Danny Wilson has been Rangers’ best defender for the past two seasons, but never had the popularity to go with it, and for every error he made was lambasted.

But his hard work soaking up Kiernan’s slack went unnoticed, and at times the ex-Liverpool stopper was doing the work of two men. He is a sadly underrated defender who does not get the credit he is due. And put next to him Philippe Senderos whose CV speaks for itself. He has been far from at his best, but then he has barely played. Indeed, we were certain he would be gone last month, but instead it was his useless manager who parted company. And at the left, the reliable Lee Wallace who had been poorly coached by his ex-boss into essentially becoming a striker. Lee Wallace is a flipping left back, and yet ended up attacking far more than defending. As a LB, he is a fine prospect.

Then we step into midfield, and we go with a 4 like it should be. While Jordan Rossiter’s fitness is debatable, his ability is not, and his fit into the defensive side of a two in the middle would be seamless. Meanwhile his partner could be Emerson Hyndman, to give the central midfield the creativity and culture it needs. Out on the wings? Easy. Barrie McKay on the left and Michael O’Halloran on the right. Those two picked themselves.

Up top? Again, easy enough. Kenny Miller has been astonishing this season, and partnering Joe Dodoo would be a perfect duo – two perfect foils complimenting each other perfectly – with the latter another one to struggle to get a minute of game time under past regimes.

So, a 4-4-2:

Foderingham; Hodson, Wilson, Senderos, Wallace; O’Halloran, Rossiter, Hyndman, McKay; Miller, Dodoo.

While it is no 9IAR calibre XI, it is miles and away the best of the rest, and still has the likes of Hill, Tavernier, Toral, Forrester and Windass on the bench.

It just needs to be harnessed properly. ‘New Rangers Manager’ – it is over to you.


  1. foderingham hodson senderos wilson wallace tav,, hyndman holt mckay waghorn garner .use miller as sub when needed we need to get strikers scoring

  2. Agree with your team selection. I would hope that Senderos would improve with a few more games under his belt. I'd have Tavernier permanently benched and would rather he just disappeared back down south. He's a nightmare. It's also a pity that Hyndman is only here on loan, first class player.

  3. I don't get how anyone can say rossiter is a good player. He's played less 1st team games in his career than I have fingers.. I'd like to see crooks called back and played in the dm position. He's only played two games and only one in position which he good a good raiting for

  4. Its got to be Hill over Senderos surely?That lump gies me the fear.The Morton players were laughin at him and no wonder.I still think Garner will come good as one of a pair as well,the rest I'd go with though.

  5. In, a 3-4-1-2 formation:

    Wilson, Senderos, Hill,
    Tavernier, Halliday (until Rossiter is fitter to play), Miller, Wallace;
    McKay; Garner.

    With this line up Halliday would not be so poor as the defensive midfielder with having a man extra at the back to stop us being exposed at the back once too often. It would allow the two wing-backs to attack more than they could without the insurance of an extra defender. It also allows Miller and Hyndman to join McKay and Garner when we are attacking.

    This line-up should make us harder to score against and easier for us to score with two clever midfielders breaking quickly to join in the attacks.

  6. My team for tomorrow, 4.4.2 –

    Hodson, Hill, Senderos, Wallace;
    Waghorn,Forrester, Hyndman, McKay;
    Miller, Dodoo.

    Bench – Tav, Ohalloran, Windass, Wilson, Garner, Alnwick

    I cant believe the stick Sendros is getting. He got thrown into the deep end with shellic after only 4 days training with the squad, thereafter was left out the squad for the likes of disastrous Kiernan. Give this guy some consistant games, and you will see how good he is.
    Forrester is the only midfielder with some dig and clout about him and can score a goal. Bit greedy, and will have to make better decisions, but he's committed.
    Dodoo surely should get some games under his belt, he's got a great touch and is fast.
    Halliday – Under 20s for rest of the season, total liability, on a par with Kiernan.
    Toral – Leave out squad until his attitude improves. He either under estimated the speed of our game, or he is genuinely out of his depth for our team, but has not shown any hint of his potential that has been reported to us, far too slow.

    I feel sorry for Murty, and wish him all the best as he appears like a rabbit caught in the headlights when he's interviewed, big job landed on his lap, but good luck to him, and indeed our team, regardless who's playing (thumbs up).

  7. It's not about formation, it's about tactics.

    We need to be tactically better in all aspects of our play.

    There is no simple solution in terms of formation or personnel.

    Better tactically in terms of right decisions, right team shape, passing with intent rather than pointless possession, invention with set pieces, and a setup to defend them properly.

    Warburton didn't have the ability to address these problems, pretty much any half decent manager could.

    • I agree with everything you say E-Chef. I think every decent minded footballing Rangers fan knows that, let alone a half decent manager. It really annoyed me when Warbuton said "we'll learn from the mistakes",,then make the exact same mistakes time and time again, therefore, learned nothing! We'll see how it goes tomorrow though, see if murty can put a spin on things or use the same tactics as warbs.

  8. Here's how we can comfortably finish second? Surely you still dinnae believe in magic hats and all that pish? The best we can guarantee at this late stage of the season is that hearts don't over take us for third position. Aberdeen have been consistent and are effectively 7 points ahead of us if you factor in goal difference. Let's just see what happens before anyone starts making grand predictions. We got done over by Dundee ffs.

  9. Look football is a easy game to play it is so easy that you can bring in tactics formation and think you are going win look every one defends and every one attacks we go forward as one and we defend as one its a very easy game if you are fit then you win more than you lose.

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